Book 8 Chapter 41 - Final Strength

The sharp sword twisted in his inner organs, turning Wei Xianwu’s lower abdomen region into a mangled bloody mess.

Wei Xianwu released another wild beast-like roar, letting go of the longsword which was blocked by Lin Xi and stopped between the two of them. His hands formed claws, grabbing towards Lin Xi’s face, wishing to crush Lin Xi’s face into a lump of badly mangled flesh.

The extremely calm faced Lin Xi bent down slightly, charging straight into Wei Xianwu's chest.

Wei Xianwu’s hands missed. They immediately moved downwards, grabbing towards Lin Xi’s neck.

Right at this time, Lin Xi’s dagger was already removed from Wei Xianwu’s underbelly. It then stabbed in fiercely again, twisting once more.

One thrust!

Two thrusts!

Three thrusts!

When Wei Xianwu suffered the first thrust into his stomach, his hands already landed on Lin Xi’s neck that was covered in his own gushing blood, touching Lin Xi’s blood vessels that were swelling from force exertion. However, his hands just couldn’t produce the slightest bit of strength anymore.

Lin Xi used his body to prop up Wei Xianwu’s body, intuitively sensing that Wei Xianwu’s hands slid from his neck powerlessly. Only when he sensed that Wei Xianwu’s abdominal inner organs had all turned into mush, did he pull himself back, step backwards.

Wei Xianwu’s body slid down, kneeling on the ground.

Crushed flesh flowed out like hot congee from several enormous wounds in his abdomen, flowing along the black earth in front of him.

“How is this possible…”

With the last of his strength, Wei Xianwu forcefully raised his head to look towards Lin Xi.

Lin Xi’s explosive power and movements completely relied on an unending stream of soul force… Even now, he still couldn’t understand how despite being a cultivator of the same level as himself, after killing so many bandits, Lin Xi could still have this much soul force.

When he was in East Port Town, he told Lin Xi to please just wait.

However when today arrived, his ‘please just wait’, actually became the greatest joke. He was actually killed as soon as they faced each other, defeated with almost no strength to retaliate…

“Is it Green Luan Academy’s medicines?!”

When he sensed the final threat of death descending, Wei Xianwu who felt everything around him go dark used the last of his strength to scream this out in despair.

Lin Xi didn’t say anything, so Wei Xianwu took this as a tacit agreement. However, in reality, Lin Xi was shaking his slightly with a bit of mockery, not wishing to waste any words on this opponent who he didn’t feel the slightest trace of respect for. He even killed cultivators with strength greater than Wei Xianwu’s. After Green Luan Academy’s martial skill slowly merged into his body’s consciousness, became practiced, even if it was a normal true battle, he had confidence in killing Wei Xianwu in a situation where he wasn’t injured, let alone today, in a situation where Wei Xianwu misjudged his soul force consumption.

The only one that made him truly worry was Xu Ningshen who wasn’t far away.

Xu Ningshen watched indifferently as Wei Xianwu fell and died, and then he began to laugh.

His laugh was extremely sinister, extremely happy, clearly signaling that there was no finally no one who would stand in the way of his revenge, no one able to disturb him from slowly killing Lin Xi.

“The sky is about to brighten.”

While looking at the vigilant Lin Xi who was doing his best to adjust his breathing, Xu Ningshen only walked up to the two Skyroot Otters, saying these words with a smile.

“We have to rush at him together, we cannot go alone… or else we will both be killed by this person.”

Chi Xiaoye walked over from behind Lin Xi, standing next to him, saying this to him seriously.

Lin Xi was already frowning because of Xu Ningshen’s previous ‘sky is about to brighten’ words. When he heard Chi Xiaoye’s words at this time, he nodded, releasing an en sound.

Judging from Xu Ningshen’s previous movements, both he and Chi Xiaoye could tell that Xu Ningshen’s cultivation was higher than Wen Xianwu’s, that he was a Soul Master level cultivator.

Lin Xi had faced Xue Wantao before, so he understood extremely clearly that unless he paid the price of blood, together with using the ten halt ability, there was almost no chance of victory against this Soul Master level opponent. Moreover, he understood extremely clearly that Xu Ningshen obtained Great Mang’s cultivation inheritance, so he might have some strange methods that were different from Yunqin cultivators.

Together with the fact that Xu Ningshen, because of the hatred he felt, already became extremely warped, this made him an opponent that was even harder to judge with normal reasoning, even more difficult to deal with.

“How much longer can your soul force support you at full strength for?” Chi Xiaoye asked Lin Xi.

“A halt and a half of time.” Lin Xi turned his head around slightly towards Chi Xiaoye. “You?”

“Half a halt of time.” Chi Xiaoye looked at Lin Xi and said, “That is why we must kill him within half a halt of time.”

Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye momentarily stood there without moving, side by side as Xu Ningshen slowly pressed forward.

Xu Ningshen only looked at these two with a more and more excited strange expression, currently standing there without moving.

When he was only ten steps from Xu Ningshen, Lin Xi’s legs once again stepped on the ground, producing blasts of mud. The emerald green dagger in his hand directly stabbed towards Xu Ningshen’s throat.

At the same time, Chi Xiaoye at his left side erupted with a wave of majestic power, her body rising like a swallow, fluttering into the sky. The bright moon-like ring directly hacked towards Xu Ningshen’s left rib.

Even though Chi Xiaoye’s figure was bent, her speed was a bit faster than Lin Xi’s.

Even though this was the first time they truly worked together, their coordination was instead full of tacit understanding.

Chi Xiaoye’s blade immediately arrived, this forcing Xu Ningshen to first deal with her attack. Even though she couldn’t continue fighting, when this force was applied to Xu Ningshen’s body, even if Xu Ningshen could take it, his body would still lose its balance from the force. This way, Lin Xi who didn’t have enough strength to face him, had a chance to kill him.


Chi Xiaoye’s movements were still fast to the point where it was impossible to avoid. The bright moon-like ring in her hands was extremely sharp, instantly cutting apart Xu Ningshen’s filth covered, putrid smelling clothes. However, what made Chi Xiaoye and Lin Xi both immediately feel a chill was that even now, Xu Ningshen didn’t have any intention of evading or blocking her attack.


The sharp blade entered Xu Ningshen’s flesh, and then it was immediately clamped down in place by a pair of large hands.

Blood gushed out from Xu Ningshen’s wound, but Xu Ningshen’s flesh not only became extremely sturdy and thick, the streaks of muscles inside also seemed to squirm about, rigidly holding Chi Xiaoye’s bright moon-like ring in place.

Lin Xi’s emerald green dagger also entered Xu Ningshen’s neck at this moment.

However, when his dagger only entered an inch, he also sensed that it couldn’t advance any further, as if it was clamped down on by steel.



Two loud noises suddenly sounded by Lin Xi, Chi Xiaoye and Xu Ningshen’s ears.

A dagger unknowingly appeared in Xu Ningshen’s left hand, fiercely stabbing into Lin Xi’s chest. It made its way through Li Xi’s clothes, but couldn’t stab through the plate of armor underneath, producing a blast of sparks. Even though this set of Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert armor was extremely sturdy, unable to strike through it even with Xu Ningshen’s current cultivation and weapon, the force of this blow still made Lin Xi’s entire chest feel as if it was struck by a great hammer. His face suddenly paled, continuously taking steps backwards. There was a breath stuck in his chest, preventing him from breathing, incredibly uncomfortable. Eventually, even his lungs were injured, releasing a mouthful of blood with a pu sound.

The instant the dagger in his left hand smashed into Lin Xi’s chest, the black long blade in Xu Ningshen’s right hand descended towards Chi Xiaoye’s head. Chi Xiaoye subconsciously struggled. Even though she forcefully removed the bright moon-like ring from Xu Ningshen’s ribs, she couldn’t evade in time at all. Only when this long blade already reached her hair, did her left hand manage to strike against this blade.

Her left hand released dazzling radiance, releasing metallic noises when it made contact with the blade. However, this eruption of soul force exceeding her previous estimation also made her release a muffled groan. Her body became sluggish, one knee landing on the ground.

Xu Ningshen’s figure staggered, only taking a few steps back, and then he stood still.

The painful heat within Lin Xi’s chest was terrible, but his limbs became incredibly ice-cold.

His emerald green dagger was currently nailed to Xu Ningshen’s neck. He was already bare-handed.

He previously discussed with Chi Xiaoye that they had to kill Xu Ningshen within half a halt of time, but neither he nor Chi Xiaoye expected Xu Ningshen to be even more decisive than them. Moreover, Xu Ningshen had methods he didn’t know about after all. Right now, he saw that the skin around Xu Ningshen’s neck injury and the wound cut by Chi Xiaoye already became pitch-black and hard, as if the flesh in that region all already went rigid and died.

This was definitely a suicidal indiscriminate destruction method.

However, even though Xu Ningshen didn’t want to live, both he and Chi Xiaoye still wanted to continue living.

Chi Xiaoye’s body suddenly began to tremble.

There were only a few steps between Xu Ninghsen and her body. When she just began to stand back up, Xu Ningshen already arrived before her face.

When Xu Ningshen arrived in front of her, he flung aside his dagger that was already curved, pulling out the emerald green short sword in his neck.

Her body instinctively struck out with the ring in her hands, hacking at Xu Ningshen’s chest.

However, Xu Ningshen allowed the ring to enter his body. Then, his flesh immediately became rigid, forcibly ‘biting’ down on this ring once more, the dead flesh’s power actually preventing the impact of her strike from even repelling Xu Ningshen, keeping Xu Ningshen connected to her by this ring.

Then, the emerald green dagger in Xu Ningshen’s hand stabbed towards her neck.

Because of her internal injuries, Chi Xiaoye already couldn’t act like before, she could no longer forcibly use soul force to neutralize this strike. In the corner of her eyes, she saw that Lin Xi was frantically closing in, but she knew that Lin Xi already couldn’t rescue her in time. “Kill him!” In this instant, she knew that she already had no room for choice. She released a long roar, a power within her that was different from soul force entering her feet, turning into two streaks of dazzling green radiance, penetrating the ground beneath her.

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