Book 8 Chapter 26 - No Right or Wrong, But Cannot Choose

A great passage continued to extend underground.

The green-pupiled young lady felt that the back of this giant beetle was also already starting to become a bit hot, seeing that slight green foam was already continuously released from this giant beetle’s mouth. She knew that this giant beetle who still hadn’t completely matured already reached its limit, continuing forward was already overtaxing this giant beetle’s life.

The green-pupiled young lady who was familiar with this giant beetle’s docile and stupid nature couldn’t bear this, but she she knew that she had to continue. She couldn’t allow those cave barbarians to sacrifice their lives for nothing, couldn’t allow even more cave barbarians outside to sacrifice their lives for her.

Her hand that was holding the eggshell gripped tighter and tighter, to the extent where the extremely sturdy eggshell’s surface dug into her palm, cutting in.

Only when the giant beetle’s large mouth was finally blocked up by the green foam, its breathing becoming intermittent, did the green-pupiled young lady who had already travelled who knew how many li raise her head upwards, moving it higher and higher.

The five giant beetles broke out of the earth together, and then they exhausted all of their strength, unable to drag their massive and cumbersome body further anymore.

The outside was an expanse of extremely thick plantain forest. Verdant green color extended as far as the eyes could see, moist water vapor condensing on the plantain leaves, sliding down like fine rain.

Under the cover of the verdant greenery, the green-pupiled young lady looked like a spirit, incredibly beautiful.

When she jumped off the back of a giant beetle, there were pearl-like sparkling tears within her green eyes that scattered over the burning hot giant beetle’s back, releasing light sizz sounds, immediately becoming white smoke, disappearing without a trace.

She removed all of the eggshells, bringing them into the five giant beetles’ mouths.

The five giant beetles chewed on the eggshells, their bodies moving slightly. Even Lin Xi could sense the happiness and satisfaction from these five giant beetles. However, Lin Xi watched as these five giant beetles died during their happiness and satisfaction, their giant bodies slowly becoming ice-cold. When the water droplets from the plantains above them landed on these giant beetles’ bodies, there was no longer any faint white smoke, instead flowing into streams, sliding down their light yellow backs.

Lin Xi became a bit silent. Not for anything else, only because of this momentary sensation of the power of humanity.

However, this green-pupiled young lady whose identity who he still didn’t know, only knowing that she was definitely not a cave barbarian, didn’t give him any time to ponder over this.

She still didn’t say anything, only decisively raising her head to look at Lin Xi. Then, her body scattered the water droplets falling from above, leaping towards Lin Xi.

She decided that there was no way to reverse the situation.

Her strike was just and honorable, the bright moon-like ring tearing through wind as it arrived, aiming straight at Lin Xi’s chest.

Simple and direct, but purely because of the speed, it was hard to block.

Since it was too fast, Lin Xi only had time to make the same reaction as previously, his right hand’s Daybreak Longsword hacking out, instantly making contact with the bright moon-like ring.

However, unlike last time, the instant these two soul weapons made contact, the bright moon-like ring flickered with radiance. A wave of majestic aura that made it hard for Lin Xi to breathe erupted instantly. Before Lin Xi even had the time to quickly retract his blade, several deep gashes were already torn apart in the space between his thumb and index finger.

The dagger in his left hand couldn’t accurately hack at the bright moon ring at all. Fortunately, his body was also blasted away from the ground by this most terrifying power he had faced until now, flying outwards, only then did this buy him a bit of time. After directly letting go of the dagger in his left hand, it shifted to his right hand that almost completely lost feeling, forming a cross shape.


This green-pupiled young lady’s bright moon-like ring carried the shred of soul force power and her body’s momentum, crushing down on his arms.

Faced with the true threat of death, Lin Xi’s perception was also pressured to an unprecedented state. In this extremely fine bit of time, he felt like his arm guards warped. In order to not let his arms directly snap, he leaned backwards, his arms moving backwards to dispel some of the force. The bright moon-like ring of the green-pupiled young lady smashed into his arms, and then pressed against his body.


Lin Xi’s speed of moving backwards suddenly increased. His left rib area that was crushed immediately released bone fracturing noises, sinking down, unknown just how many ribs were broken. A mouthful of blood poured out from his mouth.

The green-pupiled young lady’s toes landed on the ground, forcefully chasing after Lin Xi’s flying body. However, her body also went slightly rigid, the injuries left from continuous great battles also making her open her mouth, releasing a blast of bloody mist.

Her face was dyed red by the blood Lin Xi spat out. Lin Xi’s dust covered face was also completely covered in the blood she sprayed out.

Lin Xi landed on the ground, tumbled out and then stood up.

The green-pupiled young lady landed on the ground. She took a step out, and then stopped.

Because of their bodies’ condition, the two momentarily couldn’t carry out any intense movements.

Even though this instantaneous silent interaction, for cultivators, wasn’t all that dazzling, both sides’ faces were covered in the blood of the enemy, making their battle seem exceptionally heroic and bleak.

This plantain forest that was located who knew where in Great Desolate Swamp entered a momentary silence.

The first one to move was still the green-pupiled young lady.

Her legs began to move on the ground with an unclear rhythm, her entire figure turning into a green shadow, rushing at Lin Xi whose swords had both already been lost.

Lin Xi’s legs also heavily stepped on the ground, his entire figure moving upwards along a plantain tree behind him.


The water bucket thick plantain tree trunk completely snapped, the part that was struck turning into countless damaged green and white-colored strips, scattering outwards.

Lin Xi’s hands forcefully tugged on this plantain tree that was falling forward, borrowing this force. He carried this tree on his back, fiercely sending both his feet down on the green-pupiled young lady’s head.

The bright moon-like ring in the green-pupiled young lady’s hand didn’t have time to withdraw and defend herself. She clenched her fine white left hand into a fist and then struck upwards at the bottom of Lin Xi’s feet.

The power of her single hand was greater than both of Lin Xi’s feet, but Lin Xi still carried the heavy plantain tree on his back.

This tender and crisp tree trunk that Lin Xi clutched with a reverse grip, at this time, seemed to have become Lin Xi’s weight.


An extremely muffled air exploding noise sounded from her fist and Lin Xi’s feet.

Lin Xi’s body shook fiercely, her body was also greatly shaken.

All of the water droplets on the plantain tree Lin Xi carried scattered out, as if a spinning giant umbrella under a rainy day sent out countless water droplets.

The green-pupiled young lady’s body stood tenaciously, her feet sinking a foot into the earth. However, in the end, she still couldn’t endure this power, another mouthful of blood shooting out from her mouth. Her body began to tumble out in a manner that wasn’t all that pretty.

Lin Xi’s figure also curled together in the air. The instant the plantain tree on his back entered the earth, he was also about to roll about. When he forcefully stood back up on the ground, it was unknown just how many steps away from that plantains tree he was.

His complexion was exceptionally pale, right now, he was coughing lightly. His mouth was completely filled with a surging bloodiness.

“I am lacking in experience against experts of your cultivation level, I clearly understand that when facing an opponent like you, I cannot use the same move twice. However, if you insist on forcing me like this, then there is nothing I can do.” However, Lin Xi still struggled to speak out, looking at this green-pupiled young lady who still had blood continuously trickling down of her lips. “However, you really don’t understand how to fight either, it seems like before you obtained this type of cultivation, you haven’t experienced many life and death battles. You don’t understand fighting as well as me… that is why right now, if we really are going to continue fighting, even if you can kill me, your injuries will still be serious to the point where you will die in this forest, there is no way you can leave. Could it be that between the two of us, there really is no choice but to decide life and death?”

Continuously attacking Lin Xi, but just unable to kill him left the green-pupiled young lady in even more fury and despair. Meanwhile, Lin Xi’s current words even more so made her feel great humiliation. That was why she who had always remained silent, but finally couldn’t help but release a crazy scream, “Could it be that apart from deciding life and death, there is a second path to choose? You are someone from Yunqin’s army, tell me, have you killed cave barbarians before?”

Lin Xi looked at her, spitting out a clump of blood, nodding.

“They are my friends, you have the blood of my friends on your hands. Could it be that I am not supposed to get revenge for them?” The green-pupiled young lady’s tone was extremely rushed and shrill as she released the anger she had felt since the moment she saw Lin Xi. “Could it be that other than life and death, there is another choice for us?”

Lin Xi frowned, looking at her and seriously saying, “This is war.”

“Between Yunqin and the cave barbarians, this type of war had already begun decades ago.” Lin Xi released a light cough, saying, “Regardless of how it began… Yunqin wishes to enter Great Desolate Swamp, while the cave barbarians wish to cross over into Dragon Snake Mountain Range. This war doesn’t have any wrong or right to speak of to begin with. I was born in Yunqin, my parents and younger sister are all behind Dragon Snake Mountain Range, so I naturally don’t wish for any cave barbarians to break through Dragon Snake Mountain Range and kill them. I don’t want those companions who are worthy of my respect to fall under the blades of cave barbarian soldiers. Someone like me, I don’t have any ability to influence this war at all. I was simply caught up in it, let without any choice.”

“However, you?” Lin Xi looked at the green-pupiled young lady, his voice suddenly becoming serious, “Even though you don’t want to tell me who you are, you aren’t a cave barbarian at all. Why are you joining this war? Moreover, since all of Yunqin’s military is being transferred because of you, that means you have the ability to change this war. If I am not mistaken, you are precisely the one who changed the cave barbarians this spring. This war is unavoidable, but people have choices.”


The green-pupiled young lady looked at Lin Xi, able to tell that Lin Xi was different from the high ranking Yunqin military officers she encountered before. She could sense the meaning behind Lin Xi’s words, but she began to laugh coldly with mockery, “What choice? To let go of grudges, have peace talks? What you said is not wrong, I indeed have the ability to change this war, Yunqin’s power is also not what I previously understood. However, you are only a small high-ranking military officer who doesn’t even have the qualifications to know about my identity. If you can order this Dragon Snake Border Army to move as you wish, this choice still has meaning. However, those people won’t think like this. That is why this choice, this hatred, can only be purged through blood.”

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