Book 8 Chapter 6 - Brave


When this third word sounded, several soldiers in front of the black clad archer made an opening.


A cave barbarian soldier leapt high into the air, about to forcefully enter through this opening.

However, right at this time, a long stone pillar roared out. With a boom noise, this cave barbarian smashed into this large stone pillar like two carriages ramming together at full speed.

Everyone shivered inwardly.

The cave barbarians’ muscles were like rocks, but couldn’t compare to true stone. Following this heavy and muffled boom noise that made everyone’s hearts tremble, this cave barbarian’s entire body erupted in blood, sent flying by this great stone pillar. With a thunk noise, he was crushed to the ground by the great stone, no longer showing any signs of life.

The ground inside the stone house also shook.

A wave of great power surged from the black archer’s legs, as if all of the muscles in his body were exerting force. Then, all of the power condensed together, gathering into the stone pillar in his hands.

The instant this chunk of rock sent this incoming cave barbarian flying, this black clad archer already used all of his strength to throw out a second stone pillar.

No one dared stop this deity-like toss.

The heavy stone roared out of the opening, drawing a terrifying arc, and then smashed into the cave barbarians who raised that tree trunk.

The eyes of the cave barbarian at the very front immediately became blood red. Following an explosive roar, his tree trunk-like arms were suddenly raised, wishing to take on the huge rock that he already couldn’t evade.


When the rock made contact with his hands, the sounds of bones shattering could be heard.


He still couldn’t withstand the power. The great rock smashed into his body, making his mouth immediately erupt with a blast of bloody mist that seemed especially dazzling under the faint moonlight.

A third stone pillar roared outwards.

The cave barbarians in the back evaded with a crazy roar. With a crash noise, that large tree fell from their shoulders, landing on the ground.

After the three stone pillars flew out like they were flung by a deity, all of the stone house’s patrol army soldiers could hear the black clad archer’s bull-like heavy breathing. All of them also understood clearly that with this type of continuous eruption of strength, even if it was for a cultivator, the exhaustion of soul force and stamina was definitely extremely great.

However, this black clad archer didn’t stop at all. He instead immediately turned around in this dark stone house, then ran two steps, arriving at the pile of messy wood and rubble. He then turned around, fiercely exerting force, arriving at the archer hole above.

This rock house originally had two layers of wooden terrace, allowing archers to fire arrows through the arrow hole and observatory opening. However, right now, all of the terrace had already been destroyed. When this black clad archer leapt onto the remaining wooden stubble, when he had just landed on that broken wood that could barely support his feet, steps unstable, about to fall, they saw a flash of cold light appear from his hands. He gripped a dagger, fiercely stabbing it into the space between the rock house’s cracks.

The instant he stood steadily, he withdrew the dagger and bent his body. As if he was riding on a horse, he sat down on that broken piece of wooden stubble. His entire figure leaned backwards in an arc that looked like he might fall at any time, giving himself enough room to draw a bow.


Within these few breaths of time where the patrol army soldiers could only see his movements, the arrow sounds that made their hot blood boil with excitement rang through the air again.

Faint moonlight seeped in through the arrow hole, illuminating the chest of this black clad archer who was leaning backwards.

The black clad archer released arrows with incomparable calmness and focus. Three black arrows rushed out at nearly the same time.

Under the moonlight, several cave barbarians roared out in anger, returning to that large tree, wishing to raise that large tree again.

However, right at this time, three black arrows suddenly entered the sleek, bronze stone-like back of a cave barbarian.

A miserable roar filled with anger and unwillingness erupted like thunder. This cave barbarian took a step backwards, turning around.

Then, another black arrow appeared between his brows.

Afterwards, his tall and sturdy mountainous body that seemed like it would never fall powerlessly collapsed.

The death god-like wind noises continuously sounded again.

All of the shield bearing patrol army soldiers and the soldiers who were rigidly supporting them suddenly felt the pressure lessen.

All of them released great cheers and roars that made their ears rumble, even making dust fall from the ruined terrace above.

The giant bronze wave-like cave barbarians began to retreat.

Under the dark moonlight, for the sake of evading the arrows’ pursuit, the fleeing cave barbarians seemed disorderly and flustered, their sorry states forming a stark contrast with their suffocatingly tall and sturdy bodies.

All of the shouts of killing and weapon clashing noises disappeared. There were only noises of heavy breathing. 

All of these patrol army soldiers’ eyes gathered towards the black clad archer above them.

The black clad archer stared through the arrow hole for several dozen breaths of time and then leapt down like a leopard.

Because the black cloth mask was already soaked in sweat, making it harder for him to breathe, he removed it, revealing his young and not weathered complexion.

“Sir… Sir Lin?!”

The instant they saw his face, Xin Weigai, Kang Qianjue and these soldiers’ faces all suddenly went rigid. Their crazy joy and happiness from having a new lease on life were actually suppressed by conflicted emotions.

Without this person before them, most of them would have died in this mountain forest. However, the youngster who saved their lives was only dressed in thick black cotton clothes, without even a set of border army black leather armor… It was because none of them paid this person any attention during these days, not even issuing this person the most basic protective gear.

They all knew that this youngster was a cultivator, knowing that his strength was definitely above that of an ordinary soldier. However, what they looked down on wasn’t the other party’s strength, but rather the fact that the other party didn’t understand glory, suspecting the other side’s courage and decisiveness, to the extent where they doubted the other party’s age, thinking that he never truly witnessed blood.

However, from when he shot down the cave barbarian small troop with incomparable precision, remained behind to stop the cave barbarian large troop’s pursuit and then steadily hold their position… this calm faced youngster, every action they saw fully showed them the powerful cool-headedness and willpower hidden beneath that tender exterior, his fearless courage.

Right now, they saw that Lin Xi’s hands were continuously trembling.

Meanwhile, their own hands and bodies were also shaking slightly. They knew that this wasn’t from fear, but rather the body’s instinctive reactions from using too much of their strength.

This meant that even with Xi’s cultivation, doing all of this wasn’t easy.

Meanwhile, what the border army admired, were the brave.

“Sir Lin.”

Xin Weigai gave Lin Xi a bow of respect, expressing his most sincere thanks. Right now, his emotions were extremely complicated… Lin Xi’s performance was already enough to change some of his opinions, enough to earn his respect. He also knew that these soldiers under him definitely changed their viewpoints regarding him as well. However, the other party didn’t even know the significance behind this patrol army’s totem, didn’t even know about the most basic border army military’s preparations, didn’t even know about some sickness prevention methods… This individual knew almost nothing about these white mountains, black waters and army combat. His lack of experience was real, if he was the one who commanded the army, there was still a chance of bringing about devastating consequences.

However, all of these soldiers’ lives, as well as his own, were saved by this person. Even if they were buried here, they were still returning a life.

After thinking about this, he gave Kang Qianjue next to him a look. When he thought of Kang Qianjue’s advice to him before, he thus said with a hoarse and serious voice, “Sir Lin, I indeed looked down on you before. Please grant me my punishment.”

Lin Xi landed on the ground and removed the thick cloth covering his face. After breathing heavily for a bit, he first looked around. Only when he saw that familiar pockmarked youngster who was indescribably moved, did he release a sigh, his face producing a smile.

“There’s no need to be so polite.” When he heard Xin Weigai’s thanks and apology, looking at his sincere expression, he could even more so sense this commander’s directness and how he didn’t carry the slightest trace of superficiality towards him. As such, he first took two deep breaths without the manners of a great master at all, and then massaged his right arm that was a bit sore, saying directly with an unstable voice, “I understand your intentions, you should also understand my intentions. This time, I merely came to prove that I have the courage to fight with you all side by side, and that I have strength exceeding all of you. However, as for the others… I will slowly learn everything. That is why you just need to treat me like an archer or assault member. The offense and defense dispatch of the patrol army will still be under your orders.”

Xin Weigai raised his head with a bit of shock.

Kang Qianjue also raised his head, looking straight at Lin Xi.

They didn’t see half a trace of pretentiousness, only sincerity.

This Dragon Snake Mountain Range within the white mountains and black waters was one of the least suitable places for human life. However, the more dangerous it was, the easier it was to produce feelings of brotherhood and feelings of camaraderie on the battlefield.


Xin Weigai didn’t say any more, nodding. Then, he drew the long blade from his back, heavily slamming the back of the blade against the black armor on his chest, releasing a muffled noise.

All of the patrol army soldiers also brandished the blades in their hands, forcefully striking their chest’s black armor. The expressions on their faces were extremely serious, this heavy striking noise also seemed exceptionally solemn and respectful.

This was Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Army’s tradition.

Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Army’s totem skull face general represented a patrol officer in Sheep Point Field Mountain who continued to lead his army even when the flesh on his face was scraped off.

Meanwhile, this type of strike, represented acceptance and oath, represented that every person in the patrol army was willing to use their own chests to stop the blades that were aimed at Lin Xi and these brothers beside him.

“Start a fire!”

The instant all of the blades descended, Xin Weigai gave another order with a serious expression.

The behaviors of the cave barbarians tonight, in the eyes of an old border army veteran like him, were extremely strange. The situation was definitely not normal.

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