Book 8 Chapter 16 - Mobile Fort


Lin Xi’s body surged with heat, a sword stabbing upwards, actually forcefully deflecting the giant shield that was smashing towards him like a meteor.

However, when this sword deflected this giant shield that was even heavier than him, his entire body’s heat seemed to have dropped sharply, there was actually a bit of weakness immediately appearing.

Even though he still hadn’t exhausted all of his soul force, continuously breaking through the limit, this eruption of strength made his body that didn’t have enough oxygen a bit unable to recover.

With his current situation, if he was given just the time to take a few deep breaths, he could recover. However, he didn’t have any time to breathe at all.

During his figure’s slight sluggishness, a blade was sent smashing down towards his face.

Lin Xi’s reaction was extremely fast, dropping down and then charging, directly throwing himself into the other party. The force of his shoulder directly sent this cave barbarian flying.

However, before he could exert force, a long handle battle-axe already hacked down on his back.

Pu chi! As if his body was struck by lightning, the power intuitively erupting within his flesh and bones made his figure directly shift forward quite a bit. However, this axe’s blade still moved across the black clothes on his back, producing a two feet long wound.

When they saw this scene, all of the Patrol Army soldiers couldn’t help but cry out. Ssss! Under the stimulation of pain, Lin Xi suddenly sucked in cold air through the gaps of his teeth. His chest felt pain because of a lack of air, bloodiness surging, but because of the stimulation of pain, his soul force erupted again, his body instead exceeding the limit in this instant, producing much more strength.

His body fiercely slid forward. When the large blade of the cave barbarian in front of him was brought down, the dagger in his hands already stabbed into his waist.

Blood gushed out, just happening to stab an important inner organ. That cave barbarian immediately lost his strength, his entire body becoming weak, as if a muscle was pulled.

Blood flowed down Lin Xi’s back as well, but his mind and capacity for perception were also stimulated. Everything around him instead became even more clear. Under the Patrol Army’s cries of alarm, his heart instead produced a feeling of pleasant surprise.

A rare gap that granted him a moment to breathe appeared behind him.

This gap was caused by the full strength toss of the cave barbarian cultivator in his direction. When the giant shield smashed over like a spinning comet, all of the cave barbarians in the way leapt to the side, creating this type of vacant area.

Even though this gap was quickly disappearing, for him, it was as clear as a path of light in a dark night.

Lin Xi quickly moved, cutting into that gap.

The moment he entered this open area, Lin Xi immediately felt the pressure lessen. 

Pu! Pu! 

Two sounds could be heard. In three steps, two cave barbarians who were closest to him had their throats hacked open by the emerald green dagger in his hands, blood gushing out like a fountain. They released strange cries from being unable to breath, standing rigidly there, momentarily not falling.

When they saw Lin Xi become even more valiant after being injured, the Patrol Army soldiers all felt hot blood surge in their chests. However, out of fear of distracting Lin Xi, they couldn’t charge forward. Momentarily, there was even blood coming out of some of their teeth from being clenched too tightly. Only those dozen or so archers forgot everything else, frantically firing arrows, not paying any attention to the condition of their fingers when they became bloody from being scraped by the bowstring.

Lin Xi adjusted his breathing and then took another dozen or so steps out. The pressure then became even lighter. He took a deep breath, leaping forward, getting rid of a cave barbarian soldier who charged over. When he felt the breath of fresh air and steady stream of soul force flowing in his dantian, the new strength that was generated, he instead suddenly discovered that he actually already forcibly slaughtered his way through, opening up a path through the cave barbarian formation, reaching the edge of this large cave barbarian group, already not far from the cave barbarian cultivator.

Right now, this cave barbarian cultivator’s leg injury was also already forcibly bound by several crude leather ropes. However, because the wound was too large, blood still continued to flow out, even making his bronze face appear exceptionally pale.

Even so, when he saw Lin Xi charge over, this cave barbarian expert still released a sky shaking roar. His left leg’s ropes instantly completely ruptured, his body once again leaping out in a heart raising manner, and then descending towards Lin Xi like a small mountain. Gripped in his hand was Lin Xi’s Daybreak Longsword, producing sounds of wind and thunder as it was brandished in the air.

Lin Xi’s body erupted with crazy power again as well, blasts of mud surging under his feet. In a single breath, he continuously took several steps, leaving all of the pursuing cave barbarians far behind him. Before the flying cave barbarian cultivator even had time to descend, Lin Xi already reached the area below him first.

The cave barbarian cultivator with heavy metal armor hanging from his entire body flew in the sky.

Lin Xi was under his feet. He raised his head.

This cave barbarian cultivator sensed a life-threatening aura through his body’s instinctive intuition. This made him release an explosive shout, doing everything he could to straighten his legs, fiercely stomping down towards Lin Xi’s head.

A ring of ripples surged out from beneath Lin Xi’s feet.

This was pure power.

Lin Xi held the blade with both hands, all of the power in his body erupting, gathering towards this skyward thrust.

The blade’s edge stabbed through this cave barbarian’s completely defenseless heel.

The cave barbarian cultivator released a sky shocking crazy roar. He wanted to continue stomping down without regard for his injuries, crush Lin Xi’s raised head.

However, when the sword’s edge pierced through his flesh and entered through his heel, it stabbed into his leg bone.

Lin Xi, who often practiced with the small bronze chest, grasped absolute precision at this moment.

His sword entered the leg bone, moving along his bone marrow.

Unimaginable pain made the cave barbarian cultivator’s body twitch intensely. When this foot descended, no matter how he tried, it couldn’t achieve what he wanted.

He roared crazily as he moved past Lin Xi’s head, impossible to hold the Daybreak Longsword firmly from his twitching, the sword itself thus falling off, stabbing into the ground.

A shower of blood poured over Lin Xi’s body.

Lin Xi turned around, pulling out the light green longsword stabbed into the ground.

The cave barbarian cultivator landed heavily on the ground, unable to stand up again. A crater was formed around him, his body continuously tumbling down the slope.

Light green longsword in his left hand, emerald green dagger in his right, Lin Xi stood there without moving, looking at the cave barbarian group below the slope.


South Star Slope’s Patrol Army entered a momentary stillness. Immediately afterwards, unimaginable sky shaking crazy roars sounded.

As if intimidated by Lin Xi’s gaze, as well as the crazy roars filled with indescribable iron-bloodedness, all of the cave barbarians that were rushing up the slope stopped. Then, all of these cave barbarians began to withdraw in ruin.

Lin Xi breathed heavily, looking at these cave barbarians.

Only now did he see that these cave barbarian soldiers who were only a hundred members strong now only had sixty or so when they withdrew.

His previous continuous fire and then the following assault, the Patrol Army’s barrage, killed more than thirty cave barbarian soldiers, while their side didn’t suffer a single casualty.

In a situation where there was only a cultivator like him overseeing things, this was truly an unimaginable battle accomplishment.

On the opposing Thorn Date Mound, all of the Fierce Edge Army also completely entered a state of silence.

There were still black arrows that continuously descended.

Lin Xi felt a bit of fatigue, but within his heart was a bit of happiness.

This was war… In this type of war, there was no right or wrong to speak of. He definitely wouldn’t feel happiness because of killing. However, the Yunqin soldiers he wanted to protect were all saved, thus making him feel happiness.

He slowly turned around, wishing to show the patrol soldiers who couldn’t rush down because of his military order a dazzling smile.

However, right at this time, he instead suddenly felt as if something wasn’t right, his body going a bit rigid.

When these cave barbarians withdrew, if they had the ability, they would definitely bring the corpses of their companions away. However, right now, these cave barbarians only brought away the seriously injured and those who couldn’t move, not bringing away the dead cave barbarians.

At this moment, he suddenly sensed that underneath his body, there was a fine trembling.

This fine trembling on South Star Slope, instead became a quaking of the ground.

All of the Patrol Army soldiers’ eyes shifted to beneath their feet.

Right at this time, the ground underneath several cave barbarian soldiers suddenly collapsed. There were several black-armored soldiers who suddenly fell into the opening.

A massive beast head rushed out from the earth, a massive body following immediately afterwards.

Almost half of the Patrol Army soldiers couldn’t stand still, flying outwards.

Giant lizard rider!

This was the main force the cave barbarians used to deal with Yunqin’s powerful equipment and cultivators, already appearing in many places. However, regardless of whether it was the Patrol Army or Lin Xi, this was a massive creature they had never seen before.

Only a single one rushed out from underground, but this giant lizard was even much larger than an ordinary giant lizard, its body almost four meters tall, its entire body’s dark green skin deep to the point of almost being black. Supported on its broad back were five giant spear wielding cave barbarian soldiers, all of them using tough and durable straps to remain seated on the vine saddle. Even when this giant lizard rose up, their bodies almost rising straight up, these cave barbarians still wouldn’t fall off.

Lin Xi’s pupils rapidly contracted.

He didn’t know what this was.

The first feeling this massive creature gave him was a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

He saw that the instant more than twenty Patrol Army soldiers were sent flying, this huge monster that rushed out from underground bit down on one of them.

That black-armored Patrol Army soldier’s will was like iron, not releasing a miserable cry, but his body was already torn open.

Blood sprayed out across South Star Slope.

Five giant spears immediately penetrated several Patrol Army soldiers’ bodies, sending them flying.

This giant lizard’s incredibly massive body, together with five massive spears, completely turned this giant lizard into a powerful mobile fort.

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