Book 8 Chapter 19 - Cultivation Holy Land’s Extreme Art

This Yunqin cultivator took a deep breath. He clenched the golden blade’s handle, drawing it.

He was named Zhou Qijue.

He came from Thunder Academy whose reputation during these years even vaguely exceeded Green Luan Academy’s, one of the most powerful cultivators in Dragon Snake Border Army.

That was why he would defend this place alone here.

However, he never thought that this kind of cave barbarian would walk out here.

He had seen many cave barbarian cultivators before, killed many of them, but he had never seen such a powerful cave barbarian cultivator.

The blade grinded against the scabbard, releasing an ear-piercing grinding noise, making his mind calm slightly. His body’s soul force poured generously into the golden long blade. The moment he drew this golden long blade, all of the runes on its surface were already pervaded with electricity, streaks of dazzling electrical arcs jumping along the blade, making this long golden blade in his hands turn into a lightning long blade.

The air released pi pa noises, to the extent where there was endless blue smoke released from the lightning.

All of the weeds around Zhou Qijue’s body shot outwards, unable to stand up under the powerful aura his body released.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qijue’s body instantly became extremely rigid. The hand that gripped the lightning long blade began to tremble. He looked at the cave barbarian cultivator cultivator at the other side, his eyes that were still full of arrogance and pride only left with disbelief and alarm.

That cave barbarian cultivator didn’t have any weapons, nor did he make any excessive movements, only slowly walking over. However, the red light on his body was already strong to the point of becoming fiery light, becoming a true blazing red flame.

Zhou Qijue’s expression became more and more pale, suddenly recalling a certain legend. His entire body trembled, his soul force that was already rushing through his meridians seemed to have instantly almost doubled in speed, the soul force exceeding his limit making him release a muffled groan. His pale face flushed red, a blast of even greater aura surging from the blade in his hands. Streaks of golden electrical radiance extended in the void, his hand seemingly no longer grasping a long blade, but rather a massive ball of electricity.

Zhou Qijue’s body seemed to have been raised by this ball of electricity, losing weight, flying over the ground surface. He hacked towards this cave barbarian cultivator whose entire body was blazing with scarlet red flames.

The golden lightning made contact with the scarlet red flame.

The scarlet red flame suddenly became even more red, red like blood.

Zhou Qijue’s body stopped in the air, the word in his eyes immediately becoming blood red.

The instant he was swallowed up by this blood red color, Zhou Qijue confirmed that that legend was true.

It was rumored that just like Yunqin Empire, Tangcang, Great Mang, the cave barbarians also had unimaginably powerful cultivators that existed.

It was rumored that there was a cave barbarian who entered Dragon Snake Mountain Range one winter, using his own strength to tear apart an important granary. Moreover, all of the cultivators and soldiers who guarded that granary completely turned into charred coal.

Within the cave barbarians, there actually really were powerful existences with strength comparable to Sacred Experts.

Zhou Qijue wanted to understand these things, but he lost his life soon afterwards, blazing hot temperature surging into his chest.

That cave barbarian cultivator directly passed by his body.

whoosh noise sounded in the sky. Shou Qijue’s body was wrapped within blood red flames, burning as he fell to the ground.

The cave barbarian cultivator continued forward, the red light covering his body becoming more and more dim. He didn’t suffer the slightest bit of damage.

This cave barbarian cultivator made his way through the mound full of Thorn Date Trees behind Zhou Qijue, entering a forest filled with trees flourishing with red and yellow leaves.

An extremely fine rustling noise suddenly sounded within the forest, as if there were snakes moving through. This was fine voice normal cultivators couldn’t pick up at all, but this powerful cave barbarian cultivator was extraordinary, clearly hearing it. That was why he stopped, his grave and stern, features as if sculpted face instead produced a trace of a heavy expression.

“Ever since my martial uncle was killed because of Yunqin cultivators seven years ago, my Purgatory Mountain didn’t have anyone else who could cultivate this Demonic Flame Art. Who would have thought that I would see my Purgatory Mountain’s Demonic Flame Art blaze brilliantly on your body today.”

There was a sigh that sounded from the forest.

This voice was still extremely soft, as if formed from the slight noises of countless snakes moving about. When they moved through the forest, even this cave barbarian cultivator couldn’t judge where this noise came from.

“Chased by Yunqin cultivators, before my martial uncle’s death, did he pass this cultivation method to you?”

“Only, this Demonic Flame Art can only be successfully cultivated through my Purgatory Mountain’s secret medicines and body tempering methods… Who would have expected that purely by relying on your own aptitude, you could forcefully succeed.”

A sigh sounded once more, as if a gust of wind separated into countless strands, wandering about the forest.

This cave barbarian cultivator continued to remain silent, but red light appeared on his body once more.

“Don’t worry, I bear no malice against you.”

“Since my martial uncle passed this cultivation method to you, you can already be considered a disciple of my Purgatory Mountain, of the same root as me, so why would I harm you? Moreover, my purpose in coming here is the same as yours… I don’t wish for Yunqin to have their way, want to deal with Yunqin’s cultivators.”

The wisps of voices gathered into one, suddenly giving one a calm and warm feeling.

This cave barbarian still didn’t say anything, but he could understand every word this person said. He nodded, all of the red light on his body completely disappearing again.

“Let’s go, we need to intercept two people first.”

“I might not be able to deal with them alone.”

This faint voice sounded in the forest, and then there was no trace left.

The yellow browed sword master dressed in the relaxed light yellow clothes and the Yunqin commander with the giant axe on his back made their way around the swamp full of giant black lotuses.

The trees in the valley in front of them all seemed like peach trees, but they were extremely massive. Meanwhile, the light red fruits growing on them were instead all only the size of a pigeon age.

The yellow browed sword master’s steps gradually slowed down, he who had already remained silent for a long time turned around to look at the cold faced Yunqin commander next to him, saying, “Seven years ago, your academy’s Professor Qin and our academy’s Sir He killed a Purgatory Mountain cultivator here… At the time, me and Di Choufei also just happened to be there.”

The high ranking military officer with the giant axe on his back didn’t immediately say anything, only coldly looking forward.

“Right now, I sense an aura similar to the Purgatory Mountain’s cultivator from seven years ago.” The yellow browed sword master used a low voice only the two of them could here and said, “The flames on his body… are real flames, flames that could quickly burn someone to death… That is why if we wish to kill him, we must also do so quickly…”

This Yunqin high ranking officer still didn’t understand the meaning behind these words, but he knew that since the yellow browed sword master only spoke like this, he would definitely understand soon.

That is why he didn’t say too much, only nodding.

While nodding, in the area ahead of him he continuously stared at, there was already red light that appeared.

That bare upper bodied cave barbarian cultivator who wasn’t particularly large and tall was already walking over step by step.

The red light covering his body burned with greater and greater ferocity, starting to become real around his body.

The Yunqin high ranking military officer with the giant axe on his back nodded towards the yellow browed sword master again.

After his nod, the calm night scene suddenly released an intense screaming noise. The yellow browed sword master’s body was already like a sharp blade, quickly tearing through the air, shooting towards that cave barbarian cultivator.

At the same time, the Yunqin high ranking military officer also began to run crazily. His feet stomped heavily on the ground, producing rumbling noises on the great earth, actually completely not inferior to this cave barbarian cultivator’s war drum like footsteps.


The yellow browed sword master’s hands moved through the air. The majestic aura and brilliance that were released from his body and hands made his body continuously cross more than ten zhang of distance, instantly arriving before the cave barbarian cultivator. However, his feet never touched the ground.

Even though there was no contact made, his mouth still already released a muffled groan, a wisp of blood flowing out, as if he instantly raised a heavy object he normally couldn’t raise at all. As if forcefully enduring his injuries, his hands were still right before his body, not touching the longsword on his back, but the longsword on his back instead released a draconic zheng cry, turning into a clear and bright streak of sword light. With terrifying speed and power, it hacked at the cave barbarian cultivator’s heart artery.

The cave barbarian cultivator released a low roar.

The blood like fiery light around his body surged, when the terrifying sword light moved through it, its speed became slow. His hands were raised, and then they clamped down, forcibly clasping this meteor like flying sword.


A blast of blazing gass that carried countless sparks erupted between his palms and this flying sword, flying in all directions. Large areas of plants were burnt black, starting to burn.

The flying sword couldn’t advance an inch.

The yellow browed sword master’s entire body released yellow light. His hair, brows, all became scorched black, but his flying body didn’t stop in the slightest. His white jade like hand already reached out, grabbing the flying sword that was released previously. With a chi sound, his hand looked like he grabbed fiery red charcoal, releasing an unpleasant burnt flesh smell. The back of his hands and arms became scorched black layer after layer, extending towards his body. However, he instead released another muffled low groan, a wave of majestic power pouring into his flying sword once more.


The flying sword slid through this cave barbarian’s hands, stabbing through his chest.

A wave of magma like hot blood gushed out, turning into flames.

At the same time, the cloth wrapped around the axe of that Yunqin high ranking military officer who was cold like steel exploded, scattering about. The giant axe with a lonely silver star like runes was revealed.

The dazzling snow white brilliance that erupted from his giant axe erased everything, making this dark world completely become as bright as day.

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