Book 8 Chapter 9 - New Military Orders

The collapsed ancient rock house’s entrance was completely plugged up, only a tiny hole that barely allowed one person to make their way in left was left open.

Even though this was like a dog cave, it still carried more dignity and true glory than those corrupted, craven and cowardly officials’ gorgeous halls.

When they saw Lin Xi’s familiar figure appear at the foot of the hill, the chests of the two patrol army soldiers who climbed to the arrow hole at the very top became a bit heated again.

They didn’t know that Lin Xi had his ‘Divine General’ ability, that even if he entered the mountain forest to investigate and encountered the cave barbarians’ encirclement, he could still return to ten halts ago to protect himself. That was why for them, Lin Xi daring to do this type of scouting without any regard for the danger was even more worthy of their respect.

A Yunqin cavalry troop stopped on a hilltop.

This Yunqin cavalry troop didn’t have many people, roughly a hundred riders. However, their bodies and the horses below them were all covered in shining black-scaled armor, as if they were two parts of a whole.

Apart from the three-edged spears with deep bloody grooves, these soldiers all carried giant crossbows covered in black oil, the materials which they were made of impossible to tell.

The inner composition of these crossbows that were half a person tall couldn’t be seen either, but the four crossbow arrows exposed outside flickered with a deep green gleam.

This was Yunqin Dragon Snake Border Army’s Fierce Edge Army, their main duty precisely to quickly provide reinforcements and pass on military orders.

The crossbows they carried were called Fierce Teeth Crossbows, on the inside were curled steel bars, ready to fire arrows with just the press of the trigger. Even though it could only fire four shots and if one wanted to reload it, they needed special equipment and the cooperation of several individuals, the penetrative force of this crossbow was far greater than that of ordinary crossbows. Moreover, when equipped with the poison on the arrows, even if it was a powerful cave barbarian soldier, as long as it entered their bloodstream, they would quickly lose their strength.

Right now, they weren’t far from the ancient rock house where Lin Xi and the Patrol Army were, able to clearly see the smoke that was clearly different from the night scene. However, under the orders of a handsome and cold valiant faced commander, even though everyone in this troop knew that this smoke represented a call for help, this Fierce Edge Army instead didn’t make any movements at all.

Because the organizational structure and factions were different, right now, there were some commanders in this white mountains black waters Dragon Snake Border Army who had no idea that there was already a great battle that took place at the north-east front two days ago, but there were some commanders who already knew.

When great generals devised battle plans against powerful enemies, in the last few decades, there were some commanders and soldiers who, for the sake of greater benefits, would make sacrifices. Many of them wouldn’t even know what the purpose of the missions they carried out represented, but they were still absolutely loyal to carrying out the higher ups’ orders, to the extent where they might even sacrifice their lives for the country, forever remaining in this land.

This Fierce Edge Army’s commander Chen Yinxiu was precisely one of those who knew about these events that took place elsewhere.

He already knew about the huge battle that took place, he also knew that for the sake of capturing or killing the cultivator who changed the cave barbarians, there were over ten thousand Yunqin soldiers and cultivators who entered the depths of Great Desolate Swamp, sent to places Yunqin normally never went to, doing this to outflank and stop the fleeing cave barbarian army.

This battle was definitely going to be recorded in Yunqin’s history, its significance extremely great. He felt inspired, felt great honor in being able to experience this battle.

At the same time, he also knew that under the pressure of powerful armies and some powerful cultivators who infiltrated deeply into the marsh, the cave barbarian army fleeing in disorder already had no choice but to continue moving, moreover continuously approach Dragon Snake Mountain Range. They could only flee along the swamp near Dragon Snake Mountain Range’s mountains. Moreover, he knew that for the sake of rescuing the cultivator who came from behind Great Desolate Swamp, many cave barbarians who received news already hurried over. Even in some areas down south where there was no way they could make it over in time, there were large traces of cave barbarian activity, as if they were going to display force to stop more Yunqin troops from being mobilized.

He also knew that the woman who led the defeated cave barbarian soldiers out from Yunqin army’s encirclement was already extremely close to Sheep Point Field Mountain’s region.

The mobilization of all of Sheep Point Field Mountain region’s troops was precisely because of this.

Chen Yinxiu knew these things, so he naturally also understood what he was doing right now extremely clearly.

He was also loyally carrying out orders from above.

He knew that his own army and Lin Xi’s Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Army were nothing more than two small pieces on some people’s chess board.

Meanwhile, there were some people in front of this chess board who didn’t wish to see Lin Xi walk out of Dragon Snake Mountain Range alive. Those people who were in front of the chess board knew that this place was the true dangerous area. What they had to do, was merely issue the order to send the Patrol Army into this dangerous place.

His Fierce Edge Army had already arrived at this forest when the smoke signal was released, but what he never expected was that even now, that clear smoke was still burning.

The clear smoke was still burning, meaning that the Patrol Army still hadn’t been wiped out. Because the cave barbarians, despite being stupid, still clearly understood that the fire beacon was a communication method used by the army, when they won, they would immediately put it out.

Since he knew that this smoke still hadn’t gone out, further waiting was meaningless. This Yunqin commander who Lin Xi would definitely think looked similar to film star Raymond Lam lightly clenched his fist, and then the entire Fierce Edge Army followed him along the crushed stone path Yunqin’s border army laid more than ten years ago.

The Patrol Army soldiers who still slept soundly on the stone floor despite losing their sleeping bags, recovering their strength, felt the ground tremble. The one standing guard at the top saw a black stream of steel rushing over.

Xin Weigai, Lin Xi and Kang Qianjue left this rock house. Meanwhile, the other Patrol Army soldiers were ordered to continue resting in the rock house.

Greeting these orderly troops didn’t require more people. Meanwhile, in this type of place, all commanders would do their best to let their own troops recover their strength.


While looking at the Fierce Edge Army who was getting closer and closer, Xin Weigai suddenly spat out a heavy clump of spittle towards the ground.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Xi looked at him in a bit of confusion, quietly asking this. Previously, when Kang Qianjue left the rock house together with them, Xin Weigai’s mood was clearly entirely different. What Xin Weigai expressed now was completely undisguised anger.

“Dragon Snake Border Army has a total of five breeds of horses. Blackcloud, Shortfoot Blackhair Colt, Ash Carrier Horses, Yellow Bristle Horses, and Wyvern Colts.”

Xin Weigai’s expression was a bit unpleasant, but for the sake of letting Lin Xi learn more things, he explained in great detail, “Blackclouds have the most explosive force and are capable of bearing the most weight, their sizes also the greatest, so they are used for heavy cavalry. Shortfoot Blackhair Colts have the greatest endurance, the best at climbing slopes, moreover capable of drinking dirty water, mainly used for long and difficult treks. Ash Carrier Horses’ endurance and weight bearing are both excellent, but their appetites are quite great, movement quite cumbersome as well, speed extremely slow, mainly used to pull carriages and transport army provisions or military equipment. Yellow Bristle Horses are ordinary military horses, capable of charging across open plains, but incapable of entering the forest. This is especially the case in Dragon Snake Border Army’s forest, unable to even evendure the bites of some small bugs and ants, only used on some wide meadow regions along the border. Wyvern Colts are these horses that use light armor, both their speed and endurance quite good, not fearing forests, but they cannot carry too much weight. If they run for too long, the white air and froth coming from their mouths and nose would be stronger, you will be able to tell.”

Lin Xi naturally looked towards the mouths and noses of the black-scaled armored horses that were getting closer and closer, immediately understanding that the things that he had to learn in this land of white mountains black waters were just too many. He also had a revised point of view towards Xin Weigai, knowing that even though the other party was frank, his mind was extremely meticulous.

“Finding a random reason isn’t difficult, so even if we know they didn’t hurry over through a long and difficult journey, to the extent where they might even have been waiting somewhere, watching our fight and not interfering, there is no way we can accuse them of any crimes, right?” Lin Xi’s good intentions towards this troop completely vanished, turning around to face Xin Weigai and Kang Qianjue, saying a bit coldly.

Xin Weigai and Kang Qianjue didn’t respond, both of them only nodding.

“Since there is no way of punishing them, then there is no meaning in becoming hostile with them.” Lin Xi said quietly in a calm manner. “Then there is no harm in enduring it for now, to become hostile when we need to become hostile.”

Xin Weigai and Kang Qianjue both stared blankly, both of them re-examining Lin Xi’s calm and quiet face. During this night, they already fully experienced this seemingly mischievous young commander’s courage and hot-bloodedness, while now, they understood that Lin Xi was also more intelligent than normal tender youngsters, that he was much more reserved and cool-headed.

The extremely orderly Fierce Edge Army rushed up the hill.

When they saw that cave barbarian corpse, and then the traces of battle in the surroundings, all of the Fierce Edge troops behind Chen Yinxiu felt an inward chill.

Chen Yinxiu got off his horse, bowing slightly in greeting. When he saw Lin Xi who was standing in front of Xin Weigai and Kang Qianjue, he knew that this was the objective of his mission this time.

Lin Xi bowed slightly, returning the greeting, sure enough feeling like this person looked quite like Raymond Lam. Moreover, judging from the sense of hidden power when he got off the horse, as well as his breathing force that exceeded normal people, he knew that this heroic and cold commander was also a cultivator.

“Chen Yinxiu, Sheep Point Field Mountain Fierce Edge Army Commander.”

After introducing himself without the slightest extra words, this heroic and cold-faced commander even more so asked in a simple and direct manner, “A cave barbarian small troop or large troop? How are the casualties?”

Xin Weigai and Kang Qianjue endured their emotions after Lin Xi’s words, both sides starting to talk.

After just receiving the answer to the two questions he asked, knowing what happened here, Chen Yinxiu then said in an extremely simple manner, “The military situation has changed… the higher ups have ordered to hurry towards South Star Slope and set up defenses tomorrow afternoon.”


Xin Weigai and Kang Qianjue couldn’t help but release a low shout at the same time.

South Star Slope was behind Blackland Canyon, a place that reached dozens of li into Great Desolate Swamp. They had to head there by tomorrow afternoon, which meant that there was no way the Patrol Army had much time for rest.

“Our Fierce Edge Army will arrive at Thorn Date Mound next to South Star Slope and set up defenses early tomorrow morning.”

Chen Yinxiu didn’t pay the two’s reactions much attention, only coldly saying this, and then handed a black order banner into Lin Xi’s hands.

The triangular small flag made entirely from thin black iron had a dragon and snake symbol engraved on it.

Then, this heroic and cold general thus got back onto his horse under clanging sounds, the entire Fierce Edge Army who never got off their horses instantly turned into a stream of black steel, following him towards Blackland Canyon.

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