Book 8 Chapter 28 - Attraction From the Soul


A huge blast of air erupted before Lin Xi’s face.

When he sensed the scorching steam, Lin Xi’s expression immediately changed. His arms blocked in front of his face, his body that was already rushing backwards felt as if it had been rammed into by a huge ocean wave. When he landed on the ground, he staggered three or four steps, and only then did he properly adjust his center of gravity, not fall to the ground.

The backs of his arms were filled with scorching pain. When he swept his eyes over them, he discovered that it was as if they had boiling water splashed over them, producing a layer of fine, transparent bubbles.

The black longsword created from mud broke apart chunk by chunk, turning into murky water mist. The cave barbarian’s body was stopped to the point where he landed on the ground, but the blood like flames on his body instead burned with greater vigor.

A dark red zither floated in front of the red clothed female. Because she was forced to take action too quickly, soul force erupting too intensely, this Zither’s sharkskin leather case had already been completely blasted to pieces, currently fluttering about. Her head of beautiful hair was also fluttering behind her, as if there was wind blowing from the ground up.

Lin Xi’s expression was serious as he quickly backed up, like a black water bird that continuously tapped the water surface, wishing to take off.

Right now, this feeling made him feel extremely uncomfortable. Regardless of whether it was this green pupiled young lady or the red clothed female zither master and entirely black robed weak-looking girl, he didn’t know their backgrounds at all. However, from the moment he encountered the green pupiled young lady, he never had a chance to talk properly, always forced to fight again and again.

He always wanted to establish some type of relationship of trust with this green pupiled young lady, but he just couldn’t. This directly cut short all future possibilities.

Yunqin military and the cave barbarians had a relationship where they could not coexist with each other, no way the two could sit down and have a chat, but the cave barbarians’ strength really was increasing. If a relationship of trust could be established between this green pupiled young lady and himself, together with the Green Luan Academy behind him, there was a chance for them to sit down and have a discussion in the future.

However, he was still too weak, right now, what was needed was indeed qualifications and power. With his qualifications and power, there was completely no way of subduing so many years of hatred.

He felt terrible, but right now, just from both sides’ clash, some of the power that they erupted with, the back of his hands were already covered in a layer of blisters, this even more so reminded him that a contest between cultivators of this leves wasn’t something he could get involved with. Moreover, he couldn’t be a burden to this red clothed zither master, so he did everything he could to retreat, moving behind this red clothed zither master.

The red clothed zither master’s hands flew across the red zither, all of the runes on the instrument’s surface flickering with exceptional brilliance, forming streaks of red veils in front of her like scenes from a dream.

The zither sounds were melodious and elegant, carrying a bit of somber emotions. It was as if a grieving young lady was opening up to a close friend.

The power released from inside and outside the zither, following her fingertips’ movements, merged with the generously surging soul force erupting from within her body… The pool of water before her produced three deep groves, three black water swords smashing into the body of the blazing blood flamed cave barbarian’s body.

The cave barbarian’s crazy, mountainous body wanted to move forward, but he was instead forced to take a heavy step back, making him release a furious roar.

Purely in terms of soul force and cultivation, this red clothed zither master was still a bit lower than that yellow browed sword master who died under this cave barbarian’s hands. However, the power of the soul weapon in her hands was greater than that yellow browed sword master’s sword. By borrowing the power of external objects, as well as this type of battle method, there was a natural superiority when facing this cave barbarian cultivator.

Ai Qilan who was wrapped within the eternal night like robes stared at that green pupiled young lady with extreme vigilance. Even though this green pupiled young lady’s current state was extremely poor, she was still on guard. It was because not even the red clothed female zither master could understand how they were discovered by that young lady. This green pupiled young lady, perhaps for all of Yunqin’s cultivators, was an existence they had never come into contact with, having many methods this world didn’t know of.

Only when Lin Xi quickly rushed past her body did her gaze completely shift to the blood flame blazing cave barbarian, raising her hands.

An expanse of light and black curtain like mist extended from her body towards the cave barbarian, making the flames on the cave barbarian’s body momentarily unable to pass through. It was as if she created a black wall out of thin air, using it to seal the cave barbarian within.

This scene made the green pupiled young lady who stood back up with great difficulty open up her mouth. She had never seen such strange methods either.

Lin Xi still didn’t know who Ai Qilan was, but right now, the two of them were extremely close, so he could see clearly that the moment this black wall formed, there were several black threads that shot out from Ai Qilan’s sleeves, pouring into this black wall.

The cave barbarian cultivator was completely like a blazing meteorite. He leapt down from the side of the black wall, carrying terrifying wind and flame sounds. However, there were several fine holes in his chest, as well as an expanse of strange black color that continuously extended from his chest.

When faced with this mysteriously extending black color, the cave barbarian cultivator only did a single thing.

His right hand landed on his chest, and then a blast of smoke rushed out from his chest. This entire chunk of flesh, under his palm, turned into charred coal. Fine black pieces of scorched flesh fell, as if his internal organs within his chest were going to be exposed soon.

Because of the intense pain, this cave barbarian’s body couldn’t help but shake irresistibly, making the blood flames around his body continuously surge.

This scene was extremely beneficial for Lin Xi’s side. However, right at this time, Lin Xi sensed a gust of abnormal wind.

A fine red threat appeared by the red clothed female zither master’s white neck.

Only when her snow white skin was sliced up did Lin Xi seize the exact position of this gust of wind. His heart immediately contracted rapidly, the inner organs within his body due to the shock and nervousness producing a twitching like feeling. Goosebumps immediately appeared all over his skin.

This was an extremely thin, extremely transparent short flying sword.

From the moment he arrived in this word filled with antiquity aesthetics, from the moment he possessed a brand new identity, starting a completely new journey, what Lin Xi was curious about was precisely if this world had experts who could fly in the sky, if there were flying swords.

Then, he learned from Uncle Liu that there were, and also knew that those who could control flying swords represented this world’s greatest force, to the extent where they were directly added the word ‘sacred’ to their titles by this world’s warriors and cultivators.

This flying sword even more so became the synonym of the powerful Braveslayer in the academy, in his heart becoming even more mysterious and powerful.

Meanwhile, he now finally saw the first true flying sword in this world right now… a flying sword that silently appeared, one filled with biting cold, suffocating killing intent!

The red clothed female zither master didn’t even sense the arrival of this flying sword that represented this world’s greatest military force ahead of time. When the sword’s edge tore through her skin, only then did a zither note that was rushed to the extreme sound.

This zither noise was as if this woman suddenly opened a jewelry case that had been sealed for a long time, not that resounding. However, the instant this sound rang out, the red clothed zither master didn’t move at all, her neck not even jerking out of the way to avoid this flying sword. However, her hands instead became almost transparent.


This transparent flying sword whose speed and power were both similarly astonishing suddenly froze. Then, as if it lost its wings, it flew out diagonally in ruin, as if it was going to fall, only leaving behind a streak of blood on the red clothed female zither master’s neck.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

Lin Xi only felt as if his heart was pounding intensely with every movement this flying sword made through the air, as if it was about to rush out of his mouth.

It was undeniable that everyone had some type of unique attraction to this type of thing, this reasoning the same for blades, this type of preference forming because of all different types of reasons. The flying swords, for Lin Xi, possessed an attractive force that far surpassed other things.

His eyes stared tightly at this thin and transparent short blade. This vicious flying sword that didn’t belong to his side, wished to reap their lives, instead produced some type of resonance within him. He could see that this flying sword didn’t fall, but instead suddenly sunk, and then quickly swept back.

Sss… sss… sss…

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