Book 7 Chapter 13 - Black Snake, Black Dragon, Black Banner

“Yin yang man!”

Lin Xi shouted again in dissatisfaction.

That faint shadow disappeared into the moonless windy mountain stream.

Just now, when that person twisted his ankles because of Lin Xi’s shout, it really was quite hilarious, but when they saw the corpses all over the ground, saw the exposed Sky Devil Heavy Armors around the carriages, Bian Linghan and the others couldn’t laugh at all.

“You still haven’t reached State Knight level cultivation?”

Chen Feirong raised her arms with difficulty, returning the silver and purple slender longswords back into the scabbards on her back, at the same time turning around to look at Uncle Liu, asking this.

Uncle Liu looked at this silver-masked woman whose cultivation was far beneath his own, but whose actions during the life and death encounter just now already earned his respect, saying, “It hasn’t long been long since I reached this level… he has long reached mid stage StateKnight level cultivation.”

Chen Feirong no longer said anything. She gently rubbed her arms, unable to help but raise her head, looking towards the starry sky she was so fond of.

There was no moon tonight. The starlight above Dragon Snake Mountain Range’s...

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