Book 8 Chapter 17 - Like a Miracle

All of the retreating cave barbarian soldiers completely stopped.

This wasn’t a retreat from complete defeat at all!

They merely felt restraining fear towards Lin Xi’s power, not wishing for more casualties, just waiting for this type of giant lizard to appear.

One after another, completely red-eyed Patrol Army soldiers charged over with no regard for their own lives. When several more Patrol Army soldiers were pierced by giant spears and flung into the air, there were four Patrol Army soldiers who were rolling on the ground that arrived under the giant lizard, viciously stabbing the blades in their hands towards the giant lizard’s body. However, what made their entire bodies go ice-cold was that their blades could only cut open a few white traces on the sturdy, deep green surface.


A giant sole stomped down, directly crushing a Patrol Army soldier underneath its feet, sending half of this soldier’s body sinking into the earth, stomping until the ground shook fiercely.

Lin Xi’s arms began to shake uncontrollably.

The moment he saw this huge monster, the powerful pressure prevented him from being able to control his body’s instinctive reaction.

He now moved!

With each step he took on the slope, mud splashed in all directions. As he charged at this giant lizard, his entire body carried a wave of dust and earth.


A giant spear carried terrifying air piercing noises as it stabbed towards his body, wishing to pierce through him, send him flying out.

However, right at this time, he instead jumped towards this giant spear, the emerald green dagger in his right hand was directly thrown with all of his strength. It turned into an emerald green comet, impaling itself into a cave barbarian’s chest. His hand gripped this giant spear’s speartip, forcefully pulling. The cave barbarian who was holding this giant spear and the saddle beneath him both released rupturing noises. Lin Xi’s entire body jumped even higher into the air.

With a dang sound, sparks flew in all directions. The light green longsword in his right hand knocked aside a giant pike that swept over, his body instantly landing between five cave barbarians.


His knees smashed fiercely into a cave barbarian’s face. This cave barbarian fell backwards, his face badly mangled.

A cave barbarian next to him directly gave up on the giant spear in his hands. Following a fierce shout, his arms firmly restrained Lin Xi.

The other cave barbarian held the giant spear horizontally like a giant tree, pushing it forward fiercely. The giant spear’s shaft smashed into Lin Xi’s back, releasing an exceptionally muffled noise.


A blast of bloody mist sprayed out from Lin Xi’s mouth.

However, the faint green longsword in his hands still hacked out in reverse without stopping at all, hacking at this cave barbarian’s throat with unmistaken accuracy.

The blood that gushed out from this cave barbarian’s throat completely covered the body of the cave barbarian whose arms were holding him in place.

This cave barbarian struggled to open his eyes, unable to understand how Lin Xi could still release this type of counterattack after suffering such a heavy attack.

He exerted force, wishing to turn around and throw Lin Xi towards the mouth of the giant lizard.

However, he couldn’t throw him.

Lin Xi’s free hand was grabbing a strap, he couldn’t send both of them towards the mouth.

Lin Xi retracted his longsword, fiercely stabbing into his back, making his body suddenly sink. The sword edge came out from his chest, nailing him to the vine wood saddle.

Only the cave barbarian with the emerald dagger stabbed into his chest could remain seated.

This cave barbarian’s figure rocked back and forth, but he instead discovered that the four companions around him already collapsed. With a crazy roar, he pulled out the dagger stabbed into his chest, stabbing it towards Lin Xi.

Lin Xi leaned backwards, falling down, but his legs instead exerted force like a rabbit, rising into the air like a falcon. He fiercely kicked the abdomen of this cave barbarian whose movements were already significantly affected because of his injuries.


This cave barbarian flew out backwards, but his body was then fiercely pulled back by the saddle, blood gushing out from his mouth.

Lin Xi bounced up, the Daybreak Longsword had already been pulled out of the body of the cave barbarian nailed to the saddle.

Then, he used all of his strength, using both of his hands to thrust out the longsword.

The longsword stabbed into the giant lizard’s neck.

The rapidly moving longsword suddenly slowed down. After stabbing a few inches into its flesh, it already couldn’t move at all.

Lin Xi released a muffled groan. His right hand temporarily left the sword hilt, and then struck down heavily against the tip of the sword hilt.

Right now, his right hand was just like a heavy iron hammer.


The longsword finally entered deeply, blood quickly gushing out along the sword like a stream.

The giant lizard released a fierce cry. With a fierce shake of its body, Lin Xi was thrown off together with his sword.


A massive sole stomped down against the ground fiercely. A wave of mud crashed down on the body of Lin Xi who had just landed, now tumbling on the ground.

Lin Xi took deep breaths. He raised his head.

He previously never heard anything about the existence of this type of giant lizard in Great Desolate Swamp, but just from that stab, he already understood that this giant lizard’s flesh was extremely sturdy. When his longsword stabbed through, it felt as if he was moving through more than ten layers of Yunqin standard black armor.

Right now, even though blood was still gushing out from that giant lizard’s neck like a fountain, he understood extremely clearly that this type of injury, for this type of massive creature, wasn’t fatal at all. This giant lizard’s exceptionally sturdy flesh made it so that after his longsword stabbed in, every movement required a large amount of strength and soul force. He couldn’t even rotate or move the blade sideways, unable to make the injury larger.

For him, only by finding a way to quickly kill this giant lizard, would there be a chance of saving these Patrol Army soldiers’ lives.

The giant lizard roared out, its giant head covered in blood and broken black armor bit down towards the standing Lin Xi.

Lin Xi saw the giant lizard’s giant yellow eyes, the cruel and furious expression within them.

“I hope that your brain is behind your eyes.”

Lin Xi who was becoming abnormally calm stared at the giant head’s massive muddled yellow eyes that were getting closer and closer, thinking this to himself.

Then, his legs fiercely stomped into the ground.

His body flew into the air. Following a snap noise, when the giant lizard’s two rows of snow-white giant teeth that could bit through heavy armor closed, biting the air, the longsword in his hand was once again thrusted out with all his strength, entering this giant turbid yellow eyeball.


The turbid yellow eyeball ruptured, black, yellow and red viscous liquid gushing out. Lin Xi’s right hand once again struck against the end of the sword hilt fiercely.

Even this eyeball was like layers of colored glass, holding his longsword in place.

Under his heavy strike, the sharp sword edge finally stabbed through another layer, suddenly entering into the cavity behind the eye, to the extent where no sword hilt could even be seen.

The pain caused by the impact of his palm with the sword hilt made Lin Xi release a muffled groan. However, his entire body was still taut, on guard, preparing to erupt into his next action.

The giant lizard’s legs left the earth, almost completely standing up, its massive body standing at the very top of South Star Slope, looking extremely shocking. After releasing an extreme roar of pain, this giant lizard shook its head fiercely, flinging Lin Xi far out.

Lin Xi gripped the sword in his hands stubbornly, tumbling through the air, and then landed, standing steadily on an inclined slope.

He raised his head to look at the giant lizard above him again.

This giant lizard who had five cave barbarian corpses hanging above it was screaming. It took a step towards Lin Xi, but couldn’t take a second step, its entire body instead continuously twitching. After shaking a few times, it finally released a sad cry, falling to the side like a collapsed wall, smashing into the ground, releasing an extremely muffled rumbling noise.

This giant lizard struggled to get up several times, but just couldn’t control its balance, unable to stand up at all.

When he saw this scene, Lin Xi whose entire body was drenched in the blood of his enemies and his own, finally loosened his tense brows, inwardly saying ‘return’!

Under the familiar change in scenery, Lin Xi returned to several halts ago.

He stood on the slope, holding the two blades. Below him, the cave barbarian troops had just begun to retreat, all of the Patrol Army soldiers on the slope releasing crazy roars because of his heroic display.

However, all of these Patrol Army soldiers’ crazy roars suddenly stopped.

They saw that Lin Xi’s face didn’t carry the slightest bit of joy, his figure turning into a gust of black wind, leaping towards the hill they were on.

Chen Yinxiu and the Fierce Edge Army looked at Lin Xi, not knowing what he wanted to do.

All of the cave barbarian soldiers also stopped. They looked at this powerful archer, this warrior that was powerful to the point of making their hearts tremble.


“All of you are to scatter, remain thirty steps from where I am!”

“Hurry! This is a military order!”

Lin Xi stopped at the top of the hill, directly seizing the weapons from the three Patrol Army soldiers’ hands, seizing three Black Flower Pikes.

No one could understand his current movements, but his previous display already earned these Patrol Army soldiers’ deepest respect and reverence.

All of the Patrol Army soldiers immediately decisively carried out his orders, all of the surrounding Patrol Army soldiers moving aside like a tide, withdrawing thirty steps.

Lin Xi stood on this slope alone.

Almost the moment the Patrol Army soldiers dispersed, forming a black ring around Lin Xi, Lin Xi felt the ground beneath him start to tremble slightly.

He took a deep breath, staring at the ground with an ice-cold expression. In his brain, every single scene that just happened quickly replayed in his head, carefully recalling every single position.

All of the Patrol Army soldiers also sensed the shaking and the movements of the ground surface.

They saw the ground in front of Lin Xi swell and then suddenly rupture.

A massive beast head surged out of the earth.

Everyone’s gazes immediately froze.

Even the ground beneath Lin Xi split open, swelling. However, the instant the enormous beast head was revealed, an explosive roar sounded from Lin Xi’s mouth. The three Black Flower Pikes in his hands were gripped in his hands, stabbing out together, stabbing into this giant beast’s eye with incomparable precision.

This giant beast instantly became slightly rigid.

However, Lin Xi’s entire body instead crushed down decisively, his chest pressing down on the ends of the three Black Flower Pikes. His figure pressed forward in an incredibly resolute manner, the three Black Flower Pikes almost all entering this giant beast’s eye socket, only stopping when it reached the place where he gripped the pikes.


The giant lizard released an intense roar, rushing out of the earth.

The crazy eruption of power and the earth that burst open sent Lin Xi flying outwards.

The giant lizard brought five robust cave barbarian soldiers and five giant spears out of the ground surface, standing up with a great roar. However, right at this instant, this colossus that made everyone’s breathing stop suddenly fell to the ground.

The massive body on the ground continuously twitched, jerking around, struggling, but just couldn’t stand back up again.

The five cave barbarian soldiers who were bound by sturdy straps couldn’t immediately struggle free. They were smashed into by this monster’s body which weighed over a thousand jin, crushed on the ground, turning into lumps of smashed flesh.

Lin Xi crawled up from the ground.

This strike used up almost all of his strength. His entire body was shaking slightly, expression also becoming abnormally pale.

However, his standing body and his figure that stood not far from the massive monster’s body left everyone intimidated.

Right now, it was precisely when the last trace of sunset glow disappeared.

Night descended.

Precisely at this moment, South Star Slope’s South Star Flowers bloomed, the entire slope instantly covered in white and yellow small flowers. A delicate fragrance spread outwards, as if it was a miracle.

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