Book 8 Chapter 1 - Walking Between White Mountains and Black Waters

The mountain rocks here were mostly white and gray colored, but this was a place that frequently experienced rainfall, hot and humid most of the year. That was why plant life flourished here, birds, beasts and bugs also rather plentiful. The waters would wash away the rotting leaves and corpses of birds, beasts and bugs, thus slowly turning the clear spring water that flowed between these white rocks into a black color.

It was humid, hot, not much wind all year round. This place naturally formed clumps of thick mist.

White mountains, black waters, mist, this was precisely Dragon Snake Mountain Range.

Apart from these things, within these two massive mountain ranges, one like a dragon, one like a snake, interweaving at the massive empire’s easternmost area, was war.

Only war could make so many people stop over and remain in these white mountains and black waters that originally weren’t suitable for human life at all.

Within a mist filled mountain valley between these white mountains and black waters were two soldiers who were currently standing guard.

One of them was hidden at the center of a large tree with many branches, leaves and fruits. He was wrapped within a grass blanket, some branches used as camouflage.

The other soldier was standing between some mountain rocks, smearing some talcum powder on his body.

These two soldiers didn’t move at all. Even if one walked within several dozen steps of distance, if one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t be able to recognize them at all.

Suddenly, the soldier in the tree silently moved. A hand shifted to his back, and then a small brass mirror flickered towards the valley.

A figure slowly appeared in the light mist, gradually becoming clear. When his feet landed on the white mountains and black waters territory, stepped on the stone path’s dried branches, noises that seemed especially sharp and clear sounded in these soldiers’ ears.

This was a pedestrian dressed in green clothes inside, the outside wrapped in black cloth, the collar, sleeves and neck were all bound with fine vines, face also wrapped tightly in black cloth, only a pair of eyes exposed. On his back was some heavy luggage.

Perhaps because he wasn’t familiar with this mountain forest, perhaps out of curiosity, this pedestrian didn’t walk that fast.

When there was still more than fifty steps between this pedestrian and these two soldiers, the soldier in the mountain rocks moved, taking a step out. With a zheng noise, he drew the black long blade on his back, saying with a heavy voice, “Who are you?!”

The soldier in the distant treetop still didn’t move, remaining silent.


The pedestrian who walked between the white mountains and black waters was a bit surprised, but didn’t show any fear, instead releasing an exhale and then stopping. He sized up this rock-like soldier and said, “This is the Dragon Snake Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Army?”

“Identity!” The soldier released a grave and stern voice, still vigilant, not saying too much.

“Lin Xi. I came here to take up the post of Patrol Officer.”

This pedestrian removed the thick black cloth covering his face, revealing a young and clear, slightly sweaty face that carried a smile.

When this black border army long blade wielding soldier saw this black masked figure reveal his face, his eyes immediately flickered with an expression of disbelief. However, all of the flesh in his body went taut, as if he could erupt with all of his power at any time. He still didn’t waste any words. “Password! White Dragon!”

“Iron City.” The youngster wiped at his sweat, seriously saying these two words.

The black border army long blade wielding soldier’s expression relaxed a bit.

Right at this time, from the mist filled forest, it was as if a tide surged. In a split second, Yunqin soldiers dressed in black leather armor, faces covered in black cloth quickly made their way out, arriving before this youngster.

The soldier who was hiding within the treetop straightened his body, releasing a noise. He bowed respectfully towards this youngster who revealed his face, but didn’t come down. After showing the act of respect, he went back into hiding within the branches and leaves, not moving at all, continuing to carry out his job.

“Just any one of these fellas… probably might be able to defeat several dozen of those so-called strongest in the universe city officials, right?”

The young and clean faced pedestrian nodded towards the soldier in the trees, inwardly speaking this line of nonsense.

In this world, the only one who could speak this type of nonsense was naturally the true Lin Xi, impossible for him to be a spy.

All of the black-armored soldiers who appeared formed a curved formation. Two of them stepped out. When they walked towards Lin Xi, they also removed the masks covering their faces.

The two both looked to be around forty years of age, the first long-faced, looking extremely cold and strict, one pale faced, his face a bit round, looking rather amiable, but smart, the first impression like that of a fox in the mountain.

“Xin Weigai, Sheep Point Field Mountain Vice Patrol Officer.”

The long-faced, cold and strict man had a pair of blades on his back. Even though according to Yunqin’s conventions, the armor on his body wasn’t any different from that of the other soldiers, it naturally displayed this military officer’s iron-blooded aura. After bowing slightly and declaring his identity, he said with a deep voice, “Please show your command seal and document.”

Lin Xi knew that this was precisely the individual whose official rank was directly below his own, that this individual was going to be his assistant from now on, but could also clearly sense that individual wasn’t that agreeable towards him… he could even say that this person was not friendly towards him. Coming from these people’s eyes, was a feeling that he couldn’t exactly determine yet.

He frowned slightly, not saying anything. He undid the tree vine around his cuff, producing a dark iron tube and square metal seal that was only the size of a thumb, handing them into the other party’s hands.


After carefully examining the document in the metal tube and the metal seal, this long-faced, cold and stern looking man turned around, saying this coldly to the black-armored soldier behind him.

“Kang Qianjue, Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Army Tech Commander.” The pale, slightly round-faced Yunqin officer bowed in greeting towards Lin Xi. However, there wasn’t a trace of kindness of welcoming expression to be found from the long-faced, cold and strict looking Xin Weigai. Instead, before Kang Qianjue’s voice even dropped, his brows instead jumped slightly, coldly saying, “Sir Lin, you came here alone to take up this post, could it be that you feel like Dragon Snake Mountain Range doesn’t have much dangers, that you can wander about like you are flower viewing?”

Lin Xi could sense that the unkind intent behind this individual was becoming even more clear. However, he was a bit confused regarding this direct subordinate of his, a bit of a startled expression appearing on his face as he said, “What, is this not how things are normally done?”

“This wasn’t Sir Lin’s special request?” Xin Weigai’s face turned even colder. “The military didn’t send any guides or escorts?”

Lin Xi shook his head. “There were only the people who brought me to Sheep Point Field Mountain’s barracks, and then had me arrive here on my own with a map.”

Xin Weigai became momentarily quiet, both him and Kang Qianjue becoming a bit sluggish, expressions increasingly strange.

A moment later, Xin Weigai’s expression actually became a bit ashen, slowly saying, “Not even the army gear and other equipment were provided to you?”

Lin Xi understood some things, saying in self-mockery, “What… so it turns out these things weren’t issued upon arrival?”

Xin Weigai became quiet once more, the strange expression in the surrounding black-armored soldiers’ eyes also becoming stronger, gaze becoming colder.

“Sir, forgive this humble one for stating everything clearly.” Suddenly, Xi Weigai’s face turned blood red, several veins popping on his forehead. He said with a sunken voice, “Sir, please return, do not throw away your life here because of your own willfulness!”

When these words sounded, all of the silent black-armored soldiers’ breathing became a bit heavier. However, their expression became even more fierce and sharp. All of them seemed to silently support Xin Weigai. Only Kang Qianjue revealed a slight bitter smile, as if feeling like this was a bit unfair to Lin Xi, but was helpless to do anything.

Lin Xi raised his head, looking at Xin Weigai.

However, what no one expected was that there wasn’t half a trace of anger on his face, the expression with which he looked at Xin Weigai with also became a bit strange.

“I just came, yet you already want me to go back? You all are that unwelcoming of me?”

While looking at Xin Weigai’s furious and cold face, Lin Xi only lightly shook his head with a bit of unknown meaning.

Xin Weigai didn’t avoid his gaze in the slightest, serious and cold, not saying anything. Since he already fully expressed his attitude, the Yunqin black-armored soldiers behind him also began to gather towards him, formlessly expressing their attitude.

“This is just far too different from what I imagined… However, not welcoming me and having me go back, this at least proves that you are a good person for me.” Lin Xi looked at the attitudes of the people in front of him, instead saying with a smile, “So this part is better than what I had imagined.”

Xin Weigai was slightly taken aback, but immediately afterwards, seemed to have understood some of the meaning, coldly shaking his head, “It seems like you aren’t stupid, already understanding that you might not receive the favor of some great figures in the army… However, you have to understand that even though I am not someone who doesn’t seek glory and instead only seek to please those above me, this doesn’t mean that I will accept your arrival. I will not change my attitude and decision because of your words.”

“I can tell that you are a cultivator, our patrol troop needs cultivators. However, what we need even more are people with experience, those who can lead us, cultivator commanders who can issue the most accurate orders, and not a youngster like you.”

“From your previous words, you should be a cultivator who has never been a part of any border armies. We do not need a commander like you.”

When he heard these words and criticisms that didn’t give him any face, Lin Xi still didn’t feel any displeasure, only quietly listening. Only when Xin Weigai stopped speaking, did he explain seriously, “We can give it a try… perhaps you will discover that I am not as incompetent as you all imagine.”

Xin Weigai looked at Lin Xi with an ice-cold expression, decisively shaking his head. “I will not give you a chance, because this isn’t a local army, this is the Dragon Snake Mountain Range where an untold amount of lives pass on every single day. I do not fear death, but I must take responsibility for all of these brothers. I cannot play games with their lives.”

“What you have said is quite reasonable, I can also understand what all of you are thinking.” Lin Xi didn’t get angry in the slightest, instead smiling, looking at Xin Weigai innocently and saying, “However, I am your superior, military orders must be obeyed, you can only listen to my orders, there is no such thing as me listening to your orders… Also, if I go back and say that you insist on not cooperating, you will be punished for disobedience,the  lightest consequence being beaten by the rod, heavier consequence having all of your achievements eliminated.”

Xin Weigai forcefully clenched his ten fingers, saying coldly, “It will still be better than death and dragging these brothers to death as well.”

“You have your way of thinking, feeling that this is the best way, but I also have my different way of thinking. I do not think this is a good way.” Lin Xi smiled and said, “You aren’t willing to change your decision, but I am not willing to change my decision either. I insist on entering this patrol troop, so what do we do?”

“If you truly wish to use official rank to suppress me, command us to do things, then we will not hesitate to do anything to make you pay the price.”

Xin Weigai took a deep breath, and then with a heavy voice of cold mockery said, “Unless you kill me.”

When these words were spoken, the temperature of the air here immediately dropped. It was because all of the soldiers here understood extremely clearly that regardless of how they belittled this youngster, the other party’s identity as a cultivator could not be doubted. If he truly took action, there would definitely be much bloodshed.

“Actually, there is another method.” Kang Qianjue hurriedly took a step forward, standing in front of Xin Weigai. He was just like all of the soldiers here, hoping for a powerful individual’s arrival, yet the present situation also left him disappointed and helpless to the extreme. He endured the unhappiness he felt inside, looked at Lin Xi, and quickly advised, “Sir can learn on the job… Sir can cultivate on your own in the camp. As long as you don’t try to interfere with our actions, I believe Sir Xin can agree for sir to join our troop, and not necessarily be so rigid like this.”

Not manage or do anything in the camp… to waste time away, muddle military contributions.

Everyone could hear the meaning behind Kang Qianjue’s words.

For most soldiers, they would definitely immediately refuse out of anger, because this was no different than being raised like a pig. Moreover, this was seizing the contributions of others, earned through risking their lives, this even more so lacked all glory.

“That’s fine too.”

Lin Xi instead nodded, agreeing and saying, “We can give it a try.”

When they heard him say this, almost all of the black-armored soldiers here revealed a bit of undisguised contempt from their eyes, inwardly thinking that this person lacked the slightest trace of glory and honor… in their military, this was truly disgraceful.

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