Book 7 Chapter 9 - Absolutely Perfect

“Your intention is that when this State Master level cultivator leaves, we are going to try the other fleet?”

Chen Feirong widened her eyes, frowning for the first time. “A fleet that can do business with a State Master level cultivator will have a high chance of having a formidable cultivator overseeing it as well, you still dare give it a try? Have you gone crazy as well?”

However, she looked at Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi, and then quickly laughed, carrying a type of indescribable feeling, “When he wants to try something, you all not only aren’t stopping him… nor do you all feel that he has gone mad, also looking like you want to give it a try with him, you all might have really gone crazy as well.”

“However, I am a lunatic as well, lunatics following lunatics, this really can’t be any better.” She looked at Lin Xi and nodded. “I will follow you.”

“I will follow you!”

She seriously repeated this, nodding her head.

This second time was spoken for herself to hear.

For her, this was a great gamble. Meanwhile, her current life was a great gambit to begin with.

“Lin Xi, attendants with improper backgrounds  are one of the easiest ways to get denounced in the royal court, provoking accusations.”

Jiang Xiaoyi looked at Lin Xi, saying quietly.

Lin Xi had already displayed odd intuition more than once before him and Bian Linghan, that was why they weren’t worried about Lin Xi making any unreasonable sounding decisions. Only, Chen Feirong’s identity was still right there, this had nothing to do with intuition. He was Lin Xi’s friend, so he had to remind Lin Xi right now.

Bian Linghan also looked at Lin Xi, shaking her head.

An orthodox Yunqin girl like her found it extremely hard to accept someone like Chen Feirong with seemingly crazy and neurotic nature. Even if cultivator attendants were extremely hard to obtain, even if Chen Feirong truly wished to earn a living while following at Lin Xi’s side, in her eyes, letting Chen Feirong become an attendant still wasn’t a good choice.

“I don’t care about background, because all of those opinions are imposed onto me by others on their own. What I really care about is if I will obtain any definite benefits, if I can do the things I want to do.” When facing one friend who spoke out in advice, another silently advising against this, he gently shook his head. He especially looked at Jiang Xiaoyi and said, “All I care about is one’s moral conduct… Meanwhile, this is something only time and facts can prove.”

Jiagn Xiaoyi lowered his head to ponder over the meanings of Lin Xi’s words, while Bian Linghan was a bit annoyed, saying, “You are always like this, doing what you wish, not caring about anything. I really don’t know if there is anything that can make you feel reverence.”

Lin Xi patted the shoulders of his annoyed good friend, and then quietly whispered by her ears, saying seriously, “There are. What I revere, is precisely humanity… That day, when Chen Haozhi’s elder shouted before his death, it even more so allowed me to understand the power of humanity… because what made those villagers remain on that hill wasn’t my official rank, not my military force, but rather humanity.”

“You are named Lin Xi?” Chen Feirong didn’t hear what Lin Xi spoke by Bian Linghan’s ears, she only examined Lin Xi seriously once more because of his previous words. “You truly are an interesting person… master.”

In that instant, her expression was a bit bleak, and also a bit moved.

What appeared in her mind was that mighty city in Central Continent. She suddenly felt like she was finally one step closer to that majestic city.

Only, right now, the world was pitch-black, only sounds of ape cries audible. No one could see the fine changes in expression on her face, see what she was truly thinking.

In the pitch-black sky, there was suddenly a pretty comet that flew past, as if reflecting her cherished desire.

All of the corpses that were still rather complete and those dead horses were flung into a valley not far away.

After just a single night, all of these corpses would be chewed until not even the bones would be intact, they didn’t need to use any extra methods at all.

A burst of concentrated hoof noises suddenly sounded from the mountain path.

‘Bird Feather’ and eight riders rushed a large group of horses up to the carriages.

‘Bird Feather’ was the sole bandit that State Master level cultivator left alive, as well as the leader of the red scarfed bandits, someone with quite the vicious reputation in this North Grain Cave Town region.

“This one is Chen Fei…”

When the horses stopped, when he heard the sound of a sharp blade being drawn from a scabbard, ‘Bird Feather’ already screamed out.

When he had only spoken a few words, the ice-cold blade already entered his neck, cutting his scream short.

Since he managed to amass at least a hundred fierce warriors, moreover he himself already entered the ranks of cultivators, he felt like he was already somebody. However today, when his head flew, he woke up, realizing that before a true character, he was just like a pile of dog excrement, no difference at all.

It was all because these people did not have even a shred of interest in people like him, to the extent where they didn’t even have the desire of knowing who the people conspiring behind him were.

Lin Xi laid in the weeds with extreme patience, not moving at all as he watched ‘Bird Feather’ rush their horses over. Then, when these horses arrived before the carriages, a warrior in the back directly removed Bird Feather’s head.

These people’s indifference towards lives and blood only further proved how terrifying they were. Perhaps the people of these two fleets didn’t expect that even after witnessing their terror, there were still others who were eyeing these two fleets of carriages.

The carriages’ people began to choose horses, selecting horses they felt were useful. After attaching them to their carriages, the remaining horses were immediately completely slaughtered. Strong waves of bloodiness suffused the air.

Lin Xi didn’t care about anyone else. His eyes continued to stare at that State Master level cultivator with the meticulously trimmed beard.

When this type of figure appeared here, whether or not he could uncover the castrate right now was no longer something he hoped for. He could only try and see if he could find out the identity of the people behind these two fleets and what kind of transaction they were carrying out.

After killing the extra horses, these two fleets of mysterious carriages didn’t make Lin Xi wait much longer.

The two fleets of carriages continued to advance in the direction they were originally headed in, only that both sides exchanged their carriages.

Those who set out from North Grain Cave Town urged the carriages from the distant mountain path back towards North Grain Cave Town, while the State Master level cultivator brought the carriages from North Grain Cave Town back along the mountain path he came from.

“Master, do you truly wish to try and ambush this carriage fleet?”

When she saw that Lin Xi’s line of sight already completely focused on the carriages returning towards North Grain Cave Town, Chen Feirong quietly asked.

Lin Xi didn’t say anything, only nodding.

Chen Feirong said, “Five li from this place, there is a forest not far from the mountain path. The terrain is tangled and complicated, those who are not familiar with the area will easily lose their way. Moreover, there are cowardly wild apes residing there, once people rush in, these wild apes will scatter in all directions in fear, produce quite a bit of noise and startle the other party. If the situation is unfavorable, the chances of escape will be greater by fleeing inside.”

Lin Xi still didn’t say anything, only making a gesture for Chen Feirong to lead the way without the slightest pause.

Chen Feirong smiled sweetly, withdrawing into the mountain forest, moving as proficient as a fish back in water.

The path she took was even more perfect than what Lin Xi imagined, to the extent where it didn’t even startle any of the resting forest birds.

Chen Feirong quickly made her way through different valleys.

While making her way through the forest’s valleys, she was thinking that humanity was precisely made up of streaks of grooves and pits.

Today, she crossed another extremely crucial pit, to the extent where the way in which she crossed this pit, whether it was correct or not, she still didn’t know. Only, after she made that step, her heart instead felt more carefree.

She led Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan to their destination. When she laid down on the still somewhat damp grassland, she couldn’t help but raise her head towards the sky again.

When she was little, she really liked to look at the stars in the sky. Now, she liked it even more.

It was because the night didn’t have sunlight, while these brilliant stars in the darkness instead brought one radiance and hope.

It really was a coincidence. Several breaths later, she saw another pretty comet fly across the sky.

On her face, an innocent smile couldn’t help but appear unknowingly again.

Lin Xi saw the changes in her expression from the side. When he raised his head, he also saw the tail of this comet before it disappeared, drawing out a faint but pretty trail of light.

Chen Feirong with two swords behind the back, compared to that flirtatious girl in the wine shop, seemed like a completely different person. Meanwhile, the feeling Chen Feirong gave Lin Xi seemed like her true self.

From the natural expression she produced from seeing the comet, she no longer seemed like a woman who acted crazily, yet she was indeed doing some crazy things even he found a bit incomprehensible.

When crazy people did crazy things, they needed an even crazier reason. Following someone who might have a chance of becoming a great figure, becoming the advisor of a great figure, in his opinion, this type of reason wasn’t enough at all in. That was why he was almost sure that Chen Feirong had a clearer reason that made her willing to serve as his attendant.

Only, Lin Xi wasn’t a normal person, his way of thinking was completely different from people of this world. Even people who he liked a lot, those he was harmonious with, he could still allow them to have some selfish and private secrets.

Love, for him, was mutually liking each other, mutual understanding, mutually cherishing each other, and not to possess.

Just like what Chen Feirong said to that yellow-robed elder, when one person meets another, there are times where there really are some strange feelings and predestined affinity. It was just like how he knew almost nothing about Chen Feirong, but he agreed to let her serve as his attendant, while right now, the innocent smile Chen Feirong revealed when she looked at that comet made him decide to allow her to keep her secret.

The carriages’ wheel sounds could vaguely be heard from the mountain path.

“Master, what are your plans?” Chen Feirong who was already about to fall asleep from waiting turned around, asking Lin Xi who began to open his chest again.

Lin Xi gave her a look and said, “You and Jiang Xiaoyi are to rush down first. Me and Bian Linghan will support you from here for now.”

Chen Feirong stared blankly for a bit. She stuck out a thumb and said, “Master, your plans truly are flawless, really absolutely perfect.”

Lin Xi didn’t expect her to have this type of reaction at all. After a chuckle, he said, “Then are you going to charge down there or not?”

Chen Feirong pointed at Jiang Xiaoyi who didn’t voice any objections. “Even he is going to charge down there… why wouldn’t I?”

Lin XI didn’t have any smiles on his face, in an extremely serious manner, he said, “When I give you the signal to charge, you all need to use your fastest speed to rush to the sides of the carriage.”

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