Book 9 Chapter 3 - More Will Come

Xiao Xiang didn’t have time to feel fear and even more so didn’t have time to think. In this instant, he only felt as if the light that surrounded his entire body was a bit glaring, his body a bit ice-cold.

It was also right at this time that Tangcang’s number one sword master Han Xuzi’s small ivory sword reached three inches in front of Yun Hai’s chest.

“Not human… also not human…”

The endless bell sounds from within the little white-clothed monk Yun Hai’s body sounded again. As this line outsiders couldn’t understand sounded, his mouth released a streak of light golden blood.

Han Xuzi released a miserable cry from within.

He could sense the power of the strand of blood Yun Hai spat out… the biting cold and boldly advancing sword intent.

He never expected that he would have to face his own sword one day!

His sword still continued to enter Yun Hai’s body. He could kill Yun Hai, understanding that even though Sanskrit Temple’s people had tremendous divine abilities, they were still human in the end, not buddhas that couldn’t be killed. However, he similarly understood extremely clearly that when he killed Yun Hai, it would be the same as killing himself.

Yun Hai’s body, before his eyes, seemed to have completely turned into buddha radiance, calmly accepting all of this. However, he couldn’t calmly accept his own death, because in this instant, his body was restricted by the endless fear that surged from deep within.

When using death to face death, he was filled with fear from the bottom of his heart, retracting his sword.

The small ivory sword quickly retracted, blocking in front of himself.

Zheng! An intense noise sounded.

This small ivory sword that carried endless power, as if becoming one with the heaven and earth vital energy around him, was sent flying. His body also flew out, countless fine injuries hacked open by his own sword energy.

Gu Xinyin already turned around, rushing towards an area in the courtyard.

Yun Hai brought Emperor Feng Xuan with him, also rushing in the direction Gu Xinyin moved towards.

That place was originally the end of this courtyard’s rain eaves, the place where the gutter would send all of the rain water into the open rocks below.

The moment he sensed how Gu Xinyin and Yun Hai were moving, the owner of the small blue sword outside understood how these three appeared in the courtyard so silently  and why they only waited until now before launching this type of assassination.

Both him and the little sword he was connected to quickly roared out, the terrifying vital energy force blowing away all the crushed rocks along the way. While swept up by the sword energy, it was as if they also turned into small swords.

However, the bright yellow sword radiance only released a flicker of light.

With this single flicker, the owner of the little blue sword released a horrified scream. Not only did the small blue sword flee in horror, even rapidly fleeing sounds could be heard in a certain alley outside the courtyard.

The bright yellow sword radiance didn’t chase outwards, only producing a bright yellow sword screen around Gu Xinyin, Yun Hai and Emperor Feng Xuan’s bodies.

The sword screen suddenly descended. The ground caved in, releasing an extremely empty sound.

The old witcher’s body was embedded in the wall. The blood in his body had almost completely flowed out, yet he didn’t have the slightest bit of strength to struggle free.

Tangcang’s number one sword master Han Xuzi had his sword heart and drive shattered, knowing that from today on, he could no longer sit on the throne of Tangcang’s number one sword master. While looking at his body which was riddled with fine wounds, his entire body shook uncontrollably.

The owner of the small blue sword ceased his cries of fear and escape, inwardly unable to believe that when four Sacred Experts faced two Sacred Experts, they actually couldn’t even stop the other party for a moment, unable to even stall them long enough for more cultivators and troops to arrive.

Xiao Xiang’s body was also shaking.

While looking at Gu Xinyin, Yun Hai and Emperor Feng Xuan entering the ground, he instantly reacted to some things.

Quicksand City lacked water… the appearance of Sanskrit Temple’s sacred lady led the people in building all types of canals both on the surface and underground in order to store up rainwater. Sanskrit Temple’s sacred lady later became the holy mother empress dowager, the underground channels that were even more complicated than a spiderweb were something only she understood clearly. Meanwhile, she was precisely Emperor Feng Xuan’s mother.

Gu Xinyin was trapped in that water prison without daylight for so long, wanted to kill him for so long as well. After breaking free, he still waited until this moment, this wasn’t only because of his own body and cultivation not being fully recovered yet, he was also tracking down Xiao Xiang’s whereabouts, waiting until he appeared in the courtyard he believed to be the safest.

Turns out the extreme arts of the legendary Sanskrit Temple really were this terrifying.

Someone who was from both Sanskrit Temple and Green Luan Academy was actually terrifying to this degree.

These thoughts instantly flashed past his mind like lightning and then he felt unprecedented fear. He discovered that ever since Gu Xinyin was locked into that water prison without any daylight, he was always scared. Meanwhile now, the fear that had been suppressed for many years was now suddenly released, fully occupying his entire body.

His tall and sturdy body that was full of awe was still sitting there, but his body froze, unable to even move his eyelids.

dang noise sounded. That copper-colored ancient mirror he had trained with bitterly for countless years fell to the ground in ruin.

His body that was originally floating three feet above the ground also fell, producing an expanse of dust.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!...

War drum noises quickly sounded around the military camp.

The aged witcher, Han Xuzi and the owner of that small blue sword couldn’t help but shift their eyes to Xiao Xiang’s body.

Pu pu pu…

Xiao Xiang’s body began to release countless light splitting noises. There were countless strands of fine white radiance that rushed out of his body together with an extremely faint bloody aura.

With a pu sound, a speck of dust flew out from his body.

This speck of dust brought Xiao Xiang true pain. It was a granule of flesh that flew out from his body.

Speck after speck of flesh flew out from Xiao Xiang’s body. Xiao Xiang watched as his body turned into granules of flesh, flying out from his body, as he perished, yet couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t move, to the extent where he couldn’t even close his eyes to avoid seeing this terrible scene.

The old witcher who was on the verge of dying, the dazed Han Xuzi and the small blue sword’s owner didn’t dare approach, to the extent where they didn’t even dare end Xiao Xiang’s life ahead of time.

They found it hard to imagine just what kind of terrifying power it was that could instantly make a flying sword hack out endless blows, to cut one this thoroughly, moreover still keep the opponent in one piece, and then make him slowly scatter apart like this.

Xiao Xiang didn’t want to die, he still had an army that was even more powerful than Emperor Feng Xuan, countless things in this world worth him clinging onto. However, he could still only slowly die like this while feeling endless fear and torment.

Countless silver-armored heavy cavalry rushed into this courtyard, but these densely packed silver-armored soldiers could only watch as Xiao Xiang was wrapped within countless specks of his own flesh, as if countless blood red small flies were dancing about at his side. Under everyone’s terrified gazes, this great figure who once had the greatest authority in all of Tangcang slowly became a pile of extremely fine bloody mush.

Gu Xinyin, Yun Hai and Emperor Feng Xuan’s figures emerged from a remote area in Tangcang’s imperial palace.

Yun Hai continuously wiped at the blood that flowed out from his mouth. However, his smile was extremely pure, extremely happy.

Gu Xinyin gave Quicksand City’s skies a deep look.

One glance ten thousand years.

In this world, there were only two types of will that were most powerful: love and hatred.

What allowed him to hold on for so many years in that water prison without daylight and then ultimately end Xiao Xiang’s life, were precisely love and hatred.


He quietly said this and then turned around, sincerely expressing his thanks to Yun Hai and Emperor Feng Xuan.

Emperor Feng Xuan also bowed, expressing his gratitude towards him.

Gu Xinyin walked into a carriage that was already waiting for him by the edge of the walls.

While walking into this carriage and lowering the carriage’s curtains, when the carriage began to move, his voice sounded again. “Little monk Yun Hai, if you have time, come pay our Green Luan Academy a visit.”

Yun Hai’s eyes suddenly brightened, as if hearing some type of special consent through these words. He immediately nodded continuously and happily like a woodpecker, to the point where two mouthfuls of blood rushed out.

“However, you need to help me read some more scriptures… pray that I can return home…”

“I know, Sir Gu.” Yun Hai immediately looked a bit anxious again.

“Perhaps not long afterwards, our Green Luan Academy’s people might come here to retrieve something else.” Gu Xinyin thought for a bit and then added.

Emperor Feng Xuan’s eyes lit up again, bowing again. “Thank you.”

Seated in that carriage, Gu Xinyin no longer said anything else. This carriage joined a fleet of carriages that were waiting, slowly leaving Tangcang Imperial Palace, leaving Quicksand City.

This Green Luan Academy Internal Study Department student began to truly return home.

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