Book 7 Chaper 8 - Cultivators Who Shouldn’t Be Here

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

Arrows continuously smashed into the carriages’ wooden slabs, releasing war drum-like muffled striking noises. The horses who were hit by arrows fell onto the ground, rolling all over the ground in pain, shaking the two fleets until they groaned with noise.

The sounds of arrows flying through the air, entering wooden slabs and flesh, the neighing of horses, all these sounds mixed together, directly turning the areas where those carriages were into a scene from hell.

Lin Xi stared at this hellish scene, his brows furrowing slightly as he quietly said, “You’ve never deceived them before, this is indeed a very good explanation… however, why did you fool them this time?”

Chen Feirong said in an extremely innocent and as it should be manner, “Of course it’s because I wish to follow you. Also, by letting them give it a try, it’ll obviously make things safer for us.”

When she heard the word ‘us’, Bian Linghan immediately furrowed her brows in an even more displeased manner.

“Something doesn’t seem to be quite right.” Right at this time, Jiang Xiaoyi suddenly spoke with a deep but quiet voice.

Lin Xi’s eyes never left that region either. He also long sensed that something wasn’t quite right.

It was because those two rows of carriages were too calm. When they faced the sudden rain of arrows, this fleet of carriages that left North Grain Cave Town only used the fastest speed to open the carriage doors, and then rushed inside the almost completely shut carriages as if they were sure none of these arrows could penetrate the carriage’s walls. Meanwhile, most of the men of the fleet arriving from the other side directly hid beneath the carriages.

Right now, there were already no more arrows fired from the forest. The forest swayed like a great wave, figures with red scarfs wrapped around their heads rushed out from the forest while screaming.

Even if all of the personnel of the two fleets were totaled up, it wouldn’t exceed forty, while these bandits with red cloth wrapped around their heads exceeded a hundred. However, most of the men in these two carriages still didn’t show any signs of counterattacking, nor did they show any fear.

“Not having anything wrong is what would be strange.” Chen Feirong also calmed down, her eyes that seemed especially large and clear flickered as she looked in that direction, quietly saying, “Those who dare do business in this type of place obviously aren’t simple… they didn’t even send out anyone in advance to scout the forests around them, this can only mean that the people in these two fleets have absolute confidence in their own strength. Even if a great massacre is carried out here, it wouldn’t startle the Border Army’s wandering cavalry.”

“It is only those blinded by greed, people who are directly involved, who can’t tell that something isn’t right… for your opponents to even be of this level, it makes me want to follow you even more.” These two lines were spoken in an extremely low voice, as if she was muttering to herself.

Lin Xi heard these two lines Chen Feirong spoke, but he didn’t immediately reply to her. However, his brows instead jumped fiercely.

In his line of sight, those red scarfed figures who rushed out from the forest were already less than two hundred steps from the carriage fleet.

Right at this moment, a single figure walked out from the two fleets.

The sky’s color already became much darker, the two carriages not having any lights lit. Originally, Lin Xi and the others, under this type of distance, couldn’t recognize any faces, yet at this time, he could see that person clearly.

It was because this person’s entire body released bright yellow light.

This was a middle-aged man whose beard was trimmed extremely neatly on both sides, but it was precisely because it was trimmed so carefully, together with the hopeful sinister smile that appeared on his face, that it made his entire figure seem to release a wave of treacherous aura.

Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan’s breathing suddenly stopped, as if a cold bucket of water immediately poured down their heads, the chilliness seeping into their bones. The three of them subconsciously didn’t dare move.

That man whose beard was trimmed extremely meticulously, following a few rise and falls, rushed up to those red scarfed figures with unimaginable speed.

They couldn’t even see just what kind of movements he made clearly. The two red scarfed figures he directly faced couldn’t even release a shout before their bodies directly exploded from the back, turning into countless pieces of fragmented flesh.

Immediately, all of the red scarfed figures’ excited shouts completely disappeared, this place becoming deathly still.

Unknowingly when, a black spear appeared in this excessively meticulously shaved man’s hands. At this moment, he tossed it out in a nonchalant manner.

The spear released an exceptionally shrill noise in the air, continuously penetrating the bodies of five red scarfed figures in a row, producing a long wave of blood across the sky. Only then did it bring the last corpse with it, nailing itself into the ground.

Lin Xi’s palm was covered in a fine layer of cold sweat.

Just what level of cultivation did this cultivator have?!

Instantly killing several ordinary warriors wasn’t difficult for cultivators, but to directly crush them into pieces, make them explode from the back, this level of power was still completely unimaginable for Lin Xi.

“State Master!”

Chen Feirong spoke with an extremely quiet voice, a bit nervous, but extremely certain. “Just what kind of transaction is this! …This little beardie actually has State Master level cultivation!”

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!...

In the distant skies, strange air tearing sounds continuously sounded again.

Right now, all of those red scarfed figures’ initial complacency and excitement turned into horror and fear. That meticulously shaved man moved through them with extreme speed, every single person that was near him was smashed into a blast of bloody paste by a single move.

The giant iron shields and poisoned chained sickles that were normally used to deal with cultivators didn’t serve any use. All of these red scarfed warriors began to run in all directions like stray dogs.

Six individuals walked out from within the carriages side by side, every one of them holding an extremely heavy and massive shadow in their hands. The continuous chi chi chi noises in the air were released precisely by the half human-sized shadow in their hands.

The frantically running figures produced bursts of blood one after another, and then fell heavily onto the ground.

“Crossbow machines!”

Bian Linghan said these two words with a somewhat strange voice.

Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi couldn’t help but exchange a look, both of them seeing the chilliness in the other party’s heart.

The two could also see that what rested in the six individuals’ hands were rapid fire crossbow machines.

However, Yunqin didn’t have this type of falcon head shaped giant continuous fire crossbow machines.

Yunqin’s continuous fire crossbow machines’ greatest effective range wasn’t less than fifty steps, yet the continuous fire crossbow machines in these six individual’s hands clearly reached close to a hundred steps, already practically identical to a normal longbow’s firing range.

Moreover, judging from this crossbow machine’s torrential rain-like continuous firing rate, even if it was an ordinary soldier, when using this type of crossbow machine, they could deliver great threat to ordinary cultivators.

In just a moment of time, a scene of pure massacre already came to an end.

Not a single one of those warriors who rushed out from the forest were able to flee.

A red scarfed bandit who ran the fastest suddenly stood still, his entire body shaking.

It was because he discovered that unknowingly when, the meticulously shaved man had already appeared in front of him, looking at him with sinister eyes filled with mockery. Meanwhile, all around him were smashed flesh and corpses. Not even a single one of those who rushed out with him was still standing.

Lin Xi slowly closed the wooden chest.

These giant continuous fire crossbow machines that had never appeared on a formal battlefield were still not much for them, but the existence of a State Master level cultivator made it so that at the very least, right now, they couldn’t make any movements at all.

This world’s soul force cultivation almost completely lacked all techniques. This was especially the case for State Knight level and higher, no spiritual medicines being useful. If one wanted to increase their cultivation after that, they could only rely on meditation cultivation, relying on the slow accumulation of time.

Meanwhile, the greater the cultivation, the slower the growth of cultivation itself.

This reasoning was extremely simple. The bodies of cultivators were like bowls, if this bowl was only the size of a rice bowl, then when water is added from cultivation each day, one could see visible growth. However, when the bowl became the size of a pond, who knew how many drops had to be added before just a bit of movement could be seen.

With Lin Xi and the others’ strength, they still might have a chance of winning against a Soul Master, but against a State Knight, there was already definitely no chances of success.

As for State Master… if they faced the enemy from the front, with Lin Xi’s current strength, he was no different from those ordinary warriors, his entire body might be smashed to pieces from the moment they face each other.

State Knights should be extremely glorious figures in this world. Meanwhile, State Masters were dragons among men, they shouldn’t appear here at all.

Chen Feirong’s original excitement completely vanished as well. Her powerful curiosity towards what was inside the two carriage fleets, compared to the shock of a State Master level cultivator, really seemed a bit too frail.

The people in the two groups of carriages already began to sweep through this scene of tragedy.

The horses that dragged the carriages were almost completely killed under the initial rain of arrows, but the people in the carriage didn’t seem anxious at all, only dragging the horses to the side of the road.

“You have seen these people’s strength as well, so you should understand that following us won’t bring you any benefits.” After remaining silent for a bit, Lin Xi turned around to look at the low lying Chen Feirong, quietly saying, “You can leave now.”


Chen Feirong stared at Lin Xi’s bright eyes, shaking her head and saying with an extremely serious tone, “What I said to you before was real. I want to serve as your advisor, become your attendant.”

“Why?” Lin Xi looked at Chen Feirong. “All things need a good reason.”

Chen Feirong looked at Lin Xi and said, “Because of your two medals, because you already have those medals at such a young age. This is already enough value for me to follow you.”

Lin Xi shook his head. “You made a mistake… I am not a great figure like you imagine.”

Chen Feirong shook her head, “You will become that type of great figure… Moreover, for people like us, if you already became that type of great figure, why would you even pay any attention to us?”

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed a bit tighter. He looked towards where the two fleets of carriages were, thought for a bit, and then turned around to look at Chen Feirong, asking, “What is your cultivation level?”

Chen Feirong replied quietly without much hesitation. “Initial stage Soul Master level.”

“If I still wanted to try and attack one fleet of carriages, would you still dare to follow me without any regard for your own life?” Lin Xi pointed at the place where the carriages were, and then at Chen Feirong, asking this.

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