Book 8 Chapter 42 - On the Muddy Lake, A Pair of Confused Eyes

All of the lavender on the ground was already trampled into mud. However, in the invisible underground, there was a whole different world, all types of roots growing within it.

These roots normally silently made their way through the gloomy earth, incapable of understanding human speech, free and serene.

However, when the green radiance from within Chi Xiaoye’s body entered the earth, it instantly turned into countless streaks of fine light, moving through these roots. These roots seemed to understand Chi Xiaoye’s cry, suddenly becoming incredibly chaotic.

After releasing these two dazzling streaks of green radiance from within her, Chi Xiaoye immediately fell to the ground powerlessly. Meanwhile, these root systems that were normally even slower than snails frantically rushed out from the earth, even releasing endless chi chi earth breaking sounds.

It was almost as if the streaks of white and yellow plant systems were also releasing sad cries, immediately climbing up Xu Ningshen’s legs and feet.

The sky still hadn’t brightened.

Dark clouds surrounded a lake in the Great Desolate Swamp.

This lake was half water, half mud. Floating in the muddy gray and black viscous lake water were countless level mud mounds, as if they were pieces of ice floe.

A jet-black creature was struggling on one of the mud mounds.

Because it had been struggling for too long, this creature’s body was already wrapped in layers of mud that experienced different levels of dryness. It was round and plump, its true appearance couldn’t even be made out. Only three shaggy black tails were exposed, moving about in the muddy water.

This creature’s stamina had clearly already been consumed, to the extent where it was powerless to make any sounds, its entire body trembling powerlessly, as if it was cold.

The moment Chi Xiaoye released that bitter cry, streaks of roots frantically rushing out of the earth, a mysterious water noise sounded. This creature’s swollen abdomen flattened and then a black-haired little creature covered in muddy water and blood descended upon this world.

This black-haired female creature wrapped within mud exhausted all of its strength and vitality, quietly dying in this dark mud lake.

The roots that erupted all pulled Xu Ningshen back.

For cultivators, most roots were brittle and delicate, but right now, even though many roots snapped, there were countless stalks that exerted force together, making Xu Ningshen’s body immediately fall to the side.

For Xu Ningshen, slowly killing Lin Xi under the daylight was his final release. As long as his body could last until he could accomplish this, then he was satisfied. That was why he didn’t hesitate to use this assassination method unique to Thousand Devil Nest, instantly breaking down Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye’s joint attack. Right now, he was indifferent to even his own life. However, these roots that rushed out from underground, instantly making him lose his center of balance completely toppled everything he knew, leaving him incredibly shocked.

“There are actually cultivation methods capable of controlling dead objects in this world?”

In his, Yunqin’s, even Tangcang, Great Mang and almost all warriors and cultivators’ eyes, flowers, plants and trees were naturally immobile dead objects. How could they become the weapons cultivators used to face an enemy?


His shoulder smashed heavily into the ground.

However, at this time, Chi Xiaoye also fell weak to the ground. Even though the bright moon-like ring finally struggled free from Xu Ningshen’s body, because of the mutual tugging, she collapsed within Xu Ningshen’s reach.

Xu Ningshen’s sword previously hacked towards her neck, yet despite missing because of his fall, right now, Chi Xiaoye was right before his eyes. He didn’t get up, instead lying on the ground, fiercely thrusting towards Chi Xiaoye’s body once more.

Lin Xi already arrived at Chi Xiaoye’s side. When he saw this thrust, the bare-handed Lin Xi knew that he already couldn’t attack any part of Xu Ningshen’s body. Perhaps Xu Ningshen wouldn’t even pay him any attention, only focusing on striking Chi Xiaoye first.

As such, he released a fierce roar, grabbing Chi Xiaoye’s green robes with speed exceeding his normal limit and then flung her to the side. At the same time, his body also fiercely took a step forward, turning around.

Following this fling and twist that exceeded his normal limit, his body blocked in front of Chi Xiaoye’s body. With a dang noise, Xu Ningshen’s sword landed heavily onto his back.

Lin Xi suffered another serious injury, the great force from his back spreading through his chest and abdomen, filling his throat with a fishy bloodiness once again. However, this time, he didn’t borrow this force to rush out, instead not hesitating to pay the price of greater injuries, taking a fierce step out to support himself. He turned around again, his right foot using all of its strength to trample down on the ground.

Under this trample, Lin Xi’s body shook greatly, the bloodiness in his throat finally impossible to suppress, once again spraying out a blast of blood from his mouth 

However, at the same time, a streak of blue light shot out from under Lin Xi’s feet, aimed at Xu Ningshen’s throat.

Xu Ningshen was already standing, the longsword in his other hand brandishing out, preparing to hack off one of Lin Xi’s arms, but he never expected that Lin Xi who clearly already lacked all power to retaliate, actually still had this sinister trump card. Meanwhile, because the distance between the two was too close, the speed of this blue light also just too fast, he actually couldn’t evade it, only able to powerfully gather large amounts of soul force towards his throat.

A muffled thud sounded.

The blue radiance stabbed into his throat, the power actually making his head rigidly lean backwards.

Chi Xiaoye was already so weak she couldn’t even stand up straight. The other party’s death seeking determination and secret cultivation methods from Thousand Devil Nest made her and Lin Xi’s joint attack instead bring them into a situation of despair. However, because of both her and Lin Xi’s final hidden trump cards, now, there was finally an opportunity.

Her body was flung to the side by Lin Xi. The unique power within her that she had only used once against Lin Xi was already completely exhausted. However, at this time, her face that was pale like porcelain immediately became abnormally flushed, the bit of soul force she saved with difficulty was completely forced out at this time as well, poured into the bright moon-like ring in her hands.

The bright moon-like ring left her hands, starting to spin in the air.

The moment Xu Ningshen’s head bounced backwards, this bright moon arrived between his brows.

It was almost as if he was the one who ran into this bright moon.


It was an extremely low, quiet sound.

The bright moon passed through his eyes. Two fine streaks of blood appeared on his eyes, and then blood, the whites of his eyes and other things gushed out from between the blood streaks.

Pain and darkness immediately surrounded Xu Ningshen.


He couldn’t see the world before him, couldn’t see Lin Xi, the only thing that was still supporting him in this world suddenly collapsing. Fear and despair instantly occupied his heart again, making him release an exceptionally miserable howl of pain.

The moment Xu Ningshen’s eyes became blind, entering eternal darkness.

Lin Xi picked up several bandit corpses from the ground, throwing them to the side.

Xu Ningshen screamed miserably in pain, throwing himself at one of the corpses. The two swords, one long, one short, both stabbed deeply into that bandit’s corpse, his entire body also colliding with that corpse because he used too much strength, tumbling about on the ground.

It was precisely at this moment that within a certain pile of earth in Great Desolate Swamp, that little creature covered in blood and muddy water wriggled about, its four claws moving, crawling out from the blood and muddy water, opening its eyes with difficulty.

When it opened its eyes, many invisible streams of vital energy gathered over, following a unique trajectory as it slowly entered its body.

It took in a deep breath, the first breath of its life. This breath of air was biting cold, instantly turning all of the water vapor in front of itself into white frost and ice fragments.

Its hair was completely black, behind it were three fox-like black tails, its body was also no different from a fox’s. However, even though its face was like that of a fox, it was also like a cat, its pure black eyes seeming extremely big on its face.

Because its mother died after its birth, it didn’t receive any further guidance, so it stopped over this piece of mud shell in a lonesome manner, a bit scared, a bit confused, a bit lost as it looked at this completely unfamiliar world. It didn’t know where it came from, didn’t know where it could go.

The sky began to brighten.

This confused little beast’s body curled up, continuing to wait, continuing to watch everything.

Lin Xi forcefully endured the tearing pain within his chest, flinging out more corpses, throwing them even further.

Xu Ningshen roared out, throwing himself over again.

Lin Xi forcefully patted the extremely docile and completely naive Skyroot Otters. These two giant beasts with meaty paws felt pain, releasing low cries, running forward.

Xu Ningshen who had just stabbed more than ten holes into a bandit’s body threw himself at these two giant beasts, screaming miserably. The swords in his hands continuously stabbed into these two giant beasts’ bodies. Even though he could sense that these weren’t humans, the crazily screaming Xu Ningshen didn’t stop at all.

Just as Xu Ninshen threw himself towards these two giant beasts, Lin Xi carried Chi Xiaoye, walking into the distance. When Xu Ningshen’s crazy howls and these two giant beasts’ screams mixed together, difficult to tell which was human and which was beast, Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye left this sea of flowers, following the slope into this massive black riverbed.

“The sky has finally brightened.”

Lin Xi looked at Xu Ningshen who was still crazily stabbing the two Skyroot Otters who already couldn’t stand up, only twitching and struggling on the ground, and then looked at the sky that had already brightened. He couldn’t help but shout towards the distant Xu Ningshen with a voice full of mockery and joy, “You wanted to see me slowly die under the sunlight… but it really is a pity, you will already never see light… you don’t need light, so even when you die, you can only die in darkness.”

After saying this, he didn’t pay the crazy miserably screaming Xu Ningshen any more attention.

He understood extremely clearly that after a few hundred steps of distance, Xu Ningshen already had no chance of threatening him or Chi Xiaoye. Moreover, Xu Ningshen’s injuries were already fatal… On top of all of that, in this type of place, living would be even worse than death for him.

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