Book 7 Chapter 18 - This Has Nothing to do With the Evidence

The completely sweat drenched Lin Xi whose body was covered in faint sword injuries walked up to a small pier by the river.

Even back during the North Grain Cave Town battle, he already noticed that even though Chen Feirong’s soul force cultivation was vastly lower than Uncle Liu’s, she still had the power to fight him. This made him understand that she definitely had many redeeming qualities about her.

For him who had just experienced some cultivation growth, Uncle Liu was still too strong, but Chen Feirong was an excellent training partner. This could allow him to always be pushed to the limit of danger, but not to the point where he lacked the slightest chance to struggle back.

Today’s cultivation indeed brought him extremely great benefits. The tempering of martial skill was secondary, what was more important was the tempering of his heart.

Pain, the condition of one’s injuries, all of these can affect one’s reaction speed and decision-making. As early as when he was in Green Luan’s training valley, Lin Xi already clearly understood that some intense feelings of pain would even make one feel nauseous and dizzy, as well as having some other serious consequences, some pain that wasn’t that intense also substantially weakening a cultivator’s strength.

If one’s will was powerful enough to the point where they could overlook a certain degree of pain, then the achievements earned through the training valley’s temples might become even better.

However, he also understood that there were no shortcuts in becoming this type of cultivator with extraordinary willpower.

Right now, Lin Xi’s flesh was already exhausted to the extreme, feeling as if his entire body seemed to have become a continuously dripping sponge. However, he knew that his will still hadn’t been tempered to the extreme, so that is why he gazed into the calm and deep river water before him; once the sweating from his body calmed down a bit, he was going to walk into this river while holding a large rock, walk towards the depths of the pitch-black river bottom to temper his will once again. He was going to use the great fear of death to temper his own will.

Right at this time, he saw several Swallow Descent Town officials who quickly sprinted in his direction.

Coincidentally, at around the same time, within the lamplit Tangcang Imperial Palace, there was also an interesting conversation being carried out.

Even though both sides of the conversation looked scholarly and weak, almost all Tangcang cultivators knew about the terrifying male from Green Luan Academy previously locked up in the water immersed prison, as well as the white-clothed bald little monk Yun Hai from Sanskrit Temple.

The man looked at this white-clothed bald little monk Yun Hai, seeing that he was a bit shy, inadvertently lowering his head.

“You really can do it?” The man finally couldn’t help but speak out in doubt.

Yun Hai became even more embarrassed, his face becoming a bit flushed. “I really can… senior brother also said I can.”

The man was a bit speechless. “Why does your senior feel like you can?”

The bald little monk blinked his eyes, looking at this man and saying, “Because senior said that the two of us and Sir Gu can actually be considered similar people.”

The man gave him a look. “How are we similar?”

The bald little monk stuck out his fingers out of habit. “Senior said… when some people feel hatred, they can only direct it towards people, but Sir Gu also feels hatred towards himself. It is because when a normal person is locked up in a water immersed prison for so many years, they might go crazy just from seeing their own body rot, dying even despite having powerful cultivation levels. However, Sir Gu survived perfectly well and you haven’t gone crazy, that is why Sir Gu’s strength already cannot be evaluated by your current body and soul force cultivation. As for senior and me, we both cultivate the Selfless Zen. There is only the heaven and earth before our eyes, only others, not ourselves, so we also cannot be evaluated through our own soul force cultivation.”

The man remained silent for a moment. He looked at Yun Hai and said, “Your senior has always refused to see me. Apart from not being fond of conversation, is it that he is scared that I will take action against him?”

“This I really don’t know.” Yun Hai said with a distressed expression. “We have no idea what kind of strange thoughts each person from our Sanskrit Temple is thinking inside, I really don’t know.”

“Thank you.” The man gave the sky outside the window frame a look. “I’ll be free to do as I wish again in two days.”

Yun Hai became happy, all smiles as he said, “You’re welcome.”

As time went on, the carriages in Mu Chenyun’s residence increased in size again.

Ever since he was only placed under a ‘house arrest awaiting investigation’ situation, almost all officials already keenly sensed a certain type of aura.

These officials naturally wouldn’t associate this affair to the enlightened emperor on the dragon throne, they just thought that the one behind Mu Chenyun is definitely extremely powerful, this person quite possibly one of the nine senators.

To not directly extort a confession from him under torture, taking action from other aspects, just how many things regarding him can even be investigated?

This way of handling him, the end of the investigation might very well just be settling a matter by leaving it unsettled, with even a comeback possible later. This possibility of a comeback alone, for many officials, meant that Mu Chenyun still possessed great value.

East Forest Province’s major fifth rank guard Zheng Qingshan also arrived before Mu Chenyun’s residence in a low profile manner, wishing to bring some gifts to express his goodwill, leave behind some impression in Mu Chenyun’s mind.

However, he who was dressed in everyday clothes, seated in a carriage, before he could even give his two attendants any instructions, he already heard the rushing noises of several horses.

When he saw these strong horses rush straight at the residence without decreasing their speed in the slightest, the sound of iron hooves on the cobblestone paths disturbing this manor’s peace, his thick brows furrowed in discontent. However, when he saw the uniform and face of one of the mounted officials clearly, his expression changed. He withdrew his body, immediately ordering his attendants to quickly move their carriage to the side of the road, to not make any excessive movements.

Seated on the two leading horses’ backs were two Judicial Sector officials.

One of them was a middle-aged man who had an extremely serious expression, the look on his face as if everyone owed him a large amount of silver, Judicial Sector’s major third rank Superintendent Xiao Tieleng.

In East Forest Province, he had another nickname: the Iron Masked Judge.

The three riding behind him were precisely Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan.

The three of them were all extremely quiet.

Lin Xi looked at this great residence in the outskirts of the city that was getting closer and closer. Judging from the feeling of riches and honor this residence and the nearby provincial city that sharply contrasted with a small border city town, seeing Zheng Qingshan’s carriage, as well as the nonchalant gatekeepers and servants at Mu Chenyun’s residence entrance, he understood that this so-called house arrest was not actually that strict at all even more clearly.

Judicial Sector’s major third rank Superintendent Xiao Tieleng stopped before Mu Chenyun’s residence. He got off his horse, and then without a word, he directly walked into the residence.

The transcription officer behind him also immediately gave Lin Xi’s group of three a nervous bow before following him.

Lin Xi gave Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan a look and then quietly said, “We’ll take a look inside first.” Then, he also quietly followed.

An official dressed in civilian clothes waiting inside greeted them, directly guiding Xiao Tieleng and Lin Xi’s group into a room. He knocked on the door, and then pushed it open.

A strong medicinal smell wafted out. Lin Xi frowned slightly, seeing Mu Chenyun who was sitting on a soft couch.

This was the first time he could clearly see this person’s appearance. This was a skinny man, looking around forty years of age. His face was long and sharp, lacking all facial hair, even his brows extremely light. Because of excessive blood loss, his face looked extremely pale, complexion wan and sallow. However, despite this being the case, there was still a type of fierceness that didn’t disappear. This was especially true for his deep, cold and somewhat powerless gaze, this even more so immediately letting Lin Xi realize the viciousness of that injury.

Even if nothing happened previously, Lin Xi’s first impression of this person might still be one of great dislike. 

However, Mu Chenyun didn’t seem to have any intentions of pleasing him either. The instant he saw Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi, he already guessed at these three’s identity. As such, there was even more undisguised killing intent and threatening pressure released from his deep, cold and powerless eyes.

“Sir Xiao, this one is injured, it isn’t convenient to stand up, so I must ask you to excuse me of the excessive formalities.”

Mu Chenyun sized up Lin Xi’s group of three, suddenly speaking up and coldly saying, “I wonder what purpose Sir Xiao came here for this time?”

“The thirteen sets of Sky Devil Heavy Armor had already startled even the emperor. The emperor has issued a decree, ordering to bring the three who have accused you of these charges to ask you some questions, make some records for future reference.” Xiao Tieleng nodded slightly, speaking without any emotions.

“Turns out it was you three who slandered me?” Mu Chenyun nodded. He looked at Lin Xi, Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi, starting to laugh coldly.

“We slandered you?” When Jiang Xiaoyi saw this extremely faint browed, gloomy and cold man’s provocative gaze, he already couldn’t endure it. When he heard this line at this time, his fingernails dug into his own palm heavily, all of his body’s blood rushing to his head. “Mu Chenyun, I don’t know who it is that is shielding you right now, but you actually spoke these blind words with wide open eyes. Don’t you feel like you are a bit too shameless?”

“Don’t immediately start a dispute.”

Xiao Tieleng gave Me Chenyun and Jiang Xiaoyi an expressionless look. “Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi, Bian Linghan, when you seized that carriage that day in North Grain Cave Town, did you see the face of the criminal you three spoke of? Is it the same as the one you see now?”

Bian Linghan took half a step forward, coldly saying, “At the time, he wore a human skin mask, but his voice is identical to this person’s.”

Xiao Tieleng nodded. He turned around to look at her, Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi. “Do you all have any direct proof regarding him? Do you all have anything from that affair that can prove he was Sir Mu?”

Jiang Xiayi said angrily, “He was carrying out this type of thing, why would he possibly bring anything that will expose his identity?”

Xiao Tieleng’s face continued to remain expressionless. “Then there are only human testimonies.”

“Sir Mu, you recognize these three. Do you have any grudges against these three?” He no longer asked Lin Xi and the others any questions, only turning around to look at Mu Chenyun.

Mu Chenyun sneered, “With my status, how could I possibly recognize three low level officials? If we are speaking of grudges… I heard that Military Prison and Lin Xi had some conflict before. Can it be that because of that, he’ll take his anger out on someone like me?”

Lin Xi’s brows jumped. He tugged at the sleeves of Jiang Xiaoyi who couldn’t help but want to erupt into a string of curses again.

“Sir Xiao, you specially invited us over just to ask these types of questions?” However, Bian Linghan already couldn’t hold herself back. She looked coldly at Xiao Tieleng, saying, “Something this clear… if you want to let this person go, there is absolutely no need to look for any excuses from us.”

Xiao Tieleng’s brows jumped. “What I wish to ask has already been asked.”

“You all can leave.” Mu Chenyun looked at the three with a viper-like expression, and then laughed coldly. “Otherwise, what do you think calling you all over will accomplish? Something this clear? … for better or for worse, all of you are Yunqin’s officials, so you should at least understand that Yunqin law isn’t based on what’s clear and what’s not clear, but is rather based on proof.”

Jiang Xiaoyi restrained himself from going too far, but he couldn’t control his anger anymore. With a slightly shaking voice, he said, “Could it be that the wound on your back can’t be considered as proof? Could it be that the testimonies of so many people cannot be considered proof?”

Mu Chenyun coughed, some bloodiness released from his mouth. However, when he looked at Jiang Xiaoyi, it was still like looking at a pitiful creature. “My blade wound was inflicted by an assassin, can you prove that it was done by you all in North Grain Cave Town? Do you know what is called a clique testimony? Just your testimonies alone, for a major second rank official, what use do they carry? A transaction with Great Mang cultivators… even when all of the people at my side have been investigated, even when my entire residence has been examined, there is no proof. As for proof, I have many people who can prove where I have been within these past few days, stating that I’ve never been to North Grain Cave Town at all… Also, what is your cultivation level? If you are talking about wounding me, then that’s just a bit too laughable. If it wasn’t for your group truly obtaining thirteen sets of Sky Devil Heavy Armor, obtaining great contributions, I fear that you all would instead suffer punishment for trying to frame me!”

“Also.” Mu Chenyun looked at Jiang Xiaoyi whose face was getting more and more pale, the expression of mockery on his face becoming stronger. “Even if you all said that you have seen my face, even if you said that it was me, it would be completely useless. It is because you all don’t have any proof.”

kacha sounded. Jiang Xiaoyi crushed a stone tile on the ground.

“What? Could it be that you want to publicly commit a violent crime?” When he saw Lin Xi forcibly pull Jiang Xiaoyi back, Mu Chenyun began to cough while laughing in an even more wantonly manner. “Placing me under house arrest to await further investigation is the emperor’s decree. Do you want to go against the law, against the emperor’s will?”

“Yin yang man!”

Just as he was laughing loudly in a wanton and contemptuous manner, Lin Xi looked into his eyes and said this with cold disdain.

Mu Chenyun’s laugher immediately stopped. His eyes narrowed slightly, ice-cold as they looked at Lin Xi, saying coldly, “Even if that is the case, so what? Could it be that there is only one person under the sky like this? This still cannot prove anything.”

Lin Xi didn’t argue about anything, only looking at him, once again calmly and forcefully saying, “Yin yang man!”

“You!” Mu Chenyun’s face immediately became more sinister.

“Yin yang man!” Lin Xi looked at him, continuing to say it coldly.

Mu Chenyun took a deep breath. He wanted to say something, but in the end forcibly endured it.

“Sir Xiao, is there anything else?” Lin Xi turned around to look at Xiao Tieleng, asking.

Xiao Tieleng opened his mouth, seemingly as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t, only shaking his head.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Xi decisively pulled Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan with him, turning around and heading out. “This has nothing to do with proof.” When he walked out of the door, he quietly said this to Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan with an ice-cold voice.

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