Book 7 Chapter 12 - Does Having Great Authority Make One Formidable?

This cultivator who wielded the blood-like long blade was also momentarily distracted by the Sky Devil Heavy Armor in the carriage.

He clearly didn’t know what was being transported in the carriage either, it was actually a set of Sky Devil Heavy Armor only a great craftsman from Purgatory Mountain could create.

He understood much more about weapons and armors than Lin Xi, his knowledge on them more thorough.

He knew that this Sky Devil Armor was smelted and forged from Sky Devil Tear Metal unique to Purgatory Mountain. The sapphire runes on its surface were all polished and embedded through the use of Sky Devil Orchid Gem.

These two materials were things that could only be extracted from Purgatory Mountain’s lava ore depths, both of them extremely precious to begin with.

Even this Sky Devil Heavy Armor’s cloak was made through the ‘Night Devil Armor’s Night Devil Metal. This cloak wasn’t some purely aesthetic useless good, it was covered in runes. When soul force was poured in, when one fell down from above, this cloak could serve as a hang glider.

Most armors not only increased the defensive strength of cultivators, they would also...

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