Book 7 Chapter 42 - This Is the So-Called Glory?

At the bottom of the white jade case were some patterns. They weren’t runes, but rather a diagram record for cultivation.

Lin Xi accepted the white jade case, examining the diagram at the bottom. His expression became serious.

Green Luan Academy had an Internal Study Department, his good friend Meng Bai precisely a student in this department. What Green Luan Academy’s Internal Study Department researched were precisely the mysteries of cultivators’ bodies, how to make some areas of a cultivator become especially outstanding through special methods. This was precisely an important branch of Internal Study Department in itself.

It was clearly the use of needles with soul force to bring the eyes unique stimulation, slowly increasing the effectiveness of one’s sight from this.

“The reason why you could shoot so clearly at night is because you could see clearly.” Lin Xi muttered to himself. Then, he slowly raised his head, looked at Ming Qiuchi and said, “However, the books say that this world doesn’t have any love or hatred without reason, no free lunches.”

“The books aren’t wrong, this world indeed doesn’t have any love or hatred without reason. Moreover, this is a secret of my Ming Family that isn’t circulated in the outside world. That is why for me to pass this onto you, there is naturally a reason.” Ming Qiuchi looked at Lin Xi and said this gently.

Lin Xi knew that Yunqin had many families with special cultivation methods that weren’t released to outsiders, but he also knew that it was precisely because of these special cultivation methods that their disciples had some characteristics others didn’t, naturally allowing them to be above ordinary people. Because this was tied to the prosperity of their descendants, these families would attach greater importance to these cultivation methods than lives, they definitely couldn’t be leaked out. When he heard Ming Qiuchi say this, he didn’t say anything either, only calmly waiting, waiting for Ming Qiuchi to tell him the reason.

“Our Ming Family isn’t all that outstanding in Yunqin, not an influential clan. Apart from our Ming Family’s people, I fear that no one else in all of Yunqin knows about our origins.” Ming Qiuchi looked at Lin Xi’s waiting expression. After a slight smile, he continued. “However, our Ming Family still has some background… Our Ming Family were originally Jadefall City’s inhabitants.”

“Everyone in Yunqin knows that Jadefall City was originally the territory of Xiyi Fifteen Divisions. However, apart from the greatest fifteen divisions, there are some small tribes that were pushed aside and bullied by the fifteen divisions. Our Ming Family served as shamans within one of these small tribes.”

“Xiyi Fifteen Divisions joined together to invade the east. They originally wished to bring down Central Continent, but that year, Principal Zhang arrived, removing the heads of Xiyi Fifteen Divisions’ thirty most powerful cultivators. Later on, my father even joined the army, following Principal Zhang in the battle of Meteor Lake.”

Lin Xi’s eyes became a bit wide, unable to help but say, “Your father was part of the five thousand membered border army who defended Meteor City?”

Ming Qiuchi chuckled. With a nod, he said, “Thirteen years after Meteor Lake’s battle, my mother gave birth to me while my father was outside. Originally, he was supposed to have hurried back before my birth, but that year, there was a torrential rain, causing many roads to be discontinued, delaying this trip. Thus, he couldn’t arrive back in time. However, there was someone who arrived at my family’s doorway, someone neither him nor my mother never would have imagined would appear.”

Lin Xi stared blankly, “It was Principal Zhang?”

Ming Qiuchi nodded, saying with a sigh, “When my father was in Meteor City, he only served as an ordinary military doctor. Moreover, what kind of status does Principal Zhang have? Who would have thought that Principal Zhang still remembered him, specially making a trip to ask about us thirteen years later when he just happened to be passing by our home.”

Lin Xi became momentarily speechless.

He knew that that battle was what established Yunqin and Principal Zhang’s unmatched glory. At that time, Nanmo Country which had a powerful army of three hundred thousand was completely crushed. The dynasties then changed, becoming the Great Mang Dynasty. However, Lin Xi knew that this battle was exceptionally bitter even for that middle-aged uncle. Many people, many things, for him, might be impossible to forget for his entire life. That was why even after thirteen years passed, he would still quietly appear at the entrance of one of the military doctors to see how this past acquaintance was doing.

“Principal Zhang should have known about my father’s return ahead of time, but he didn’t expect him to be delayed because of the sudden downpour.”

Ming Qiuchi said, “He missed the chance to meet with my father, but he sensed something, quietly reciting lines from a poem, ‘The Ruler asks when one returns, yet they do not even know, the night rain on Mt Ba creating autumn ponds’. Later on, my father just decided to name me with the last two words ‘autumn pond’ qiu chi. Only, my father, as well as myself, even now, we don’t know what kind of place Mt Ba is. We reckon that it is a place Principal Zhang visited before, but no one else has ever heard of it.”

Lin Xi smiled.

In this world, only he could truly understand the meaning behind these two lines, only he understood that this Mt Ba didn’t exist in Yunqin. From just these two lines, he knew that what Ming Qiuchi said was real.

“Just because I am a Green Luan Academy core disciple, you will pass on Ming Family’s unique cultivation method to me? The other members of Ming Family won’t be opposed to this?” Lin Xi bowed respectfully towards Ming Qiuchi in thanks, and then asked this.

Ming Qiuchi laughed and said, “Our Ming Family isn’t a distinguished family, I am already the sole inheritor. I only have a little girl under me as well. This cultivation method needs to have some way of being passed on.”

After a slight pause, Ming Qiuchi looked at Lin Xi again, a bit moved as he said, “Honestly, I just happened to see you jump off the waterfall back then… I admire your courage greatly. If it was me, I wouldn’t dare do such a thing. Together with those things you did before, all of it together was enough for me to make this decision.”

Lin Xi gave Ming Qiuchi a look and said with a smile, “This cultivation method doesn’t have any side effects?”

Ming Qiuchi shook his head. “My father had me when he was quite old, when he passed away three years ago, he was already ninety-one years old. Even at that time, there weren’t any side effects.”

Lin Xi said, “But why are your eyes so large, pupils so dark?”

Ming Qiuchi’s expression became a bit awkward, in between laughter and tears. “Our side’s inhabitants are all like this… it isn’t because of cultivation.”

Lin Xi couldn’t help but laugh, but immediately afterwards, he became serious again, saying, “How are the higher ups trying to deal with me? What about Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan?”

Ming Qiuchi also became a bit serious, saying, “The two of them were both raised a rank, transferred to Dragon Snake Scarlet House Cave Granary. As for you, you had contributions for gathering funds and building the dam, the past uncovering of the Three Towns Battalion Commander, as well as finding out the transactions of thirteen sets of Sky Devil Heavy Armor. Together with your previous Radiance Medal, an exception was made for your promotion, already the emperor’s imperial order to bring you up to minor seventh rank, transferred to be Dragon Snake Sheep Point Field Mountain’s Patrol Officer.”

“Patrol Officer?”

Lin Xi frowned and said, “If I didn’t recall incorrectly, this is an official only in charge of providing support and arresting fugitives.”

Ming Qiuchi understood the meaning behind Lin Xi’s words, with a nod, he said, “Dragon Snake Border Army’s granaries are the focal points of the cave barbarians’ attacks, which is why, even though many of the Dragon Snake Border Army’s granaries are built in the mountain belly, the cave barbarians will still often attack, so those who defend the granaries will instead face a bit more danger. Patrol Officers normally only need to lead troops in the hunt and arresting of criminals or spies, as well as go after some lone cultivators, so they are usually in a rather advantageous position. However, right now, Dragon Snake Border Army’s situation is rather tense, the cave barbarians also appearing and disappearing unpredictably, already quite different from usual. Moreover, right now, it isn’t even autumn or winter, the cave barbarians shouldn’t lack supplies, so it is rumored that they aren’t attacking the granaries, instead just launching attacks where we are least prepared, killing some scattered border army small troops… The patrol troop led by the Patrol Officer is one of the most mobile troops to begin with, so giving you some missions to carry out is extremely easy.”

Lin Xi shook his head. “This really isn’t all that honorable and upright.”

Ming Qiuchi seriously said, “That is why even though your Green Luan Academy has made some arrangements, you still need to be a bit more careful yourself.”

Lin Xi thought for a bit, and then asked, “Are the Sheep Point Field Mountain where I’m headed and their Scarlet House Cave Granary far from each other? Also… where were you sent to?”

“You all aren’t that far from each other, the larger half of a day’s journey. Scarlet House Cave Granary is in the middle section of Dragon Snake Mountain Range, while the Sheep Point Field Mountain you are headed to is north of Scarlet House. As for me, I am a bit further away.” Ming Qiuchi said, “I am going to Dragon Snake Mountain, the southernmost part of Dragon Snake Mountain Range. I am being sent to the vanguard camp.”

“The vanguard camp at the very frontlines, it’ll be rather dangerous there.” Lin Xi’s brows jumped.

Ming Qiuchi chuckled and said, “It’s actually not too bad, we were just caught up in a gust of wind. The military Yunqin was founded on occupies quite the dominant position. Moreover, as for an archer like me, many times, I do not need to even show my face at the front.”

“You should go.” When he saw Lin Xi put away the white jade case, he said this with a resolute expression, “I still have to complete the orders from above, gather the masses and declare the contents to the public.”

“Declaration to the public?” Lin Xi shook his head, saying with a bit of mockery, “Even this is considered glory?”

“Regardless of whether the methods are honorable and upright, all of this is your true glory.” Ming Qiuchi understood Lin Xi’s intent, saying firmly, “Moreover, for Yunqin’s civilians, this is true glory, they need this type of righteousness, this type of glory. Only then can more people who chase after glory appear.”

Swallow Descent Town’s alleys were all empty, even the river dam construction that was in full swing stopped working. All of the town’s residents began to gather towards the military training field outside the town next to the official path.

All of the townsmen were extremely excited because this was information announced from the Town Supervisor Manor. The provincial level official was going to publicly award the Young Sir Lin they all loved and admired.

Because they felt the most sincere respect and love, that was why when Lin Xi, Ming Qiuchi and some other officials got on the stage, all of the townsmen erupted with thunderous cheers.

This type of cheer, under the sunlight, seemed even more bright and beautiful. Ming Qiuchi couldn’t help but smile, unfolding a document covered in many provincial level different sectors’ seals, and then began to read it.

“Swallow Descent Town Supervisor Lin Xi, despite being of young age, is wise and brave. His contributions have been known by the emperor, he himself has approved of the promotion… Because of his merit in gathering funds to construct the dam and the Radiance Medal’s glory, he will rise from major ninth rank to minor eighth rank.”

“Because of the apprehension of an assassin, exposing the truth regarding Three Towns Battalion Commander Xu Ningshen and a Great Mang cultivator, he is to be promoted from minor eighth rank to major eighth rank.”

“Because of the exposure of an illicit transaction, seizing large amounts of important military goods, he is promoted from major eighth rank to minor seventh rank…”

After a momentary silence, this place completely erupted, cries of ‘long live’ rang through the mountains. They discovered that the Young Sir Lin they adored actually established many great contributions they didn’t even know about, making them feel even more adoration, even happier. Continuously being promoted three levels made them feel even more that the Young Sir Lin they loved and respected obtained the recognition and praise he deserved, so they felt even more joy inside.

Immediately, the faces of every single civilian here were shining.

Lin Xi was a bit embarrassed, but he still smiled soon afterwards, bowing slightly and respectfully returning a greeting.

What Ming Qiuchi said was correct. This type of glory, for these simple and pure civilians, was clean. This glor, could bring them power and joy.

That was why right now, he was also happy.

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