Book 7 Chapter 11 - Devil!

She had two swords.

Moreover, the power of this second longsword that released dazzling purple radiance was far above that slender silver longsword’s.

Purple radiance fluttered about in the air like flames, dancing like butterflies.

This purple sword continued to aim at the main artery of that dark figure’s neck.

This dark figure’s blood red long blade changed its direction slightly, hacking horizontally at her head.

However, the longsword in her hands didn’t change directions at all, her eyes below the silver mask instead revealing a bit of a crazy expression.

She originally wasn’t a crazy person, yet she was always doing crazy things.

The dark figure who released a suffocating iron-blooded aura, as if he would never take a step back raised his head slightly, looking at this silver-masked opponent for the first time.

This dark figure didn’t fear death, but his current situation wasn’t enough for him to risk his life.

That was why he chose to take a step back.

His left hand released sparkling yellow radiance. When that sharp sword edge was about to make contact with his neck, his left hand instead turned, its back striking against this purple sword.


An explosive noise suddenly sounded in the air.

A streak of blood appeared on the back of his hand. Meanwhile, Chen Feirong’s body moved in,...

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