Book 8 Chapter 56 - From Today On, After Our Goodbye, We Will Still Be Enemies

Chi Xiaoye and Lin Xi walked out of the cave, watching as the blue-colored Phoenix Tailed Butterflies scattered throughout Great Desolate Swamp.

This feeling was beautiful and peaceful. When Lin Xi thought about how those battlefields would become peaceful and quiet because of these blue Phoenix Tailed Butterflies, he began to feel an indescribable type of emotion.

All of the blue butterflies slowly disappeared from Lin Xi’s line of sight.

In the depths of Great Desolate Swamp to the east, sounds of heavy objects quickly trampling on the earth sounded.

After climbing up a tall mound, Lin Xi saw a group of giant lizards currently appearing from the distant waters, hurrying towards the hill region where he and Chi Xiaoye were.

These giant lizards with giant vine saddles on their backs and the cave barbarian soldiers seated on them numbered at least a hundred.

“Who would have thought that you all still had so many giant lizard riders.” While looking at this magical epic like scene, he turned his head towards Chi Xiaoye and Fire King, saying this with a sigh of admiration. He understood the strength of every single giant lizard rider extremely well. If these hundred giant lizards rushed into the battlefield, it would truly be a wave of terrifying strength, enough to destroy a Yunqin heavy armored troop.

Chi Xiaoye sat on the ground, exhausted, not hiding her current weakness at all. She slowly said, “I’ve also made preparations for a long time…”

“If… I am saying if…” Lin Xi looked at Chi Xiaoye and asked seriously, “If we couldn’t flee and you died here, would there be cultivators from behind Great Desolate Swamp that would come to get revenge for you?”

Chi Xiaoye nodded. “There would be.”

“You all still have great power. As long as your cultivators exist, these cave barbarians’ changes wouldn’t stop.” Lin Xi nodded. He raised his head slightly towards the lead clouds unique to this place, making this part of the sky seem to not be part of the real world. “That is why I believe even more firmly that if this type of war is continued, there wouldn’t be any benefits to Yunqin.”

Chi Xiaoye looked at Lin Xi and said, “Before this winter, there won’t be any more battles here... However, next winter, we won’t have enough food.”

Lin Xi understood Chi Xiaoye’s intentions. He remained silent for a moment and then said seriously, “There is close to a year and a half of time left. I will try my best to change this place somehow.”

“As long as there is a chance, I will help you kill Di Choufei.” After a slight pause, Lin Xi then said, “As for the grudge that has lasted many generations… even though there is no way of neutralizing it, I still feel like letting more people live is more important than letting more people die.”

Chi Xiaoye remained silent for a long time. Then, she produced a wooden bottle, handing it to Lin Xi.

“What is this?” Lin Xi’s brows jumped slightly, asking this.

This wooden bottle was something he had previously found when searching Chi Xiaoye’s body, knowing that there were some plant seeds inside. Later on, because he and Chi Xiaoye worked together, he returned it to her, moreover didn’t ask about its use.

“Your people definitely know that you were with me.” Chi Xiaoye didn’t directly reply to Lin Xi’s question, instead saying slowly in a slightly cold manner, “Once you go back, it will be hard for you to make your way through… your Yunqin side wanted to surround and kill me so badly, I believe that some of it was because they wanted to obtain the secrets regarding the giant lizard riders.”

“If there are many giant lizard riders, regardless of whether they are in Great Desolate Swamp or other places, they will be a terrifying force.”

Chi Xiaoye looked at Lin Xi and said, “You already know how the giant lizards can move underground and the secrets to controlling the giant beetles… once they know the secret to controlling giant lizards, your Yunqin side definitely wouldn’t call you a traitor anymore… you can say that I was already killed by you, because apart from me, no one can prove that what you said is false.”

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed. He looked at the wooden bottle in his hands. “You are saying that the method of controlling the giant lizards is related to the seeds in this bottle?”

“I can tell that your Yunqin’s cultivators understand more about plants and medicines than us. However, towards these giant beasts, we understand them much more than you all.” Chi Xiaoye calmed down a bit, nodding and said, “All beast species have some unique habits, even some special cravings. The seeds in this bottle are the seeds of Law Essence Vine, this type of vicious giant lizard has a unique craving towards this Law Essence Vine’s leaves and flower petals. As long as some Law Essence Vine leaves or flowers are fed to them, they will become docile towards you. Then, you can slowly train them to do things by giving them some benefits, feed them some Law Essence Vine leaves and flowers as reward. These methods should be what your Yunqin beast tamers use the most often, it isn’t difficult at all.”

“That is why just like how the secrets of the giant beetles lie only in the shells they are born in, the secret in taming the giant lizards only lies in this Law Essence Vine.” Lin Xi’s face didn’t reveal the slightest bit of joy, his brows instead furrowing even deeper, looking at Chi Xiaoye. “Telling me this type of secret to inform Yunqin military… are you not scared that the Yunqin military will raise a large army of giant lizard riders and march into Great Desolate Swamp?”

Chi Xiaoye shook her head and said, “Even though they will know these secrets, there is no chance of forming a giant lizard great army. This type of Law Essence Vine grows extremely slowly, unable to grow very large within two or three decades, unable to produce many leaves. I said that I prepared for a long time… ever since this spring, I’ve always spared no effort to nurture some Law Essence Vine I’ve grown.”

Lin Xi immediately recalled Chi Xiaoye’s unique ability, his furrowed brows suddenly relaxing. “This is to say… only a cultivator like you has a chance of making the Law Essence Vine produce many leaves.”

Chi Xiaoye nodded and said, “That is correct. Only by having the Law Essence Vine seeds, together with the ability of a cultivator like, me could large amounts of giant lizard riders appear. However, even if Yunqin military captures a cultivator like me, we definitely wouldn’t help Yunqin military.”

An undisguised slightly bitter smile appeared on Lin Xi’s face.

Sometimes, the so-called secrets were like this… when you frantically wish to obtain something, you pay a lot, yet when you truly obtain it, you will often find that this secret isn’t very useful for you at all.

The large giant lizard army got closer and closer, the cave barbarian riders finally saw Lin Xi’s existence. Extremely intense and unkind screams sounded one after another.

Fire King who had always sat quietly on the side, listening to Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye’s discussion released a cryptic shout, and only then did the cave barbarian cultivators riding these lizards quiet down.

“It is time for me to leave as well.”

Lin Xi knew that it was time to leave. He thought about how from today forth, even if they met again, they might not have a chance to talk peacefully like this again. As such, he released a long sigh.

Fire King slowly stood up.

This cave barbarian cultivator who wasn’t that large and tall, but possessed extraordinary power gave Lin Xi a deep look, and then began to speak.

“He says we are going to gift you one of the most powerful giant lizards, as well as provide you with a small amount of Law Essence Vine leaves, in this way allow you to safely return, moreover let them see the effects the Law Essence Vine leaves on the giant lizards.” Chi Xiaoye stood by Fire King’s side, supporting this powerful cultivator who was wounded so heavily he couldn’t even stand straight, translating for Lin Xi.

Lin Xi stared blankly for a moment and then he gave Fire King and Chi Xiaoye a bow of respect, seriously expressing his thanks.

“If after a year, I have the ability to help you through the winter… my people, how can they meet all of you?”

After seriously expressing his thanks, Lin Xi thought for a bit and then asked while looking at Chi Xiaoye and Fire King.

All of the giant lizards had already gathered under the slope, the rumbling breathing of the giant lizards forming a large expanse. Chi Xiaoye looked at all of the cave barbarian soldiers who were extremely excited, showing her great respect, her eyes a bit wet as she said quietly, “Just helping us make it through the winter isn’t enough… your Yunqin must also give up on continuously invading.”

“I know.” Lin Xi took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled. “This might not be possible within a year or two of time… however, after today, there might be a chance for this to happen.”

Chi Xiaoye looked at Lin Xi, removing the green gown that had always been wrapped around her, handing it to him.

The most powerful and largest dark green giant lizard was brought up to Lin Xi.

After Lin Xi personally fed this green lizard with two elm leaf-sized leaves from the Law Essence Vine, this already tamed giant dark green lizard was already at Lin Xi’s service.

The method of controlling the giant lizard was also extremely simple.

Lin Xi sat on the vine saddle on the back of this giant lizard, giving Chi Xiaoye and Fire King his last farewells.

Fire King looked at Lin Xi and then began to speak again.

Chi Xiaoye also spoke at the same time, passing on Fire King’s intentions. “From today on, we are still enemies.”

Lin Xi nodded. “Yes, we are enemies.”

“However, you are an enemy deserving of trust.”

Because of this sentence, Lin Xi was stunned for a long time.

Then, he gave another serious bow of respect on top of the giant lizard’s back, saying, “It was my pleasure to meet all of you… I will always uphold this trust you all have in me… especially you, Fire King… do not forget, we made a bet before. Starting from when I fired that arrow, you had to always believe in me.”

Fire King didn’t say anything, Chi Xiaoye didn’t say anything else either.

The two stood side by side as they watched Lin Xi leave.

Lin Xi waved his hand towards the two of them and then the giant lizard left the hill.

This young Yunqin cultivator vanished in the smoke produced by the giant lizard, disappearing from their line of sight.

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