Book 8 Chapter 21 - No Way He Will Live

When you just ate some nice hot pot, sang some songs, in a great mood, and then seventeen or eighteen flies began to bother you, what kind of mood would you have?

Right now, this was Lin Xi’s mood.

He was always someone who was extremely gentle and respectful, many times finding it beneath him to bicker with others. However, this didn’t mean that he wouldn’t get angry.

These Patrol Army soldiers, even if some of the orders were to die, they would still carry it out. It was precisely because of these soldiers who didn’t fear death that existed, that the East Forest Province behind Dragon Snake Mountain Range could remain peaceful after all these years. He originally thought that before the faces of these people who were so loyal and dedicated, there would be some people who would feel a bit of shame, but reality was that these people who openly claimed to uphold glory instead cared even less about glory and honor than him.

When Lin Xi’s ‘get lost’ sounded, the entire South Star Slope entered a state of deathly stillness.

All of the Patrol Army soldiers looked at Lin Xi with complicated expressions. All of them previously heard the questioning and berating Wen Jiachen directed at Xin Weigai, also vaguely sensing that this Military Prison official was deliberately making things difficult. However, Military Prison was involved precisely in the supervision of the army’s discipline, these officials’ military reports and documents could have devastating effects on a commander’s prospects. They never expected Lin Xi to actually directly say ‘get lost’.

Wen Jiachen’s eyes widened in disbelief, his mind momentarily overwhelmed by shock, actually not feeling much anger.

Only a few breaths later did anger completely seize his body, his expression falling, saying fiercely, “Lin Xi, you dare speak this kind of words to me?”

Lin Xi originally already didn’t want to say another word. However, when he heard the other party utter these stupid words under shock and rage, he instead didn’t mind speaking some more words, making the other party feel a bit more humiliation, let the other party understand his identity.

He looked at Wen Jiachen with a somewhat carefree mood, saying in disdain, “Why wouldn’t I dare?”

“What am I scared of? That you are going to report to the higher ups that I didn’t do my best in leading troops, that I am too greedy for life and afraid of death?”

“Tell me, what was the military order that we received?”

“The order we received yesterday morning was to hurry here and set up a defense, and then received another military order to defend South Star Slope to the death, so we defended it with everything we had.” Lin Xi pointed to the massive lizard corpses and the scattered cave barbarian corpses. With an icy voice filled with disdain, he said, “These were all killed by my Patrol Army.”

“If it was you who led the army, could you do the same?”

“Please tell me, if it was you, how would you push a Patrol Army here, and then after killing so many cave barbarians and this giant beast, further provide reinforcements to the other side.”

“Our Patrol Army’s military order was to defend South Star Slope to the death, we already accomplished this. The military orders we received did not include to provide aid to the army on the other side. The other side’s Fierce Edge Army also carried out their military orders extremely well, similarly not coming to provide any assistance.”

“The cave barbarian group who attacked us and Fierce Edge Army were the same. Fierce Edge Army’s strength far exceeds ours, even if there are reinforcements to be made, it should be them who come to aid us. However, in the end, we could hold on, so why did they instead fall apart?”

“You didn’t question why Fierce Edge Army was so weak, suffering so many casualties, but instead came to question my side here?”

“Go and examine the military records. In these past few years, how many Patrol Armies have achieved military successes like we did last night? Instead of rewarding our glory and honor, you are instead here to criticize us?”

“I did not go against any military orders and I didn’t make any mistakes in leading my men, moreover obtaining such battle accomplishments, so why wouldn’t I dare tell you to get lost? Could it be that I am scared of you distorting reality, erasing my Patrol Army’s accomplishments?”

When faced with Lin Xi’s string of retorting and berating, Wen Jiachen was so angry his body couldn’t help but shake uncontrollably. However, he just couldn’t speak any words in return, because all words, before so many cave barbarian corpses, seemed exceptionally feeble and powerless.

“Even if we are talking about military rank…” However, Lin Xi was still not satisfied, looking at him who was shaking all over from humiliation and saying with icy mockery, “Military Prison’s Battle Supervisor is merely minor seventh rank, while I am also minor seventh rank, similar ranked officers. You can’t even suppress me with military rank, so when our Patrol Army is fighting with our lives on the line, why would we possibly listen to your thoughtless criticism? Why wouldn’t I dare tell you to get lost?”

“If any random Tom or Dick dares wave their hands in my face and give orders, is it that this Tom or Dick who doesn’t have any self awareness, or that my temper has always been a bit too good?”

Lin Xi’s words became more and more brutal, all of the Patrol Army soldiers becoming more and more shocked, becoming more and more quiet. However, all of these patrol army soldiers felt more and more carefree inside. When Lin Xi spoke his final words, these Patrol Army soldiers almost couldn’t hold back their cheers.

Wen Jiachen’s face was so sunken it became blood red, wishing to draw his blade several times.

However, battles between officials were forbidden, the bit of rationality he had left told him that drawing his blade was instead an even more foolish thing, moreover he couldn’t even do anything to the other party. He finally understood that this humiliation was self caused, that it was he who thought too highly of himself, looked down on this type of opponent too much.

When he remembered that he had a military order to pass on, he recovered a bit more of his rationality, forcefully enduring his anger.

All of the Patrol Army soldiers looked at this Military Prison official. They saw that he didn’t say a word, his face turning from green to red, starting to become overcast and cold again.

“Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Army is to receive military orders, immediately set out on a journey, arrive at Traveler’s Root Forest fifty li northeast by sundown, search and provide support to Black Snake Army’s soldiers, as well as look for any cultivators who don’t belong to Yunqin.”

Wen Jiachen produced a Dragon Snake iron command, throwing it to Lin Xi.

When these words sounded, when he thought about how no matter how difficult one was to deal with, how formidable, there was still no way of walking out of Great Desolate Swamp alive, there was finally a bit of cruel joy that emerged in his chest. He thus didn’t say any other words, not even giving Lin Xi another look, directly turning around to leave.

“Black Snake Army?”

Xin Weigai, Kang Qianjue and everyone else’s expressions completely changed.

What kind of power did Black Snake Army represent? This was something all Dragon Snake Border Army personnel understood clearly.

This military order… it meant that even the Black Snake Army that was already inside that Traveler’s Root Forest was forced to scatter, defeated? Then in this Traveler’s Root Forest, just what kind of enemies would there be?

A high ranking military officer whose entire body released an indescribable austereness stood in front of a giant sand table. 

His facial features weren’t old, only around fifty years of age, but because of the bronze runes on the armor covering his body, it gave him a feeling as if he had already experienced countless years of battle, as if he had just walked out from a battlefield from who knew how many years ago.

His facial features were ordinary, the corners of his eyes a bit wrinkled, but his thick brows resembled two blades, like two blades that truly flowed with killing intent.

The sand table before him had many flags, within them were some red chess piece-like round stones.

There was only a single exceptionally smooth and shining green stone.

Right now, on this sand table, this green stone was located within a large forest. Outside this region, looking at it from the streaks of vein lines that were produced on the sand table, many black flags were all currently moving towards this woodland region.

Traveler’s Root Forest was precisely what the forest region on this sand table marked out.

Xu Zhenyan was within one of Xu Family’s secluded quiet and peaceful courtyards.

His father, Judicial Sector’s Sector Supervisor Xu Tianwang, number four figure in Judicial Sector, was currently standing at his side.

Xu Zhenyan was only Xu Tianwang’s third son, above him were an older brother and older sister. Age didn’t seem to have left much of a trace on this yellow-clothed man. The scholarly dressed Xu Tianwang’s face didn’t have that many traces of time left behind on it, his handsome and bright features also no different from Xu Zhenyan. If those who didn’t know them saw them, they would think that these two who looked similar were brothers, not father and son.

Right now, this refined looking, yellow silk clothed Judicial Sector member was quietly looking at the pomegranate tree in front of him.

This pomegranate tree was extremely large, there were many well developed fiery red fruits on it.

Xu Zhenyan was also looking at this pomegranate tree, only, the longer he looked, the more he couldn’t understand what was so pretty about this pomegranate tree. He didn’t understand why during this rare meeting with his father, he would remain silent for a long time, only stare at this pomegranate tree.

Right when he finally couldn’t hold himself back any longer, about to speak, a hint of faint disappointment and mockery could be seen from between Xu Tianwang’s handsome forehead. With a sigh, he said, “You still don’t have enough patience.”

The moment this sigh sounded, on the pomegranate tree before the two of them, the largest, but clearly still unripe pomegranate fruit fell down.

Xu Zhenyan immediately became a bit absent-minded.

This fiery red pomegranate fruit didn’t land on the earth below, but was instead supported by a type of formless and gentle force, arriving before his and Xu Tianwang’s face.

Then, this pomegranate split open, a pomegranate seed landing in Xu Tianwang’s hands. Meanwhile, the split open pomegranate instead floated into Xu Zhenyan’s hands.

“Father…” Xu Zhenyan was a cultivator, knowing that this type of gentle and formless power, compared to power that could instantly crush this pomegranate tree into ashes, was even more terrifying, needing an even higher cultivation level. He didn’t know just how powerful his own father’s cultivation really was. While he was feeling even more absent-minded, Xu Tianwang instead slowly spoke up, cutting off all words he wanted to speak.

“Li Ku, in the fifth year while watching shrimp, could already do this.”

Xu Tianwang placed the unripe pomegranate seed into his mouth, slowly chewing, sampling the slightly sweet and astringent taste as he looked at Xu Zhenyan, slowly saying, “Many great figures in Yunqin differ in their view on what the best way of controlling authority is. There are some who believe that by controlling money, they can control everything, some believe that controlling their connections allows them to control everything… however, my own opinion and that Great Mang great cultivator’s are the same. In this world, the only thing that decides everything, is strength.”

“Right now, I am only ranked fourth in Judicial Sector, but my authority is far greater than number four. Moreover, I have never struggled with others for the sake of controlling a few more things, managing a few more things, nor have I ever worried about the problem of never rising up higher… because my cultivation is higher than anyone else’s in Judicial Sector, my strength greater than any of them… powerful to the point where even Grand Secretary Zhou and the emperor can’t ignore my opinions and step aside. As long as my cultivation continues to climb higher, everything else will only flow naturally as expected.”

“Your Green Luan Academy is the same… could it be that you believe that what makes this world scared of you is your Green Luan Academy’s glory?”

Xu Tianwang chuckled, shaking his head with a bit of mockery. “Isn’t it only because of Green Luan Academy’s power?”

“Your older brother and sister’s cultivation aptitudes are far below yours, you are the only one who was able to enter Green Luan Academy. With the assistance of the Clear Truth Pill, you became a cultivator much earlier than they did, which is why my requirements for you are naturally much greater than for them.” While looking at the somewhat understanding, forehead covered in a bit of sweat Xu Zhenyan, he continued to say with a calm voice, “However, what has left me disappointed is that you have never understood the reasoning behind the words I have just spoken.”

“Hatred, unwillingness, worry, disappointment, fear… all of these different elements, for a cultivator, are invisible shackles for growth. Even though Qin Xiyue and Lin Xi are outstanding, if just the dispute with them became what blocks your heart, what kind of prospects will you possibly have? In this world, there are who knows how many powerful opponents. You have to understand that your true opponent is only yourself. If you can become a dazzling star general, your strength like Li Ku’s, making this entire world feel fear, everything you wish for will also follow naturally.”

“I can clearly tell you that right now, Lin Xi’s cultivation has already far surpassed yours. He is already only a step away from achieving Soul Master level cultivation, while you can’t even match an ordinary mid stage Soul Expert in strength right now. That is why apart from absolutely needing to understand the words I have just spoken, you also need to receive punishment.” Xu Tianwang looked at Xu Zhenyan, calmly saying, “The emperor wishes to change Respected Cangyue, yet Respected Cangyue isn’t willing, so all of the men the emperor sent to publicly announce this, even the people who have been sent to take his place, have all been assassinated along the way. As long as none of the orders and the people he sent to replace him can reach the west, he will continue to pretend like he doesn’t know anything and still remain a great general. There is no one in the west who can threaten his position either… The senators cannot tolerate this type of behavior, so there will definitely be great chaos in the west… I will send you west to cultivate.”

Xu Zhenyan’s entire body became drenched in cold sweat. He bowed deeply, his face becoming deathly white as he said, “I understand. I definitely won’t disappoint father.”

“I will only come see you again once you reach late stage Soul Master level. Otherwise, there is no need for you to return either.” Xu Tianwang said with a bit of coldness. “As for Lin Xi, there is no way he will live… even if he makes it through the danger this time, he will be sent to even more dangerous places. He isn’t a god, there is no way he can make it through safely again and again.”

After saying this, Xu Tianwang turned around, leaving this courtyard, not even giving Xu Zhenyan another look.

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