Book 8 Chapter 30 - Descending From The Sky Like a Devil

The ear-splitting metal grinding noises, mist, branches and leaves stirred from the crazily whirling flying dagger along with the rings of sparks made Lin Xi and the others who originally didn’t notice Tong Wei immediately see where he was.

In that instant, the black robes around Tong Wei’s body quickly fluttered about. They were quickly diced to pieces by the flying sword, set aflame by the sparks, turning into countless small flames.

Under continuous strikes, the temperature of the light and transparent little sword itself also rapidly climbed, becoming slightly red. However, it was unknown what material this light little sword was made of, actually not showing the slightest sign of melting or damage. The blade wasn’t worn in the slightest, still solid and sharp.

The armor within Tong Wei’s black robes was already completely exposed.

This was a black metal armor that also looked lightweight, but gave off an extremely shocking feeling.

The long and narrow metal armor plates were like the feathers of a phoenix, packed together densely. Black radiance swirled about the extremely fine runes that couldn’t be seen clearly with the naked eye, forming a Luan bird shape on Tong Wei’s body. Several streaks of black light swirled about beneath his feet like long tail feathers.

This armor seemed to only be layers upon layers, but under the irrigation of Tong Wei’s soul force, the armor plates on his body extended outwards naturally, covering his entire body. Even his eyes were covered by two thin and transparent sheets of crystals.

Under the attacks of the terrifyingly powerful flying sword, there wasn’t even a single fine scratch left behind on this set of armor covering Tong Wei’s body.

“Green Luan Academy’s soul weapons… are truly unmatched under heaven…”

A sigh of admiration sounded from what seemed like countless small mouths.

The reason why Green Luan Academy could remain prideful wasn’t only because of Principal Zhang’s glory, it was also because of many powerful cultivators the world didn’t know about, as well as powerful soul weapons which were unimaginable to the rest of the world.

The giant axe wielding grave high ranking Yunqin military officer rushed up to the red-clothed zither master with great steps. After giving Lin Xi and the others a slight nod in greeting, he turned around, axe in hand as he stood in place vigilantly. He looked towards the blasts of dazzling red-hot fiery light released between the light sword and black armor.

He also understood that even with his current cultivation level, he still couldn’t intervene at all. With so many powerful cultivators gathered here now, it really was a rare great battle of this world. In the end, it was still going to be a clash between Tong Wei and this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert. Right now, all he could do is help out this red-clothed female zither master, to guard against the sudden attacks of incoming flying swords and also assist in dealing with this blood flame covered cave barbarian cultivator whose strength was also above his.

Lin Xi put out the sparks on his body. His skin was still releasing scorching pain, yet even so, chills continuously ran through his heart and limbs.

Right now, Tong Wei’s austere and cold figure was completely like an iron cast war god, the armor covering his body as if it would never be damaged. However, Lin Xi remembered some of An Keyi’s words extremely well: even the most powerful armor had cracks. Moreover, he was Tong Wei’s direct disciple, understanding where the true power of a Windstalker lied extremely well. He knew that if Tong Wei could discover where the enemy was, that arrow just now definitely wouldn’t have been aimed at the flying sword, but rather directly at that Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert.

Even right now, Lin Xi knew that with Tong Wei’s abilities, as long as he could lock onto the enemy’s position, Tong Wei could still steadily release an arrow. However, Tong Wei still never discovered where the enemy was, so he couldn’t retaliate at all.

The red-clothed zither master’s hands continuously moved across the zither.

Because the export of soul force exceeded what her body could handle, blood continuously poured out from between her fingernails. Whenever a blast of energy left the zither, it would always carry wisps of dark red blood.

Countless gorges appeared in the ground before her.

Waves of muddy water turned into sharp swords, continuously battering the cave barbarian cultivator’s body. Then, muddy water from other places would flow over, filling in these gorges, and then the muddy water here would be swept aside by her surging power.

The muddy water was all evaporated by the terrifying temperature around the cave barbarian cultivator’s body. Some of the mud and dirt landed on his body, forming a layer of mud shell around him.

Because this mud was extremely fine and extremely sticky, moreover becoming increasingly tough from the heat, it actually didn’t fall off from his aura and flames, firmly sticking to his skin.


A mouthful of blood flew out from the red-clothed zither master’s mouth, blasting aside the red cloth before her face, revealing a fine white pretty face. At the corner of her lips was a light birthmark.

After this blast of blood flew out, all of the soul force within the red clothed zither master’s body completely dried up. The soul force pouring out from her ten fingers suddenly stopped. When her ten fingers moved against the zither strings, they couldn’t move, instead having gashes cut out.

The beautiful mournful music came to a stop.

The red clothed zither master’s hands leaned on the red zither, turning her head to the side. She knew that she had already used up all of her strength, that from here on out, this great battle had nothing to do with her.

Right at this time, the axe wielding high ranking Yunqin military officer who was quietly waiting at her side moved past her, continuously increasing speed like a cheetah, decisively rushing towards that cave barbarian cultivator.

The cave barbarian cultivator released a scream.

From the aura that continuously erupted from this high ranking Yunqin military officer’s body, he knew that the most dangerous moment had arrived. His feet dug fiercely into the earth below, completely burning the earth dry, until it became like tough clay. Then, his fist smashed out fiercely in front of him.

Right now, it was precisely when the high ranking Yunqin military officer leapt high into the air, when the giant axe smashed straight down towards his head.

The two both grasped timing extremely well, and neither of them seemed to want to use any tricks, only wishing to decide victory and defeat through this type of method.

The originally dazzling bright axe surface immediately became dark, all of the radiance gathering on the blade itself, flowing like water.

The cave barbarian cultivator’s fist and the axe clashed.


A blast wave mixed with flames erupted between the two. The ground surface beneath the cave barbarian cultivator’s feet split apart, producing countless cracks like a spiderweb, piece after piece of sturdy clay sheets flying into the air.

His fist became badly mangled, the flames on his body quickly restraining. His body that remained tall through the red clothed zither master’s torrential attacks fell backwards in ruin, sitting on the ground. Countless wisps of viscous blood spurted out from his skin’s pores with chi chi sounds.

His figure immediately became a blood human.

The giant axe wielding high ranking Yunqin military officer was sent flying, rising high into the air.

His hair and eyebrows were all set aflame, his skin even becoming a bit scorched the black. When the cave barbarian cultivator’s fist made contact with his blade, when his bones snapped and flesh rotted, more than ten waves of blood also rushed at his body.

These dozen or so waves of blood were like a dozen or so fine flame arrows, burning through his black armor and chewing through his flesh not even blood ants could bite through, stabbing into his body.


He also landed heavily into the mud, continuously coughing, laying in the mud, momentarily unable to even sit upright.

“Fire King!”

The green pupiled young lady released a grieved sob, staggering as she rushed towards the cave barbarian cultivator who sat down in ruin, becoming a blood man.

Lin Xi and Ai Qilan also rushed towards this high ranking Yunqin military officer.

This battle already fully displayed its bitterness and misery.

The sounds of blade striking against armor also suddenly became faster.

The flexible flying sword continuously shaved away at the lower part of Tong Wei’s right shoulder, slicing diagonally upwards. Each time it made contact with the armor, it would withdraw with speed exceeding that of what the naked eye could detect. Then, it would return with even faster speed. Only several pu pu pu pu noises could be heard, but in reality, it had already thrusted over a hundred times.

The red clothed female zither master already completely turned around, looking in Tong Wei’s direction.

Lin Xi who had already rushed up to the high ranking Yunqin military officer collapsed in muddy water suddenly went rigid, also turning around as fast as he could.

Even though with his current cultivation, it was completely impossible for him to comprehend Sacred Expert level, he understood extremely clearly that controlling the flying sword and delivering high speed strikes like this exhausted who knew how much soul force. It was completely using up all of one’s strength, releasing it without holding back in the slightest. This Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert also seized a certain type of opportunity, this clash between Tong Wei and himself also already reaching the final decisive phase.

The moment he turned around, a sheet of metal armor on Tong Wei;s right armor, after being struck a hundred times, already moved upwards slightly, revealing a fine crack only Tong Wei and Purgatory Mountain’s Sacred Expert cultivator could sense.

Tong Wei’s palm moved towards this area.

His palm was actually always moving towards this area, but the rapidly flying sword, while moving between his palm and this area, formed a screen of sword radiance, a stream of iron.


The light flying sword moved by the side of his palm, passing through the fine chink in his armor. It was just like the tongue of the devil, greedily taking a lick.

Blood spurted out from the crack in the armor with chi chi sounds.

The extremely thin flying sword was pressed down by Tong Wei’s palm, held in place. It continuously trembled about, grinding against the armor, releasing an extremely ear-piercing and unpleasant noise. Tong Wei’s right arm that held the giant bow powerlessly hung down.


As blood flowed out, after struggling intensely, this thin flying sword finally slid out with difficulty from Tong Wei’s palm.

A muffled groan sounded from all directions. This struggle seemed to have almost completely exhausted this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s strength.

The red clothed zither master and Tong Wei were a few hundred steps of distance from each other. Meanwhile, the moment this muffled groan sounded, in the sky between the two, there was suddenly a disturbance in the wind, producing some abnormal winds.

Tong Wei and Lin Xi immediately discovered this abnormal wind flow, raising their heads.

Then, they saw that the mist in the sky was scattered by the wind descending from above. A figure fluttered down.

It was a metal figure swirling with black and sapphire blue radiance, on his back long metal wings.

The red clothed zither master also saw this figure. A hint of a bitter smile couldn’t help but appear on the corners of her lips.

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