Book 8 Chapter 34 - You Understand

Lin Xi’s body suddenly began to tremble.

It was because he never felt despair, so while this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert exhausted the last bit of his lifespan to fly here, he had always been calculating the time, continuously judging the approximate itinerary, as well as considering what this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert wanted to do.

According to the final Demonic Transformation state of this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert, the almost flying sword-like speed, there should be at least thirty li or so of distance from the swamp they were previously at.

Just from the way this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert passed away, he could sense the emotions he felt towards Purgatory Mountain and Great Mang Dynasty.

There were some things which, for cultivators like him and Tong Wei, also exceeded their own lives and deaths.

That was why in Lin Xi’s opinion, the reason why this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert didn’t frantically try to kill one or two powerful cultivators who were extremely precious for Yunqin, instead bringing him and the green-pupiled young lady here, the highest possibility was that this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert had someone who would provide support.

The green-pupiled young lady’s injuries were a bit more more serious than his, but taking her life was still something easily done.

If the green-pupiled young lady could recover her mobility faster than him, regardless of whether this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert had someone to support him, he was still dead for sure. According to this green-pupiled young lady’s previous performance, she definitely wasn’t going to be lenient.

His previous experiences told him that in a situation where he had enough soul force support, the more intense the body’s movements, the greater the blood flow, the greater the benefits Glorious King Destroys Restraints had on his body’s recovery process.

The green-pupiled young lady was also doing her best to adjust her breathing. When she saw Lin Xi trying to forcefully move, this likely making his condition worse, her heart instead displayed a bit more hope.


However, what made her quickly widen her eyes in indescribable shock, was that she saw that Lin Xi quickly stood up.

Even though his body was shaking, every part incredibly cramped, Lin Xi still stood up.

Lin Xi forcefully stretched out his body, doing the Glorious King Destroys Restraints movements this green-pupiled young lady had no way of understanding. Some muscles and vessels in his body were extended, together with the guidance of soul force, it made him unable to help but release a grunt of pain. However, when these movements were completed, many painfully twitching areas in his body instead produced a fiery refreshed feeling.

Some strength began to return to his body. He could finally stand still, able to raise his hands and move his feet.

While looking at the green-pupiled young lady who was still sitting on the ground, unable to stand up, looking at himself in shock, Lin Xi released a sigh. He then took a step out, a palm striking at her fine white neck.

The green-pupiled young lady released a muffled groan, falling to the ground, clenching her teeth, using a fiery gaze to stare deathly at Lin Xi.

Lin Xi was a bit stunned.

He was originally scared of her cultivation, wishing to first knock her unconscious to be safe, he never expected that because his strength still hadn’t completely returned, together with this green-pupiled young lady’s body being stronger than he imagined, this palm only knocked her over, not completely knocking her out.

Since he was sure that as long as she wasn’t given enough time to conduct large amounts of meditation cultivation, under her current condition, she couldn’t pose him any threat, Lin Xi didn’t add a second strike, instead not paying her fiery gaze any attention, turning around, starting to examine what this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert left behind.

This Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s clothes were already stuck together from sweat and blood, and it was releasing an abnormal stench, but Lin Xi searched him extremely thoroughly, not even letting go of a single clothing scrap.

However, this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s possessions were extremely simple, only holding an object in his hand. That was why Lin Xi finished his search rather quickly, standing up again.

He frowned slightly, looking at the only thing on this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s body apart from the set of armor with curiosity .

This was a round-shaped object formed from countless extremely fine glass fiber-like strands, like a small bath bomb used in bathing.

However, this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert naturally didn’t come to Great Desolate Swamp to take a shower, so there was no way this was a bath bomb, a bath bomb definitely wouldn’t be detailed to the point where every single strand was as fine as a hair either.

Lin Xi held this exceptionally detailed item which was not like something of this ancient world at all, examining it with curiosity and confusion. While breathing, his breath sprayed across this thing in his hands. This extremely light object almost rose into the air, wisps of long, transparent threads instead scattered outwards without tangling at all.

Lin Xi couldn’t hold himself back, but pulled at some strands. With a pull, this ‘bath bomb’ completely scattered, turning into countless transparent threads, scattering into the air.

There was a small shaft inside, looking like the stem of a flower, the hundreds of thousands of transparent threads seemed to all extend from this flower stem-like small shaft. Every single thread was over a hundred meters in length, lacking the slightest weight, floating in the air with the breeze.

Lin Xi pinched this small shaft, this small shaft was also transparent. However, he saw that this shaft and many of the fine threads had similar fine patterns, not naturally formed. There seemed to be some type of natural attraction towards his own soul force, this immediately making him sink into an indescribable state of shock.

These were runes!

His heavy breathing suddenly became unlike his own voice, releasing countless low hissing sounds along these threads.

As his breathing stopped slightly, these hissing sounds also came to a stop.

Lin Xi took a deep breath, starting to understand some things as well. Then, he began to quickly clean up these transparent threads that were made of an unknown material, but were definitely extremely hard to refine. Even in death, this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert was not willing to abandon this item.

The green-pupiled young lady also saw this scene, also thinking of certain possibilities, inwardly shaken, to the extent where she even forgot the curses she directed at Lin Xi inside.

However, this pause in inwardly cursing Lin Xi only lasted for a few breaths of time, because Lin Xi quickly put away this mysterious thing which should be related to a great secret regarding this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert, and then turned around towards her. He squatted down, reaching out a hand towards her.

“You? …you dare?!”

The green-pupiled young lady’s breathing stopped, reacting to what Lin Xi was going to do, immediately releasing a shrill scream.

Then, her body went rigid, her screaming sounds also suddenly stopping.

It was because Lin Xi only said ‘sorry’, and then began to carefully and seriously search her body.


Only when Lin Xi’s hand really touched her body, did she react, immediately screaming.

“Stop screaming!”

Lin Xi felt the bright moon-like ring in her sleeves, making her release a low shout.

AHH!…” The green pupiled young lady began to scream even more crazily.

“Stop screaming or else more Purgatory Mountain people will come!” Lin Xi reprimanded. He produced a wooden small bottle from her waist, inside were more than ten dark green mung bean-sized seeds.

Ah…” The green-pupiled young lady screamed out even louder.

“Stop shouting already… or else I’m going to plug your mouth with mud!”


“If you keep screaming, I’m going to use this chance to take advantage of you!”

“...” The green-pupiled young lady’s voice came to a screeching halt.

Lin Xi shook his head, inwardly thinking that she wasn’t even scared of having her mouth plugged up by mud, but was actually scared of him being a pervert?

After examining the two items he removed from this green-pupiled young lady’s body, Lin Xi’s eyes then stopped over the Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s corpse and the set of armor on the ground again.

There were no soul weapons capable of flight in all of Yunqin, so this set of Purgatory Mountain armor possessed extreme epoch-marking significance for this world.

Just now, when he was searching this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s remains, he already discovered that this armor’s equipping features weren’t things he could understand, so it seemed like experts of this level were the true binding force of the armor. Moreover, even though this armor looked light, together with those two giant pairs of wings, the weight was definitely not something he could completely bring away.

After a bit of hesitation, under the green-pupiled young lady’s murderous gaze, he quickly moved, choosing some armor pieces that could protect the chest, back, arms, legs and other parts, and then threw them into his black clothes that were already incredibly tattered, then carefully began to bind them onto him.

When he felt the cold and hard feeling of this powerful armor, Lin Xi immediately felt much more confident.

Then, he ignored the green-pupiled young lady’s gaze, starting to search around this reed field.

Finding a path that they definitely wouldn’t sink into was extremely difficult, but if he wanted to find a muddy land that could easily devour several dozen carriages, it was instead extremely easy.

Less than five hundred steps from where they were, there were several sludge pools not even powerful cultivators dared head into.

He dragged the rest of the armor and this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s corpse over. While carefully removing the traces along the way, he tried to remember everything about this place. Then, he gave this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s corpse a bow of respect, then threw his corpse and armor into this quagmire that seemed to be able to devour everything.

Black water gathered from all sides. The corpse of a world shocking expert was thus buried here, no traces to be found again.

“What are you planning?”

When she saw Lin Xi quickly walk over, starting to quickly twist cloth into rope, the green-pupiled young lady who still couldn’t move her body immediately became rigid again, releasing another shrill cry.

“To tie you up and bring you away obviously.”

Lin Xi said as if it was proper and to be expected. Then, he looked at this green-pupiled young lady, adding, “Don’t shout… or else... you understand.”

“You… are shameless.” The green-pupiled young lady’s face suddenly became even more pale, spitting out a mouthful of blood with a wah sound.

Lin Xi wasn’t worried about this green-pupiled young lady killing herself under extreme despair at all, because if this green-pupiled young lady had methods to do so right now, then he still wouldn’t be able to stop her. What he had to be worried about was only to not let this green-pupiled young lady hurt him. He felt like he couldn’t remain here for too long. As such, he was completely focused on binding up this green-pupiled young lady like a sticky rice ball with any materials he could find.

Only after completing this did he wipe at his sweat, feeling like this type of binding method was a bit evil.

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