Book 8 Chapter 24 - Who Are You?

Because there was still time, Lin Xi didn’t feel much hesitation. After pulling out several clusters of Gold Wind Herbs from the piles of white bones, he used the fastest speed possible to make his way into that flat and circular earthen cave that had air blowing through it.

Under the extremely secluded and calm environment the light shell peeling sounds became more and more clear.

Lin Xi’s footsteps suddenly stopped, his body immediately becoming slightly taut.

Before him appeared a giant cave just like the one in Dragon Light Quarry.

This cave was clearly artificially made, the four walls having some clear man-made excavation traces. However, the very top had countless root systems and vine-like plants hanging down. There were some gaps between the earth and root systems, allowing a bit of fine light to seep through. There were even drops of water that flowed along these roots and vines.

Growing on the half damp half dry ground surface were many lush green wide leafed plants.

It wasn’t like walking into an underground cave, but rather as if he entered a rainforest.

The four walls and roof of the cave looked like it was punctured full of holes by the root system, but every single piece of earth was then firmly fixed in place by these root systems.

The source of the sound came from the center of the cave.

On the ten meter wide ground, there were several meters of thick hay spread by someone. There were miraculously no root systems or vines that fell down from the above. Because there were no water droplets that fell, apart from the parts that touched the ground surface, the rest of the hay was extremely dry and clear.

On top of this hay were five half human height eggs, the egg shells all like light yellow-colored copper skin.

Meanwhile, at this moment, one of the eggs was already splitting open.

There was a giant light yellow-colored beetle that reached out its head from the cracked opening, currently slowly chewing on the eggshell.

Judging from the stone powder-like substance that fell from the beetle’s jaws, he could tell that this eggshell was definitely extremely sturdy, while this beetle’s front jaws were definitely even more sturdy.

What just emerged from the shell was naturally also a young bug.

Even if their bodies didn’t grow any more, the beetle inside the eggshell was already the size of a millstone.

He had never seen such a large beetle before, to the extent where he had never even seen recordings of this type of beetle before.

However, right now, Lin Xi didn’t pay too much attention to this giant beetle that was currently making its way out of its shell, his attention instead focused on an area a dozen or so steps from the giant beetle that just emerged from its shell.

Several dozen vines were intertwined together, within them was a wave of aura that made him feel extreme danger.

Streaks of slightly green vines suddenly began to tremble slightly, the existence inside seemingly also already noticing Lin Xi’s arrival.

Suddenly, there were unsuppressable coughing sounds that sounded from within.

These coughing sounds were extremely light, but in Lin Xi’s ears, they made his breathing stop slightly. “Who are you?” Lin Xi didn’t move at all, staring at this clump of green vines, asking this.

“You all sent out so many soldiers and cultivators just to deal with me… yet you are still asking me who I am?”

A female voice sounded, her voice clear and cold, full of anger, grief, and icy-cold killing intent.

The tangling vines scattered like strands of hair, revealing the person within.

Then, he saw a green-clothed girl who was petite like Bian Linghan.

The green-clothed woman’s facial features were picturesque, her pupils green. Her hair was also green.

Lin Xi was full of shock, his brows slowly raising.

Then, he saw the anger, grief, helplessness, decisiveness and killing intent within this green-clothed woman’s eyes.

“Turns out our Dragon Snake Border Army transferred so many troops… giving orders to guard to the death… so many cave barbarians attacking with everything they had, it was all because of you?” Lin Xi was completely shocked. He looked at this young lady, saying with disbelief, “Just who exactly are you?”

When she heard Lin Xi blurt out ‘so many cave barbarians attacking with everything they have’, the anger and grief within this green-pupiled woman’s eyes became a bit stronger.

“We are enemies.”

She looked at Lin Xi, saying this sentence.

After saying this, all of the anger, grief and helplessness within her green eyes completely turned into the coldest and most vicious killing intent.

Her body drifted outwards like a scattered green vine.

An aura that was incomparably majestic for Lin Xi surged from her sleeves.

Lin Xi was still in a state of extreme shock, not knowing just what kind of status this woman had to actually make Yunqin’s military transfer troops towards Great Desolate Swamp without any regard for the casualties that would ensue, make so many cave barbarians charge with no thought of personal safety, sacrificing so many of themselves just to break open a small opening in Yunqin’s arrangements, prevent Yunqin army from transferring over enough personnel in time.

Because of the pure emotions previously in this young lady’s eyes, he didn’t even feel that much enmity towards this young lady. However, now that this young lady directly took action without giving him any room for explanations, he was left without any room to make a choice.

Just from the majestic aura that surged from the other party’s sleeves, he already knew that this person’s cultivation realm was far higher than his own, that there was no way he could be the other party’s match. That was why he didn’t waste any words, nor did he reveal any hesitation. His eyes shone brightly, completely giving up on all thoughts of struggling, his slightly taut body completely shooting backwards like an arrow. The instant his feet landed, he turned around, starting to frantically run along the passage he couldn’t stand straight in.

The instant Lin Xi landed and turned around, the green-eyed young lady already arrived at this cave entrance.

Lin Xi’s choice to immediately run filled her with even greater anger, making her unable to hold back a shrill scream. Her aura became many times more berserk than before, bright moon-like brilliance appearing in her hands. In this passage, the air in the tunnel became like a formless spear, rapidly extending towards Lin Xi’s back. Large chunks of earth were continuously broken apart and then instantly crushed by the surging air.

Lin Xi sensed the terrifying pressure behind him. In his perception, it was simply as if there was a Lightning Python that was even larger than what this cave allowed currently roaring, tearing apart the walls as it advanced. However, he still didn’t directly give up on facing this precious cultivator whose cultivation was far above himself. The longsword in his hand scattered outwards, continuously hacking through the cave above him, his crazily running steps instead not stopping in the slightest.

The originally sturdy cave top collapsed chunk by chunk, still shattered by the bright moonlight radiance in this green-eyed young lady’s hands, unable to bury her within the tunnel. However, she could no longer control her emotions, releasing a low and fierce scream, her face flushing with extremely unhealthy redness.

Her green pupils and green long hair immediately released emerald green radiance.

A wave of power that Lin Xi could neither sense nor comprehend with his current cultivation realm extended from her rapidly trembling left hand's five fingers, permeating the surrounding air and entering the surrounding earth.

Lin Xi continued to run crazily, still carefully calculating time in his head.

Even though he was only running, under the pressure of this level of cultivator’s aura and power, the degree of concentration, activation of soul force and body potential were not inferior to that battle against the cave barbarians  in any aspects.

This was cultivation, moreover, he still had enough time.

However, right at this time, an abnormal sound could be heard from the land in front of him.

A mysterious power wrapped around his feet, making his rapidly charging body immediately lose balance, falling fiercely forward.

Lin Xi’s instinctive reaction was to forcefully struggle with his legs. When he heard several cracking noises, but actually still couldn’t break free, the moment he was about to collide with the ground, he forcefully leaned to the side. The scene he saw made his mind shake greatly, unable to even make any emergency movements. His shoulder landed heavily into the ground, sending a wave of mud everywhere.

What wrapped around his legs, extending all the way to his knees, were actually countless thin roots that extended from the ground.

These plants’ root systems were being controlled by a wave of formless power. They not only seemed to have life, they were also tougher than they were normally.


The moment he made contact with the ground, seeing what it was that wrapped around his legs, all of the earth behind him exploded, turning into a wave of dust, smashing into his body, crushing him to the point of not being able to make any movements, the weight on his chest making him want to vomit blood.

The green-pupiled young lady was behind this flood of dust, her entire body untainted by a speck of dust, hair releasing faint emerald green radiance, making her appearance seem even more delicate and brilliant.

“Not even a State Knight… can have this type of cultivation. Cultivators above State Knight level, turns out they can be powerful to this degree…”

Lin Xi who couldn’t breathe, to the extent where he was blasted by the flood of dust and viscous air until he couldn’t move at all, was already prepared to escape with his own ability.

However, right at this time, the green-eyed young lady who looked like a fluttering leaf suddenly fell towards the ground in ruin, a mouthful of blood gushing out from her mouth uncontrollably.

Lin Xi already couldn’t open his eyes, but he sensed this type of change.

He closed his eyes, the light green longsword sweeping out, hacking through the layers of fine vines wrapped around his feet. His figure then tumbled out, standing up.

Chest tearing pain and the feeling of soul force about to completely scatter from her dantian completely spread through her body. Together with extreme anger, even her entire body began to shake slightly.

“You are shameless.”

She opened her eyes, staring at Lin Xi with rage, unable to help but curse out with these three words.

After bathing in dust, Lin Xi who was indescribably dirty was a bit at a loss. He lightly spat out a mouthful of dust and then said in a confused manner, “In what way am I shameless?”

“I have never seen a Yunqin cultivator like you, not fighting and immediately running, moreover using this type of tunnel collapsing method.” The green-pupiled young lady screamed out in extreme rage.


Lin Xi couldn’t help but laugh. “I clearly can’t win against you, am I supposed to just stand there and wait for death?”

“It seems like the number of Yunqin cultivators you have met isn't many, moreover among these… they should all be military cultivators. They should all be more formidable than me, and they will all do everything they can to capture you, so that is why you feel like Yunqin cultivators won’t choose to run.” When he saw the entirely trembling green-pupiled young lady, Lin Xi continued in a bit of a sympathetic manner, “You were already seriously injured, so you wanted to use powerful methods to immediately kill me, but never expected I would do this… as a result, for the sake of not letting me escape, you instead worsened your injuries.”

“Just who exactly are you? Why does Yunqin’s military want to surround and capture you so badly?” While looking at this green-pupiled young lady’s expression, Lin Xi saw through what she felt the greatest misgivings about, forcibly holding back several things he wanted to say, only continuing to look at her, asking this again.

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