Book 8 Chapter 15 - Cleaving Through the Enemy Formation

Burning hot blood spurted out from the back of this cave barbarian cultivator’s thigh.

A loud dang noise sounded. The giant metal shield smashed fiercely into the ground, suddenly producing a deep depression on the ground. The powerful air that rushed out made the earth and South Star Flowers produce wave-like ripples on the ground.


All of the Patrol Army soldiers released world-shaking vicious roars again.

The hot blood within their bodies also began to boil.

They saw Lin Xi’s body tumble along these ripples, and then leap out.

The cave barbarian cultivator turned around with a crazy roar, raising the giant shield towards Lin Xi who just leapt out. However, because of the injury on his left leg, his body became a bit unsteady, movements unknowingly becoming much slower.

Lin Xi was already standing firmly, his breathing already a bit rushed, complexion also a bit abnormally flushed.

Normally, with the support of soul force, even if he ran a few hundred steps, it wouldn’t exhaust much of his stamina. However, his continuous movements just now, the strike he delivered and then evading the enemy’s counterattack, these rapid bursts of strength rapidly depleted his stamina.

However, he still didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

His feet tapped on the ground with an astonishing rhythm, his entire body like a flung willow branch, inclined as he arrived by this cave barbarian cultivator’s side. His sword slid along this cave barbarian cultivator’s shoulder armor, quickly grinding against this metal armor. It moved along the gap, cutting towards this cave barbarian cultivator’s protruding main artery.

The slightly red radiance on the cave barbarian cultivator’s body suddenly became a bit thicker, the temperature around him instantly rising a few degrees.

When the light green sword’s edge moved between his armor’s gaps that weren’t all that tight, already cutting through his skin, this square-faced giant’s left hand struck towards his shoulder. The sword released an even more ear-splitting grinding noise as it made contact with the metal armor. However, as if it got stuck in a stone wall, it couldn’t move forward at all.

His left hand stopped the longsword, the shield in his right hand hacking towards Lin Xi’s longsword wielding arm.

Lin Xi directly abandoned the sword. The cave barbarian cultivator turned his shield, moving it sideways. All cave barbarian soldiers were natural warriors, especially this type of cave barbarian cultivator who already used this soul weapon heavy armor shield blade for a long time, this weapon basically like an extension of his own right arm. That was why in his opinion, with a turn and drag, it was as if his own fist was turning, so there was no way the other party could evade in time. Even if there wasn’t a small half of his opponent’s arm cut off, there would be a large chunk of flesh that would be instantly removed.


Just like how he had imagined, the exceptionally sharp shield blade tore through the clothing covering Lin Xi’s arm, but immediately afterwards, what was released wasn’t the sound of flesh being cut, but rather the grinding noise of blade meeting sturdy metal.

A burst of sparks erupted from Lin Xi’s right arm.

His entire body instead curled up like a leopard cat as he rolled out towards this cultivator’s side.

An emerald green dagger appeared in his hand.

The emerald green dagger stabbed fiercely into the thigh that was penetrated by an arrow, cutting off nearly half of this thigh’s muscles, producing an enormous wound. Even a piece of thick armor that hung from that area was sent flying.

The cave barbarian cultivator released a sky shaking miserable howl.

Even if it was a cave barbarian warrior with great willpower like him, he still couldn’t endure the pain of having half his thigh hacked off.


The heavy shield in his hands smashed into the ground.

His injured leg that had half its flesh hacked off couldn’t endure his body’s weight, his body that looked like it would never collapse fell, kneeling down on one knee.

“Fire the arrows!”

On the slope, a bow using third level Patrol Army soldier released a mad roar.

He actually didn’t have any authority to go against military orders. When he issued the order at this time, it was actually already going against military regulations. However, when he saw that the archers at his side were already shocked to the point of freezing up a bit, he couldn’t help but release this shout with all of his strength.

It was because at this time, Lin Xi already leapt past this kneeling cave barbarian cultivator, continuing to charge forward.

Meanwhile, the remaining cave barbarian soldiers who were charging up were already less than twenty steps from him.

He understood all of Lin Xi’s intentions.

If they allowed close to double the number of cave barbarians to charge up the slope, then this was completely a one-sided massacre for the Patrol Army.

That was why Lin Xi had to charge down alone. He was going to cut into this entire cave barbarian group!

With the cave barbarians’ savage nature, they definitely wouldn’t separate and charge up, they would definitely rush up together. They would kill the most powerful archer among the Yunqin forces before their eyes first.

Lin Xi was a cultivator, even when facing this deity-like giant cave barbarian, in the time it took for sparks to fly off a flint, he made the other party kneel down. However, all of them understood clearly that unless it was those world-shocking experts who could treat cultivators like ordinary people, being surrounded by cave barbarian warriors with shocking strength and speed would still end in death.

That was why when Lin Xi rushed out, he ordered them to fire arrows towards him.

It was because only by relying on the arrows aimed around him, forming this restriction on the cave barbarians, did he have a chance of slaughtering his way out of the enemy forces, not ending up being surrounded and suffocated to death by these wall-like cave barbarians.

No one doubted this military order of his.

When he released this shout, all of the Patrol Army soldiers also completely understood Lin Xi’s intent.

Hot blood boiled in their chest, hot tears also appearing in their eyes.

Every single archer drew their bow with speeds exceeding their normal limit, continuously firing arrows.

Lin Xi shot through the cave barbarian group like a black arrow.

In an instant, he ‘bumped’ into three cave barbarian soldiers.

His Daybreak Longsword was already no longer in his hands, instead gripping Xue Wantao’s ‘Deep Spring’ dagger. That was why only when his body almost bumped into a cave barbarian’s chest, did the blade make a cut through the cave barbarian’s stomach. Immediately afterwards, his body slid under this cave barbarian’s armpit, evading the iron hammer a cave barbarian smashed towards his back. When another cave barbarian threw himself over from the side, his waist bent down, squatting down, and then he passed by that cave barbarian’s body. His blade struck out, moving across this cave barbarian’s ribs.

Lin Xi’s mind was concentrated to an unprecedented level.

From just this encounter, he seriously injured two of the three cave barbarian soldiers. However, these cave barbarian soldiers’ bodies were who knew how many times sturdier than ordinary soldiers. Even though blood gushed out crazily from those two cave barbarians’ bodies, they still didn’t collapse, still having fighting strength. In addition, he still had to pay attention to not being struck by the Patrol Army’s arrows.

Just like in the Direct Spear Strikes Trial, he definitely couldn’t stop in the slightest, always had to continuously move. As long as his body displayed the slightest sluggishness, held up by any cave barbarian or stalled by them, then there would definitely be two or three different weapons that would land on his body.

Arrows that descended from his own army, all types of irregular weapons, these cave barbarians’ bodies themselves… the situation he faced right now was more difficult than any training he encountered before.

When he previously rushed out from Yunqin local army’s encirclement in Three Reeds Peak, he still didn’t want to slaughter innocent Yunqin soldiers, purposely holding back. However now, he could only do his best to block every strike that was fatal for him, or leave behind some injuries on these cave barbarians’ bodies, unable to extravagantly hope for a single cut to make a cave barbarian lose their fighting strength.

He couldn’t rush things, he had to work through his enemies slowly. After all, even the most powerful enemies, when there were enough injuries, enough blood loss, their strength would still decline and then they would still die.

Because his mind was unprecedentedly focused, Lin Xi even felt as if his movements and the surrounding air flow became much slower than normal. However, in reality, the speed of his every action instead exceeded the normal limit. All of his body’s flesh and bones, because of this speed and movements that exceeded his normal limits, continuously released light pi pa exploding sounds.

On the opposite hill, Chen Yinxiu only watched silently and coldly, not issuing any orders, as if this battle had nothing to do with him.

However, his pupils instead continuously contracted. The breathing of all of the Fierce Edge Army soldiers behind him who were absolutely loyal to his orders also became exceptionally heavy, their bodies also releasing a strange trembling.

Lin Xi’s mind was more concentrated than ever before, exceeding his normal limit. He slaughtered his way through the cave barbarian troops. He didn’t feel much himself, but right now, this scene of charging through the cave barbarian formation, in others’ eyes, was exceptionally shocking.

He was already surrounded by the cave barbarian army, almost becoming the center of this cave barbarian troop. Right now, the only thing these cave barbarians were doing was sending the various weapons in their hands in his direction.

He continuously evaded these cave barbarians’ attacks with all different stances, as if he was threading his way left and right through this pile of people. Many of his stances looked like he lost his center of balance, as if he was going to fall, yet he just didn’t fall, still moving with extreme speed, instead leaving horrifying injuries on the cave barbarians around him, blood always spraying all around him.

Arrows rained down, continuously following him, scattering down on his surroundings.

In just an instant, more than ten cave barbarians were either directly killed by him, or they were killed by the descending arrows, their corpses covering the ground.

Even Lin Xi himself didn’t know just how many cave barbarian soldiers he killed.

He only felt like because of the continuous intense movements, his breathing couldn’t remain unobstructed, that he couldn’t take in enough oxygen. His chest became hotter and hotter, his arms and legs starting to become a bit sore.

Right at this time, he heard a terrifying wind noise attack at his back.

When he turned slightly, even his scalp turned slightly numb. The cave barbarian soldier who was originally kneeling actually forcibly stood back up, flinging the giant shield in his hands over.

Under his utterly horrifying strength, this giant shield turned into an expanse of flowing light, arriving before Lin Xi instantly, the intense wind noise almost preventing Lin Xi from keeping his eyes open.

Under this life and death critical moment, the soul force in Lin Xi’s dantian seemed to erupt on its own. Surging heat instantly flooded his entire body, even making his hair directly scatter about in the air.

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