Book 8 Chapter 32 - Absurdity and Indescribable Shock

“Teacher, with your cultivation, can you train in using flying swords?”

“I can.”

“Then those who control flying swords, most of the time, are they able to react in time, able to use their flying swords to intercept incoming arrows?”

“I was originally wondering what you were going to ask. After beating around the bush for so long, isn’t it still because you feel like arrows aren’t as nimble as flying swords?”

“Teacher, please help me dispel my doubts.”

“You have to understand that even though flying swords move according to the heart, extremely agile, move like one’s own fingers, the arrows fired by powerful cultivators not only use one’s entire body’s cultivation, they could also use falling force, even the penetrative force of special arrows. That is why for normal cultivators of the same level, the power of arrows released with all of one’s power will be a bit greater than flying swords. This means that even though arrows have no way of changing their trajectory in midair, in many situations of favorable terrain and timing, they could deliver an even more devastating strike. Moreover, the arrows of cultivators far exceed two hundred steps, while the most powerful defense and fatal region of flying swords is only a few dozen steps around themselves. Once it goes too far from the body, not only is there no way to protect oneself, once it moves too far away, it won’t be able to stop arrows from a different direction. This makes it so that many times, when facing a hidden powerful archer, they can only remain defensive and passive… Regardless of whether it is powerful cultivatior archers or Windstalkers, the greatest advantage is to use an arrow whose power exceeds one’s own full power sword or blade strike, from this able to challenge opponents who normally exceed your own cultivation…”


Lin Xi narrowed his eyes, looking towards this indescribable scene in the sky above.

When he first followed Tong Wei in cultivation, he had this type of conversation with him. He listened extremely seriously, many words remembered word for word. Right now, they couldn’t help but replay in his mind.

He had imagined the battle between a true Windstalker and sword controlling Sacred Expert many times. Meanwhile, in this battle, the nimbleness of a sword controlling Sacred Expert, the power of a Windstalker’s attack and the weaknesses of both immediately became incredibly clear in his mind.

The impression and experience this battle brought him was something difficult for lecturers to deliver.

The light flying sword screamed through the air.

The instant Tong Wei’s arrow left his hands, this light flying sword already carried its master’s panic and alarm, instantly striking the arrow that just left the bowstring several times.

However, after leaving the bowstring, the power of Tong Wei’s golden arrow immediately made this flying sword bounce off, to the extent where it couldn’t affect its trajectory in the slightest. Meanwhile, when this arrow flew a few meters from Tong Wei’s body, this flying sword already couldn’t keep up with the arrow’s speed.

This light flying sword released a sad cry behind this blazing sun-like arrow. When the blazing sun smashed into the devil-like body, it flew out powerlessly, landing in the distant muddy water.

The moment this light flying sword landed on the ground, sounds of metal splitting and a muffled groan filled with disbelief and indescribable emotions sounded simultaneously.

This Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert in the sky fell heavily into the ground like an eagle with broken wings.

Tong Wei’s single eye still didn’t carry any intentions of relaxing, his eye staring rigidly at this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert. At the same time, he quickly controlled his own soul force, his giant bow’s runes starting to swirl with radiance again.

“How did he know that this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert was in the sky?”

Right now, in his, as well as the red-clothed zither master and everyone else’s minds, they were all in disbelief over Lin Xi’s previous arrow. Their deep shock was was all because this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert really was in the sky and there was armor covering his body,

The Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert quickly stood up from the ground.

The armor covering his chest had cracks, many metal pieces sticking out. It was as if a chrysanthemum bloomed in his chest’s armor, blood continuously gushing out from the cracks. There were also traces of blood seeping out from the extremely fine cracks of his face armor.

Right at this time, the giant bow in Tong Wei’s hands released another extremely low vibrating noise.

The Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s arms covered his chest’s wounds, but Tong Wei’s strike didn’t aim at his chest’s injuries, instead aiming at his throat with incomparable precision.

Even though this arrow didn’t contain the terrifying power of his previous arrow, the powerful impact still made this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert fly outwards, the armor covering his throat caving in slightly. Everyone heard a pu burst of blood.

Lin Xi released a breath of relief.

He already experienced the shock when this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert first appeared in this set of armor and he was also the trigger for all of this, so he didn’t feel much shock. He only felt a relaxed emotion of happiness.

Right now, it should already be the end of this situation.

However, right at this time, an irregular change took place.

The Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s body, for some unknown reason, actually produced a mysterious stop. The air around him was suddenly disturbed, to the extent where there were even roaring noises. The pressure in his body seemed to have suddenly increased by who knew how many times, as if there was a formless power that poured into his body, forcing out soul force mixed with blood. Chi! By his chest injury, there was immediately mist state blood that rushed out, every single drop containing extremely shocking power. Meanwhile, every single drop of blood already wasn’t red, but rather pure black!

“Demonic Transformation!”

When she saw this scene, the red-clothed female zither master’s face suddenly changed, releasing a scream of alarm.

This battle was incredibly treacherous and dangerous, but her expression always remained calm. However, when she saw this irregular scene take place at this time, this red-clothed zither master instead revealed an expression of horror.

When her cry of alarm had just sounded, with a chi sound, another arrow already left Tong Wei’s fingertips, striking this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s body.

This streak of light once again struck the throat of this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert with incredible precision, making that armor cave in even more. At the same time, there were several cracks anyone was able to see inside the helmet, it was as if a short nail stabbed into this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s throat. However, this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s body’s irregular transformation didn’t stop.

Crack… crack…

A wave of terrifying explosion noises sounded from within his armor. This set of Purgatory Mountain armor that was making an appearance in this world for the very first time seemed like it was going to explode from his body’s swelling muscles and power.

Meanwhile, the wings on this armor’s back began to release ear-splitting vibrating noises, as if ten thousand fiends were screaming.

Every single sharp blade that made up the wings began to tremble intensely, shining, as if they were going to completely fly out, turn into a terrifying iron stream.

Demonic Transformation!

Something unique to Purgatory Mountain, yet few cultivators could successfully cultivated it. This was a terrifying secret method that could turn oneself into a cultivator of even higher cultivation level!

Normally speaking, only Purgatory Mountain cultivators whose bodies were extremely sturdy could grasp this type of secret method.

This undoubtedly meant that a large emphasis of cultivation time had to be placed on body refinement. Meanwhile, cultivating flying swords similarly exhausted large amounts of cultivation time. This was why it was extremely rare for Demonic Transformation and sword controlling Sacred Experts to coincide, difficult for it to show up on the same person’s body. However, this Purgatory Mountain sword controlling Sacred Expert was also capable of Demonic Transformation!

Tong Wei released another arrow.

A blazing streak of arrow light hacked towards this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s throat with unimaginable speed once more.

The Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s hands reached out.

This streak of arrow radiance was actually directly clutched by his hands!

The air around his body was already completely blasted aside by the soul force on his body. Together with the radiance that was released from his body’s armor, it made his entire body seem to produce a black hole.

Tong Wei’s arrow was actually directly grabbed by him, stopping in front of his throat.

Just how terrifying reaction speed and power did one need to do this?

Everyone’s faces couldn’t help but turn pale, this entire world seemingly losing color from this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s Demonic Transformation.

However, at this time, the Divine Pear Wood Bow in Lin Xi’s hands instead also released a vibrating noise. With a chi sound, An almost transparent Dendrite Iron Arrow landed on this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s body.

Lin Xi had never seen Demonic Transformation himself either, only when he heard the red-clothed zither master’s cry of alarm did he react to what was going on, make his breathing that was nervous to the extreme completely stop.

However, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

He quickly produced a ceramic glaze medicine bottle from within his personal pocket, and then directly removed some of the medicinal liquid from within. After reaching out his hand, he smeared the medicinal liquid on the Dendrite Iron Arrow.

Then, he always had his bow drawn, waiting for a chance where there wouldn’t be any accidents.

He already used up his ten halt rewind ability, so he couldn’t make any mistakes.

Meanwhile, right at this time, when this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s arms grabbed Tong Wei’s arrows, he finally seized this chance.


The Dendrite Iron Arrow made its way through the Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s cracked chest armor without mistake. This arrow tip only entered slightly and then it was directly rejected by the powerful flesh and soul force, unable to even remain inside.

The Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert didn’t even give this arrow a look, knowing that with Lin Xi’s cultivation, even if the arrow landed in his wounds, there was still no way of bringing his body any harm.

He only continued to control his soul force, blood and qi circulation, make himself become more and more powerful.

Thud! ...Thud! ...Thud!...

His heart began to release war drum-like sounds. The shaking of his armor’s wings made his body rise up into the air again, ascending like a nightmare.

However, right at this time, he couldn’t help but release a groan.

This wasn’t because of pain, but because he suddenly discovered that within his body, within his vessels and heart, there was suddenly something that was extremely incompatible with him.

This groan came from the great fear that suddenly appeared.

His chest was a bit cold. He subconsciously lowered his head to look at his chest. He saw that there were still wisps of bloody mist released from his chest, but then he saw that what originally should be black blood, was already mixed with bits of red. He was once again in disbelief, right now, his heart was filled with indescribable shock and absurdity.

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