Book 7 Chapter 7 - Some Choices Really Seem Crazy

“When one doesn’t have any down there and it is suddenly discovered by others, it will naturally make them fly into a rage out of humiliation.” A hint of cold mockery appeared on the youngster’s face. He then looked at the yellow-robed elder and Chen Feirong, saying, “I am only a bit confused why this person would still leave this girl of yours with her life. It is because normally, if it was me who didn’t have anything down there… I might at least wish to shut that girl’s mouth, or at least wouldn’t let you all know.”

Chen Feirong looked at this good-looking youngster, her expression a bit strange.

“Don’t look at me with this type of expression. I have one, I really do.” The youngster looked at her, and then helplessly said this. He then continued, “That person who didn’t have any down there, what does he look like, where is he now?”

“If I haven’t seen it, then I can’t be sure if there is one or not.”

Chen Feirong felt more and more that this youngster was interesting, unable to help but laugh out. “That person is easy to recognize, his face even more pale than mine, beard even longer than his face. When he speaks, his voice is extremely shrill, the spice bag he carries is extremely fragrant. He wore prune-colored silk clothes this afternoon. If you want to find where he is right now, it isn’t that difficult either, their party has thirteen carriages in total, and they are all the types pulled by four short-footed horses. The carriage’s door curtains are all wooden curtains that can be completely shut. As long as you find out where their carriages are, finding out where that fella without one down there is shouldn’t be too difficult.

The yellow-robed elder frowned. Even though Chen Feirong helped him out quite a bit during these past few years, as her cultivation grew, she also brought him quite a bit of trouble. Just like right now, he felt like she really spoke a bit too much.


The youngster instead gave her and the yellow-robed elder an extremely formal bow of respect. “In that case, I won’t trouble you two anymore either. If there is anything I still am confused about, I will come back to ask you two.”

The yellow-robed elder didn’t say anything, quietly watching the three youngsters leave.

“Feirong, go and tell Ghosthead King’s group that the silver and goods they owe me, all of it has to be handed over within three days.” When the three youngsters’ rear figures disappeared from his line of sight, this yellow-robed elder didn’t sit down, instead looking at Chen Feirong with a grave and gloomy expression.

“I will immediately head over.” Chen Feirong similarly watched until the three youngsters’ figures disappeared, but her face instead revealed an unprecedented dazzling smile. “However, after I help you complete this matter, I will go and look for him.”

The yellow-robed elder suddenly stood up, his eyes shining as he looked at her. A wave of terrifying aura made this small room’s curtains release loud noises, as if they were going to explode.

“Why?!” He looked at this flirtatious and headstrong woman whose eyes were full of a ruminate feeling.

“The reasoning is the same as why you want me to look for Ghosthead King.” Chen Feirong chuckled in an indifferent manner. “Someone who has two medals might be at least seventh rank, right? The key lies in that… he is still so young.”

“Medals from the military aren’t worth much, as long as they are cultivators who don’t cherish their lives, they can obtain them as long as there are opportunities, unrelated to age. However, for him to obtain a medal representing the emperor’s favor at such a young age, being able to reach this side of the empire at this age, apart from those disciples of high officials, he can only be someone who has drawn the attention of those high officials and people in Imperial City. Moreover, those high officials’ disciples wouldn’t come to this type of place like this, so he is definitely the latter.” Chen Feirong’s eyes passed over the gathering place outside, and then looked into the distance, sighing a bit as she quietly said, “You know that I already remained here for a long time, you should also know that the reason I remained here is just to wait for some chances. This current chance, for me, is already large enough.”

The yellow-robed elder sneered and said, ‘Since you understand why I am having you all seek out Ghosthead King’s group clearly, that it is precisely with cultivators of their caliber here, that there will definitely be some major event happening, that we might have to pack up and change places at any time, why do you still dare get involved with this type of great matter? Moreover, what kind of background do you have? Just because you stick to someone’s door, the other party will want you?”

Chen Feirong also laughed, saying, “Only by experiencing some more great matters will one’s life be a bit more interesting. If he isn’t the disciple of some high official, then following him will be even more interesting. Moreover, the reason why I have chosen him has another important reason, because he himself is interesting.”

“When one meets another, there is an extremely peculiar feeling and predestined affinity.” She turned around to look at the yellow-robed elder, continuing to say with a smile, “I feel like he will let me follow him.”

The yellow-robed man cursed, “Chen Feirong, you really are a madman!”

“To calmly stay here for an entire lifetime, remain as a cultivator who only counts silvers that one can never earn enough of, that is a true madman.” Chen Feirong replied with a smile. After seriously saying goodbye to this yellow-robed elder, she then walked out of this small stone room.

“It’s better if you leave earlier! Otherwise, you just might provoke a great disaster sooner or later!”

The yellow-robed elder stomped his feet angrily in the small wooden room. However, a moment later, he instead released a heavy sigh. “What is there more real than silver in this world? There will be much less disasters, but once you leave… there will also be much less silver.”

Lin Xi, the youngster who Chen Feirong found extremely special, appeared on a mountain path not too far away from North Grain Cave Town together with Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi.

Apart from those wine shop and taverns, this place that was already extremely close to Dragon Snake Border Army was extremely desolate. The messy trees at both sides of the road hid their movements, the sounds of apes was audible not far from them. When looking down from above, it was hard to even make out this narrow earth path they were currently walking through.

It was currently summer. In Dragon Snake Mountain Range’s region, it was still the rainy season, not the best time for caravans to be moving about.

The sky was gradually growing darker, but Lin Xi’s eyes only became more and more bright.

He squatted down. There were deep traces left behind by carriage wheels.

The grooves of the wheels were clearly more damp than the surrounding earth, meaning that the wheel imprints were new, that this carriage fleet had just passed by not too long ago.

Only, this type of heavy carriage fleet, just what kind of things were stored inside?

Just what kind of transaction was this? This fleet headed instead towards Dragon Snake Mountain Range, breaking free from North Grain Cave Town’s area, just where was it headed to carry out the transaction? Could it be that they weren’t scared of encountering the Dragon Snake Border Army?

Lin Xi felt more and more bewildered inwardly, but he didn’t stop in the slightest. After exchanging a look with Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi, the three of them entered the mountain forest, following the mountain path in pursuit of these traces.

The carriages didn’t travel very far.

After moving stealthily under the dark forest for several li, Lin Xi, Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi climbed to a mound filled with weeds.

On the path that was more than a hundred steps away was a slowly moving carriage fleet, thirteen of them in total.

The fleet moved slower the further it went. When it reached a barren slope roughly five hundred meters from their line of sight, the fleet actually stopped.

The sound of horse hooves quietly sounded from the other side’s pitch-black mountain path.

There were three riders whose faces couldn’t be made out in the darkness who appeared on the other end of the path, heading towards the completely stopped carriage fleet.

When they reached the front of this fleet, after a short conversation with the leader of the fleet, on the other side of the mountain path, a line of carriages slowly appeared from the other mountain path, also thirteen carriages in total. Their appearances and decorations were actually exactly the same as the thirteen on this side.

Lin Xi nodded towards Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan at his side, and then they quickly removed the wooden chests from their backs, opening them up.

Right at this time, he sensed a mysterious feeling of danger. He suddenly raised his head, looking towards the desolate forest they came from.

“It’s me.”

A nimble lynx-like figure appeared, releasing an extremely humble voice.

“It’s you?” Lin Xi’s voice sounded at almost the same time. Immediately afterwards, he asked with an ice-cold and vigilant voice, “What did you come here for?”

“Yunqin’s great figures all have personal advisors.” Chen Feirong who appeared from the mountain forest and already changed into black leather armor got a few steps closer. She revealed a faint smile, and then like an extremely sincere young lady, said in a natural and sincere manner, “I wish to follow you, become your advisor… Of course, as long as you let me follow you, if you want to do something else, that is also fine.”

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed deeply.

He looked at this charming woman whose age was hard to tell from her facial features, and then at the pair of swords on her back, the first thought that appeared in his mind was that this wine shop waitress might have gone mad.

When he thought about how the other side’s transaction might end soon, and how he still didn’t know just what kind of transaction it was at all, moreover had no idea whether that castrate was in the fleet right now, his eyes instead became a bit colder.

“Do you want to first try and see if these two fleets have any formidable cultivators inside?”

However, Chen Feirong instead smiled sweetly, saying, “You don’t need to worry, there will be people who will try in your place.”

Lin Xi’s eyes flickered, quietly asking, “What do you mean?”

Chen Feirong chuckled. Before she said anything, a strange sound suddenly sounded between heaven and earth.

This sound, for Lin Xi and Bian Linghan, couldn’t be any more familiar… it was the noise of an arrow tearing through the air.

The two carriage fleets interweaved on the mountain path.

An arrow flew out on the mountain path Lin Xi originally planned to silently head to.

Then, a numerous and densely packed rain of arrows poured down, covering the two carriage fleets.

“Those are people who naturally depend on this type of villain on villain action for their livelihoods, not having any individuals who are too formidable. They aren’t some good people either, so it won’t be that much of a pity if they died.” Chen Feirong then walked a few steps forward, smiling sweetly as she explained, “I merely told them about this caravan’s traces in passing, and then said that inside these carriages are silvers used to engage in black market businesses.”

“Why would they believe you?” Lin XI looked at these two caravan fleets covered under a rain of arrows, quietly asking this.

Chen Feirong replied as if it was something that was inevitable and right, “Because I have never deceived them before.”

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