Book 1 Chapter 27 - Cultivation Cultivation

“Reverence binds a person, tradition can establish conviction. The reason the principal set this rule should also be connected to what he said here. However, the freshman dormitory’s first rule is a bit strange and unreasonable.”

Qiu Lu suddenly said this. The first half seemed to have some depth, but the latter half made many people roll their eyes. To go from the emblems representing glory to the first rule of not being allowed to enter other people’s rooms, this line of thinking really was jumping a bit too far.

“This was set by the principal, so there is definitely a special reasoning behind it.” There were some among the new students who didn’t really approve of this tender-faced but overbearing youngster, so someone immediately spoke out.

Qiu Lu sneered and said, “Who said that whatever the principal said is definitely right? I recall that before coming, the professor has told us that we can call any part of our Green Luan Academy into question.”

Perhaps because he felt like using the principal’s own words against the principal’s regulations, this type of comeback was extremely good, Qiu Lu’s pretty little face revealed a bit of a pleased expression.

However, the single-eyed black-robed lecturer instead spoke in a cold voice without the slightest hesitation. “What the principal said, is naturally correct.”

Qiu Lu’s face went momentarily blank, but he was still unconvinced, saying, “I didn’t have any intention of disrespecting Principal Zhang, but nobody is perfect. If we are to say that the principal’s words are completely true, isn’t this a bit too extreme?”

“When I say that the principal’s words are naturally correct, it isn’t because he is a perfect person, but because he is extremely strong, strong to the point where no one in all of Yunqin Empire can defeat him.” The single-eyed lecturer said coldly.

Qiu Lu’s small face paled, suddenly recalling that if he was trying to argue with someone who was undefeated throughout Yunqin Empire, if he was wrong… the other side could easily beat him to death, so they were naturally correct.

The corners of Lin Xi’s lips instead produced a hint of a smile. It seemed like that middle-aged uncle really brought many changes to this world full of antiquity. Even the words this single-eyed black-robed lecturer had just spoken were already enough to give one a vague sense of the academy’s way of handling things.

The single-eyed black-robed lecturer gave the quiet Qiu Lu a look, and then said, “Now, I will teach you all some of the most basic academy rules. Apart from our Self Defense Department’s required courses, the entire academy has several dozen optional courses that can be chosen from… the detailed course list and other information will be posted on your freshman dormitory’s entrance. Once you all have earned enough course credits, you may leave the freshman dormitory, there are even more courses and experiences you all can choose from.”

“The lesson I am teaching you all today, is a required course for all departments, Soul Force Cultivation.”

Just this sentence alone immediately made this entire tranquil valley’s riverside grass hut become completely silent.

“It’s finally starting.” Lin Xi’s attention was completely seized, focused on the single-eyed black-robed lecturer.

“If we view our bodies simply as a shell that houses the soul, then the blood that flows through our bodies is precisely what drives this shell to eat, sleep, walk… the source of all movement and power. Meanwhile, soul force can also be interpreted simply as something similar to blood in our bodies. Only, the soul force of normal people is too weak, to the extent where it can’t even be sensed, unable to display any use.”

“With the assistance of meditation and some medicine, our soul force can become stronger and stronger, from this become useful. In the beginning, it can allow us to control the circulation of blood and qi within our bodies, change the functionalities of our flesh, increase our strength. When one trains it to an even higher level, it can develop substance, be used to kill the enemy.”

“In reality, almost all of the meditation methods are virtually the same. The key lies in a calm mind. For all cultivation places like the academies and sects, all known spiritual medicines that could assist in cultivation stop working once one reaches the fourth level. After one’s soul force forms a core, they won’t have anymore use.”

There wasn’t a hint of noise in the entire grass hut, because every single new student knew that Self Defense Department’s greatest purpose was to face the enemy, to stop killing through killing. Meanwhile, soul force was the source of most of their enemies’ methods and strength. This was why even if there were some parts they were confused over, they still didn’t dare interrupt the single-eyed lecturer out of fear of missing out on some vital information.

“A calm mind refers to a peaceful heart, to not be distracted by anything, forget all sense of object and self, forgetting the flesh, only sensing one’s spirit and soul.”

The single-eyed black-robed lecturer slowly but clearly continued, “For all cultivators in this world, the most difficult part is sensing where one’s soul, one’s spirit is. We know that all of our observations, actions, and thoughts are influenced by our spirit and soul, yet we are unable to find it.”

“Even though ‘when one sits long enough, there will be enlightenment’, as long as one truly enters a state of meditation, even if one cannot sense their own soul force, in reality, the soul force would still experience some growth. However, for a normal person, the amount of time needed is often far too long, which is why for the overwhelming majority of those in this world, they won’t be able to break through this juncture and become a cultivator.”

“Generally speaking, in the dead of night, when all things are silent, this is when it is the easiest to enter a state of meditation, the effects of cultivation the most optimal. That is why once night falls, it is precisely the beginning for each cultivator. Meanwhile, when cultivators enter meditation cultivation, if another cultivator approaches and causes a disturbance in the soul force, it might very well cause the meditating cultivator to experience terrifying consequences. From what I have seen, there were some who became half paralyzed, with some even becoming idiots. That is why this was also the principal’s strict rule, the true reason why the students, under no circumstances, are allowed to enter another’s room.”

After saying these things, the single-eyed black-robed lecturer produced a white jade pill bottle from within his robes. He looked at the new students who were waiting for his next words. “Each person gets one. After obtaining it, all of you are to immediately swallow it.”

“Many of you might already know, but this is a Clear Truth Pill, something unique to our Green Luan Academy. It can help you all obtain the breakthrough you all need to sense your own soul force in your path of cultivation.” While looking at the new students whose eyes immediately began to burn with desire, the single-eyed lecturer said with a nod.

An emerald green pill medicine the size of a soybean landed in Lin Xi’s hands.

This pill medicine had a soft luster, as if it was packed with the southern provinces’ jade-colored misty rain. The fragrance it released was a bit similar to that of cape jasmine.

“The academy that was reformed by you really is direct…”

Lin Xi smiled bitterly, shaking his head inwardly, swallowing this pill.

During the difficult trek from Summer Spirit Lake to this Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, the academy’s professors already revealed that the reason why this academy was powerful was because of the cultivation conditions and great amount of resources that could be acquired more than once, but he still didn’t expect this Green Luan Academy to actually be this direct, giving out this type of pill medicine on the very first lesson.

Just from the single-eyed black-robed lecturer’s brief introduction and the expressions of those golden spoon youngsters who clearly knew the value of this pill, Lin Xi already knew that this pill medicine was definitely shockingly precious.

The pill seemed to dissolve upon contact. It was sweet and sour, just like the taste of a kiss.

The single-eyed black-robed lecturer watched as everyone ingested the pill medicine. He coldly said, “You all can now start to enter a clear state of mind, forget the physical and the self, start meditating.”

“Meditate right here?” Several golden spoon youngsters cried out in shock, “Teacher, didn’t your respected self just say that only in the middle of the night is it the best time to enter meditation? Moreover, we are all so close to each other…”

Even though the grass hut was quiet, there was still water murmuring and birds chirping, a light breeze blowing past from time to time. These were things that could easily cause distractions. Moreover, everyone was so close to each other. For those who had some experience with cultivation, this place really wasn’t that suitable for cultivation.

However, the single-eyed black-robed lecturer’s expression became ice-cold, carrying mockery, berating with a stern voice, “With your current cultivation levels, even if you were to cultivate all together, how can your soul force possibly influence those around you? Moreover, once I am able to teach you how to meditate even in this type of place, when you all return to the freshman dormitory and cultivate yourselves at night, would there be any more issues? Close your eyes, you all are not permitted to speak! From here on out, only when I tell you all to open your eyes will you all open your eyes again.”

Lin Xi closed his eyes, full of expectations, but he instead heard the single-eyed black-robed lecturer continue in a strict voice, “Those who are cultivating for the first time and those who cannot meditate, you all can use breathing, awareness, guidance, these three methods. When your tongue touches the roof of your mouth, when your saliva enters your belly, picture heavenly water pouring into your throat, irrigating your entire body, and then bring this cycle back to the start. Slowly clear your mind of everything, allow your mind to become completely empty.”

Lin Xi didn’t act stubbornly, not planning to completely rely on sitting quietly alone to challenge that self forgetting state of meditation, instead doing things as he was taught by the single-eyed black-robed lecturer.

Before this, he had never came into contact with something like soul force cultivation. However, Lin Xi, who viewed himself as a tourist, had a mind that was much more pure and bright than most people in this world. He didn’t have any restraints like fame and profit holding him back, which was why what left even himself shocked was that he entered the so-called meditation state even faster than Tang Ke and those other ‘border barbarians’ who had already cultivated for several years.

The creek released soft murmuring sounds, birds chirping amidst fragrant flowers, a gentle breeze blew past. At first, what appeared were the swaying weeds on Deerwood Town’s ‘Timely Wind and Rain’ memorial arch, the figures of two adults and one child standing at the head of the town with an old yellow dog, but this only made his mind become even more peaceful. He gradually forgot his own existence, as if he was now standing in the endless void. In his line of sight, there was only a lump of green light that resembled a roulette. Meanwhile, next to the green light was a wave of heat that gathered, slowly forming a moving golden radiance.

The single-eyed black-robed lecturer quietly watched this group of Self Defense Department new students.

The radiance outside the grass hut went from weak to strong, and then gradually became weak once more. Most of the Self Defense Department new students whose eyes were closed, yet their faces still had changes in expression from time to time, also gradually became exceptionally peaceful. There were several Self Defense Department new students who instead released snoring sounds.

“Alright, open your eyes!”

Following a fierce and sharp shout from the single-eyed black-robed lecturer, the calm and peaceful Lin Xi and the other Self Defense Department new students’ bodies trembled, opening their eyes, the faces of the students who released snoring sounds immediately flushing red. Lin Xi was immediately stunned, because the world around him had unknowingly already changed from early morning to nighttime.

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