Book 7 Chapter 20 - I Don’t Have Any Rules

It was already the later half of the night.

It was precisely the time when those who normally went to sleep late also slept, while those who got up early still didn’t get up this early. This time was when Yunqin’s people believed the night’s yin energy was strongest, that it was a time when it was easy to run into ghosts.

On the night sky, there were dark clouds that covered the bright moon.

An individual dressed in entirely pitch-black night clothes shot out of the shadows like a specter, using a sharp blade to cut open the door latch.

Mu Chenyun who was laying on the bed already opened his eyes.

His brows were originally already extremely faint, yet right now, his face looked like there wasn’t a single hair on it. His deathly pale expression made his sensory organs look like they were made from white wax, not like they were made from flesh and blood.

When he saw this nightcrawler appear in his line of sight like a ghost, his white wax-like face immediately became filled with mockery, saying with a sneer, “Youngsters really don’t have any patience after all, unable to wait even a single night… Only, I originally thought the one who would come would be Lin Xi, but who would have thought that it was actually you.”

The nightcrawler’s voice was shaking a bit, but there was also a bit of a type of joy. “If I come, then he doesn’t need to come again.”

“What a deep sense of brotherhood.” Mu Chenyun’s face was filled with ridicule, but he inwardly felt coldness. He long understood what the chance the emperor granted him was, but he also always felt like this chance was a bit too much in his favor. Only, he never expected these people to really have someone who was this brazen, coming to assassinate him without any regard for his own future prospects or life. He took a deep breath, doing his best to attack at the weaknesses of the other party’s will, saying with a sneer, “Even so, I advise you to not harm Lin Xi instead. It is because you should understand that it has always been Lin Xi who was in charge of this matter, so what the emperor wishes to see is Lin Xi’s attitude, it shouldn’t be yours. That is why the emperor only permits him to kill me, I fear that you won’t be able to kill me… If some accident happens to you here, with his friendship with you, he really might ignore all consequences to kill me and get revenge for you. You all are young, moreover all cultivators, there is so much ahead of you, why is there a need to drown together with an already half crippled man like me?”

“That is why I advise you to still immediately leave to avoid harming Lin Xi.”

In Jiang Xiaoyi’s hands was a long black blade. Even though he wasn’t as hot-blooded as Li Kaiyun, he was similarly the type of person Lin Xi respected, one who wouldn’t hesitate to throw away his own life to uphold justice. He didn’t fear death… moreover, each time he recalled Mu Chenyun’s face in his mind, he would think of Wang Simin, recall that beautiful woman on the river dam who made his heart pound, the one he would never forget and who would eternally occupy a corner of his heart. When he thought about how she was humiliated by Mu Chenyun, how she was bound and struck, he felt so much pain he couldn’t breathe.

Feelings were a strange thing. They didn’t immediately flare out, but instead slowly budded within one’s heart. Lin Xi knew about Jiang Xiaoyi’s affection for that stubborn woman, but he still underestimated him a bit.

This type of most direct feelings that silently grew within the heart suppressed all reverence, suppressed the deeply-rooted imperial authority within Jiang Xiaoyi’s heart, making him set his resolution to come here and kill Mu Chenyun.

However, right now, the hand that held the blade was shaking slightly. It was because Lin Xi, in his heart, was similarly more important than his own safety.

The two of them momentarily didn’t say anything. This large courtyard completely became cold and silent again, only the sounds of wind and the rustling of leaves could be heard.

Mu Chenyun’s mind relaxed a bit, inwardly thinking that the other party was still young in the end, merely having ignorant bravery. However, right at this time, the wind noise seemed to have become a bit more hurried, his contracting eyes carried a gloomy but complacent expression, his entire body releasing a layer of cold sweat, making him feel even more powerless and weak.

Another figure appeared from the darkness like a ghost, dressed in green clothes, face covered under a black cloth, unarmed and defenseless. In his hand was another black cloth.

Jiang Xiaoyi suddenly turned around. When he saw this person, his eyes became a bit wet, his throat as if having something stuck there, unable to say anything.

The masked Lin Xi didn’t say anything either, as if he was walking on water. He suddenly arrived in front of him, patted his shoulder and then placed the black cloth into his hands.

“Lin Xi, what is the meaning of this?” Mu Chenyun couldn’t help but speak out, his voice trembling, a bit excessively shrill and warped. “Could it be that just because you covered your face, you think I don’t know you are Lin Xi?”

“Who said I am Lin Xi?”

Lin Xi looked at this great figure from Military Prison who was already completely submerged in fear, seriously and quietly saying, “What proof do you have?”

“You…” Mu Chenyun almost directly reopened the injury on his back. He subconsciously wanted to curse Lin Xi for being shameless. However, he noticed that the other side was merely copying him, using this to purposely mock him.

This night was destined to not be peaceful.

Lin Xi himself also understood extremely clearly that even if he didn’t rush over this quickly, once he entered this courtyard, there was no way he wouldn’t be noticed by anyone.

“Lin Xi, you shouldn’t have come here.” An individual who didn’t hide his own footsteps at all, confidently letting his cloth shoes release clear noises through this room walked in through an arched door that led into this courtyard.

This was a slightly chubby middle-aged man dressed in scholar clothes.

This was Gao Gongyue, East Forest Province Supervisor’s Great Consecrator. Normally, few people saw him, nor did they know just how astonishing this Provincial Supervisor’s Great Consecrator’s cultivation was.

Gao Gongyue also knew about Lin Xi’s achievements. If Lin Xi didn’t come, he would instead feel a bit disappointed. By coming, it instead left him in even greater admiration, which was why he came out, not to save Mu Chenyun’s life, but instead because of Lin Xi.

“Where is this Lin Xi? I am definitely not this Lin Xi.”

Lin Xi continued to reply extremely shamelessly. He looked at this pale-skinned middle-aged man who walked out, sensing the natural terrifying aura that was exuded from his body, asking, “I wonder who your distinguished self is?”

“I am Gao Gongyue, I don’t have much of a reputation in the outside world.”

Gao Gongyue smiled amiably, looking at Lin Xi while saying, “Just now, you asked if there was any proof… you yourself are precisely the proof you ask for.”

Lin Xi looked at Gao Gongyue and said, “As long as I can run away, then there won’t be any proof.”

“What you are saying has a bit of reason. As long as you can run away, there will only be human testimonies, no concrete proof, even if we continue the conflict, it will be difficult to convict you of any crimes.” Gao Gongyue rubbed his chin with his fine white fingers, shaking his head and saying with a sigh, “Only, you need to understand who you are showing disrespect to by doing this… and how can you possibly get away?”

Lin Xi shook his head. “If we don’t give it a try, how will I know that I won’t be able to get away?”

Gao Gongyue’s lips curled. However, right at this time, he instead sensed a hint of an aura only people at his cultivation level could sense.

He suddenly turned around, looking towards the bright moon.

The bright moon was still covered by dark clouds. There was one person that seemed to descend from the dark clouds, landing on this courtyard’s wall.

There was no terrifying power that struck the great earth, to the extent where even the earth underneath this person’s feet didn’t splash out. However, this person gave off a certain aura that made even Gao Gongyue’s skin produce a bit of a prickling feeling.

This was someone whose entire body was surrounded in thick black robes, their appearance could not be seen, as if even everything inside the black robes was black.

Only when Gao Gongyue turned around and faced this person, did Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi notice that another person appeared on the courtyard wall. Only, their cultivation levels weren’t high enough, so they couldn’t immediately sense the terrifying aura coming from this person’s body, only feeling like this person was exceptionally calm and resolute, as if he was everything, that nothing could shake them.

“There isn’t anyone on your level in the entire East Forest Province.” Goa Gongyue’s expression changed. “Could it be that your Green Luan Academy wishes to act publicly in spite of Yunqin law, interfere in this affair?”

Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi exchanged a look, both of them seeing a hint of excitement from the other’s eyes.

“Could it be that you all wish to break some rules that have always existed, completely cross that line?” However, when Gao Gongyue continued to speak, it instead made the two students feel worry.

“I cannot deny that this world does have the customary game of rules.”

This individual whose entire body was covered in thick black robes spoke, his voice a bit hoarse, but even so, it carried a unique type of charm, drawing in everyone’s minds. “However, for me, this world doesn’t have any rules, only has the separation of darkness and light. Moreover, I am a traitor to begin with, someone who Yunqin had listed as wanted for a long time. I came to kill this person who you all didn’t allow to die, but should have been killed. What does this have to do with Green Luan Academy?”

Gao Gongyue’s body shook fiercely. His hair also began to fly behind him, becoming like steel needles in the air. He spoke out in disbelief, “You… you are the Dark Priest Mu Xin Li?”

The one in the black robes nodded. “I heard your strength can be ranked top three within the entire East Forest Province.”

Gao Gongyue took a deep breath, all of his clothes expanding, body seemingly becoming a bit more bloated, starting to shine. “The imperial court’s Great Consecrator Ni Henian has always been searching for you. If you take action here, you might not be able to escape from him.”

“Some things... could it be that just because of worry, you don’t do them?” Rustling noises sounded from below the black-robed man’s feet, as if there were countless silkworms moving through the earth. At this time, he gave Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi a look from the distance.

Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t know what Dark Priests were, but they suddenly felt respect for this Dark Priest whose face was covered. The two gave this person a bow of respect at the same time and then turned around.

Mu Chenyun’s entire body was drenched in cold sweat. When he heard Gao Gongyue utter the words ‘Dark Priest’, he already associated it with countless terrifying legends. His heart was completely occupied by fear.


The instant Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi turned around, he already released a wild beast-like low growl, his entire body’s cold sweat flying. He leapt out fiercely, smashing towards a window on the side.

The wound on his back completely ruptured again, his blood dyeing the snow-white bandages on his back.

Gao Gongyue didn’t move because his opponent still hadn’t moved. A powerful aura surrounded him, spiraling within three feet of his body. The ground around his feet also slowly shone.


Mu Chenyun smashed through the window, landing on the ground.

Right at this time, a wave of intense pain was transmitted from his right foot. A streak of blood scattered out from the bottom of his right leg.

Jiang Xiaoyi landed behind him heavily, the fall making even him release a muffled groan. However, his hands and body were perfectly straight, the long blade also nicking Mu Chenyun’s foot.

“Yin yang man, does your heel hurt or not?” At this time, Lin Xi’s voice also sounded.

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