Book 8 Chapter 35 - We Are All Intelligent People

When the green-pupiled young lady saw that her originally not all that prominent chest, under Lin Xi’s binding, seemed exceptionally magnificent, she almost directly spat out another mouthful of blood, her eyes immediately filled with indescribable grief and indignation.

Lin Xi subconsciously muttered ‘don’t bother about the trifles’, and then wiped away his sweat, naturally picking up this young lady onto his back. Right now, he couldn’t tell east from west, north from south, but he understood clearly that he had to leave this region as fast as possible.

The green-pupiled young lady’s body repeatedly bumped into Lin Xi’s, feeling extreme shame and resentment.

She didn’t despair either.

Even though she already knew that Lin Xi wasn’t an ordinary Yunqin cultivator from how Lin Xi addressed that terrifying Sacred Expert level archer, as well as Lin Xi’s decisive use in that battle, she also understood extremely clearly that Lin Xi only had late stage Soul Expert level cultivation. He couldn’t even really join that battle and he was even injured right now.

As long as they encountered a cave barbarian troop, there was a chance that she would be rescued from his hands.

As Lin Xi ran, as time went on, the feeling of humiliation she felt decreased, instead replaced with even more anger. At the same time, she slowly woke up to some things.

She thought about how when Lin Xi searched her body and bound her, even though she called him shameless, in reality, it was extremely respectful, to the extent where he even unconsciously avoided some important areas, and that was why she was bound to this degree.

When she realized these things, the green-pupiled young lady couldn’t hold back anymore, really wishing to bite Lin Xi.

However, right at this time, Lin Xi suddenly stopped, his body freezing.

She didn’t expect this. Her mouth had just opened, nose instead bumping into the armor inside Lin Xi’s clothes. The aching pain was secondary to the fact that even this type of method proved useless. In the end, before she could have her way with her emotions, she couldn’t help but release a low cry of pain.

“Don’t say anything, someone’s here!”

Lin Xi didn’t make any threats with words, instead using a low voice only the two of them could hear to quickly say this and then began to listen extremely vigilantly.

The green-pupiled young lady immediately stopped all sounds.

Even though she was restrained and she wasn’t given a chance to recover her soul force, her cultivation level was high, her perception far above Lin Xi’s. Right now, Lin Xi forcibly suppressed his intense breathing noises from continuously running, so she immediately sensed there were extremely faint footsteps coming from her left, steps that were hard to detect unless one was a cultivator.

Lin Xi listened with all of his attention.

He heard that these extremely quiet footsteps were numerous. Then, his ears unknowingly trembled, picking up some even more fine but extremely familiar sounds that were easier to distinguish than the sound of footsteps.

These were the sounds of bowstrings being drawn.

“Iron city!”

Lin Xi’s brows were slightly raised, saying these two words with a heavy voice.

The cave barbarians never had archers. This type of uniform bow drawing sounds, in this place, it could only be Yunqin troops.

What he shouted out right now was precisely the oral command of Dragon Snake Border Army. Then, through other oral commands, he could determine just which army the other party was from.

What he received in response wasn’t any Dragon Snake Border Army command, but rather a burst of similarly familiar sounds, the sounds of arrows leaving bowstrings.

For some reason, right now, Lin Xi actually didn’t feel much shock, as if he intuitively knew that he wouldn’t be able to easily escape this reed field that stretched who knew how many li. It was because he already came into contact with some of the top level figures of this world, knowing what kind of abilities they had. The things they planned would become an invisible great net that normal people couldn’t imagine.

His body that was always slightly taut bounced up like a spring. Only after leaping five or six meters forward, did chi chi chi sounds of arrows raining down appear, instantly crushing countless reed stalks, releasing concentrated mud penetration sounds.


An arrow stabbed into the mud less than a foot in front of Lin Xi, producing a splash of mud.

Lin Xi’s expression immediately became a bit heavier.

This arrow was a bit finer than ordinary arrows, but it was made of black metal. Moreover, the arrow shaft had wind guiding grooves that allowed them to fly through the air with greater speed and stability.

These weren’t standard border army arrows, but rather those of cultivation lands or private weapon shops.

The speed these arrows flew with was even faster than he imagined.

“What are you trying to do? Don’t cause trouble!”

Lin Xi was currently doing his best to listen to the arrow sounds, frantically trying to evade the incoming arrows. At this time, the green-pupiled young lady on his back began to fiercely squirm about, to the extent where it almost made him lose his balance. He immediately released an angry shout, turning his head angrily, thinking that even if she wanted to cause trouble, she should look at the timing, to not disturb him now. However, when he turned around, he saw that with a pu sound, an arrow struck this green-pupiled young lady.

It was unknown what material the green robe on the green-pupiled young lady’s body was made of, but this type of special arrow actually couldn’t pierce through, immediately falling.

However, the feeling of being hit by the arrow still wasn’t good.. The green-pupiled young lady immediately released a muffled groan. While her face paled, anger immediately surged in her eyes.


Lin Xi’s forehead was covered in a bit of sweat, realizing that her struggling wasn’t because she was causing trouble, but because her perception exceeded his own, knowing that there was an arrow that he couldn’t avoid, that it was going to land on her body.


As such, Lin Xi immediately became a bit embarrassed. He raised a single hand, moving the green-pupiled young lady to his side, wishing to hold her with a hand while running, this way, at least she wouldn’t be a shield for his back. However, what left Lin Xi stunned was… at this time, the moment he shifted the green-pupiled young lady to his side, it just so happened that with a pu sound, an arrow just happened to land on this green-pupiled young lady’s body, making this young lady’s legs immediately go straight.

Now, it looked like Lin Xi was purposely using this green-pupiled young lady to block an arrow aimed at his waist.

Lin Xi definitely had good intentions, not doing this on purpose. However, when he saw the murderous expression in this green-pupiled young lady’s eyes, it was clearly saying, “You definitely said sorry on purpose… you definitely did it on purpose, right…”

While Lin Xi continuously ran in silence, while holding this green pupiled young lady, feeling incredibly apologetic towards this young lady, in the place where that Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert, the green pupiled young lady and himself landed, there were already two people standing there.

The one who appeared first was a large and tall high ranking Yunqin military officer with a silver mask on his face, around him cold dark black armor in the style of the Black Snake Army. However, the black armor’s runes faintly formed a dragon-like appearance.

On his back were a total of six long and narrow, simple and ordinary blades fastened by leather, three at each side, as if there was a metal screen behind him. It made him look exceptionally heroic and powerful.

Not long after he appeared here, there was also a young high ranking Yunqin military officer who walked out.

This Yunqin military officer was dressed in ordinary black armor, holding a black scabbard longsword, precisely the one who previously had a chat with a white-haired elder. His face was extremely handsome, but his lips were even thinner than the imperial princess’.

These two silently stared at each other for a long time.

Then, the handsome young high ranking military officer whose lips were thin like two small swords was the first to speak, saying with a sigh, “I never expected the glorious Black Dragon Army Great Commander Huang Huoxiao was someone from Purgatory Mountain.”

The silver-masked, six blade wielding Black Dragon Army great commander Huang Huoxiao bowed slightly, could be considered returning the greeting, instead seriously saying, “I was born in Thousand Devil Nest, but regardless of whether it is Thousand Devil Nest or Purgatory Mountain… I am someone from Great Mang.”

The handsome young high ranking military officer chuckled, nodding his head and saying, “General Huang, you are quite direct.”

Huang Huoxiao said with a dull voice, “Dragon Snake Border Army’s Star General, General Di Choufei, according to normal reason, you should be leading a great army through Traveler’s Root Forest and waiting there, there is no reason for you to appear here alone… so why do you just happen to be here?”

The handsome young general seriously looked at Huang Huoxiao, saying, “General Huang, you are extremely intelligent.”

Huang Huoxiao calmly said, “I believe General Di is also intelligent.”

“I like talking to smart people.” The handsome young general held his hands behind him and smiled, his two thin lips spreading, now seeming even more thin, as if two small swords would fly out at any time. “I wish to kill that Green Luan Academy student.”

Huang Huoxiao nodded. “This Lin Xi is indeed worth killing.”

The handsome young general turned around, looking towards the direction where Lin Xi drowned the Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert corpse and that shocking set of armor.

Lin Xi completed all of the preparations well, these two also hurrying over long after Lin Xi arrived here, but these two seemed to both already have discovered where Lin Xi buried the corpse and armor.

“The army’s priests are sure that tomorrow, there will be a great rain, I believe General Huang has already completed your preparations, so there is no chance for him to escape before this great rain descends.” The handsome young general spoke with a voice that was neither rushed nor slow. “The great rain will erase the traces here, so this place should be a place only the two of us know about.”

Huang Huoxiao gave him a look, slowly saying, “From the moment General Di appeared here, of the two of us, it was already decided that only one of us could leave alive.”

The young handsome general seemed to be extremely satisfied with this response, nodding and saying, “I do have the confidence in killing General Huang, but I fear that I might have to pay a bit of price. Meanwhile, that Green Luan Academy Windstalker isn’t someone me or you can deal with alone.”

Huang Huoxiao released a cold snort, seemingly not accepting the handsome young general’s confidence in being able to kill him. He understood the other party’s intentions, directly saying, “When everything is settled, we will fight to decide life and death.”

The handsome young general didn’t say anything more, standing with his hands behind his back.

Huang Huoxiao didn’t say anything else either, solemnly bowing towards the place where that Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert was buried, and then turned around to leave. The handsome young general was like a close friend, following him.

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