Book 8 Chapter 20 - Only By Saying Get Lost Does the Heart Feel At Ease

Right now, the Yunqin high ranking official’s giant axe was still five or six body lengths from the blazing cave barbarian cultivator, but the dazzling silvery white color that erupted from his giant axe instead flowed out from the blade, forming a dazzling light beam, instantly attacking towards the chest of the cave barbarian cultivator.

The strike of the massive axe that was much heavier than a person, in the end instead turned into a lonely star like bright spot, giving off an indescribably strange feeling.

However, this lonely star like bright spot’s power was not beneath the yellow browed sword master’s flying sword strike that exceeded his body’s limit, great strength instantly sending the cave barbarian cultivator’s blood like flames backwards.

The cave barbarian cultivator, at this time, already entered a deadlocked state with this yellow browed sword master.

The yellow browed sword master’s sword tip entered his body inch by inch. Meanwhile, charred black color crept up the yellow browed sword master’s hands layer by layer, extending along his body.

Right now, this cave barbarian cultivator already couldn’t block the strike of that Yunqin high ranking official. However, there wasn’t the slightest expression of panic on the cave barbarian cultivator’s face, in his eyes only the yellow browed sword master and the flying sword that was slowly advancing between his palms.

“Lonely Star Battle-Axe… you are a cultivator from Green Luan Academy…”

Right at this moment, the yellow browed sword master and this Yunqin high ranking official suddenly heard countless rustling sounds, as if countless threads were moving through the air, ultimately converging into this sunken, snake like voice.

A light zheng noise sounded.

The lonely star like bright spot that was already less than a foot from that cave barbarian cultivator’s chest seemed like it smashed into a transparent great mountain, suddenly scattering.

The yellow browed sword master’s expression immediately became snow white, seeing that this was a flying sword that was thin like a cicada’s wing, almost transparent. It was only two foot long, the hilt made in the image of a demon king with two wings on its back.

“Purgatory Mountain!”

These three words shot out of his throat. His left hand’s second finger became straight like a sword, a majestic aura becoming an invisible longsword, stabbing fiercely towards this transparent flying sword.

However, this transparent flying sword wsa even faster than him. It instantly descended, flying along the ground, directly rushing towards the high ranking Yunqin military commander behind him.


The high ranking Yunqin military commander’s giant axe blocked this flying sword with absolute precision. When the sharp, high speed thin sword and thick axe made contact, there was an ear-splitting noise.

The yellow browed sword master’s left hand didn’t hit anything, while the power exerted from the longsword in his right hand was slightly decreased. The cave barbarian cultivator released a low shout. He only took a single step backwards, and then blood like fiery light erupted, the black charcoal like color instantly covering his entire body.

He turned around, wishing to find the whereabouts of that Purgatory Mountain cultivator whose cultivation was a hair higher than his, but still couldn’t sense his exact whereabouts. A moment later, he stepped backwards, entire body covered in blazing flames.

The high ranking Yunqin military officer gave the yellow browed sword master who burned to death a look, and then directly turned around, running with all his strength.

That Purgatory Mountain cultivator whose whereabouts he couldn’t pinpoint either’s cultivation was also a bit higher than his, so he could only run.


The almost transparent flying sword also released countless snake wriggling noises. In this darkness, no one could determine where this flying sword attacked from either.

The Yunqin high ranking military officer’s body released a streak of blood radiance, but his crazily running figure didn’t stop in the slightest. In an instant, he completely disappeared into the darkness.

The sounds of flying swords moving through the air disappeared.

“The number of powerful cultivators in Yunqin… is really too high.”

In the darkness, this mysterious Purgatory Mountain cultivator released a sigh.

During this battle, a powerful sword master who was already incredibly close to becoming a Sacred Expert died here… From the battles between Great Mang and Yunqin cultivators that happened these years, it had already long been proven that there wasn’t much superiority between cultivation holy lands’ cultivation methods, only higher and lower cultivation realms. However, Yunqin Empire’s land far exceeded Great Mang’s, Yunqin’s number of cultivators also far exceeded Great Mang’s.

On South Star Slope, Lin Xi Slowly opened his eyes.

The sky already completely brightened.

The South Star Flowers that bloomed at night already completely withdrew their petals.

After issuing the military order that the patrol army wasn’t permitted to head over, seeing that these patrol army soldiers also accepted his reasoning, Lin Xi thus began to rest, staring his meditation cultivation to replenish stamina and soul force.

Because his stamina and soul force had been exhausted too quickly, the time it took for him to enter meditation cultivation was much longer than normal. Only when some strange noises sounded at this time was he roused awake.

Perhaps because of excessive blood loss, his brain was still a bit dizzy. After two or three breaths, only then did he hear that this strange sound seemed to be the sounds of some explaining and berating voices. Moreover, there were some voices that seemed especially unfamiliar, so even though he was a bit shocked, he wanted to immediately stand up. However, after taking a deep breath, he was instead suddenly stunned.

There were wisps of hot streams flowing inside his body. Under his perception, they were clearly much stronger than before he began his cultivation.

He naturally understood clearly that each time he carried out meditation cultivation, it would be a growth process of using the world’s vital energies to replenish soul force, so there would naturally be an increase. However, what made him feel stunned was that… the increase in cultivation tonight was at least three or four times that of normal.

“Turns out it was like this.”

Lin Xi stared blankly for a moment, but then immediately understood what was going on. He said this quietly to himself.

The more often a cultivator faced life and death situations, the easier it was to become even stronger. This was a reasoning that was often seen and passed around through the mouths of cultivators, words Lin Xi never doubted either… It was because in his opinion, this was obviously a reasoning that couldn’t be any simpler. Often fighting with others would naturally make you better and better at fighting.

However, after cultivating in that dark Dragon Light Quarry, understanding some of the most basic cultivation principles, right now, he understood that these simple words had much deeper meanings.

Soul force was the same as willpower.

The more one concentrated, the greater one focused their mind, the stronger this willpower would become.

Roadside Li Ku’s shrimp observation, the reason why it was called dao comprehension, his soul force becoming stronger and stronger, was because he only had a single thought in his mind the entire time-- to make the shrimp jump out from the water, land in his hands.

This soul force was just like a formless small hand.

He wanted to use this formless small hand to remove the shrimp from the water.

In the beginning, this formless small hand was extremely weak, unable to even reach out of the body. However, when this type of training was carried out every day, this invisible hand that couldn’t even reach out finally obtained some strength, finally became stronger, finally able to grab the shrimp out of the water.

When facing true life and death, one’s will would naturally be unprecedentedly concentrated and focused.

Last night, from the moment he leapt off the slope, his mind was always in an extremely focused state, just like he was facing the greatest danger of life and death… so the benefits to his cultivation would naturally be greater.

“Outstanding individuals are always produced through pressure.”[1]

Lin Xi suddenly recalled an interesting line, a hint of a smile couldn’t help but appear on the corners of his lips.

He thought to himself… the emperor didn’t want him to have it easy, Judicial Sector’s Xu Family didn’t want him to have a good time, perhaps now that he was sent to the army, the more dangerous the mission, the more they would have him take them on. However, if he not only completed every single task, moreover his cultivation continuously rising, then what kind of emotions would these people feel then?

Lin Xi was finding amusement in his own way through his cultivation matters and interesting words, but that unfamiliar berating voice continued to sound through this slope that had just experienced an intense battle. Lin Xi thus stood up, walking towards the direction where the voice was released.

“Sir Lin!”

There were patrol army soldiers standing guard not far from the vacant area where he was seated in meditation. When they saw Lin Xi stood up, several patrol army soldiers immediately showed Lin Xi a bow of respect.

When Lin Xi had just bowed slightly, returning their greeting, that unfamiliar voice already stopped. Lin Xi took a few steps towards the top of the slope, but before he asked anything, he saw an unfamiliar light bronze armored Yunqin high ranking military officer and several black armored soldiers who didn’t belong to the patrol army currently walk up with Xin Weigai and Kang Qianjue.

When he saw Lin Xi appear in his line of sight, this square faced unfamiliar Yunqin high ranking military officer’s steps stopped slightly, expression a bit strange. However, he wasn’t in a rush to speak either, continuing to walk up the slope.

“Sir Lin, you are finally awake?” Only when this high ranking Yunqin military officer was not far from Lin xi did he stop, looking at him with a cold expression as he asked.

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed slightly. Just from this line alone, he could tell that the other party didn’t have much of a good opinion of him, within these words even more so some cold mockery.

“Sir Xin, this is?”

Since this was the case, he didn’t mind doing the same in return. He didn’t even look at this high ranking Yunqin military officer, only looking at Xin Weigai next to him, asking this in a deemphasized manner.

The square faced high ranking Yunqin military officer’s face sunk, his expression suddenly becoming cold.

Xin Weigai bowed respectfully, saying, “This is Dragon Snake Military Prison Battle Supervisor Sir Wen Jiachen.”

Lin Xi nodded. Even though he didn’t really look at this high ranking Yunqin military officer, when this military officer was walking up, he already saw the bit of coldness within his eyes, completely devoid of any tolerance or respect. When he heard this person’s status, as well as the explanations and berating from not long ago, he knew that this was also someone whose bottom sat crooked, not worthy of any respect. When he thought about how in this type of war, how many soldiers were spilling their blood, not hesitating to sacrifice their lives, there were still so many people like this, he who normally didn’t get angry that easily’s face suddenly became ice cold, not saying anything.

This Military Prison Battle Supervisor who came unknowingly when looked at Lin Xi, saying coldly, “Yesterday, Fierce Edge Army encountered a powerful enemy. Was it Sir Lin who cave the order not permitting to provide reinforcements?”

Lin xi gave Wen Jiachen a look, not replying, instead asking Xin Weigai a question. “How is the situation over there?”

Because the other party didn’t send anyone over, that was why their lives and deaths had nothing to do with him. After Lin Xi gave the order, he began to cultivate. Later on, there were no cave barbarians who came through this way, so he still had no idea if Fierce Edge Army all died in the end or what happened.”

Xin Weigai was a bit nervous, saying quietly, “There are only thirteen people left.”

Lin Xi released a light oh sound.

“Sir Lin!” Wen Jiachen’s expression instead became completely serious, shouting fiercely, “I am asking you when Fierce Edge Army faced danger, why did you prevent your army from providing aid?!”

Lin Xi gave him a look, his expression instead still extremely calm and unhurried, saying, “If there aren’t any military orders to pass on, then get lost.”

1. This is a line that means that only by forcing out your own potential, pushing yourself will you be able to see how extraordinary you are.

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