Book 8 Chapter 4 - Unruliness


A nose that didn’t seem like an arrow sound suddenly tore through the sky.

A patrol army soldier who was already out of breath while running at full speed, the black cloth in front of his face used to stop poisonous bugs from biting him removed, as if out of intuition, directly removed the cloth covering the round fine steel shield on his back, blocking in front of his body with this fine steel shield.

A muffled dang noise sounded.

A half person length steel spear immediately smashed into his shield.

Even though right now, this soldier already fully displayed the valiant inner qualities of Yunqin’s elite soldiers, the power behind this spear directly sent this fine steel round shield out of his hands.

A second steel spear flew over like a streak of lightning, penetrating the shoulder of this soldier who already immediately leapt to the side, nailing him to the ground.

Two adjacent soldiers immediately removed their shields and blocked in front of this wounded soldier.

Chi! Chi! Chi!


“Arrow attack!”

Xin Weigai’s furious and shocked scream sounded at almost the same time as when this spear tore through the sky.

Rough short spears that were dark and didn’t reflect light carried terrifying power as they were flung out from the forest ahead of them. They crushed the branches and leaves in the forest, looking absolutely horrifying.

Dang! Dang!

The steel spears released muffled noises as they smashed into the steel shields, arrows flew through the sky, muffled groans and all types of noises were mixed together. This forest immediately seemed extremely chaotic.


 A spear stabbed into the ground less than a foot from where Xin Weigai was standing, the earth and stone fragments splashing across his face, immediately making him feel even more shock and anger.

He had already faced these cave barbarians in this Dragon Snake Mountain Range for five years. During these five years, he already fully experienced the cave barbarians’ powerful strength, but he also fully experienced these cave barbarians’ stupidity. However today, these cave barbarians actually had a small troop to intercept their retreat route!

Judging from the number of crude short spears that flew between this forest, this small troop of cave barbarians should be only six or seven.

However, within these six or seven cave barbarians, there were at least one or two that possessed strength exceeding ordinary cave barbarians. Not only could their spears reach further than ordinary cave barbarians, they were also exceptionally accurate.

What left him the most shocked and speechless, what made his entire body produce biting cold chilliness, was that these cave barbarians that cut off their path of retreat didn’t scream out brainlessly with blood-thirsty excitement, nor did they immediately throw the few short spears they carried on them.

Even now, not a single one of these cave barbarians revealed themselves. They could only know their rough positions from the spears that were thrown out.

Moreover, these cave barbarians didn’t seem to to be anywhere close to running out of short spears!


The dozens of archers in the Patrol Army decisively carried out their commander’s orders. Because the number of archers wasn’t enough, under the orders of several experienced third level soldiers, they fired in the direction the nearest short spear was released from.

However, when the second rain of arrows were fired, the faces of all of these soldiers who could remain cool even under extremely dangerous situations where they were pursued from behind and flanked up front  instantly turned snow white. Even the fingers on the bowstrings began to produce some uncontrollable shaking.

The dark cloud in the sky covered that crescent that wasn’t that bright. This forest covered under the darkness of night thus became even darker.

Without light, they couldn’t see where the short spears came from, even more so couldn’t release any effective shots at these cave barbarians. However, these cave barbarians’ sight was naturally much greater than ordinary people. They couldn’t see clearly, but these cave barbarians could.

“Could it be that there is a War Priest-like follower among these cave barbarians?”

“Don’t tell me they really seized this opportunity to launch this attack?”

In that instant, a type of ice-cold despair and disbelief began to spread through these soldiers’ hearts.

Xin Weigai’s face became exceptionally ashen, his body that was grave and stern like stone also began to shake slightly.

It was because he was the commander of these people. When facing an impossible situation, the things he had to bear were much greater.

‘Break through’ and ‘Disperse’!

Right now, he only had these two choices.

‘Break through’ was to launch a full on surprise attack, not worrying about the incoming spears and rushing towards the abandoned rock house.

‘Disperse’ was to break up and flee on their own.

However, regardless of which choice it was, not many of these soldiers who had fought through life and death with him could escape from these cave barbarians’ hands.

It was because under a situation of extreme casualties, even if they could reach that abandoned rock house, they still might not be able to hold on until reinforcements came. Meanwhile, the keen smell and powerful individual strength of these cave barbarians made their ability to track down scattered soldiers even greater than patrol army elites like them.


Right when everyone was in despair, Xin Weigai about to speak, an irregular wind noise suddenly sounded from the forest ahead.

This noise was different from that of the short spears, not all that loud. However, right when this noise sounded, another even cleared muffled noise of a heavy object falling could be heard.


Without stopping, another sudden and not that loud and clear noise sounded.

Then, the sound of another muffled heavy object falling could be heard.

Thunderous furious roars sounded from the cave barbarians. All of the patrol army soldiers who were waiting for Xin Weigai to give his orders suddenly discovered that no fatal short spears were flung at them anymore and instead, something was thrown into the higher mountain forest.


The wind noise sounded again.

A cave barbarian’s furious screaming stopped, a muffled noise sounding again.

Xin Weigai and Kang Qianjue, as well as most of the patrol army soldiers reacted at this time. This was the noise of an arrow flying through the air.

There was a powerful archer who was taking down these cave barbarians with astonishing speed!

“Break through!”

Unknown as to what kind of emotion spurred him on, Xin Weigai erupted with the loudest and most fierce roar of his life. His figure that was originally slightly curled up on the ground decisively charged forward.

“Break through!”

Almost all of the patrol army soldiers repeated this word. This black troop that was originally advancing slowly, immediately turned into a black stream.


The arrow noises continued to sound in the sky. Even though it was quiet to the point where it was almost not audible, right now, in these soldiers’ ears, it was as inspiring as a war drum.

These arrow sounds could still be heard, proving that this powerful archer was still there, not killed by those cave barbarians.

Meanwhile, after an arrow noise sounded, there would be another heavy object that fell.

This type of noise even more so shook all of these soldiers’ bodies!


The sounds of arrows moving through the wind sounded again.

In this dark night without any light, these black-armored soldiers who were already squeezing out every last bit of stamina within them couldn’t see where that powerful archer was at all. However, the arrow noises were already closer to them, the smell of fresh blood scattering across the sky.

They finally saw the cave barbarians who intercepted them.

One of these cave barbarians climbed onto a thick vine, on his back actually a tortoiseshell-like vine shield, around this vine shield many places to keep short spears. Originally, these cave barbarians could only carry three to five short spears, yet now, they could actually keep at least fifteen short spears on them!

At this time, this cave barbarian who was discovered because of the blood that continuously poured from his body was forcefully clutching his throat.

A black arrow was nailed deeply into his adam’s apple with incomparable precision.

Blood gushed out from between his fingers. In an instant, this cave barbarian who climbed onto a vine lost all of his strength, falling from midair, landing less than thirty steps from them.


A cave barbarian frantically ran into the forest in front of them, as if he already discovered where that powerful archer was.

The sound of spears rushing through the air sounded. Then, there was another sou noise. This cave barbarian released an even more intense and vicious scream, carrying clear pain.


That cave barbarian’s vicious roar came to a screeching halt.

These continuous arrow noises were like a lighthouse that showed the way, completely erasing the despair in these black-armored soldiers’ hearts. In this mountain forest that completely lacked light, hot blood pumped through these black-armored soldiers’ bodies.

A bit of radiance scattered down from above.

That faint crescent moon revealed a bit of itself through the dark clouds.

All of these soldiers whose breathing already became burning hot discovered that the old rock house built from boulders was already less than fifty feet away.

The forest behind them was shaking right now, the ground as if collapsing and splitting open.

They could already vaguely make out the facial features of those strong and sturdy golem-like cave barbarians, as well as the heat that spurted out from their mouths.

Right at this time, they also saw an archer dressed entirely in black clothes rush out from the forest to their right.


The familiar sounds of arrows tearing through the air sounded. They knew that this crazily sprinting archer was precisely the one who eliminated the cave barbarian small troop.

All of these soldiers unknowingly began to release wild beast-like low roars from their throats.

This archer ran crazily while continuously firing, every single arrow from his longbow released in a stable and flowing manner that left all of the military archers in admiration, flying through the air across their heads and descending.

Streaks of blood radiance shot out in the darkness.

More than ten black arrows immediately appeared on the bodies of the three cave barbarians charging at the very front.

There were two that directly fell to the ground and one that continued to charge with a vicious roar. However, immediately afterwards, an arrow nailed itself into his forehead, sending him falling on his back.

Right now, while running and shooting, this archer could no longer maintain the sniping precision from before. However, this type of unruly rapid fire stance, in everyone’s eyes, was instead even more shocking.

“Don’t stop! Enter the stone building!”

A fierce voice that was still gasping for air sounded from this archer’s mouth, stopping the archers who were preparing to stop and fire arrows.

However, when all of these patrol army soldiers already entered the abandoned stone building, they saw that this archer was holding up the very rear.

Even so, what made them immediately erupt with even louder cheers and roars, was that this archer put away his bow, turned around and charged forward. When his legs stepped on the inclined slope at an extremely fast rhythm, there were even explosive cracking noises beneath his feet. His speed actually far exceeded all of the cave barbarians behind him, his stance carrying exceptional berserk power.

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