Book 8 Chapter 18 - They Didn’t Come Over

Lin Xi watched these South Star Flowers bloom.

For him, the giant lizard that was still twitching on the ground, as well as the yellow and white colored South Star Flowers that seemed to have quietly bloomed at nearly the same time possessed an even greater type of magical brilliance.

The flower petals that were like little stars in the sky fluttered in the wind. He really wanted to sit down here, enjoy the scene of these flower clusters he had never seen before.

The large amount of blood loss from the wound on his back and the depletion of soul force made him weak, even fatigue started to attack his body.

However, he knew that he couldn’t sit down at this time.

It was because there were still so many powerful cave barbarian soldiers who were still glaring at him like tigers watching their prey, while he already used up his ten halt rewind ability.

He began to slowly move, walking up to the highest point of the slope, standing still. Right now, he was only putting on a bravado, but in these cave barbarian soldiers’ eyes, he was indescribably powerful.

The cave barbarians didn’t fear death, but they feared strength. This giant lizard that was enough to completely reverse the battle situation had only just appeared, yet was immediately cut down.

This type of impact, for these cave barbarian soldiers with extremely simple minds, produced a clear intuition that they couldn’t continue charging. If they charged up, there was still no way of winning, they were only going to throw away their lives for no reason.

All of the cave barbarian soldiers began to retreat like a tide.

Lin Xi didn’t fire any arrows to kill these cave barbarians. His Divine Pear Wood Bow was thrown who knew where on this mountain slope and he already didn’t have much soul force left.

None of the Patrol Army archers released arrows either, because it was already night. With their sight, they were already unable to even see the figures of the cave barbarians who were more than a hundred something steps away. In addition, they didn’t obtain Lin Xi’s military orders to do anything.

When Lin Xi walked up to this slope’s highest point and stood still, they saw the injury on Lin Xi’s back, his pale complexion and his slightly trembling hands, knowing that Lin Xi was already extremely weak. When they recalled Lin Xi’s slaughter just now, looked at the mountainous giant lizard corpse that left them feeling suffocated, and then thought about the doubt they felt towards this commander who now accumulated the most dazzling glory, hot tears once again poured down these Patrol Army soldiers’ eyes.

All of these Patrol Army soldiers gave Lin Xi the most sincere military salute.

Lin Xi wasn’t too used to military salutes. At this time, he bowed towards these soldiers, returning their greeting.

Because of the injury on his back, his movements and stance seemed a bit rigid, not too natural. However, there was a wave of indescribable power spreading through his body.

There was no starlight visible across the thick cloud covered night sky. Even so, right now, on his body, it was as if dazzling radiance was flickering.

This scene was indescribably moving.

When he saw all of the cave barbarian soldiers retreat into the desolate forest, Lin Xi returned to the crater the giant lizard produced, finally able to sit down.

All of the Patrol Army soldiers immediately surrounded over, using the medical kits they carried to treat Lin Xi’s injuries, moreover fetching the Divine Pear Wood Bow, Daybreak Longsword and Deep Spring Dagger Lin Xi previously threw aside.

Even though he knew that the injury on his back wasn’t that deep, the bleeding also already stopped, that under the effects of the Radiant King Destroys Restraints, he wouldn’t have any issues, Lin Xi knew that with the effects of medicine, he would still recover a bit faster, so he didn’t refuse these soldiers’ help.

All of the Patrol Army soldiers, including Xin Weigai, didn’t say anything during this process, because all of them understood why Lin Xi had to charge down alone. From today on, all of these Patrol Army soldiers understood that their lives weren’t their own, but rather Lin Xi’s.

Perhaps because he was now completely relaxed, when the Patrol Army soldiers behind him undid the clothes stuck to his flesh, making Lin Xi feel intense pain, perhaps also because he recalled what made him unhappy, the originally relieved and smiling Lin Xi frowned again, looking towards the opposite hill.

It was precisely at this time that all of the Patrol Army soldiers were horrified, hearing a loud shout.

In an instant, apart from the two Patrol Army soldiers who were helping Lin Xi with his injuries, all of the remaining Patrol Army soldiers immediately became vigilant.

At that moment, everyone realized that the loud neighing sounds came from the opposite hill.

The loud horse neighing sounds continued, continuously sounding. Meanwhile, at the same time, there were countless sharp air tearing sounds, cries of alarm and shouts of killing.

Even though it was too far, these Patrol Army soldiers unable to see the scene on the opposing hill, they still heard waves of noises. When their eyes swept over the giant lizard and five or six cave barbarian corpses who weren’t too far away, they immediately knew what was currently happening on the other side.

All of these Patrol Army soldiers only listened with their bodies slightly cold. However, when they heard more and more miserable cries, the hands holding the blades also began to tremble slightly.

Xin Weigai also couldn’t help but turn around to look at the seated Lin Xi.

Lin Xi was also always looking at the opposite hill, listening to the noise. However, when Xin Weigai looked at him, before he could even speak out, Lin Xi already shook his head and said, “I won’t agree to rescue them.”

Xin Weigai didn’t speak, only hanging his head slightly, as if carrying a bit of unwillingness, a bit of heroicness.

“I know many of you want to provide aid, even if it means sacrificing your own lives. If it was a normal situation, I wouldn’t refuse your requests to provide aid either, because I understand very clearly that watching soldiers who could have sacrificed their lives for the empire die without doing anything will make you feel even worse than dying.” Lin Xi looked at him, and then coldly said, “However, just now, when we were fighting with our lives on the line, Fierce Edge Army didn’t come over.”

“The very first arrow they fired, even if not a single archer on their side could clearly judge that they weren’t within the firing range yet, through this arrow, they could already see that the arrows they fired couldn’t reach this place. However, afterwards, even though they knew that the arrows wouldn’t arrive, they still continued to release a rain of arrows. These arrows can only do one thing, which is to tell these cave barbarians that Thorn Date Mound has a larger arm, and then formlessly push this cave barbarian group in our direction.”

“I am not one of those legendary powerful cultivators, they should also be able to tell that we aren’t a match for such a large group of cave barbarians. However, they still didn’t come… They are equipped with strong bows, even if they couldn’t kill this type of giant lizard, they could at least inflict great damage upon these cave barbarian soldiers.”

Lin Xi’s expression returned to normal, his voice also becoming calm again. “However, they didn’t come.”

“I don’t care whose orders they acted on, I am someone with a simple system of moral conduct. Whoever is willing to go all out for me, I will also risk my life for them. Just how if they came, even if there was only a single person who came over, I would also head over right now.”

“Truthfully, I can also tell that their side only has a single giant beast, I still have strength, but I will not head over, I definitely will not allow any of you to head over as well. This is a military order.”

Xin Weigai silently nodded, also sitting down.

All of these Patrol Army soldiers’ expressions also became cold and resolute. They all understood Lin Xi’s way of conduct.

Lin Xi gave the other side’s slope a cold look.

Regardless of how many people  from Fierce Edge Army survived or if all of them died, he no longer cared. This was completely trouble the other side invited upon themselves. If the other party rushed over to help them, they might not be facing this type of giant beast right now.

His eyes landed on the large hole this giant lizard emerged from.

He didn’t try to figure out how this giant lizard could make its way out, only thinking that with two of these monsters, as well as how these cave barbarians didn’t move through the night, instead attacking Fierce Edge Army, the objective of this cave barbarian fleet might be precisely to eliminate some Yunqin armies, tear open some openings.

A middle-aged long bearded cultivator dressed in yellow robes sat down on a dry area within a large expanse of reeds.

Not far from him, there was also a mound filled with Thorn Date Trees, only, this mound’s distance was much further than even the distance between Lin Xi and the mound Fierce Edge Army was at, unable to hear the shouts of killing happening on Fierce Edge Army’s mound at all.

This middle-aged long bearded cultivator’s face was rosy, his beard that reached his chest especially dark. While breathing, his two temples even swelled, his blood and qi clearly exceptionally powerful.

Smeared on his body a bug repelling medication, a faint fragrance of plants wafting about, preventing any bugs from disturbing him.

When Lin Xi had just arrived at the Patrol Army, he was warned that if he entered the Great Desolate Swamp, no medicines with clear smells could be applied, or else it would easily draw the attacks of cave barbarians.

However, this person didn’t care at all.

In front of him was a golden sheathed wide long blade, even the blade’s handle was golden.

He only quietly looked at this land of reeds, because his mission was only to guard this region, to not let any cave barbarians pass through this reed covered area.

This place only had a Yunqin cultivator like him.

His dignified appearance was calm and confident, proving that even if a cave barbarian military group passed by, with just him alone, it was already enough.

Suddenly, he raised  the water sack at his waist, taking a gulp, and then slowly raised his blade, standing up.

There were sounds of activity coming from the reed clusters, similarly undisguised.

A cave barbarian walked out.

This cave barbarian, compared to other cave barbarians, wasn’t particularly large or tall, only half a head taller than this Yunqin cultivator.

However, the cave barbarian’s upper body was completely bare, his hair tied in long braids that hung behind his head. He wore modified chain armor black pants, different from other cave barbarians, making him look incredibly clean. His eyes were also especially bright.

When he walked out from the reeds, the instant he saw this Yunqin cultivator, this cave barbarian stepped down with his foot. All of his skin became a red color.


The ground shook.

This cave barbarian coldy looked at this Yunqin cultivator, walking over step by step.




The red light on his body became stronger and stronger. With each step, the power became greater and greater. Previously, it was only like a large hammer, but after walking more than ten steps, it was as if a giant lizard was stomping on the ground, making the expression of this Yunqin cultivator who was guarding this place change, feeling that even his heart was about to burst out because of this sound.

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