Book 7 Chapter 25 - Blood Pouring Victory

The martial skills of this world were all killing techniques sharpened through repeated years of battles, lacking tricks, only containing ferocity and precision.

This precision not only included the precision of aim when taking action, it also included the extreme precision of timing.

Right now, Xue Wantao’s strike seized the moment when Lin Xi just landed, his legs still unable to exert force.

That was why Lin Xi could only quickly draw his blade.

The long blade moved from down up, like a reverse waterfall, hacking towards the hand Xue Wantao reached towards his face.

He was completely focused on Xue Wantao’s hand, momentarily unable to tend to the emerald green dagger aimed at his underbelly. It was because he understood extremely clearly that compared to his blade and Xue Wantao’s hand, this emerald green dagger was something that came after.

The long blade and hand made contact.

The surface of Jiang Xiaoyi’s black long blade was also full of fine flower-like runes, not an ordinary border army long blade, but a soul weapon.

Even though Lin Xi’s cultivation still hadn’t reached Soul Master level, unable to pour his soul force into a soul weapon, unable to display the soul weapon’s true power, it was still enough to cut through the flesh of all cultivators under State Knight level.

The feeling Xue Wantao gave Lin Xi was admittedly powerful, but the pressure still couldn’t compare to Uncle Liu’s. That was why this individual shouldn’t have reached State Knight level cultivation yet.

However, when this extremely sharp soul weapon made contact with Xue Wantao’s hand, no blood flew out, nor was there any recoil force Lin Xi could borrow to fly back.

Lin Xi’s expression immediately changed slightly.

Xue Wantao’s five fingers pinched down on his blade with incredible precision like an iron clamp, rigidly clasping the black long blade in Lin Xi’s hands. As a result, Lin Xi was also momentarily stalled.

Xue Wantao’s face carried a bit of mockery, the dagger in his right hand already cutting through the clothing covering Lin Xi’s abdomen.

Lin Xi’s left arm faced this dagger.

A crisp dang sounded. His arm wasn’t cut by this similarly extremely sharp dagger, instead producing a blast of metal sparks.

At the same time, Lin Xi’s legs finally stepped fiercely on the ground again. By borrowing this force, he withdrew his blade with all of his strength, the black long blade slid out from Xue Wantao’s fingers, while his body tumbled backwards. The clothing covering his stomach split apart, a light injury appearing on his skin, blood flowing out.

Xue Wantao didn’t immediately chase after Lin Xi, instead looking at Lin Xi’s splitting cuff, at the simple and crude metal arm guard inside, saying with mockery, “You merely have mid stage Soul Expert level cultivation, yet you think you can get away?”

Lin Xi gave the wound on his stomach a look, and then looked at Xue Wantao’s grim face. His brows furrowed deeply. “You don’t only wish to capture me… instead wish to kill me.”

Xue Wantao looked at Lin Xi and nodded. “What you suspect is correct. Even though there are quite a few cultivators here tonight who are stronger than me, as for those among them who dare directly kill you, I might be the only one.”

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed even more tightly, coldly looking at this Judicial Sector young cultivator. “Why do you dare do such a thing?”

“To put it bluntly, it is because I am a deathsworn soldier, ready to give up my life at any time, so there is no concept of dare or don’t dare.” Xue Wantao looked at Lin Xi and said, “Moreover, this time, I am only pursuing an escaped criminal. Even if killing you will definitely trigger the wrath of some people, I might not necessarily have to throw this life away with yours.”

Lin Xi calmly asked, “Then whose deathsworn soldier are you?”

Xue Wantao looked at Lin Xi and said, “This isn’t something you need to know.”

“To be honest, I don’t really like being hacked at by another, nor do I like this occupation of deathsworn soldier. In my opinion, no matter how much you don’t fear death, unable to separate good and bad, only knowing how to obey your master and kill or get killed, this makes you not much different from a dog.” Lin Xi looked at Xue Wantao, saying this seriously.

Xue Wantao chuckled. “Once you are dead, you won’t have that many likes and dislikes.”

“Then I will also do my best to kill you.” Lin Xi looked at Xue Wantao and said, “I will do my best to turn you into a true dead soldier.”

“Someone whose entire arm went numb from my strike, needing to purposely speak this nonsense to stall for time, even someone like this wishes to kill me?” Xue Wantao looked at Lin Xi as if he could see through Lin Xi’s thoughts. After releasing a cold sneer, he didn’t say anything else. He took a step out without any techniques, thrusting at Lin Xi in an extremely simple manner.

Lin Xi’s body crouched down slightly.

Speed and power were the most effective method for a high level cultivator to deal with a low level cultivator to begin with. However, when facing Xue Wantao’s thrust that pushed speed and power to the extreme, he instead didn’t dodge, only crouching down, and then suddenly exerted force, instead also assuming a stance, stabbing towards Xue Wantao with everything he had.

The long blade in his hands was much longer than Xue Wantao’s dagger. That was why the ice-cold cutting edge would make contact with the other party’s flesh before the other party’s dagger reached him.

However, Xue Wantao had another hand, a hand that was precise and strong to the extreme.

His hand landed on Lin Xi’s blade, pinching this blade again. Lin Xi’s black long blade felt as if it rammed into a great mountain, directly jammed.

The dagger in Xue Wantao’s hands didn’t change its trajectory at all, stabbing towards Lin Xi’s body like a streak of lightning.

This sword was already aimed at Lin Xi’s heart arteries, but because Lin Xi squatted down, it instead aimed slightly upwards, stabbing above his left chest, and then through his rear shoulder blade, the end of the blade sticking out.

Blood immediately gushed out from Lin Xi’s body.

His expression became incredibly pale from the pain, but his left hand actually rose rigidly, carrying the strength he had accumulated for a long time, and then it smashed viciously into the back of his own long blade like a hammer.

The emerald green dagger grinded against his body, releasing a noise that made one’s teeth incredibly sore, even more blood flying out. However, Xue Wantao’s eyes that were originally full of mockery instead narrowed slightly. What the short blade stabbed through wasn’t flesh, but rather a lump of thick leather, actually momentarily preventing him from twisting the sword and worsening the injury on Lin Xi’s body.

What left him even more shocked was that the current Lin Xi could actually erupt with this much power, as if he hadn’t just been stabbed.


The five fingers that clasped Lin Xi’s blade released dazzling yellow radiance. A powerful aura erupted from within him, being exerted on the blade, stopping Lin Xi’s blade from continuing forward.

The area between Lin Xi’s right thumb and index finger that gripped the blade also released blood.

His expression became even more pale, his body also starting to shake uncontrollably. However, his hands didn’t leave the black long blade, instead gripping even tighter, the pressure even greater.

Sounds of flesh splitting sounded from his hands, but even under the continued exertion of force, the black long blade moved an inch further, cutting into Xue Wantao’s palm.

Blood flowed along the blade’s edge, down Xue Wantao’s palm. Xue Wantao’s hand inadvertently trembled, pulling back.

Lin Xi silently exerted force again.

His jaw was already completely clenched, blood flowing along the corners of his lips, his feet deeply planted into the earth below him.

The black long blade slid along Xue Wantao’s palm, the blade immediately entering his chest.

Xue Wantao watched as the blade that entered his chest released hot blood, an expression of disbelief appearing in his eyes.

After an instant of sluggishness, he released the howl of a wounded wild beast.

This sound was extremely similar to that of Mu Chenyun’s before his death. Mu Chenyun was also unwilling to fall under the hands of someone far weaker than himself, while Xue Wantao couldn’t accept that Lin Xi could actually wound him.

With a hong noise, the air in front of his entire right leg released a great noise, his knee smashing into Lin Xi’s lower body fiercely.

Lin Xi’s left hand let go of the blade, moving down, his arm stopping this knee.


Even though his arm had the arm guard Zhang Ping and Jiang Xiaoyi forged, the great power still instantly made his arm release bone fracturing sounds, his body was sent flying as well.

The emerald green dagger left his body as he flew out, a bright streak of blood emerging between the blade and his body.

Xue Wantao gave the falling Lin Xi a look, and then lowered his head to look at his own left hand.

Then, he released another howl, this time from true pain and fear.

The black long blade was still tightly clasped in Lin Xi’s hands, but his left hand’s five fingers already all completely dropped on the ground, only half his palm was left. White bone stubbles could be seen in the blood, the scene incredibly terrifying.

The instant he flew out, Lin Xi only did a single thing, which was to use his entire body’s strength to twist the black long blade in his hands.

The blade’s tip had already left Xue Wantao’s chest, but Xue Wantao’s left hand was still holding the blade.

That was why Xue Wantao’s five fingers were like five fine radishes, leaving his hand.

Lin Xi landed on the ground. Even though he trained his balance every day, right now, he still found it hard to stabilize himself, sitting down in a decrepit manner.

His left shoulder was badly mangled, his left arm hanging powerlessly. Blood was still trickling down his right hand that held the long blade’s hilt. However, he still leaned on the blade, controlling his body’s shaking, quickly standing back up.

While looking at Xue Wantao who was still in disbelief as he clasped his broken left hand, on his chest a twisted wound, a smile carrying a bit of pride and ridicule appeared on his face.

“Lower level cultivators can also kill high level cultivators… I said that I will do everything I can to kill you.”

Lin Xi breathed heavily. He raised the black long blade in his hands, preparing to close in on Xue Wantao whose injuries were a bit worse than even his own.

Right now was the best opportunity to kill this cultivator. Meanwhile, the other party always faced him with genuine killing intent, so he naturally wouldn’t show any mercy.

Xue Wantao suddenly began to laugh like he was deranged, laughing hysterically. “Lin Xi… even if things are like this, do you think you can kill me? Do you think that I am the only one in this mountain? After being injured like this, do you still think you can escape?”

Even though he didn’t expect Lin Xi to have such powerful willpower, his chest injuries that were close to his heart arteries even more serious than Lin Xi’s, his cultivation and perception were still much higher than Lin Xi’s. When he suddenly erupted into mad laughter, Lin Xi suddenly stopped. Then, he heard some light footsteps.

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