Book 8 Chapter 13 - Want You to Live

Lin Xi sat in a South Star Flower cluster that hadn’t bloomed yet, drawing circles on the ground before him with a dry stick.

He was someone Vice Principal Xia and Xiao Mingxuan designated as someone with ‘Divine General’ aptitude, so the academy would naturally invest more into him than into any of the others.

However, Vice Principal Xia and Xiao Mingxuan definitely wouldn’t allow Lin Xi to wantonly enjoy the academy’s resources, directly let Lin Xi use the academy as a backing, treat the academy like his own weapon.

True experts definitely didn’t come from greenhouses.

Regardless of whether it was Wenren Cangyue who shocked an entire region, or the Great Mang cultivator Roadside Li Ku who could march into an army alone, purge a first rank general and his trusted aid, they all relied on their own strength to become powerful step by step.

The academy wanted Lin Xi to figure things out himself, to investigate on his own, to cultivate on his own.

It was because for Vice Principal Xia and Xiao Mingxuan… there was no way the academy could forever be a backing for a ‘Divine General’. When Lin Xi truly became a ‘Divine General’, the academy would instead rely on him.

If one didn’t often think for themselves, they would forget how to think. Their ability to judge would become weaker and weaker, becoming less and less intelligent.

If one didn’t cultivate on their own, even if Green Luan Academy invested a large amount of pill medicines and mending foods on one person, they would only at most raise them straight to State Knight level. Due to the fundamental changes of a cultivator’s body, all spiritual pills, once State Knight level was reached, wouldn’t be of any use anymore. In addition, purely relying on the effects of spiritual pills would only make a cultivator forget what true cultivation was.

Lin Xi didn’t know that Vice Principal Xia was doing his best to guide him, doing his utmost to push him down his own Divine General path.

However, he was already used to facing problems himself, to think over issues himself.

Just from looking at some seemingly senseless and childish circles, he already thought through many issues.

This type of fire beacon could only mean that there are already quite a few border army troops who entered Great Desolate Swamp, and if they had to defend it to the death… This meant that there was only one possibility, which was that they had to seal up someone extremely important to Yunqin.

Perhaps only the leader who made the cave barbarians undergo such huge changes could make Yunqin’s military become willing to pay any price and wantonly enter the depths of the Great Desolate Swamp that signified tremendous sacrifices.

In order to defeat this type of cave barbarian leader, the first net was definitely not enough, so even if the cave barbarian troop this leader was in just happened to break out from its current position, Lin Xi was certain that Yunqin military placed many more layers of arrangements behind his Patrol Army. Now that the order to defend to the death was released, this meant that Yunqin military’s layers of defense were already complete, already reaching the endgame.

The final endgame was naturally the final battle of this military campaign.

Great Desolate Swamp was the cave barbarians’ territory, their home ground. This would undoubtedly become a heaven shocking great battle.

Lin Xi sometimes indeed didn’t care about some aspects of glory. If he faced this type of clearly unfair stationing order, he might not respect it, but he clearly understood that Xin Weigai and these patrol army soldiers were different from himself, that they wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives in defending this place to the end.

It was precisely this type of spirit and glory that supported Dragon Snake Border Pass, supported this empire. That was why he was filled with pure respect for these soldiers, that was why he was willing to fight shoulder to shoulder with them. He was going to do everything he could to make these soldiers come out of this alive with him.

After thinking through what kind of thing was currently happening here, Lin Xi closed his eyes, starting to try and enter meditation cultivation, recover his soul force.

It was because ever since the very first Green Luan Academy meditation cultivation class, he already learned that even on a battlefield of slaughter, true experts could still enter meditation cultivation to replenish their soul force.

He had to become precisely this type of expert.


A giant sole was inserted deeply into the swamp’s mud, but it was powerless to come back up. Then, following a final cry, a massive body riddled with scars collapsed into the swamp, unable to crawl back up.

It was unknown as to whether this region was too vast, or if it was because they were always wandering about inside, searching for a way out, but this troop that originally consisted of thirty injured giant lizards and a hundred fifty something cave barbarians was still moving across the swamp filled with giant black lotus flowers.

Only, this current troop clearly already experienced an intense battle. If this giant lizard that just collapsed from injuries that were too severe was included, then this troop only had eight giant lizards and seventy something cave barbarians left.

The black-robed woman was still sitting on the back of a giant lizard.

Under the black robe was a green cloak.

The green cloak covered her picturesque facial features, her facial expressions impossible to make out. However, indescribable grief could be seen from her green eyes.

When the giant lizard behind her collapsed from its serious injuries and lack of stamina, this entire troop didn’t listen to her commands, instead stopping.

The bodies of the four largest cave barbarians released the most scorching hot heat, and then they arrived before her. They gave her a bow and then spoke with her, speaking words only the cave barbarians and herself could understand.

It was because in the cave barbarian’s legends, the green-eyed ones who came from east of Great Desolate Swamp were holy beings sent from the heavens to help them. Meanwhile, from the moment she entered the Great Desolate Swamp, she taught them many things, allowing all of the cave barbarian tribes to understand the significance of her existence for them. That was why all of the cave barbarians viewed her as a holy woman. All of the words she spoke and all of the orders she gave them were treated as oracles from heaven, never carrying the slightest bit of opposition, even less so disobedience.

However, right now, these cave barbarians went against her orders for the first time, stopping, asking her to leave.

It wasn’t because she led them into a great defeat, it wasn’t because they doubted her or wanted to abandon her. The reason why they wanted her to leave was because in their eyes, she was still the holy woman that would never change.

It was only because they understood that escaping on her own was much simpler and easier than escaping with all of them.

It was only because if she brought all of them with her, there was almost no chance of escaping the Yunqin elite soldiers’ and powerful cultivators’ pursuit.

They wanted her to live.

However, how could she just abandon these people?

It was precisely because of some miscalculations on her part, her miscalculations regarding Yunqin’s military and cultivators’ power that led to this great defeat. Right now, how could she have the heart to leave alone?

She felt sadness. When faced with these cave barbarians’ pleas, she decisively shook her head and rejected them.

What she got in return from her reply, was blood.

The four most powerful cave barbarian warriors brandished the weapons they carried, hacking towards their own throats.

She was alarmed, her petite body fluttering down from the giant lizard’s body. However, even with all of her strength, she only managed to knock the blades out of the hands of the two cave barbarians in front of her. The blades of the other two cave barbarians still hacked at their own throats, releasing chi chi noises, scattering into the air along the ice-cold metal blade surface.

Surging hot tears poured down from her green pupils. However, she saw that all of the remaining cave barbarians all decisively raised the blades in their hands, placing them by their own necks.

She couldn’t help but weep, starting to sob like an ordinary helpless girl. However, she could only nod.

This green-eyed girl who managed to stir up all of Yunqin Empire cried bitterly like an ordinary girl, stepping on the black lotus leaves while leaving in a solitary manner.

Dusk was when Great Desolate Swamp was the most magnificent.

The setting sun’s brilliance cast all types of magnificent colors across Great Desolate Swamp’s dark clouds and miasma.

Xin Weigai was silently lying on the ground on a tall slope in front of Lin Xi.

In regards to military war and tactical matters, he thought through things even more thoroughly than Lin Xi. Ever since that red fire beacon was ignited, he already changed his original orders, having all of the Patrol Army soldiers ignore everything outside and rest. It was to the extent where he didn’t even send out sentries, only staying behind with Kang Qianjue to take turns keeping watch. He didn’t even order the patrol army to dig out any pitfalls or make other types of defensive fortifications. It was because he understood extremely clearly that on this type of slope, unless it was a three meters deep pit, it was completely useless against the incoming cave barbarian soldiers. As for other large scale work, with the Patrol Army’s current strength, it was completely impossible to complete. In the end, the Patrol Army itself was a search and arrest Patrol Army, not a powerful troop equipped with much powerful equipment.

Before the setting sun fell, the horizon even more so became an irregular blood red color.

Suddenly, Xin Weigai’s body went rigid, as if he was suddenly frozen by a blast of cold air.

He saw that between the two mountains, between the slightly blurry wind grassland and forest, under the twilight glow, there was some abnormal activity. Moreover, this activity came from Dragon Snake Mountain Range.

He knew that some things were finally arriving. After taking a deep breath, he flicked a rock backwards, onto Kang Qianjue who was sleeping behind him.

Kang Qianjue opened his eyes, forcefully blinking his eyes a few times to immediately become clear-headed. Then, following a shout, all of the Patrol Army soldiers opened their eyes.

When these patrol army soldiers silently gathered towards the highest point of this southern slope, Lin Xi also opened his eyes.

He raised the Divine Pear Wood Bow and a quiver of black arrows at his side, silently and swiftly arriving at Xin Weigai’s side.

Right at this time, a black arrow carried a screaming wind noise as it flew out from Thorn Date Mound where Fierce Edge Army was stationed, shooting towards that somewhat irregularly moving grassland.

Because the power behind it wasn’t enough, even if it was shot from the very top of the hill, this black arrow still landed forty something steps from that place, no traces to be found again.

There weren’t any oral commands used to differentiate friend and foe that sounded, so these weren’t Yunqin soldiers who wished to pass through this place.

Muffled wild beast-like roars sounded. Exceptionally large and tall figures began to crazily run through the wild grassland forest, wishing to break out into the deeper, vaster Great Desolate Swamp.

The Patrol Army’s archers all stood up. Even though their pupils all began to rapidly contract as more and more large and tall figures appeared, the nineteen black archers’ figures seeming exceptionally insignificant in this world, they still stood up without hesitation, raising their bows.

“None of you aren’t in range yet, so do not fire any arrows. When you all are within firing range, I will instruct you all to fire.”

Right at this time, Lin Xi’s incredibly certain voice entered their ears.

Lin Xi was still far beneath Xin Weigai in terms of military command, but towards the firing range of bows, he had absolute certainty.

When all of the Patrol Army archers stopped because of his words, he already picked up a black arrow in an extremely flowing manner.


A black comet carried a visible vortex of air, falling towards the ground fiercely.

A crazily running large and tall cave barbarian suddenly felt as if he was rammed into by a wooden tree, a blast of blood erupting from his body. His body was also like a chunk of wood, slamming into the earth fiercely.

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