Book 9 Chapter 2 - An Internal Study Department Student

“I didn’t expect even you to be here.”

Xiao Xiang naturally wouldn’t kneel down towards Feng Xuan. In his opinion, if it wasn’t because he had to take Sanskrit Temple into consideration, this Tangcang emperor was nothing more than a puppet who could be knocked down at any time.

He just never expected some things that had already been properly arranged to produce such twists and turns, moreover reaching the final decisive moment so quickly.

As such, his expression also became completely cold. “You are quite bold, daring to kill your own uncle. However, out of all the people at your side, only these two can pose any threat to me. Moreover, you should also understand that the reason why I didn’t kill you isn’t because I have any misgivings towards you, but rather out of apprehension towards this little monk’s identity. Now that you all came to kill me, I have no choice but to kill all of you. It is quite the pity that you are too young. Did you really think that you could kill me with just these two?”

“I actually only want to know how the three of you were able to reach where I am… I think it’s best if you all tell me to avoid killing even more people once I carry out a purge.”

The rather chatty little monk Yun Hai seemed to want to say something, but Gu Xinyin’s brows instead jumped, calmly saying. “The answer to this question, I will instead leave it until you can see yourself dying before I tell you.”

Xiao Xiang laughed and said, “Then let’s just see who will die today.”

When the word ‘die’ sounded, his hands landed on the bronze furnace and scalding hot earth pot.

The boundless aura surging from his hands instantly formed a giant white divine elephant in front of him, shattering the bronze furnace and earthen pot. In addition, every single strand of flame and every single streak of milky while broth seemed to form the skeleton of this massive white image.

When the endless vital energy and power turned into a divine elephant, Gu Xinyin only raised his head slightly towards the sky.

There seemed to be light pattering rain sounds on this secluded room’s rooftop. However, a streak of bright yellow sword radiance hacked through the roof, descending like lightning.

Right at this time, a middle-aged scholar dressed in a long yellow gown seemed to walk over from the sky, crossing the outer courtyard’s perimeter wall.

At the same time, an old witcher whose face and body were both covered in tattoos with mysterious meanings, dressed in extremely brightly colored clothes, quietly pushed open the door leading into the courtyard.

Xiao Xiang, Gu Xinyin, the yellow-robed scholar who arrived from above and the tattoo covered old witcher, these individuals’ auras formed an extremely great pressure, even making this entire courtyard start to shake slightly.

However, there was another small blue sword that flew over gracefully from an alley outside the courtyard, closing in on the quiet courtyard Gu Xinyin and Xiao Xiang were currently in with even greater speed than the graceful scholar and tattooed witcher.

Because all of this was happening at the same time, the aura also so great, even sound didn’t seem to be able to transmit through, it instead gave this place an extremely quiet type of feeling.

Gu Xinyin’s bright yellow sword radiance cut into the white divine elephant’s body.

The white divine elephant immediately broke apart. All of the yellow radiance, bronze furnace fragments, scalding hot earth tiles and broth seemed to have smashed into an invisible wall, spreading along its surface.

All of the windows in this room expanded and then shattered. Then, this room could no longer endure the tremendous power, exploding into countless pieces.

The small blue sword that flew in from outside the courtyard directly stabbed into the back of Gu Xinyin’s head.

Right at that moment, the entirely white-clothed little monk Yun Hai also suddenly rushed in.

His left hand held Emperor Feng Xuan’s hand, together with Emperor Feng Xuan, the two of them seemed to have lost weight. Their bodies flickered with an ancient golden luster, resembling the aura of Sanskrit Temple. As if they passed through space and time, they appeared in front of the small blue sword. His right hand formed a magical imprint, pressing towards that flying sword, as if he wanted to clasp it between his fingers.

The small blue sword suddenly increased speed. As if it was a sneer that sounded in the air, a blast of blue flame erupted, carrying the powerful arrogance of a Sacred Expert as it directly stabbed towards Yun Hai’s palm.

Yun Hai’s palm erupted with endless starry brilliance. There were countless pores that appeared on his body, even his seven apertures releasing strange rumbling sounds. It was as if the bell ringing of early morning continuously sounded.

This small blue sword that could pierce through Tangcang’s thickest armor actually couldn’t stab through the palm of this white-clothed little monk. The sword body was clasped by Yun Hai’s two fingers, shaking greatly in between. It released waves of cries, but couldn’t struggle free.

The magnificent quiet room turned to countless pieces, falling like rain outside Gu Xinyin and Xiao Xiang’s bodies.

Gu Xinyin stood there, no happiness or sadness visible, as if nothing happening around him had anything to do with him. Not even the world shocking Sanskrit Temple divine abilities displayed by that little monk Yun Hai, whose expression was often anxious because of his teasing, could cause the slightest ripple in his heart. All of his will was concentrated on that bright yellow streak of sword radiance, becoming that streak of sword radiance.

That bright yellow sword radiance arrived in front of Xiao Xiang.

However, Xiao Xiang still only sat there.

His body floated three feet above the ground. A copper-colored round ancient mirror flew out from his hands, quickly spinning around his body.


In that instant, the bright yellow sword radiance already clashed with that copper-colored round mirror countless times . Wherever the flying sword reached, this copper round mirror would block there. Because the speed was too fast, in the eyes of others, a layer of copper-colored precious radiance suddenly appeared around Xiao Xiang’s body, immediately displaying endless stellar radiance. Since the speed of this confrontation was so fast, there was only a single sound released.

Under the countless strikes of this yellow sword radiance, Xiao Xiang’s eyes that were dignified and grave like a sea suddenly became covered in many blood wisps. However, the corners of his lips instead produced a fierce smile of arrogance. “Gu Xinyin, after spending so many years in the water prison… you’ve become not as formidable as you imagine yourself to be. Meanwhile, I am also not as weak as you imagined. That is why you won’t be able to kill me, there is no way you can return to Yunqin.”

The moment he uttered these words, that old witcher who entered through the door also sat down.

His dark black eyes seemed to have been set on fire, releasing a deep green-colored flame. All of the tattoos covering his body lit up, as if streaks of flames were burning.

His lips began to shake intensely. Following the shrill noises of sharp and unpleasant sounding incantations, all of the green flames around him turned into green crows, crazily charging towards Yun Hai and Emperor Feng Xuan.

When faced with this green flame crow that rejected all of the surrounding air and formed true emptiness, its power even making the oxygen and soul force within his body about to explode, the shining golden Yun Hai only released a simple shout, “Evil spirit, repel!”

When his voice sounded, the small blue sword in his hands finally released a ringing noise, escaping his fingers in a panic, instantly withdrawing who knew how many steps.

At the same time, his finger pointed towards the seated witcher, as if he was releasing a flower petal or a water droplet.

However, what he released wasn’t a flower petal, nor was it a water droplet, but several streaks of blue sword radiance, several streaks of buddhist radiance. They instantly pierced through all of the green flame crows, smashing into the old witcher’s body.

The old witcher’s entire body flew backwards, smashing into the wall. Several injuries that entered the bottom of the heart poured out blood, strands of messy hair scattering across crushed rocks and earth, the scene incredibly bleak. Within his aged eyes, there was only disbelief.

The sword radiance Yun Hai released was actually completely the same as the power of that small blue sword’s owner. He seemed to have completely absorbed all of the power that erupted from the small blue sword in his palm, and then sent it back out together with his own power. Its power was actually not something he could stop!

However, it was precisely because this old witcher was extremely familiar with that small blue sword and that small blue sword’s owner that he found this absurd. With Yun Hai’s body, how could he possibly form a cage, forcibly hold such great power within him?

The experts of Sanskrit Temple, was their power truly great to the point where not even someone like him could imagine it?

Apart from Gu Xinyin and Xiao Xiang, everyone else was shaken by the divine abilities of the white-clothed little monk Yun Hai’s Sanskrit Temple. Even the owner of that small blue sword was indescribably shaken, that little blue sword that already struggled free also unknowingly taking several dozens of steps back.

The scholarly man dressed in yellow robes who arrived over the wall was also greatly shaken. However, he understood extremely clearly that the more formidable Gu Xinyin and this white-clothed little monk were, the more he couldn’t wait any longer. As such, without any hesitation, the moment the old witcher flew out in reverse, he already descended from above, arriving at Yun Hai’s side.

Then, he also released a sword strike.

He was also a sword master, clasped inside of his hand was a small ivory sword.

The aura released by the small ivory sword was even greater than the little blue sword. However, this sword didn’t leave his hand and fly out.

It was because while practicing the sword, he always trained the sword holding dao. Even though this type of method didn’t grant him the swiftness of flying swords or their flexibility, the power of his strikes was greater.

He had to make many sacrifices, risk being easily killed by enemies in battle in order to train this type of sword method.

He was precisely Tangcang’s number one sword master, Han Xuzi.

The small ivory sword that flowed with glowing luster produced countless flickering shadows in the air, stabbing towards Yun Hai’s chest. Endless sword intent and power surged as they smashed towards Yun Hai’s body.

The moment Tangcang’s number one sword master, as well as the number one expert under the imperial uncle with tremendous authority in Tangcang stabbed towards Yun Hai’s chest, Gu Xinyin already spoke out and replied to Xiao Xiang, “She told me… she is your daughter, but she didn’t tell you, instead told me.”

The moment he spoke the first word, his body suddenly became empty.

The surface of his body was completely normal, but it just gave off the feeling of immediately losing much weight.

At the same time, that bright yellow sword radiance erupted with great brilliance. The blazing sword light was like a burning rising sun, the sword energy terrifying, making the owner of that small blue sword and the small ivory sword wielder Han Xuzi’s expressions completely change.

The bright yellow sword radiance immediately turned into countless streaks. This was already a speed that no cultivators here could react to or see clearly.

Xiao Xiang didn’t even have time to feel fear or shock.

That ancient mirror outside his body was quickly spinning, the copper-colored barrier still surrounding his body. However, the endlessly brilliant yellow sword light instead instantly moved past this copper barrier, shining upon his body like countless strands of bright and beautiful light.

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