Book 7 Chapter 4 - Bright Moon Above the Desolate Swamp

A cave barbarian that was a whole head taller than this Yunqin military officer immediately rushed towards his side.

What this cave barbarian held in his hands was a Yunqin’s Splitting Mountain Battle-Axe.

This Yunqin heavy weaponry Splitting Mountain’s blade was aimed slightly upwards, the thickness at least a finger width. Just from how the blade’s edge had many warped areas, one could tell just how many battles this Splitting Mountain experienced, how many sturdy weapons and armors it hacked through.

Even though the blade’s edge was already warped, under this cave barbarian’s fast and nimble swing, all of the weeds and small trees were cut evenly, still giving off an extremely sharp feeling.

The eyes of this Yunqin military officer under the black mask seemed a bit vacant, as if he was truly frightened by the earth rupturing giant lizard, not even noticing the crazily arriving giant axe that was enough to cleave him in half.

However, the moment this giant axe hacked towards his waist, his figure was already standing on the axe.

His feet stood precisely on the axe surface that quickly sliced through the air.

When this cave barbarian who had his beard tied in a pigtail just revealed an expression of shock, a long blade already hacked down towards his neck.

Hot blood gushed out endlessly from this cave barbarian’s neck, his giant axe flying out of his hands uncontrollably. The blood-soaked Yunqin military officer narrowed his eye slightly, still standing on this giant axe. When this giant axe exhausted all of its momentum, finally fluttering down like a leaf, the long blade in his hands cut apart a crude steel spear in passing, and then severed the head of the cave barbarian who threw the spear without stopping at all.

Even more hot blood poured over this Yunqin military officer’s body, sticking to the black cloth covering his face. In order to ensure that his breathing remained unhindered, this Yunqin military officer directly tore off this black mask.

Below the black cloth was an extremely unswerving and stern face, a centipede-like scar extending from his left eyebrow down his cheekbone. However, because of his body’s special war hardened aura, this scar not only didn’t make him appear uglier, it instead gave him a type of special charm.

The instant he tore off the black cloth, another barbarian already leapt high into the air, his body carrying large amounts of mud, covering the originally already dusky sky. A jet-black, non reflective iron rod screamed as it smashed towards the back of his head.

This iron rod that weighed at least seventy jin only struck empty air, and then slammed heavily into the earth, sending fine pieces of earth flying everywhere.

This extremely grave and stern Yunqin officer already leapt out, the tip of his feet pressing heavily at the head of a barbarian who charged at him. The leather shoes on this cave barbarian’s feet released a rupturing noise. His body still remained standing, but blood rushed out from his seven apertures, the weapon he raised also falling to the ground.

A giant alligator leapt out viciously.

It was unknown just what method was used to raise these alligators to raise the endurance and explosive power of these giant alligators so greatly.

Right now, this giant alligator’s heavy body actually completely left the ground, its entire upper body almost standing upright. Its terrifying alligator mouth was opened to its limit like a massive carnivorous flower, waiting for this Yunqin military officer to fall in himself.

This Yunqin military officer’s expression didn’t reveal the slightest change. His body curled up in the air, and then the instant it did, the long blade in his hands returned to its scabbard with a twist of his hand. Meanwhile, his hands quickly pressed down without any hesitation, actually pressing down on this Devil Alligator’s head with his body upside down.

His fingers were like hooks, digging into the giant alligator’s two eyes viciously.

While borrowing this force, his body made a flip in the air above the giant alligator’s head, landing on the ground behind the giant alligator. The eye sockets of the giant alligator behind him already became two bloody holes.

After blinding this giant alligator with a single move, his figure didn’t stop in the slightest, starting to frantically run in Dragon Snake Mountain Range’s direction.

He didn’t bother with the remaining Yunqin soldiers. Even when two flesh-eating lizards in front of him bit down on a Yunqin soldier, when that Yunqin soldier looked at him with eyes filled with pleading and despair, he still didn’t stop in the slightest. He avoided the giant spear thrusted at him by the cave barbarian on a lizard’s back, made his way under one of the lizards, letting the two flesh-eating lizards run into each other. That Yunqin soldier’s body was torn in half, blood and torn flesh flying over his head.

This wasn’t because he feared death.

It was because he understood extremely clearly that even if he remained here and fought with everything he had, in the end, he could only kill a few more cave barbarians, unable to save any of these Yunqin soldiers’ lives.

He had even more important intelligence to bring back, everything that happened here… the changes that took place, the lizard mounted cavalry… compared to the lives of four hundred Yunqin elite soldiers and even his own life, this intelligence was much more important.


Even though he knew this order had long been given out, knowing that any further orders wouldn’t change much, when he felt the blood of his own men splash over his body, he still couldn’t help but release this vicious roar.

Not even two blade wielding cave barbarians could stop him in the slightest. When this Yunqin military officer passed by their bodies, the long blade that brandished out sent their blades flying outwards.

It was just a single strike. The long blades in these two cave barbarians’ hands flew out, two heads were sent flying immediately afterwards.

The Yunqin military officer’s body was covered in blood, but none of it was his own.

His stamina was still vigorous, it was still difficult for the charging cave barbarian soldiers to keep up with his speed.

However, right at this time, his body suddenly stopped. He turned around and raised his head.

The eyes on the face of this Yunqin military officer whose entire body was dripping with blood narrowed slightly.

Behind him, a crazily charging giant lizard covered the skies, blocking the two riders above, only a long spear flickering with cold radiance was exposed. A human figure leapt out from this giant lizard’s head.

This person flew high into the air, far exceeding the giant lizard’s head, but didn’t stop. Only after completely making its way above the thick mist did it begin to fall like a meteor, breaking through the thick mist, smashing downwards.

This Yunqin military officer whose eyes were narrowed took a deep breath. A wave of surging aura erupted from his body!

All of the sweat, dampness and blood erupted along with this power, flying out from his body. A crimson flower immediately bloomed outside his body.

The green long blade released extremely dazzling brilliance, streak after streak of green light flowed out. The entire long blade seemed to have immediately increased in size three-fold.

Then, his hands firmly gripped this long blade, as if he was grabbing the tail of a comet, smashing fiercely towards this descending individual.

A bright moon began to shine in the falling figure’s hands, lighting up this gloomy world.

The green comet and this bright moon clashed in this Great Desolate Swamp, smashing together.

A clap of thunder abruptly rang through the skies.

On the surface below the Yunqin military officer, the ground suddenly rippled like a great sea.

A powerful shockwave erupted in the skies, rushing out from these two individuals, forming a miniature tornado.

Broken pieces of grass flew everywhere, powerful energy erupting in all directions. Even that giant lizard sensed life threatening danger, forcibly stopping itself, lowering its body out of fear.

The bright moon in the sky flew outwards from the wind, fluttering about softly.

The Yunqin military official on the ground stood up with great difficulty, but after the ground beneath his feet cracked apart following the rippling, his body that was stable like a mountain finally trembled. After he took a step back, with just this step, the earth that was already covered in cracks caved in, sending endless dust into the air. At the same time, a mouthful of blood also spurted out.

The bright moon in the sky vanished, disappearing not far behind that giant lizard. It was precisely that green cloaked woman.

“You are quite strong…”

The green cloaked woman calmly looked at this Yunqin officer while surrounded by floating grass fragments. After that compliment, she gently shook her head. “However, you won’t be able to escape.”

The Yunqin military officer released a deep exhale, calming his injuries. He turned and looked around himself.

His expression immediately froze.

The surrounding sounds of killing already almost completely stopped. He could no longer see any standing black-armored Yunqin soldiers.

Large and tall cave barbarians wielding all types of weapons faced him, surrounding him layer after layer.

He seemed to be the only person left in this gloomy world. There were cave barbarians all around him, as well as giant Devil Alligators and even larger lizards.

At this time, a metal crack sound could be heard.

Five or six cracks suddenly appeared on this Yunqin military officer’s long blade, these cracks extending all the way to the blade’s handle.

This Yunqin officer thus shook his head silently, the long green blade falling. He no longer looked into the surroundings, instead turning around to calmly look at this green cloaked woman.

The green cloaked woman’s figure was delicate, her facial features picturesque. In her hands was a bright moon-like ring.

The ring had grass leaf-like runes this Yunqin military officer had never seen before, the grass leaf fiber woven green cloak was also a material he didn’t understand. What filled his eyes with even more of an indescribable feeling was that this woman’s skin was white like snow, her pupils green, the long hair covered beneath the green cloak also the color of tender green grass.

“You aren’t a cave barbarian.” This Yunqin military officer was full of shock and confusion as he stared at this opponent whose eyes were clear like autumn waters, while her entire body released a terrifying aura. “Whose cultivator are you? Tangcang? Great Mang?”

“Neither.” The delicate woman looked at this Yunqin military officer, shaking her head. She pointed at the boundless gloomy land in the back, “I come from behind this Great Desolate Swamp.”

This delicate woman’s tone was extremely calm, yet when it entered this Yunqin military officer’s ears, it was as if a poem was being chanted.

What was behind the Great Wasteland Swamp?

No one knew.

Yunqin didn’t know, Tangcang didn’t, Great Mang didn’t either.

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