Book 8 Chapter 47 - Breakthrough And Trust

Lin Xi still didn’t know of its existence.

The intense coughing and vomiting made him completely spit out the breath of air he originally held. He couldn’t breathe and he already used up today’s instance of his rewind ability. As such, the threat of death, for him, became much greater than normal.

He did everything he could to resist this fear within his heart, thus preventing himself from making any movements even more disadvantageous to himself.

Under the two-sided pressure of fear and his body’s limit, his heart rapidly contracted, some hormones that would normally never be secreted also starting to flow out from  within him.

The bit of soul force left within him also went berserk, frantically spreading through his body to provide his body with more support.

He was sent high into the air by the muddy black water all around him. He forcefully suppressed the fear of breathing in muddy water again, doing his best to straighten his body, leaning upwards, and quickly exhaling and inhaling.

There was a lot of muddy water that splashed onto his face, but he finally succeeded, breathing in air that was extremely precious for him.

Even though the bits of mud and rotting smell still made him cough intensely, it brought his body a bit of precious oxygen, allowing his mind to finally preserve a bit of clear-headedness.

The chaotic black flood finally slowly exhausted its terrifying power, separately moving through many ravines like blood vessels as they reached into Great Desolate Swamp’s dark land. Eventually, it turned into bits and pieces, disappearing into the riverbed’s muddy suds.

Lin Xi was like a shell that was eventually swept ashore by the sea.

He began to cough fiercely, to the point where thick black sludge rushed out from his mouth and nose. At the same time, he greedily sucked in air, coughing while saying with a strange hoarse voice, “You still alive?”

Chi Xiaoye was right at his side.

He didn’t let go despite going through such a dangerous situation. Only when they finally reached shore did his arms relax.

When Lin Xi’s voice sounded, still unable to open his eyes, he already heard Chi Xiaoye’s coughing and retching sounds.

He immediately became happy. The louder her coughing and vomiting sounds were, the more strength it meant she had and the happier it made him.

Lin Xi coughed intensely. His face was covered under thick layers of mucus, still unable to open his eyes.

Because of his previous injuries and the dirt he inhaled, not only was there a tearing pain spreading in his chest, it was also as if there was an invisible huge rock weighing down on his chest.

However, as fresh air entered his body, he sensed strands of warmth rushing through his body, as if there was some new power currently taking form within his body, pouring into his blood vessels and bones.

Many things can only be seen once a comparison was made.

Compared to the extremely terrible feeling of always being in a near death state, right now, Lin Xi naturally felt more comfortable than he ever felt before, this type of warmth spreading through his body also more powerful than ever before.

The warm streams rushing through his body somewhat expectedly rushed towards the surface of his skin.

Lin Xi seemed to instinctively have this type of indescribable desire as well.

As such, this warm stream poured into his skin, permeating his hair, and then left his skin.

A light crack sounded.

Much of the mud shell covering Lin Xi’s body fell off.

The bit of mud that was already starting to become dry and hard also split apart, falling off from his face.

Lin Xi sensed his body suddenly becoming brilliant. That bit of light stopping him from entering Soul Master level was nowhere to be seen.

“I broke through!”

He was stunned and then he immediately woke up, crying out with even greater joy, opening his eyes.

Lin Xi knew that he was already extremely close to Soul Master level, but he didn’t expect that he was actually this close, nor did he anticipate that the muddy flood could help him cross this barrier.

The mud shell fell from his face bit by bit. He opened his eyes. The skin on his face was shining slightly, as if he was reborn.

Then, he saw Chi Xiaoye who was still coughing, unable to breathe well, as well as that little beast hanging from his chest, seeing its large black eyes.

Lin Xi was immediately stunned.

Even though there was mud all over from his body, only its pair of eyes especially bright and clean, he could still clearly see its three shaggy tails.

Lin Xi had never seen this type of beast before, to the extent where it had never appeared before in recordings.

Because of his cultivation breakthrough, the soul force within his body was finally powerful to the point of leaving the confines of his body. It was able to enter the world, extend outwards like tangible matter, making his perception even sharper. That was why the instant he saw this house cat-sized three tailed little beast, he immediately sensed the bit of alarming aura within this little beast’s body. This made his back intuitively go numb, feeling great danger.

However, he also immediately saw the warmth and dependence within this little beast’s pitch-black eyes.

He also quickly noticed that this little beast was grabbing his clothes firmly, its four claws still not willing to let go.

This was still a helpless child.

Suddenly, while looking at its expression, looking at it tightly grabbing his clothes, its four little paw-like claws, Lin Xi was immediately filled with pity, naturally knowing that it hadn’t been long since this little beast appeared in this world.

“Hello… this is the first time we are meeting… where did you come from? Why did you end up on my body?”

As such, Lin Xi couldn’t help but look at it, quietly saying these words.

The little beast still couldn’t understand Lin Xi’s words, but from the moment it appeared in this world, this was the first time someone spoke to it, Lin Xi’s expression also making it feel more warmth. As such, it released a light yi cry, its claws that grabbed onto Lin Xi’s clothes grabbing a bit tighter, its body moving a bit closer into Lin Xi’s embrace.

Lin Xi reached out a hand. After some slight hesitation, he still lowered it, placing it onto its head.

Its body went slightly rigid. However, soon afterwards, it instead raised its head, rubbing its head against Lin Xi’s palm.

Lin Xi’s palm became a bit itchy, feeling the clear feeling of trust and reliance from it. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

Chi Xiaoye finally coughed out the bit of dirt stuck in her throat, finally able to breathe freely again, obtaining a bit of strength, able to turn around and see how Lin Xi was doing.

She couldn’t sense anything around her during the flood either, she also didn’t know just what branch of the river they were swept through. However, she could feel the firmness of those arms that supported her all this time.

It was precisely because of these arms that never let go, those arms that continued to support her all this time that gave her faith and courage, gave her a chance to breathe. Right now, she didn’t know what she should say. However, she immediately saw Lin Xi who was trying to sit up and the little black beast on Lin Xi’s body, saw the way Lin Xi and this little black beast interacted, the two incredibly intimate. Her face quickly became snow-white, crying out in disbelief, “How could this be?”

Lin Xi could tell that Chi Xiaoye’s shock wasn’t because of his cultivation breakthrough, but rather because of this bright eyed, exceptionally clean little black beast. As such, while supporting Chi Xiaoye up, he asked her about her surprise.

Chi Xiaoye’s mood was extremely complicated as she looked at him and the little beast. Then, she clearly saw this little black beast’s three tails, thus causing her to become even more shocked. “Three-Tailed Black Foxcat!”

This was an extremely ordinary name.

However, Lin Xi knew that this little beast who came from who knew where was definitely not ordinary, also knowing that Chi Xiaoye wouldn’t hide anything. As such, he didn’t say anything, only waiting for Chi Xiaoye.

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