Book 7 Chapter 10 - Comet, Butterfly, Sword

Charge towards the sides of the carriage as quickly as possible.

This allowed them to first smash apart one carriage, see what exactly was inside.

Lin Xi didn’t have much plans, completely acting rashly. He only had these instructions for them.

Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t know what Lin Xi relied on, but he had confidence in Lin Xi, moreover understood well that Lin Xi did things in even more of a cool-headed manner than anyone. Previously, he had even thought to himself that as for someone who was as cool-headed as Lin Xi, once he really went crazy, just how terrifying would he become.

Meanwhile, he understood even more clearly that Lin Xi definitely wouldn’t treat his friends’ lives as playthings.

That was why he only had to carefully remember what Lin Xi told him. He only calmly adjusted his breathing, calming that wave of impatience and killing intent flowing within his body.

He also had the urge to charge down and turn over the carriage, see if that castrate was inside. Lin Xi also knew this, just that he didn’t know Lin Xi knew.

Chen Feirong also quietly adjusted her breathing, adjusting her body and spirit to their optimal...

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