Book 8 Chapter 55 - Blue Butterflies Over Desolate Swamp

Right now, Lin Xi could easily hit Huang Huoxiao, but for some reason, he didn’t take action, instead releasing a light sigh, lowering the Divine Pear Wood Bow in his hands.

Huang Huoxiao’s face didn’t have any killing intent, only carrying a trace of indescribable bitterness.

His expression began to turn lax. When he was close to a hundred steps from Lin Xi, his body fell down again, unable to get back up.

Lin Xi heard some indistinct sounds in the wind, thinking that Huang Huaxiao, this Great Mang cultivator had some final words to say, so he walked downwards in an extremely cautious manner.

When he was only a dozen or so steps from Huang Huoxiao, he saw that Huang Huoxaio was already unconscious. Meanwhile, those original indistinct words were only two words: return home…

Lin Xi’s expression was a bit moved.

In this instant, he thought about many things… He thought about Deerwood Town, about the Yunqin soldiers that sacrificed their lives here. The last things they said perhaps might be that they haven’t been home in a long time.

This Yunqin’s secret Great Mang cultivator, what was his homeland like?

Lin Xi looked at Huang Huoxiao, understanding that what supported him up these final few steps was only his desire to return home.

Lin Xi remained silent for a bit. When he heard Huang Huoxiao subconsciously utter the words ‘return home’, he once again released a light sigh and then produced that porcelain needle.

He walked up to Huang Huoxiao’s body, starting to seal up Huang Huoxiao’s wound on his back and chest.

After completely closing the wounds and applying some staunching medicine, Lin Xi stood up, looking at Huang Huoxiao who was still sinking into a deep state of unconsciousness, seriously saying, “If you can still live… then go home, don’t ever come back.”

When he said this, the tips of his feet moved across the ground, leaving this line on the ground.

He knew that doing this might seem stupid to some people, he didn’t know if Huang Huoxiao could still live with such serious injuries, but he still couldn’t help but do this.

After doing this, he felt incredibly relieved inside.

He didn’t look at Huang Huoxiao again, instead immediately turning around to return to Chi Xiaoye and Fire King’s side. With a light sigh, he said, “Everything should be over now.”

Yunqin Dragon Snake Border Army were mostly gathering towards Traveler’s Root Forest. When Yunqin’s military discovered that Chi Xiaoye wasn’t in that region, a great rain already swept through most of Great Desolate Swamp.

Huang Huoxiao was already a State Master level cultivator. The few Sacred Expert level cultivators in Yunqin’s Dragon Snake Border Army had no chance of being Great Mang people, so that Purgatory Mountain Sacred Exert definitely didn’t have any partners with greater status than Huang Huoxiao.

When those of his and Di Choufei’s level wanted to kill him, they definitely wouldn’t let Yunqin’s military know.

That was why after entering this deeply into Great Desolate Swamp, Huang Huoxiao and Di Choufei should already be the final opponents chasing after him.

That was why everything should have ended. This battle that had begun its conspiracy since Dragon Snake Border Pass’ spring, should also have ended like this.

Lin Xi lent an arm to Chi Xiaoye, carrying Fire King on his back, and then began another trek.

Lucky didn’t know where they were going, but by following Lin Xi, it felt safe.

Only, soon afterwards, it felt that its stomach was a bit hungry, thinking that Lin Xi didn’t have much to eat right now either. It thought about how when Lin Xi closed his eyes, it remembered that it was just like Lin Xi, after absorbing some things from the surroundings, it would feel a warm and comfortable feeling, temporarily forgetting about its hunger. Thus, it began to close its eyes, starting to do this too.

Soon afterwards, wisps of invisible heaven and earth vital energy began to gather in its body.

With his cultivation, Lin Xi still couldn’t sense the fine movements of vital energy, but Fire King on his back could. As such, this cave barbarian cultivator remained stunned for a long time, then started to speak with his cryptic words.

“Fire King says that this foxcat of yours is extremely formidable.” Chi Xiaoye explained to Lin Xi.

“Of course, it’s Lucky.” Lin Xi chuckled, saying this nonsense proudly.

Just like what Lin Xi expected, after making his way through the vast Great Magnetic Swamp, there were no other cultivators who appeared.

When the outlines of the mud lakes appeared in his line of sight once again, Lin Xi knew that they finally arrived at their destination.

Behind the mud lakes were large areas of mounds, on them were all types of thorn trees.

Lin Xi supported Chi Xiaoye, walking over the mounds one after another. Then they followed a dark earth cave, entering a mound. Afterwards, he saw an exceptionally beautiful scene he had never seen before.

Giant root systems fell from above streak after streak , just like trees that grew upside down.

On these root systems, there were dark blue colored butterflies, layer upon layer, unknown just how many hundreds of thousands there were. It was as if these were giant blue-colored flower trees that grew within the cave.

All of these dark blue butterflies’ wings were a bit damp and wrinkled, as if they were sleeping.

Lucky also sensed countless weak auras, waking up with shock, looking at it from Lin Xi’s embrace. Then, it also became stunned, not knowing what these things were, why they were so pretty and why there were so many of them.

Sparkling tears emerged from Chi Xiaoye’s green pupils.

She recalled all of the cave barbarian soldiers who died in these great battles, the cave barbarians who used their own deaths to force her to flee alone, she thought about the little girl who loved to call her big sister, loved to travel, the one who even visited Great Desolate Swamp, but ended up being ruthlessly cut down by Di Choufei’s great army.

That similarly green-pupiled young girl really liked butterflies.

That was why she raised these butterflies here. Originally, she wanted to release all of these butterflies after they killed Di Choufei and achieved a great victory, allowing these butterflies to fly everywhere, reaching every corner of the Great Desolate Swamp.

However, Yunqin’s power far exceeded her imagination. Right now, she had to let these butterflies rescue those cave barbarians who still didn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives for her.

She silently wept, pulling on several ropes in this cave.

Large chunks of earth collapsed, producing several holes that led to the outside world.

The fresh air and weak sunlight entered. All of these sleeping butterflies began to wake up, their beautiful wings starting to unfold. They flew towards the pillars of light coming from above, slowly forming beautiful blue streams, flying out from this cave.

Countless beautiful dark blue butterflies welcomed their new life, flying throughout the Great Desolate Swamp.

An army of entirely black-armored Yunqin soldiers were waiting on a slope.

The commanding high ranking Yunqin military officer was dressed in a set of Green Wolf Heavy Armor, his figure seeming especially cold and powerful.

Behind him, more than six hundred Yunqin soldiers’ weapons were already unsheathed. In their line of sight, there were many cave barbarian soldiers who were currently closing in.

This was a cave barbarian army which commanded many bloodthirsty giant crocodiles, their numbers over a hundred and seventy.

Both sides understood extremely clearly that under this type of difference in numbers, it would be an evenly matched bitter battle. Regardless of which side won in the end, there wouldn’t be many people alive after.

That was why regardless of whether it was the Yunqin soldiers who were cold like steel on the slope or the cave barbarian soldiers who continuously got closer, both sides’ breathing was burning hot.

The Yunqin commander swallowed his saliva. He only knew that in this situation where he had to take the lead, after this battle, he might not have any chance of living. He knew that he had no choice, so as he watched these cave barbarian soldiers draw closer, he released another great roar. “For Yunqin! For honor!”

“For Yunqin! For honor!”

All of the Yunqin soldiers behind him released extremely solemn and stirring roars. However, right at this moment, in the head of this high ranking Yunqin military officer who was prepared to give up his life, his wife and parents’ faces suddenly appeared.

“What is going on?”

Right at this time, this army that was filled with a heroic aura instead produced a mysterious speechlessness.

It was because right at this time, all of them could see that the cave barbarian troops that decisively advanced suddenly stopped.

All of the cave barbarian soldiers seemed to be listening to some sound, raising their heads towards the skies. Then, these cave barbarians all turned around, starting to leave.

The Yunqin commander in the Green Wolf Heavy Armor was stunned.

He didn’t know what caused this change. Apart from these fine wind noises in the air, there were no other sounds.

Suddenly, he saw some blue shadows.

He saw beautiful blue butterflies flutter past.

There was a blue butterfly that flew in front of him, just happening to land on his shoulder armor.

This high ranking Yunqin military officer didn’t know what this blue butterfly signified, but when he looked at the beautiful color, at how it peacefully and quietly stopped on his armor, and then saw the cave barbarians who completely withdrew, tears mysteriously appeared in his eyes.

Many Yunqin officers whose faces were covered in black cloth also unknowingly began to shed tears.

Two Yunqin scouting soldiers quietly hid in the brush. A blue butterfly landed on the Brass Hawkeyes in their hands.

In their line of sight, a cave barbarian army that numbered at least five or six hundred instantly changed directions, starting to retreat into the depths of Great Desolate Swamp.

In a different place.

A Yunqin military troop was currently fighting against cave barbarian soldiers.

A black longsword moved through the air. While drawing out a streak of blood, it perfectly cut a blue butterfly in half.

Then, the battlefield filled with shouts of war quickly became quiet. All of the cave barbarians withdrew like a tide, only close to a hundred heavily breathing Yunqin soldiers drenched in blood were left.

At the same time, in another place, there was a Yunqin army completely dressed in heavy armor that was hiding in a valley, eyeing some abnormal movements in the distant grassland like wolves. As long as those cave barbarians got slightly closer, this Yunqin heavy armored army with shocking strength would rush up and tear them to shreds. However, right at this time, they discovered that those cave barbarians no longer advanced, instead quickly retreating.

Streaks of fire beacons that transmitted military intelligence were started, the information the same… all of the cave barbarians were currently withdrawing into the depths of Great Desolate Swamp.

A blue butterfly flew through the layers of black swamp, entering Dragon Snake Mountain Range. It landed in a tower, on the body of a spear holding Yunqin guard.

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