Book 8 Chapter 54 - Don’t Ever Doubt Me Again

Fire King got closer and closer to Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye.

A string of words that were difficult to understand sounded from his mouth, the words extremely impatient.

Chi Xiaoye immediately spoke in this type of cryptic and hard to understand voice. After just a few sentences, Fire King’s body sunk heavily, unable to hold on anymore, falling to the ground.

“We must immediately seal up his injuries, or else he will definitely die.”

When he saw Chi Xiaoye talk to Fire King, Lin Xi was always examining this cave barbarian cultivator’s injuries. At this time, he rushed up to Fire King even before Chi Xiaoye, immediately turning around to say this to Chi Xiaoye.

There were six or seven cuts across Fire King’s body, but while running over, Lin Xi already saw that for this cave barbarian cultivator, only the terrifying wound across his chest was fatal.

The flesh over this wound completely curled, and it was still continuously gushing with blood.

No matter how powerful the body’s functions were, how great the cultivation, without stopping the blood flow, they would still die.

Moreover, the most crucial part was that this wound was too deep, to the extent where even the inner organs in his chest were exposed to the air. If this went on, these internal organs would even suffer fatal damage.

“Can you seal up his injuries?” Chi Xiaoye’s face was extremely pale, her voice shaking as she quickly said this.

“I have a border army emergency kit on me, so I have sheep intestine thread and some staunching medication, but I don’t have any steel needles that can pierce through his flesh… I threw away that steel needle before entering the Great Magnetic Swamp.” Lin Xi took a deep breath, doing his best to calm himself down, trying to think of a different method.

Chi Xiaoye’s body trembled slightly, all metal objects she carried with her were also left outside Great Magnetic Swamp. In addition, she clearly understood that Fire King’s flesh was many times tougher than that of normal cultivators. In this Great Magnetic Swamp where not even a blade of grass grew, where would they be able to quickly find a sharp object that could pierce through Fire King’s flesh? Moreover, Huang Huoxiao already removed his armor, walking into Great Magnetic Swamp, so Lin Xi and herself didn’t have much time to provide Fire King with aid.

Lin Xi’s heart also turned slightly cold, his hands already forcefully pressing against the two sides of the wound. However, this type of pressure staunching method couldn’t stop the blood flow of such a large wound.

Right at this time, Fire King who was already powerlessly lying on the ground suddenly raised his right hand.

Lin Xi was shocked.

A blast of blood flames appeared on Fire King’s right hand.

His right hand gripped a small clump of earth.

However, this small clump of earth was instantly burned into crystal, solidifying, becoming a lump of bright red clay.

“Hold on!”

Lin Xi immediately understood. He quickly dug out a piece of earth, using the fastest speed possible to rub the earth into a needle shape, its end pierced with a hair, making a small hole, and then threw this needle into Fire King’s hands.

Fire King’s body suddenly relaxed a bit, the final bit of power appearing from within his body, entering his right hand. A blast of blood red flame gently wrapped around this needle, waves of power were pressing down onto this needle from all sides.

This needle’s size immediately halved, but it became a crystal material.

The flames quickly disappeared. This entirely red needle cooled down, so when its surface made contact with air, wisps of cracks appeared. However, these cracks only remained on the surface, like some natural cracks on some porcelain.

Lin Xi clasped this scorching hot needle that was quickly becoming warm. Since this was the first time he was applying first aid to such a terrifying wound, while looking at the red and white turned flesh, his hand also couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

“Talk to me a bit to divert some of my attention… even though this needle is extremely tough, it is also quite brittle… if my hand shakes and makes some mistake, this needle might snap.”

He took a deep breath, starting to thread the needle, at the same time saying this seriously to Chi Xiaoye.

“I come from Green Field City… our city is made entirely from living trees… there is no war from where I am…  the fruits produced by the trees also provide us with enough food…”

“We understand the characteristics of some vicious beasts, so we can become friends with some of them.”

“We raise many Phoenix Tailed Butterflies in a valley cave behind the mud lakes. Once we get there, as long as the caves are opened, these Phoenix Tailed Butterflies would fly towards Great Desolate Swamp… all of the cave barbarians will see this, knowing that I already broke free, knowing to return home… withdraw towards the depths of the Great Desolate Swamp.”

“The winters in the Great Desolate Swamp are extremely cold, most plants would die… normally, the trees that could provide food cannot be transplanted into Great Desolate Swamp either. I cannot think of any ways of helping them create more food either.”


Chi Xiaoye slowly spoke about these things, Lin Xi listening to everything. The thread passed through flesh, sealing the terrifying wound on Fire King’s chest bit by bit.

Fire King didn’t go unconscious, not even releasing the slightest bit of sound. Chi Xiaoye tightly held his hand, wishing to take on a bit of his burden.

The thread finally completely sealed the terrifying wound on his chest. Even though the black threading that covered his entire chest still looked rather terrifying, after Lin Xi applied some medicine, the blood loss was stopped.

Only at this time did Fire King nod towards Lin Xi, releasing a voice that was difficult to understand.

“He said thank you.”

Chi Xiaoye felt as if a large stone weighing down on her chest was removed, her arms and legs momentarily feeling a bit sore. She sat down at Fire King’s side, saying this to Lin Xi.

“No problem.” Lin Xi released a breath of relief, standing up with a smile.

He saw that Huang Huoxiao was quickly making his way through the gray-black earth, heading towards the hill he was on.

Fire King released another string of cryptic words.

After a bit of hesitation, Chi Xiaoye still respected Fire King, translating Fire King’s original words to Lin Xi. “Fire King said that even though you saved him, he still suspects if you can hit this cultivator… he says that this cultivator is extremely formidable, hiding some strength even when facing him.”

When he heard Chi Xiaoye’s words, Lin Xi revealed a slight smile, saying, “Help me tell Fire King… that I will definitely hit this person. He is doubting me now… but when I hit him, then I must ask him to never doubt me again in the future.”

Chi Xiaoye nodded, slowly translating Lin Xi’s original words to Fire King.

Lin Xi didn’t say any more. He watched Huang Huoxiao who was moving extremely quickly. He released the countless invisible threads again, and then raised his bow.

In the world before his eyes, there was only Huang Huoxiao’s quickly moving figure, as well as a path of light extending from where he was to Huang Huoxiao.

The instant Lin Xi raised his bow, Huang Huoxiao sensed something.

His steps were no longer like before, taking him seven or eight meters out, each of his steps now instead taking him two or three meters, moving with a faster rhythm. This way, even when facing a sudden incoming attack, he would still be able to quickly make the best evasive movements.

“This place... it is…”

Lin Xi didn’t hesitate. The instant Huang Huoxiao approached the foot of the mountain, he struck an earth pillar beside him, seizing the gleaming blue arrow in a flowing water manner, drawing his bow, stabilizing the arrow and then releasing it.

weng noise rang through the air.

The gleaming blue arrow instantly disappeared from in front of him.

Huang Huoxiao suddenly raised his head, his pupils immediately contracting.

Lin Xi’s arrow already completely disappeared. What he could see was only a gray-black giant ball of dust that was smashing down with astonishing speed, the diameter of this sphere at least five or six meters.


The ground beneath his feet was immediately stepped on until it ruptured, his entire body flying out like a flying sword.


Almost at the same time, several meters near him, the sphere of dust smashed down heavily.

The powerful impact and the great winds that were produced released intense roaring sounds by his ears. Some slightly thicker grains of dust rushed at his face, even slashing open fine blood traces.

He missed!

Chi Xiaoye’s expression suddenly turned snow-white.

Even though this blast of dust already reached Huang Huoxiao’s side, not landing was still not landing.

However, Lin Xi didn’t seem moved in the slightest. From the moment his ‘green roulette’ recovered, he waited enough time and then saw Huang Huoxiao rushing at them alone,so he knew that there was already no way he would fail, to the extent where he didn’t even need another arrow.

As such, he directly shouted in his head ‘return’!

Time returned to a few breaths ago.

Lin Xi gave himself enough time to recall the arrow and Huang Huoxiao’s movements, inwardly calculating the time extremely precisely, and then he raised his bow.

Huang Huoxiao suddenly raised his head.

However, he discovered that he didn’t have time to evade at all. A massive gray-black sphere of dust directly crushed down onto his body like a meteor.

He only had enough time to block in front of his face with his hands, doing his best to push outwards, his body’s strength frantically pouring into his hands.

Following a rumbling noise, the gray and black dust scattered, forming countless black streaks, flying backwards.

Huang Huoxiao’s entire body was knocked flying by the tremendous impact.

Meanwhile, the instant his legs left the ground, an arrow appeared in his perception.

His hands grabbed upwards, but couldn’t keep up with the speed of this arrow at all.


The arrow completely penetrated his chest, carrying a wave of blood as it flew out from his back. After flying a few dozen meters, there were countless dust particles that were sucked over, forming a black sphere before falling heavily onto the ground.

The instant this arrow that became a black sphere landed on the ground, Huang Huoxiao also kneeled towards the ground in ruin.

Chi Xiaoye and Fire King’s mouths were both opened, momentarily unable to release any sound. Neither of them expected Lin Xi to actually really land that shot, moreover only releasing a single arrow to shoot this powerful cultivator down.


Right at this time, Lin Xi frowned slightly, raising the Divine Pear Wood Bow in his hands again.

Huang Huoxiao who originally sat down in ruin actually stood up again, advancing towards this earth mound step by step.

However, after Lin Xi raised the bow in his hands, he didn’t fire another arrow.

It was because Huang Huoxiao moved extremely slowly, blood pouring out endlessly from his chest… his body already couldn’t hold on. He couldn’t pose any threat to Lin Xi anymore, only able to continue going forward with the support of his powerful willpower.

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