Book 8 Chapter 39 - Become That Type of Expert

“Who would have thought that you were already this strong.”

The moment Lin Xi’s first strike stopped the bandit before him, Wei Xianwu’s expression also suddenly became ice-cold, the shock he felt within like a storm.

When he was in East Port Town, the information he had clearly stated that Lin Xi only had Soul Knight level cultivation.

However, the power of this slash and charge was completely not beneath his own!

Could it be that Green Luan Academy’s elite students were all like this?

Wei Xianwu was shocked, but he instead immediately felt happiness inside, as well as even colder killing intent.

It was because regardless, Lin Xi was still definitely going to die.

It was because this wasn’t an equal confrontation between Lin Xi and himself, but rather a besieging from all sides.

These bandits weren’t Lin Xi’s opponent, but every single bandit that was killed would consume a bit of Lin Xi’s soul force.

Right now, he was pretty much at the same level as Lin Xi, so he understood extremely clearly that these seventy something cave barbarians were already enough to exhaust all of Lin Xi’s soul force.

At that time, he could kill Lin Xi easily.

This was on top of the fact that he still had a half human half fiend Xu Ningshen whose cultivation was above his own beside him.

Even if they break their way out, where could they go?

After giving Xu Ningshen whose face always had a malicious smile hanging from his face a somewhat disgusted look, Wei Xianwu led the two Skyroot Otters, coldly leading this army forward.

Step! Step! Step!

A bandit slightly hunched his body, rushing towards Lin Xi’s left with great speed. The moment the bandit in front of him was struck down by Lin Xi’s attack, he immediately released a vicious roar. Without worrying about his center of gravity at all, he threw himself forward, bringing the battle-axe in his hands down towards Lin Xi’s waist.

Lin Xi looked at the bandit before him as if he didn’t have the time to bother with this crazy swing at all. When this axe was clearly already about to reach him, he instead only lightly lept out, as if he didn’t exert much force at all, yet he already arrived above this bandit’s head.

His toes forcefully pressed against the head of this bandit who already lost his center of gravity. An ear piercing bone fracturing sound was released from this bandit’s neck, his neck immediately shrinking into his chest, blood gushing out crazily from his mouth, body falling forwards.

In the air, Lin Xi’s body leaned slightly forward, reaching out his hand to send the dagger in his hand into the mouth of that bandit originally standing right in front of him.

The sharp blade moved upwards, not hindered at all. A bloody scar appeared on this bandit’s face, and then the gushing blood caused his head to completely split open.

After killing this bandit, Lin Xi landed steadily on the ground, but discovered that there was already no one around him. All of the bandits were already left behind him.

Lin Xi adjusted his breathing and steps, moving through the fairytale-like sea of purple flowers, losing the bandits further behind him. He asked Chi Xiaoye behind him, “What kind of place have you prepared to face them?”

“Ghost Poplar Stream.”

Chi Xiaoye directly replied with a low voice, “It is a mudflat region full of Ghost Poplar Trees. You can understand it as a massive riverbed covered in swamps one could sink into.”

Lin Xi was a bit confused. “Riverbed?”

Chi Xiaoye said, “Even though most areas in Great Desolate Swamp are level marshes, the terrain still has some higher and lower points. There are many areas that have lakes filled with sediment, the banks of these lakes formed from natural accumulation of mud. From time to time, it would collapse, and then large amounts of water would rush out, thus instantly forming a flood. Once enough water has leaked out, the water level beneath the opening, the water flow will naturally stop. Then, once the water that flows in all directions makes the lake water rise up again, there will be another flood. Ghost Poplar Stream is precisely the riverbed formed from these floods.”

Lin Xi thought to himself and said, “Then does this Ghost Poplar Stream still have floods running through it?”

Chi Xiaoye said, “The reason why I had you come here is precisely because to the east of this Ghost Poplar Stream, there is a lake region that your Yunqin military shouldn’t have explored yet, this continental lake will produce a dozen or so floods each day. There are many ravines in Ghost Poplar Stream, it is hard to predict which ravines these powerful currents will rush through. With our abilities as cultivators, if we just happen to be in a ravine where a current rushes through, we probably won’t lose our lives, but even Sacred Expert level cultivators might not be able to stand still. By remaining there, even if more formidable cultivators come, if we ignore those sludge pools for now, if there is a current that just happens to rush past, even if those cultivators aren’t directly swept away by the flood, then we can also jump into the current, be swept away by the current and take a gamble that way.”

Lin Xi became a bit sluggish. “Using a flood to escape, this type of thinking really is crazy…”

“However, we must still kill those two Skyroot Otters first.” Chi Xiaoye said coldly. “Otherwise, as long as they search along this Ghost Poplar Stream, they will easily find out where we climbed ashore, so we’ll still be found rather quickly.”

Lin Xi nodded. “That is why we still need to do our all against these people first… how far away is that place?”

Chi Xiaoye said, “With your current speed, we will arrive in another five or six halts of time.”

There were no mistakes with Chi Xiaoye’s words.

After running for another five or six halts of time, the fairytale-like sea of flowers suddenly reached an end, Lin Xi suddenly standing before a different world.

If it wasn’t for Chi Xiaoye explaining to him clearly already, he definitely wouldn’t have thought that this six or seven meters lowland would be a riverbed.

It was because this riverbed was too wide, nor could the end be seen under the darkness of night.

On this land covered in cracked silt and holes that released black bubbles, grew grotesquely shaped, barkless short strange trees, this scene immediately making him think of a desert that lacked water and desert poplars.

In this wide riverbed, there were darker colors, these streaks of ravines that were even deeper, within them black waters that didn’t flow or black sludge that was about to dry up.

Lin Xi lowered Chi Xiaoye, turning his head slightly to ask her, “Wait for them here?”

Chi Xiaoye looked at this land that seemed to have countless phantoms moving through it, replying in an extremely simple manner, “Okay.”

Lin Xi thus directly sat down on this riverbed, closing his eyes to rest.

Chi Xiaoye was a bit stunned. “What are you doing?”

Lin Xi said as if it was to be expected, “Meditation cultivation to replenish soul force of course.”

Chi Xiaoye was even more stunned. “You are going to conduct meditation cultivation to replenish soul force when there’s such a short amount of time?”

“Teacher has said that some experts, even on the battlefield, can seize gaps of time to replenish soul force.” Lin Xi said, “I also want to see if I can do it.”

Chi Xiaoye didn’t say anything else.

Then, she discovered that even though Lin Xi couldn’t become like those experts he spoke of, able to stop at any time and quickly enter meditation cultivation, the speed at which Lin Xi entered meditation cultivation really was fast. If it was her that was in his situation, she definitely wouldn’t be able to accomplish this.

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