Book 8 Chapter 53 - Removing Armor

Great Magnetic Swamp and the wastelands Lin Xi was currently facing had a clear black dividing line.

Beyond this black dividing line, Huang Huoxiao’s eyes were blinded by the dazzling white radiance surging from Di Choufei’s sword until he couldn’t see anything, even his perception seemingly reduced by the radiance that entered his eyes. His eye socket was clearly about to be impaled by Di Choufei’s longsword.

However, right at this time, a blade released a light ka sound, separating from the groove on his back on its own.

A burst of craz, broiling hot blade wind suddenly appeared in this world.

This blade was like a cobra as it rushed into the air, passing over his head and then fiercely hacked down.

Attached to the shaft of this simple and sharp blade were also black chains. Meanwhile, at this time, there were endless red light patterns that were faintly discernible from the black chains, as if flames and magma were surging, pouring into this blade that rushed out on its own.


This blade hacked down onto Di Choufei’s sword, forcefully pressing Di Choufei’s sword down. The sword tip directly moved across Huang Huoxiao’s chest, creating a blast of sparks along Huang Huoxiao’s Black Dragon Armor.

Di Choufei stared at the blade that jumped out on its own from Huang Huoxiao’s back in disbelief. His longsword directly stopped, wishing to lift up Huang Huoxiao’s chestplate, and then stab through the chinks in the armor.

When facing this longsword that stopped over his chest, releasing an ear-splitting grinding noise, Huang Huoxiao’s eyes became extremely calm. Another light ka sounded, another blade separating from his back on its own, immediately rising from his back like a flying sword, directly arriving before Di Choufei’s eyes.

Di Choufei was more and more bewildered. Huang Huoxiao’s flying blades, apart from being connected by chains and controlled by the power that was poured through these chains, the power and speed unable to compare to true flying swords, their mobility was already not lower than true flying swords. Previously, when both him and Huang Huoxiao faced this cave barbarian cultivator, he already saw Huang Huoxiao take action. However, Huang Huoxiao only drew two blades, never using this type of skill.

RIght now, he didn’t even have time to withdraw his own longsword, only able to clench his left hand into a fist and send it smashing out in front of him.

dang noise like that of a bell sound rang out. Huang Huoxiao’s sword that hacked at his face was struck flying by him.

Right at this time, another light ka sound was suppressed by this ringing noise. Another blade left Huang Huoxiao’s back, immediately moving along the ground and rushing up, striking heavily into Di Choufei’s waist.

Di Choufei’s ordinary black armor cracked apart, revealing the white clothing underneath. When the sharp blade moved across the light white clothing that was thin like ordinary clothing, there were actually no marks left behind.

Di Choufei released a muffled groan, his entire body borrowing the momentum to fly outwards.

As he watched the battle between these two, Lin Xi didn’t move at all .

Because Di Choufei’s sword was too blinding, even though he couldn’t make out the fine movements between these two, because of its radiance, he could see the shadows of long blades flying out from Huang Huoxiao’s back one after another.

Even if it was a Sacred Expert, they definitely couldn’t control two flying swords.

It was because one’s will couldn’t be divided. Only through extreme concentration could they connect with a flying sword using soul force and vital energy. Meanwhile, the power and speed of flying swords were extremely shocking, as long as the control over them was lost for a split second, they would immediately fly off to who knew where.

Even without thinking too much, Lin Xi understood that the six chains behind Huang Huoxiao were like extensions of his own body.

This meant that Great Mang had long conducted a set amount of research on the transport of will and soul force along runes.

When Di Choufei’s body flew out, Huang Huoxiao’s two blades were like flying swords, immediately tearing through the air and arriving.

Di Choufei’s body flew in the air, unable to borrow any force. However, right at this time, Di Choufei instead released a fierce scream, a powerful wave of energy was released from his legs, condensing into countless streaks of white light that battered the ground. The longsword in his hands also released shining white brilliance, becoming a long snow-white river, instantly striking aside Huang Huoxiao’s blades flying through the air.

The snow-white river rushed towards Huang Huoxiao.

This was one of Immortal Academy’s most powerful martial skills, Long River Sunset.

Huang Huoxiao’s third blade rushed out. At the same time, a ka sounded behind him, another blade jumping out.

The third blade was also directly knocked aside by the snow-white long river. The long chain went perfectly straight, pulling at Huang Huoxiao’s armor, releasing a clank noise.

However, Huang Huoxiao had six blades.

His fourth blade was wrapped within red radiance, hacking on the snow-white long river, making the snow-white long river’s radiance quickly dim.

Then, Huang Huoxiao drew the final blades on his back.


Following this shout, these two blades left his hands at the same time, carrying his soul force power, condensing the power of his flesh, hacking at Di Choufei’s chest.


These two blades descended heavily upon Di Choufei’s chest. At the same time, Di Choufei’s sword also left his hand, hacking Towards Huang Huoxiao’s chest from several feet away.

Even though there was several feet between his weapon and himself, surging soul force and vital energy still poured into this sword in a steady flow, indicating that Di Choufei’s cultivation was the same as that yellow browed sword master, also already reaching State Master level. As long as he climbed another level, he would become a Sacred Expert, moreover able to truly grasp the secrets of the flying sword.

This was the resolution for both of them to go down. If it was any other similar leveled cultivator, they definitely wouldn’t be able to escape it. Moreover, Huang Huoxiao’s soul force cultivation was still slightly below his own.

However, Huang Huoxiao wasn’t an ordinary cultivator.

As if four invisible hands suddenly reached out into the air, grabbing the four blades behind him, his soul force suddenly separated into four streams, pouring into these four blades.

Then, these four blades hacked heavily the snow-white longsword that was already only an inch from his face.

Under both sides’ all out terrifying strength, Di Choufei’s longsword actually couldn’t hold on, splitting apart flake by flake, metal pieces scattering in the sky.

The black armor covering Di Choufei’s chest split apart, but the white clothing inside actually still didn’t produce any damage.

However, there was a burst of bone fracturing noises. The powerful force still made Di Choufei feel countless bone shards stab deeply into his flesh.

The black jade ring holding his hair together behind his head also suddenly burst.

Ordinary border army commanders all had short hair because it was easier to manage, moreover not easy to get tangled together or get caught up in something while moving. However, he instead kept long hair, remaining clean because of the rippling of soul force.

Now, the hair behind him was completely scattered apart, a strand of blood flowing out along his extremely thin lips, this scene extremely bitter.

Only at this time did Di Choufei truly understand why Huang Huoxiao definitely wanted to decide things before the two of them entered Great Magnetic Swamp.

It was because having those six blades or not having them made Huang Huoxiao’s strength entirely different.

He, the greatest elite disciple of Immortal Academy, someone who might become one of the chosen ones of those behind the heavy layers of curtains, actually couldn’t defeat a Black Dragon Army great leader? Unable to prevail over this Great Mang cultivator?

Di Choufei felt great shock and anger within him, but he knew that as long as he showed even the slightest bit of hesitation, he would immediately be killed. As such, soul force erupted from beneath his feet again, half his body almost wrapped within white light, flying backwards.

Huang Huoxiao chased without any hesitation. Six blades shot out like six vipers, continuously flying towards Di Choufei.

After continuously chasing him out for several dozen steps, Huang Huoxiao stopped.

Every single cultivation land had some powerful hidden methods. For example, the six blades on him, for example, the blinding snow-white radiance created from the soul force that erupted from Di Choufei’s body.

Meanwhile, right now, Di Choufei’s soul force continuously surged, using a hidden method that drew in some special heaven and earth vital energy. This made it so that he could only seriously injure and not truly kill this Immortal Academy elite disciple. Regardless, his identity had already been exposed, so there was no way for him to continue being a Black Dragon Army Great Commander anymore.

However, when he thought about how this meant that he could go home, he developed a strange feeling of calmness and happiness, his entire body also immediately relaxing.

It was because he understood extremely well that with Di Choufei’s injuries, it was done to the point where this opponent couldn’t post any further threat to him. Thus, he began to remove the armor covering his body.

The heavy, ice-cold Black Dragon Army was removed.

At the ends of the six black chains were six hooks that were deeply hooked into the flesh on his back. However, there was no blood that flowed out.

He removed the six hooks, removed the six blades and then finally removed the metal silver mask covering his face.

Those who liked using masks to cover their face were either extremely ugly or they were extremely beautiful.

He was extremely beautiful.

His five sense organs were fine to the point where he almost didn’t look like a man. When one was too beautiful, they would instead meet a premature end. This was the commentary his teacher previously gave him, so he always covered it with a silver mask.

After removing all of the heavy objects he carried, this Great Mang cultivator’s heart felt even more relaxed. He looked at that mountain, strangely feeling that Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye were still waiting there. Meanwhile, that cave barbarian cultivator already reached the foot of the mountain, currently running up the hill with all of his strength.

“After completing this task, I can return home…”

He quietly watched everything, quietly saying this to himself. Then, he headed up the black dividing line bare-handedly, walking into Great Magnetic Swamp.

“Who would have expected that the ultimate victor would be him.”

Lin Xi watched as Huang Huoxiao removed his armor and entered the Great Magnetic Swamp, releasing a great sigh of regret. He turned around and quietly said to Chi Xiaoye. “I won’t be able to help you get revenge on Di Choufei this time.”

Towards Huang Huoxiao, he also had a natural type of respect, because he knew that only cultivators who were most loyal to Great Mang would come to this type of place and carry out these types of extremely dangerous missions. Between him and Huang Huoxiao, there was only a hostile faction relationship that couldn’t be mediated. However, as for for Di Choufei, even though he didn’t know why he directed such powerful killing intent at him, since he already knew that Di Choufei wanted to kill him, then Di Choufei also became his enemy, moreover an enemy that wasn’t worthy of any respect from him.

Chi Xiaoye didn’t immediately respond to Lin Xi.

Her eyes were always focused on Fire King’s body, even worrying if Fire King would attack Lin Xi because he didn’t understand the situation… in addition, now that they were closer, she saw that the wound on Fire King’s chest was terrifyingly deep, to the extent where even his internal organs could vaguely be made out, the pulsing of the heart visible.

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