Book 8 Chapter 8 - Who is Getting Revenge

This was an unimaginable land, a truly epic scene.

The night sky was black, red blood dyeing the earth.

The watery mist was even a true black color, thick like a black city that towered on the great earth.

The blood red color on the ground was like a thick blanket that continuously released sand and stone rustling noises.

This red color that extended limitlessly across the originally black ground was all alive… They all had large compound eyes, the size of a thumb, entirely blood red, looking like extremely bloody giant ants.

Within sturdy black leather armor, light steel plate armor, heavy cavalry thick bronze armor and even heavy armor covered in runes, were snow-white skeletal remains.

Next to the deathly still armor and remains were many giant bird skeletal remains.

These were the corpse eating giant vultures unique to Great Desolate Swamp.

The large amount of bloodiness drew in these blood-thirsty birds of prey… these strictly carnivorous birds were the final ending for all corpses in Great Desolate Swamp. However, in this place, when they descended, they instead also became sets of white bones.

Two cultivators sat at the edge of this blood red great earth, listening to the grinding and biting noises of these bloodthirsty giant ants.

To the left was a black-armored Yunqin military officer whose face was covered in thick black cloth, an especially massive brass Hawkeye hanging at his waist. On his back was a massive snow-white dual-bladed soul weapon battle-ax even taller than his body, this even more so allowing one to recognize he was a cultivator from a single glance. Standing at his right was a meager yellow browed middle-aged sword master with a pinewood longsword sheath.

The longsword’s hilt was also made of wood, a glossy black and gold color, on its surface fine willow catkin-like runes.

On the sword master’s body were relaxed light yellow clothes, the corners of his clothes a bit damp under the night mist, a bit dark… The fine water droplets that gathered from the mist were indeed black.

Not far from them was a pile of massive steel armor plates.

This was the Heavy Armored Cavalry unique to Yunqin. After being nurtured long term through a secret method, these Blackcloud Warhorses were able to carry great weight. By relying on the cleaving of the Heavy Armored Cavalry above, this type of heavy cavalry that exceeded six hundred jin in weight could charge quickly even through a dense jungle.

The momentum of their massive bodies made a frontal assault from this type of heavy cavalry not lower to a cultivator.

This heavy armored mount wanted to rush out of this blood red world, but when it was still a few meters from the edge, it collapsed forever, becoming a ruined pile of steel.

Specks of red flew from this blood red earth.

These were blood red giant ants that grew transparent wings.

The two cultivators carried a type of indescribable seriousness as they stared at the blood red giant ants flying through the night sky.

These blood red giant ants originally didn’t have wings.

However, right now, more and more blood red giant ants began to massacre one another. Some of the victorious giant ants, after devouring some ruined limbs of their opponents, slowly grew wings, flying towards the sky.

More and more blood red ants began to fly.

Several dozen blood red ants that completely spread their wings began to leave the limits of the red earth, flying towards the two calmly standing cultivators.

The yellow browed sword master reached out a finger. With a chi noise, a blast of majestic aura completely blasted the night mist and several dozen sinister blood red ants to pieces.

When this wave of great power was easily released from his fingertip, his body’s aura naturally surged, scattering the black water droplets and small bugs from his clothes.

“Let’s go.”

The Yunqin general with the giant axe on his back began to move, making his way around the edge of this red earth, proceeding straight towards the place he was previously looking at.

The thick black cloth covering his face wasn’t securely fastened, only covering his mouth and nose, as if it was only there to cover the murky stench of this place. There were blood red flying ants that landed on the skin of his neck. Then, these sinister ants with massive compound eyes smelled the sweet scent of flesh that made them go crazy, they opened their powerful blade-like jaws and then fiercely bit down.

However, these blood red flying ants couldn’t do anything. After using up all of their strength and energy, they fell down powerlessly. They just couldn’t understand why even though they could chew through the most sturdy leather armor, they couldn’t bite through this seemingly delicate skin.

As the figures of this yellow browed sword master and Yunqin high ranking officer gradually left this blood red great earth, in another unimaginable land, there was another truly poetic scene.

This was a black ooze swamp that extended without limit.

In the mud and black ooze, there were giant lotus flowers.

However, every single millstone-sized lotus flower that grew here was completely different from the lotus flowers in the outside world.

Their stems, leaves and flower petals were all black. Moreover, the flower petals and stems all had fish hook-like curved hooks.

A troop made of massive silhouettes was currently advancing through this swamp.

There were thirty man-eating giant lizards that were over three meters tall walking at the very front, with more than a hundred and fifty cave barbarians following behind them.

Under the dark moonlight, the giant black lotuses, the marching giant lizard troop… this was a shocking scene.

However, it was also an extremely solemn and stirring scene.

It was because the steps of the giant lizards were extremely heavy, their sturdy green skin that could be directly made into armor was covered in scars.

What every single giant lizard’s body carried weren’t soldiers wielding massive spears, but rather severely injured cave barbarian soldiers at their last gasp.

Many of the giant cave barbarians walking at the sides were also injured. However, even with their strength and endurance, right now, they still seemed extremely decrepit, every step exposing their weariness.

They already consumed all of the food they carried on them. Right now, as they marched, there were many cave barbarians that continuously removed giant black lotus seed heads, removing the seeds inside and storing them in leather bags as rations.

Because of the weight of the bodies, whenever the giant lizards’ feet entered the ground, they would sink close to a meter into the ooze. Whenever they were pulled out, it would make them release a groan.

A petite figure wrapped in black robes sat on the giant lizard at the very front.

Lin Xi charged through the shrubbery that was filled with countless gorges from the cave barbarians’ previous assault.

He understood Xin Weigai’s intentions, but for his own lives and the patrol army’s lives, he had to make sure that the old rock house was absolutely safe.

He had no idea that many days ago, in East Orchid Valley at the northernmost part of Dragon Snake Mountain Range, there was a four hundred membered nomadic army that encountered something inconceivable, the entire army defeated. Meanwhile, the major fifth rank commander who led that nomadic army, Guo Qiudong who came from Immortal Academy, passed away there. There were two scouts who, through brass crystal Hawkeyes Principal Zhang left for Yunqin, could watch from afar, as well as use the lip reading techniques they learned to learn of the true reasoning behind the cave barbarians’ irregular movements this year, as well as the existence of cultivators behind Great Desolate Swamp.

Guo Qiudong was an elite student of Immortal Academy. Meanwhile, before Guo Qiudong, under the lead of these cultivators behind Great Desolate Swamp that Yunqin’s emperor had already labeled as ‘evil’, Yunqin actually already suffered several dozen defeats of varying sizes. The casualties of cultivators and soldiers, for the sake of stability and morale considerations, were hidden from most of Yunqin’s people.

Among the previous officers and soldiers who died, there was even an important figure from Immortal Academy.

To be human is to have weakness.

To be human is to have intentions.

Guo Qiudong’s death allowed the Dragon Snake Military to understand the goal of the powerful cultivator behind the cave barbarians’ enlightenment: Flying General Di Choufei.

In Dragon Snake Border Army, Di Choufei was a dazzling general.

That was why when Guo Qiudong fell in East Orchid Valley, Dragon Snake Border Army finally understood who the true enemy was, as well as some of the enemy’s intent. Ever since then, Immortal Academy and Dragon Snake Military already began to carry out revenge, using Di Choufei as bait to set up some traps, starting to arrange the greatest decisive battle of the past few decades.

For the sake of this decisive battle, Yunqin’s military completely hid everything. It was to the extent where even the various divisions of the border army still didn’t know that the cave barbarians already underwent a substantial change. This type of great price was all to mislead the enlightened cave barbarians and cultivators into thinking that they still didn’t know about the other party’s identity and intentions.

Meanwhile, what Lin Xi and Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Army didn’t know, was that this decisive avenging battle of a massive scale already erupted two days ago!

There were four thousand cave barbarian powerful soldiers who died within Dragon Snake Mountain Range’s northeastern extreme’s wasteland and hill region.

While secretly transferring over a great army of fifty thousand, they seized a glorious victory in this battle.

However, even with a great army of fifty thousand, countless troops taking turns thrusting deep into enemy forces, forming a massive surrounding net, there were still several troops of cave barbarians who forcefully broke out, including the female cultivator from behind Great Desolate Swamp who was most important for Yunqin’s military.

That was why it wasn’t just Sheep Point Field Mountain’s Patrol Army, right now, in Dragon Snake Mountain Range, there were countless troops currently being transferred.

The meaning for both sides was extremely astonishing. That was why there were many cave barbarians being transferred as well.

When the darkness of night had just descended today, before Lin Xi and this Patrol Army encountered that troop of cave barbarians with unknown tactical objectives, the Iron Stream Banner Army with strength only below that of special armies, equipped with heavy armored cultivators,and heavy cavalry were chasing after that black-robed female cultivator and the defeated cave barbarian remnants.

However, this powerful Iron Stream Army that could instantly slaughter many cultivators instead forever disappeared on that expanse of blood red earth.

Yunqin army wasn’t aware that this region had this type of blood red giant ants that even devoured a portion of themselves after feasting to keep their own race powerful, but that black-robed woman and the cave barbarians did.

There were many unknown dangerous lands like this in the Great Desolate Swamp. However, as for this black-robed woman, for Yunqin, the more dangerous she was, the more this type of price was already paid… the more they couldn’t abandon their pursuit.

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