Book 8 Chapter 33 - Death of a Powerful Individual

Tong Wei stared rigidly at this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert. Right now, this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s aura was still incredibly powerful, he didn’t know that there were strange changes happening to the other party’s body right now either, so his mouth was still filled with a taste of bitterness.

The Demonic Transformation of a Sacred Expert level cultivator, unless there were several Green Luan Academy experts of similar level as himself, this type of power was completely impossible to deal with. Even if these people were to run, there was still no way they could escape.

This Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s power was still rising.

Under this feeling of extreme fear, he knew that he only had one final opportunity. The inconceivable shock he felt inside right now reminded him that just like his own body that contained many Purgatory Mountain secrets, this originally extremely tender, still not immature Windstalker Lin Xi, possessed even more shocking secrets.


An exceptionally miserable vicious scream was released from his throat.

The metal wings behind him released terrifying vibrating sounds. The strong winds became tangible, every single feather blade flew out, carrying power greater than Tong Wei’s arrows. The black hole around his body was quickly getting bigger.

Everyone’s expressions changed.

As if by instinctive reaction, Lin Xi did his best to curl up his body. Meanwhile, Ai Qilan instead threw herself towards Lin Xi with incredible resoluteness, wishing to use her weak body to protect Lin Xi.

Tong Wei’s heart once again contracted rapidly, his eyes instantly locking onto Lin Xi’s surroundings.

Under this type of situation, he could only consider if he could use his own life as the price, using his own arrows to protect Lin Xi, allow Lin Xi to live.

However, what no one expected was that after all this, what struck over wasn’t the terrifying iron stream made of over a thousand feather blades, but rather the incredibly shrill sounding flying sword that once more rose from the muddy waters!

This light flying sword was almost set aflame from the friction within the air. It turned into a true slightly red shooting star, not shooting at Lin Xi, instead instantly arriving in front of Tong Wei’s face, aiming directly at Tong Wei’s throat!

Tong Wei’s giant bow barely blocked in front of his throat.

The light flying sword’s edge smashed into his bow.

The metal wings on the Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s back stirred up great winds, his body turning into a black stream of light that was as fast as the flying sword, one hand grabbing the green-pupiled young lady’s back.

The cave barbarian seated on the ground also released a wild beast-like roar, his badly mangled right hand reaching out, wishing to stop this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert. However, the Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert erupted with a black aura, making his body slide out along the muddy water.

Lin Xi’s pupils also suddenly contracted.

It was because in this split second of time, the Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert already grabbed the green-pupiled young lady, flying up to him.

In that instant, he didn’t think about anything else, only subconsciously pushing with his hands, fiercely pushing Ai Qilan who blocked in front of him to the side.

A hand covered in black devil radiance and sapphire brilliance arrived before him.

The fingertip reaching over only released a bit of power, yet it already entered his body, making him twitch uncontrollably from inside out.


Only at this time did the light flying sword and the giant bow’s collision produce a sound.

The sword immediately trembled who knew how many times. This thin flying sword that gave one the feeling of being indestructible, starting from the sword edge that made contact with the bow, shattered piece by piece.

The terrifying impact made the air around Tong Wei’s body completely warp, making him feel as if there was suddenly a transparent glass sphere that surrounded him.

Then, Tong Wei’s bow pressed against his body, his entire figure also flying backwards like a meteor.

This Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s hand landed on Lin Xi’s chest.

Then, he exerted all of his strength. Just like a true devil king, he grabbed the green-pupiled young lady and Lin Xi, moving his wings and flying into the air, entering the curtain of clouds.


A terrifying air ripping noise sounded. While Tong Wei was flying back, without any regard for the blood gushing out from his mouth, he reached out his hands with incomparable power, releasing an arrow.

This blazing hot arrow radiance smashed fiercely into the center of this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s back.

A blast of bloody mist spurted out from this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s chest once more, blossoming like a black and red flower.

This Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s body staggered, but he still continued to fly even higher, immediately disappearing without a trace.

Lin Xi’s body couldn’t move at all, his eyes hacked by the wind to the point where he couldn’t open them at all. He only felt that right now, this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s aura was rapidly weakening, that he was just like a malfunctioning airplane, randomly jerking about while flying.

However, even though he was nervous inside, he still didn’t despair.

It was because he understood that this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert completely had the opportunity to kill him. By not killing him, he definitely wanted to learn about some of the secrets his body carried.

This Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert really wanted to know how Lin Xi knew that he was in the sky, also wishing to know whether it was a coincidence, or if Green Luan Academy truly already developed medicine that could deal with Demonic Transformation.

Within two breaths of time, this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert sensed that the final bit of soul force within his body was just about to vanish. In these two breaths of time, he turned the wings behind him into a gliding form.

He who already knew that he was going to die already didn’t feel any fear, already prepared to calmly face the impending death.

He was also a bit mysteriously calm inside, because in the end, it was still because of Green Luan Academy being too powerful, and not that he was inferior to these opponents he encountered.

He already clearly felt the medicinal force spreading through his body, making all of his blood vessels weaken quickly. He was only shocked at this medicinal strength’s ferocity.


He finally landed, tumbling on the ground with Lin Xi and this green-pupiled young lady, and only then did he eliminate the falling momentum.

This was a muddy reed field.

Inside Great Desolate Swamp, there were countless reed fields like this.

This Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert first sat down.

Then, he began to cough wildly, as if he was going to cough out his heart and lungs. The armor covering his body separated from his body piece by piece.

Even the armor covering his arms and legs slid off. The wings on his back also released sweet-sounding metal striking sounds, like two sets of raincoats, gently spreading onto the ground.

Under the impact of the arrows and because of some metal pieces digging into his flesh, only the armor on his chest didn't come off.

However, this already immediately made this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert feel much more carefree and relaxed, the coughing sounds also gradually stopping.

This Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert was a large and tall, gray-haired man, but his facial features only looked to be around forty something years of age.

When this set of armor separated from his body, his skin was covered in streaks of terrifying swelling black blood. However, in just a few breaths, the black blood vessels all faded, his appearance thus starting to look aged, faint wrinkles also starting to appear at the corners of his eyes. His expression lost a bit of its viciousness and instead added a bit of kindness.

Lin Xi and the green-pupiled young lady’s coughing sounds rang out.

The two had just begun to catch their breath.

This Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert wasn’t in a rush to do anything. Only when Lin Xi and the green-pupiled young lady finally caught their breath, able to sit up from the ground, did he ask somewhat powerlessly, somewhat in admiration as he looked at the still continuously twitching Lin Xi. “Why were you able to notice that I was in the sky, able to sense my exact location?”

Lin Xi did his best to control his breathing.

This Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s  previous final grip’s strength seemed to have displaced every muscle in his body, making it so that even though he could already use his soul force, his body still felt extremely uncomfortable, even breathing like torture.

“Can you tell me how you were able to speak like that, your voice sounding from all directions as if it came from mouths all around us, to the point where not even my teacher was able to determine where you are?”

“Can you tell me how you were able to control the flying sword so far from yourself? According to what I know, Sacred Expert level cultivators shouldn’t be able to control flying swords beyond two hundred steps right?”

However, Lin Xi still looked at this seemingly quickly aging Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert, slowly saying this, even revealing a faint smile.

Lin Xi’s intentions were clear. There is no way you’ll tell me your secrets, so I obviously wouldn’t tell you my secrets.

However, what left him stunned was that this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert instead chuckled, saying, “I can tell you.”

“Then tell me.” After Lin Xi stared blankly for a moment, he said this in a natural manner.

The Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert released a sigh. “You will find out.”

“Just what kind of world lies beyond Great Desolate Swamp? Are there many cultivators like yourself?” After this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert released a sigh, he then looked towards this green-pupiled young lady and asked.

The green-pupiled young lady found it a bit hard to determine who was the enemy and who was on the same side, even Lin Xi was here. She was momentarily conflicted, at a loss for whether or not she should reply.

“It seems like you really are about to die.” Lin Xi looked at him, his brows starting to furrow.

The Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert nodded. He looked at Lin Xi, his expression becoming even more calm as he said, “This medicine’s strength really is fierce, simply impossible to resist, as if it is completely changing my blood… judging from your expression, I at least know that Green Luan Academy truly produced medicine that can deal with our Purgatory Mountain’s Demonic Transformation… you guys were actually able to discover this type of shocking medicine.”

Lin Xi closed his mouth, momentarily not saying anything. Only, his brows began to furrow even more tightly.

“Passing on with so many questions, it truly leaves one with many regrets.” The Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert sighed with a bit of disappointment and frustration, but he also quickly produced a bit of a satisfied expression. “Fortunately, I didn’t let down my mission, I was able to bring you two here.”

“Why did you bring us here?” The green-pupiled young lady said with difficulty.

This was also what Lin Xi wanted to know. He looked at this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert, seeing if he was going to respond.

However, he only saw this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert make a flame-shaped hand seal. Then, he faced south, his head hanging down, thus not displaying any more sounds, this powerful individual passing away.

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