Book 8 Chapter 29 - Secret That Exceeds Soul Force

“I am from… Purgatory Mountain…”

These strange hissing noises sounded like they came from countless transparent mounts around them, interwoven with a lava spear-like ear-splitting screaming noise.

Lin Xi was shaken.

It wasn’t because of the flame meteor that was fast to the point of being impossible to avoid, but rather because the instant the cave barbarian cultivator’s eyes landed on his body, he flung out this lava spear, yet Ai Qilan who was next to him was already blocking in front of him.

He didn’t know that Ai Qilan was Green Luan Academy’s chosen Watchman, but he could sense that apart from having some special methods, Ai Qilan’s soul force cultivation might not even be above his own. However, this figure that seemed far weaker than his own instead blocked in front of him with incredible resolution.


As the red-clothed zither master’s fingers flew across the zither, they were like a mirage.

As if there were more than ten hands that plucked at the red zither in front of her, as the grieving song-like, peaceful zither notes were played, abnormal killing intent aura erupted. Rings of light surged in the zither’s surroundings, as if there were countless invisible flying daggers spinning about in the air, hacking down on this incoming lava spear.

Lava coming from the lava spear flew everywhere, the spear becoming smaller and smaller, its flight slower and slower.

When it was still a few meters from Ai Qilan, it was already pared down to the size of a normal arrow.


When the red-clothed female zither master’s hands stroked across her instrument, a clear note sounding, her clothes and fine black hair all fluttered about, her entire figure slightly leaving the ground surface. Then, at the last moment, that chunk of lava also suddenly stopped in the air, unable to continue further, exploding into a blast of sparks.

At this time, Lin Xi released a scream, the Daybreak Longsword in his hands hacking towards the back of the red-clothed zither master’s neck.

There was a flying sword that was as thin as a cicada’s wing there.

A flying sword whose power came purely from a certain individuals’ will, freely flying through the sky, one that possessed soul moving attraction for him.


The light green longsword accurately hacked into this rapidly approaching flying sword that tore through the faint white mist, it drew out a transparent trajectory in the air, releasing an explosive noise.

His body trembled intensely. The space between his thumb and index finger wrapped under bandages split open again, blood scattering out along the sword hilt.

The flying sword fluttered out diagonally, appearing extremely flexible. However, Lin Xi’s right arm instead hung down, momentarily unable to raise it. From his shoulder down to every single finger, from his bones out, there wasn’t a single place that wasn’t shaking.

It really was hard to imagine that this type of flexible flying sword actually contained such terrifying power.


In the air all around them, there was a light sound of surprise that sounded. This Purgatory Mountain powerful cultivator was also shocked that with Lin Xi’s cultivation, he could actually strike his flying sword.

The light flying sword didn’t stop, this time focusing purely on power. It tore through the air with chi chi sounds, directly hacking towards the middle of the red-clothed zither master’s back. It seemed like it wanted to see if Lin Xi still had the ability to stop it again.

Lin Xi stared at this flying sword, seeing its trajectory. However, there was a bitter feeling in his mouth. He could tell that even if his left hand’s dagger could strike this light flying sword, the power of this flying sword was completely not something that he could stop.

The red-clothed zither master’s fine black hair flew about gracefully again.

Since every single clash was extremely short, her zither sounds didn’t stop at all, the soul force pouring out crazily from her ten fingers always releasing light chi chi sounds.

This type of intense soul force flow, if it was Lin Xi doing it, his soul force would have long dried up.

The light flying sword in the air suddenly released concentrated rain-like pattering noises. Specks of red brilliance continuously erupted, the extremely nimble light flying sword as if restricted by a net, its flight in the air difficult.


The cave barbarian cultivator continued forward frantically. It was already less than ten meters from the red-clothed female zither master, wind and flames surging crazily. Lin Xi’s skin was burned until it turned a bit scorched yellow, even his hair starting to catch on fire.

There was an ice-cold eye that was always watching this battle situation.

No one noticed Tong Wei’s existence. Even though the red-clothed zither master was sure that he was definitely here, she still didn’t know where he was at all.

It was because he was a Windstalker, a true Green Luan Academy Windstalker, this world’s most powerful assassin.

Windstalkers had many special methods, mainly because they spent their lives understanding the wind, being intimate with the wind, controlling the wind. That was why Windstalkers possessed a special understanding towards wind flow. Wind was his sense of hearing, his sense of smell, what extended his sight.

From the very beginning, he already discovered the arrival of this Purgatory Mountain flying sword before anyone else. He had been searching for this Purgatory Mountain cultivator this entire time.

This Purgatory Mountain cultivator was at the same level as himself, one of the most powerful experts of this world. As for the red-clothed zither master’s strength, even though it exceeded his anticipations, it was clear that she might not win even if she was only facing that cave barbarian cultivator, let alone both the cave barbarian cultivator and this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert opponent.

Lin Xi’s rise in strength also far exceeded his expectations, but Lin Xi and Ai Qilan were the same, still too young, hadn’t truly grown up yet.

That was why the true clash here, was between him and this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert.

However, he still couldn’t locate where this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert was.

Every single trace of sound this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert released truly moved through the air, truly as if it was spoken from countless dispersed invisible mouths all around them. This Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert really did seem invisible, becoming countless transparent mouths that surrounded this battlefield.

Without a target, he couldn’t release an attack.

However, this battle situation already left him without a choice. He could only make a gamble.

The thin cicada wing-like flying sword suddenly sensed something, suddenly flying upwards through the mist.

The movements of this flying sword became more gentle than any movements it made before, as if there was a transparent giant with tremendous strength pinching a stick of rice straw.

Since it was extremely flexible, this thin and transparent flying sword didn’t actually quickly scatter the mist above, instead entering this mist, trying its best to conceal itself.

However, there was suddenly an extremely berserk aura. When Lin Xi just sensed a familiar feeling, it was as if an iron rod of heavenly judgment smashed into this thin and transparent flying sword.

There was no way to describe the biting coldness of this strike with words.

The thin and transparent flying sword released a cry. As if a dragonfly was smashed flying by a fist, with a chi noise, it was unknown where it ended up flying to.

Cough… cough… cough…

The skies were filled with coughing sounds from countless transparent mouths.


Lin Xi’s hair was burning slightly, but he cried out in joy.

That heavenly iron rod-like force that blasted aside the flying sword was an arrow. He could sense a familiar, domineering, and insufferably arrogant aura from this arrow.

Zither sounds became concentrated like rain.

Rushing out along with soul force was even some blood, all of it coming from the red-clothed zither master's ten slender fingers. Countless gorges were carved out before her, waves of power carrying mud and earth, turning them into small mud blades that hacked into the body of the cave barbarian cultivator who pressed forward step by step.

The cave barbarian’s arms were crossed, blocking in front of his chest’s injury. His figure was straight like a mountain, but still continuously slid backwards from the powerful impact. The blood red flames were also dragged out behind him like a red candle facing a strong wind.

When Lin Xi cried out in joy, footsteps that were concentrated like drum sounds struck against the great earth.

A large and tall figure rushed out from the mist with large steps. It wasn’t Tong Wei who Lin Xi imagined, but rather a masked black-armored Yunqin high ranking military officer with a giant axe on his back.

Cough… cough… Who would have thought that you didn’t actually flee, instead secretly following…”

“Very good… you should be precisely that Green Luan Academy student named Lin Xi… an old Windstalker… and a Windstalker who hasn’t matured yet… together with a Green Luan Academy elite who wields a Lonely Star Battle-Axe… this trip was already worth it…”

Countless faint sounds that seemed to come from transparent mouths all around this place continuously sounded. Even though there were also light coughing sounds that continuously sounded, as if blood was being coughed out, this individual still didn’t panic, instead filled with pleasant surprise.

This voice made this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert seem even more powerful, even more mysterious.

Tong Wei didn’t pay this voice any attention.

After firing this arrow, he already silently withdrew into the forest behind him.

Right at this time, he suddenly raised his head, his iron brows suddenly furrowing deeply.

That thin flying sword already tore through the faint mist, attacking towards him.


The giant bow in his hand was raised, easily blocking this flying sword’s strike. However, he still couldn’t help but shiver slightly inside.

Just now, after suffering his heavy strike, this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert still didn’t expose his identity. He still couldn’t locate where the other party was. Moreover, there were more than four hundred steps from where he was right now to where Lin Xi and the red-clothed zither master were, yet this flying sword still directly descended.

He was a true Windstalker, similarly possessing cultivation at the peak of Sacred Expert level. He could easily and decisively judge the cultivation of this flying sword wielding Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert, there was no way the flying sword could be controlled past two hundred steps.

However, the reality now was that two hundred steps were definitely crossed, this only proving that Purgatory Mountain had a new secret Green Luan Academy didn’t know about… This type of secret that Green Luan Academy didn’t know about, to the extent where it didn’t even agree with the common knowledge regarding soul force, compared to this thin and flexible flying sword, was much more horrifying.

Dang dang dang dang… dang dang… dang dang dang…

When Tong Wei deflected this flying sword, it was as if it was the signal for a fierce zither melody to start. There was immediately a string of bitter and clear explosion noises that sounded.

This flying sword’s owner also understood the terror of the bow in his hands well, not willing to give him any time to draw his bow. The flexible flying sword danced about at high speed like a wasp, only, this single flying sword instead gave one the feeling of there being several wasps. The flying sword seemed to almost stick to Tong Wei’s body, moving about at an erratic and unpredictable rhythm. Its speed was extremely terrifying, continuously hacking at various parts of Tong Wei’s body.

Tong Wei’s exposed body was completely covered in black robes.

Under the power of surging soul force, layers of rune-covered armor began to extend from within his black robes.

This type of armor normally couldn’t be found in this world at all, the black light swirling around him vaguely forming a Luan bird’s shape.

The flying sword hacked at the black robes around Tong Wei’s body, grinding against the black armor underneath with great speed, producing rings of dazzling sparks.

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