Book 8 Chapter 14 - This is Precisely War

All of the Patrol Army soldiers understood how shocking Lin Xi’s archery was extremely well.

Last night, it was precisely these screaming arrow noises that scattered the shadow of death looming over their hearts, bringing them newfound radiance.

However, this was also the first time they saw Lin Xi fire arrows under this type of distance.

South Star Slope’s vertical distance was less than a hundred and thirty steps, the wind speed in Great Desolate Swamp extremely slow, flow extremely stable. For Lin Xi, hitting targets under this type of height wasn’t difficult at all. It was to the extent where he could achieve this effect even with ordinary arrows.

However, this type of arrow, for these soldiers, was already extremely shocking.

Moreover, this type of shock, for them, didn’t stop.


The moment that cave barbarian was shot, his body causing countless weeds to snap on the ground, a second screaming black arrow already landed on the body of the second cave barbarian rushing at the very front.

This cave barbarian fell heavily to the ground just like the one before him, sending large amounts of earth and grass flying.




This entire world seemed to have become completely suffused by this type of screaming wind noise.

With incomparable shock, all of the Patrol Army soldiers saw that Lin Xi’s entire figure and bow seemed to have become an incredibly harmonious entity. Under a strange and swift rhythm, the arrows, under his hands, seemed to have developed life, carrying a biting cold killing intent. Arrows descended one after another.

Lin Xi wasn’t someone who truly had Windstalker talent like Bian Linghan, but he indeed obtained the true Windstalker inheritance. In addition, his archery skill had always been above Bian Linghan’s.

Not a single arrow missed.

With each arrow, a cave barbarian would fall.

Even though he wasn’t a true Windstalker, he already thoroughly interpreted the power of Windstalkers. This type of shocking assassination was precisely the reason why all enemies of Yunqin in this world felt great fear towards the existence of Windstalkers, willing to use any means possible to kill them.

Lin Xi’s expression was stern as he continuously drew his bowstring, firing one arrow after another. He didn’t like war, but he knew that this was precisely war.

The slender and tall desolate tree forest covered most of the cave barbarians’ bodies, but as these cave barbarians ran crazily, making these slender and tall trees shake intensely, one was still able to obtain the most direct observation of their numbers.

This wasn’t a cave barbarian small troop, but rather a cave barbarian military group that exceeded a hundred members. This cave barbarian group made a detour from behind them, wishing to rescue a certain person or cave barbarian troop from Yunqin army’s encirclement.

He could tell that these cave barbarians still didn’t enter the range of the Black Stone Power Bows these Patrol Army soldiers carried, so he didn’t give the order yet.

However, right at this time, on the opposing Thorn Date Mound, a concentrated rain of arrows already roared outwards, pouring down over this spacious region.

Lin Xi’s expression suddenly went cold.

This rain of black arrows seemed exceptionally shocking, but because the range wasn’t good enough, unable to truly land on these cave barbarians, they only landed on the edge of this cave barbarian troop, stirring up countless blurred shattered green leaves.

A thunderous angry roar suddenly overwhelmed all other sounds in this world, erupting from the extremely chaotic grassland.

A cave barbarian appeared in everyone’s line of sight, crazily running towards the South Star Slope Lin Xi and the Patrol Army were on.

This was an exceptionally tall and sturdy, at least two meters tall cave barbarian, his scalp bald, head and body covered in tattoos and wounds.

The aura his body gave off was extremely hot, this making the bronze stone-like skin actually release a layer of faint red radiance.

Countless snapped leaves were sent into the air by the crazy winds his momentum produced, creating rustling noises.

On his body hung piece after piece of exceptionally thick metal armor, every piece not crushed and small like those of normal cave barbarians, forming  an almost complete set of armor. The thick armor covering his chest was a complete piece, covering the area below his throat to his thighs. On the thick and cold metal, one could clearly see green runes.

This was a piece of breastplate removed from a Yunqin cultivators’ soul weapon heavy armor!

Even though this cave barbarian wore this heavy armor, his figure exceptionally heavy, he could still travel five to six meters of distance with each step. It was as if a meteor crashed down, bouncing on the ground.

Xin Weigai and Kang Qianjue’s arms and legs immediately became ice-cold.

In the decades of time Yunqin’s military and cave barbarians fought, Yunqin army also long discovered that there were a few cave barbarians whose power and speed far exceeded that of ordinary cave barbarian experts.

When these types of experts moved powerfully, their blood temperature and blood flow speed far exceeded the normal level, to the extent where their body temperature would become scorching hot. This type of cave barbarian was equivalent to a cave barbarian cultivator. In terms of proportions, they were even rarer than Yunqin’s cultivators in Yunqin armies. Now, there was actually this type of cave barbarian who appeared before their eyes.

From the instant this cave barbarian leapt out with a thunderous roar, in Lin Xi’s eyes, this cave barbarian instantly became the only thing left in this world.

When Xin Weigai and the others only had time to see this cave barbarian’s near perfect armor, his body releasing faint red radiance, he already saw every piece of armor on this cave barbarian’s body as well as the extremely massive shield in his hands clearly.

This large shield exceeded half a person in height, similarly an entire piece of heavy soul armor breastplate or back armor. It looked extremely thick and sturdy, the edge actually already grinded into a sharp blade. This made it so that this giant shield, in the hands of this cave barbarian, was not only an extremely great defensive weapon, but also a heavy weapon that could easily hack open a warhorse.

Lin Xi’s right hand left the arrow quiver at his waist, removing a black arrow flickering with golden luster from his cloth bag with a turn of his hand.


An exceptionally shrill air tearing noise sounded again.

The instant this cave barbarian had just leapt out, this exceptionally steady, speed faster than any other arrow immediately reached this cave barbarian’s left leg, smashing into a piece of armor on his thigh.

The large shield in this cave barbarian’s hand, because of the shocking speed, already turned into a deep and cold metal stream from being thrusted downwards. However, because he was used to raising his arms upwards when he leapt out, this shield was also raised high into the air. That was why even though he had such fast reactions and astonishing speed, he still couldn’t stop this arrow.

Following an intense metal clashing noise, a blast of dazzling sparks and almost burning bloody mist erupted from this cave barbarian’s left leg at nearly the same time.

The cave barbarian fell.

The black fine metal arrow tore through the metal armor, entering his left leg, making his entire left leg tremble slightly. However, this cave barbarian still continued to charge crazily.

All of the cave barbarians who originally wanted to forcefully charge through the forest also began to crazily charge towards South Star Slope.

Lin Xi didn’t stop in the slightest, arrows were fired continuously, one after the other.

His arrows were already no longer aimed at the cave barbarian cultivator who seemed completely unaffected by his previous arrow, instead, they were aimed towards the cave barbarian troops following behind this cave barbarian cultivator.

Every single arrow landed on a cave barbarian’s body with incredible precision, causing a blast of blood radiance to shoot out.

In that instant, there were five cave barbarian soldiers who fell heavily onto the ground.


Lin Xi gave the order.

All of the rapidly breathing, minds already as tense as their bowstrings Patrol Army archers seemed to have finally been set free. They released a roar from deep within, using the fastest speed of their lives to continuously draw their bowstrings, fire arrows.

Several more cave barbarians fell after fierce roars.

However, under the obstruction of the weapons these cave barbarians continuously brandished, the number of arrows these nineteen archers could release seemed a bit too weak… meanwhile, these cave barbarians’ numbers, for their Patrol Army, were a bit too great.

At the very least, there were more than eighty strong and muscular cave barbarians that began to charge up the slope. Their thick and sturdy soles stepped heavily on the South Star Flowers that were about to bloom.

“For Yunqin!”

“For glory!”

Xin Weigai drew two black long blades, releasing a great roar.

All of the Patrol Army soldiers around him had extremely pale expressions. When faced with this terrifying bronze stone stream, not a single person shrunk back, all of them releasing wild beast-like roars.

Without the support of military arms, even if they formed a shield formation like before, there was no way they could stop the assault of this many cave barbarians.

For them, the final moment of sacrifice for their country had arrived.

“Do not charge!”

“This is a military order!”

However, at this time, an extremely severe voice erupted from Lin Xi’s throat.

What made all of their breathing stop was that Lin Xi began to take steps. After a momentary stillness, his entire body turned into a gust of black wind, rushing towards this bronze rock stream from this slope, charging towards that barbarian deity-like, great shield wielding cave barbarian cultivator.

Compared to this bronze stone stream, his figure seemed truly insignificant. However, it was precisely this insignificant figure that released an indescribable biting cold aura, making the titan giant-like cave barbarian’s expression unable to help but narrow, his eyes releasing even thicker red radiance.

Three black arrows shot out from in front of Lin Xi.

After firing three arrows while crazily charging forward, with a turn of Lin Xi’s hand, he threw away the Divine Pear Wood Bow.

The Divine Pear Wood Bow drew a long arc, landing behind Xin Weigai and the others.

Before the Divine Pear Wood Bow even landed on the ground, the three black arrows already separately landed on three cave barbarians’ bodies, releasing sound of penetrating flesh.

“In a bit, fire arrows in my direction! This is a military order!”

When the cave barbarians who were struck by arrows were either injured seriously or fell because of the impact or pain, or were unable to retain their balance, Lin Xi’s even colder order sounded again.

This ‘military order’, the two words he spoke, were decisive and unquestionable, carrying a formless power that made all of these Patrol Army soldiers remain where they were standing.

An even more explosive and thunderous voice erupted from the shield bearing cave barbarian cultivator’s throat. His right hand single-handedly brandished the giant shield, fiercely cleaving at the waist of Lin Xi who instantly rushed up to him.

Time seemed to have frozen at this instant.

When the blade’s pressing cold light almost made contact with Lin Xi’s clothes, his entire figure suddenly leaned back with inconceivable speed, his entire body sliding under the massive shield just like that.

An expanse of black-colored cloth and several strands of hair were severed by the shield’s sharp blade, scattering across the sky.

However, at the same time, Lin Xi already drew the light green longsword on his back.

His body also released a slight yellow radiance. The longsword struck out, the sword body striking fiercely against that armor penetrating arrow nailed into this cave barbarian’s leg.

The fine metal arrow that was originally mostly exposed outside, with a pu noise, completely entered this cave barbarian’s extremely thick leg because of this strike. The arrow’s tip came out from the side of his leg, and then with a ding noise, struck the metal heavy armor covering the back of his thigh.

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