Book 8 Chapter 40 - What Did You Finally Wait For?

The purple sea of flowers reached its end before Xu Ningshen. Then, he saw Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye who sat at the end of this sea of flowers, sensing the two’s determination to fight.

He raised his head. The sky was already gradually brightening.

“Excellent… he can now see his own flesh be chopped off…” He released a voice of true joy.

Since this voice was too inhuman, even the brows of Wei Xianwu next to him immediately furrowed.

All of the bandits behind Xu Ningshen breathed heavily, sweat pouring pouring down their bodies.

These bandits struggled for survival in Dragon Snake Mountain Range, from time to time leaving Dragon Snake Mountain Range for plunder. The reason why they could escape the pursuit of Yunqin’s army was by relying on the long distance running endurance they were forced to become proficient in.

However, in the end, these bandits weren’t cultivators. After continuously chasing for an entire night, these bandits’ stamina also reached their limit, their limbs feeling like lead was poured on them.

All of these bandits also saw Lin Xi and the Chi Xiaoye who were seated at the limits of the sea of flowers, their backs to the suddenly sinking black water swamp land, as well as Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye’s determination to no longer run.

Seeing that the other party wished to fight a decisive battle, these bandits obviously knew that what they needed the most right now was a bit of time to rest. However, right at this time, they heard Xu Ningshen give out an order: “Kill him…”

All of the bandits entered a momentary silence, not moving.


The head of a bandit at Xu Ningshen’s side suddenly rushed into the sky, even in death,his eyes were still opened, blood gushing out from his neck.

“Go kill him, or else I will kill you… You all need to understand that my cultivation is higher than his, and my condition is better than his. Moreover, if you all don’t listen to my orders, I promise that I won’t let you die as easily as this fella here… I will cut off your arms and legs, and then leave you here.”

Xu Ningshen who held a blood dripping long blade laughed in joy, looking at all of these bandits while saying this.

Fear that was even more painful than death squeezed out the last bit of energy within these bandits’ bodies. All of these bandits breathed in pain, roaring out, charging at Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye like they were young ladies with all clothing stripped off.

Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye stood up.

These bandits who squeezed out the last of their stamina charged, sending purple grass fragments and scattered flowers everywhere, as if a great purple fireworks blossomed continuously, indistinct and enchanting.

“Truly beautiful.”

Lin Xi watched this scene that he definitely wouldn’t have been able to see in his previous world, unable to help but release a sincere exclamation of admiration.

“You seem to hate these two greatly, really wish to kill them?” Chi Xiaoye saw a bit of a different feeling from Lin Xi’s expression, unable to help but ask.

“It is because of the bones of those innocent girls on that island… because they don’t have any humanity.” Lin Xi nodded.

Chi Xiaoye didn’t ask anymore, because she also understood that there was no way Lin Xi could properly explain why he wanted to kill these two so badly within a short period of time.

“I will go first. When I can no longer hold on anymore, then it’ll be your turn.” Lin Xi looked at her and said.

Chi Xiaoye nodded.

Lin Xi ran towards the incoming bandits, starting to run extremely gracefully.


The dagger in his hands cut through the throat of a bandit. Then, his body straightened, smashing into the chest of a bandit to the side, that area directly caving in from his shoulder’s impact. When this bandit flew outwards, his other hand already seized the black long blade in this bandit’s hand, hacking off half the shoulder of a bandit at his other side.

After just a brief encounter, his figure moved past three incoming bandits like a streak of lightning, while these three bandits collapsed with miserable howls.

Lin Xi’s movements were like moving clouds and clowning water, giving off a type of violent and beautiful feeling.

Fighting, killing, these types of matters, the more one experienced them, the more skilled they would become.

Green Luan Academy’s martial skill was made up of precisely the most simple and effective techniques derived by countless Green Luan Academy lecturers. What it emphasized was only using the body’s most simple and effective movements to stab or cut into the other party’s body.

Under repeated battles, all of these martial skills already became extremely practiced for Lin Xi, slowly reaching a point where he didn’t even have to think about it, naturally done as if they were his body’s instincts.

Lin Xi quickly moved through the enemy formation.

Every single bandit that approached him quickly flew out or collapsed.

There was not a single bandit who could stop a single strike from him.

The bandits at Lin Xi’s side fell one after another. In just an instant, there were already more than twenty bandit corpses lying around him.

Lin Xi hacked apart these bandits like cutting melons. Not a single one of the blades in these bandits’ hands could make contact with Lin Xi’s body.

However, Wei Xianwu only watched coldly, watched as Lin Xi easily and quickly killed the bandits one after another.

It was because these bandits were for Lin Xi to kill to begin with.

Soul force was a rather wonderful thing, permeating through a cultivator’s body, yet every single movement a cultivator made would consume soul force.

Even if these bandits only reached out their necks for Lin Xi to hack apart, each time Lin Xi exerted force and removed a head, he would still use up some soul force.

Only when a cultivator’s soul force was completely consumed, when they exerted force, would it not use up any soul force. However, at that time, without the support of soul force, the flesh would quickly grow tired.

Even the most powerful cultivators could only control the non-essential exhaustion of soul force, even they could not prevent the natural dispersing of soul force throughout their bodies.

Back then, during Rudong’s chaos, the assassination attempt on the imperial princess’ life, that Purgatory Mountain cultivator who planned to deliver the last true strike precisely used elite warriors and even cultivators’ lives to slowly whittle away at the imperial princess’ soul force.

When a cultivator made intense movements and continuously exerted force, the consumption of soul force would also be extremely fast.

An Keyi had previously given Lin Xi a quantitative example. A mid stage Soul Master’s level of soul force was roughly enough to continuously cut through thirty sets of Blacksteel Heavy Armor.

Yunqin’s Blacksteel Heavy Armor was several fingers thick, if one wanted to hack through, then a mid stage Soul Master had to erupt with all of their strength. This was to say, even if it was a mid stage Soul Master’s soul force, they could only attack with full strength thirty or so times. That was why if ordinary cultivators were to be trapped in a group of a hundred cave barbarians, it was basically inevitable death.

When one was pushed to the brink of death, they would release all of their potential, these cave barbarians were no exception to this.

That was why when Lin Xi slaughtered his way through those cave barbarians, there was no way he could use the most economical move with each strike, thus depleting his soul force extremely quickly.

More and more corpses appeared on the ground. The bandits around Lin Xi also seemed increasingly sparse.

“Forty-two… forty-three…”

Wei Xianwu only continued to coldly count the number of bandits killed by Lin Xi.

When he counted to forty-seven, Wei Xianwu knew that Lin Xi’s soul force should have already completely dried up.

Sure enough, in his line of sight, he saw Lin Xi start to quickly back up. Meanwhile, that green-pupiled young lady instead began to move, facing Lin Xi.

A blast of blood erupted in the sky.

Chi Xiaoye replaced Lin Xi, taking the life of a bandit.

Suddenly, three bandits discovered that the surrounding world completely became empty.

The lavender around them had already been completely crushed into mud by their slaughter. Meanwhile, the remaining bandits all already fell, only the three of them left.

These three bandits completely collapsed, releasing screams of horror, not daring to charge anymore, turning around to run.

Wei Xiawu didn’t tend to these three bandits who ran past his side,, only looking at the exceptionally pale-faced Chi Xiaoye and the heavily breathing, entire body shaking slightly Lin Xi.

Ah… ah… ah…

Behind him, three miserable cries sounded.

When the three noises disappeared, Wei Xianwu looked at Lin Xi, saying with cold mockery, “I already said before to please just wait.”

“From the moment you appeared in East Port Town the second time, determined to forcefully charge through even when the civilians blocked the road, I’ve always been waiting, waiting for you to appear before me again, wishing to kill me. Then, you will be killed by me instead.” Lin Xi was breathing heavily, but he looked at Wei Xianwu, also saying with mockery, “Could it be that you think I can no longer kill you right now?”

“Please just wait… wait for what? You are only a trifling small Yunqin military officer. What kind of status do you have, what qualifications do you have to say these kinds of words to me?” The feeling of mockery in Lin Xi’s eyes grew stronger.

“Then let’s just see what happens in the end.”

Wei Xianwu laughed cruelly, drawing a black longsword from behind him. The sharp end pointed upwards, showing Lin Xi a ‘please’ signal.

This type of movement represented precisely the invitation for a fight in Yunqin. Those who didn’t dare agree would be viewed as the most despised weaklings by all of Yunqin .

Lin Xi laughed, not saying anything, only walking forward.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill him. I’ll cut off his arms at most. I’ll leave him alive for you.”

When he sensed the disturbance behind him, he turned his head slightly, saying this coldly.

Xu Ningshen behind him immediately cracked open his mouth, revealing a smile.

The two Skyroot Otters remained in place. Wei Xianwu walked towards Lin Xi.

Lin Xi began to run again. Then, he ran faster and faster. In an instant, he arrived before him.


Wei Xianwu stood there expressionlessly. He drew his sword, the sword tip releasing a screaming noise as it tore through the sky, directly stabbing at Lin Xi’s right shoulder socket.

An explosive dang sounded. The dagger in Lin Xi’s hand blocked his sword with great precision, knocking the longsword aside.

The corners of Wei Xianwu’s lips couldn’t help but produce a smile of mockery. He knew that in a situation where the other party’s soul force was exhausted, just a single strike was enough to make half the body become numb, his speed considerably lower than his own.

However, right at this moment, what made the hint of mockery at the corners of his lips immediately freeze, was that he heard an extremely fierce sound of the ground being trampled.

Lin Xi’s legs continuously stomped on the ground with exceptional force, his entire figure erupting like a volcano, rushing at his midline. His originally slowing dagger stabbed towards his underbelly with even more astonishing speed!

Wei Xianwu found this hard to understand, a wild beast-like howl of disbelief was released from his throat. He already couldn’t stop his opponent’s dagger from entering his abdomen. The longsword in his hands also fiercely withdrew and then stabbed out!

However, when his longsword similarly struck against Lin Xi’s abdomen, a fierce sound of metal striking sounded.

Lin Xi also released a low roar, his body forcefully stopping the momentum of his longsword, legs pressing firmly against the ground. His entire figure forcefully continued to press forward, the dagger in his hand also fiercely twisting in the other party’s body!

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