Book 6 Chapter 38 - Kill Him For Your Sake

Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan waited outside the Warden Office. The three burned down prisons were currently being reconstructed, quite a few artisans busying about.

Because the walls of the cell that kept serious convicts were thick and the cell itself deep within, almost no one outside heard Xu Chengfeng’s weeping. These artisans continued working in a neat and tidy manner, not affected in the slightest. Because they received enough silver, three even more secure prisons will be built soon.

A carriage was stopped outside the Warden Office.

East Port Town Supervisor Jiang Wenhe moved aside the curtains, walking out from the carriage.

He understood clearly that when Lin Xi used their relationship to have him secretly investigate the case relating to the death soldier, for a low level official like him, the level of danger might even be above that of transferring funds during the dam burst event last time.

However, when he walked down from the carriage, he instead discovered that he didn’t have much flusteredness or feelings of unease.

A bitter smile of self mockery quickly appeared on this old official’s face.

It was because he discovered that the reason why he was like this was because of his blind faith in Lin Xi.

Going against the law for the Silver Hook Lane case, going beyond his jurisdiction to transfer silver, heading to Swallow Descent Town, accused of the misconduct of confusing the people, the assassination he faced when he headed to Deerwood Town… every single one of these looked like there was no leeway, yet Lin Xi still safely made it through, rapidly rising up. Meanwhile, those officials who acted against Lin Xi, those who died were dead, those who ran fled, even being removed from office already seemingly the best result.

Those those prefectural level high officials, eighth and ninth rank officials were nothing more than praying mantis below the wheels of their carriage.

However, when he got off the carriage, he didn’t feel much worry for Lin Xi or himself that was already on the same ship. What he now thought about was instead after last time’s assassination that exposed Xu Ningshen’s collusion with an enemy country’s cultivator, it was unknown what kind of reward would be recorded. Meanwhile, if Lin Xi won against another great carriage’s people, then what kind of rewards would he obtain then?

The grizzled haired Jiang Wenhe walked into the Warden Office. He looked at the young and vigorous Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan, immediately feeling more blind faith in Lin Xi. After greeting these two individuals, he wasn’t in a rush to immediately say anything, also quietly waiting.

The slightly covered up prison doors opened under these three’s waiting, Lin Xi walking out from within. When he saw the three individuals who were waiting for him, he directly said with a slight frown, “What we suspected previously wasn’t wrong, it is indeed a castrate. However, apart from this, Xu Chengfeng doesn’t know anything.”

“How is the investigation going?” When he saw the slightly disappointed Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi whose expression wasn’t as calm as before, Lin Xi turned around to ask Jiang Wenhe.

Jiang Wenhe shook his head and said, “According to your request, all officials seventh ranked and higher’s serious injuries that were recorded were investigated, nothing matching up.”

Bian Linghan said with a cold laugh, “Then in that case, he might very well be an even higher level official.”

“Or it might just be that there are no recordings at all.” Lin Xi said towards Bian Linghan, “Normally, only some injuries related to rewards and penalties will be recorded in Government Sectors’ records. Moreover, I fear that no one is willing to publicly declare to others that they are a castrate, that is why even if someone who established merit suffered this type of injury, most people wouldn’t be willing to report it either. Checking Government Sector’s recordings is merely just to give it a try.”

“I had Shi Qiudao try and see if the archives of officials higher than Deereast City’s officials can be examined.” Jiang Wenhe looked at Lin Xi and asked, “Only, there are no individuals with friendly relations from higher up. If we want to investigate things, there is no way of confirming that news won’t be leaked out.”

Lin Xi calmed down, saying decisively, “Investigate it! Why wouldn’t we investigate? Even if we don’t find anything, I still won’t let him feel at ease, constantly have him remember his identity as a castrate, remind him not to expose it, that he always has to be careful even when going to the toilet!”

After a slight pause, Lin Xi said with an even more serious tone, “Not only do we have to have the Government Sector investigate, I will also publicly report to the higher ups regarding this case, let the higher up officials also know, have them help us cooperate in the investigation as well.”

Jiang Wenhe couldn’t help but shake his head, a bitter smile on his face. He knew that what Lin Xi implied through these words was that no matter how well you hide, even if I can’t find you, since you made me feel uncomfortable, I will make sure you feel even more uncomfortable.

“Sir Lin, if you do this, that person will definitely resent you endlessly.” Jiang Wenhe looked at Lin Xi, saying with a sigh.

Lin Xi looked at Jiang Wenhe. “I am not scared. Are you?”

“What use is there in being scared?” Jiang Wenhe said in self mockery. “Right now, everyone knows that I am already on the same ship as Sir Lin. Even if I call in sick and don’t show myself, if someone wants to scheme against Sir Lin, I won’t be able to escape either.”

“However, there are some matters that the less you know, the safer you will still be.” Lin Xi smiled, and then made a goodbye gesture towards Jiang Wenhe.

“Goodbye.” Jiang Wenhe immediately stood up, turning around to leave, his departure even more direct than his arrival.

“This Sir Jiang seems to be rather interesting.” Bian Linghan looked at Jiang Wenhe’s disappearing figure, but the expression on her face instead became serious. “Did Xu Chengfeng say anything else?”

Lin Xi nodded, his brows furrowing a bit tighter, “He spoke of one major event.”

“What?” Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi were a bit alarmed. It was because rarely did they see Lin Xi this serious.

“The military and an enemy country merchant have engaged in transactions.” Lin Xi looked at Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi, slowly explaining, “I don’t know if it is Great Mang or the cave barbarians… However, in short, the military has engaged in business transactions with enemy merchants. Xu Chengfeng doesn’t know the true identity of that castrate, but he accidentally heard that castrate’s conversation with a guest merchant, heard about this kind of transaction. Moreover, that castrate should have a master above him, he is nothing more than an important individual involved.”

A chilly feeling swept into Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi’s hearts through the summer’s blistering heat, this hall immediately becoming quiet.

Even though trade between borders have always existed, within them possibly including war supplies like army weapons, these goods and arms had to be done publicly, either created by civilian craftsmen or things some civilian cultivators obtained from battles with enemy countries. Yunqin’s regular standard weapons, even though some of them couldn’t help but be circulated through battles, they definitely weren’t allowed to be bought and sold.

This was especially the case with black market transactions in the military, this even more so a taboo of taboos.

It was because for Yunqin, what was hardest to accept was precisely the weapons made by their own country’s outstanding craftsmen cutting down Yunqin’s own soldiers.

When the current emperor officially ascended to the throne three years ago, Meteor Border Army had engaged in the illicit selling of weapons in the black market. After that case, the three culprits’ whole families were executed unto the third generation, a total of thirty six accomplices in this case. Of the totaled thirty-nine officials involved, there were three major third rank, six minor third rank, all of these officials completely executed, blood flowing like rivers, making everyone’s faces turn pale at even the mention of illicit selling of military weapons, not daring to talk about this.

However, at this time, Xu Chengfeng actually spoke about this matter at this time. More importantly, they were confident that this castrate was someone who even Xu Ningshen was willing to do everything possible to curry favor with, so his status was definitely extremely high, which was why Lin Xi had Jiang Wenhe investigate starting from major seventh rank and up. If this type of influential figure was only an errand boy, then just what kind of astonishing authority did the main instigator have?

That individual might not necessarily be a high official in the army, because the whereabouts of every set of military goods was carefully recorded. Only a higher level figure who has authority over quite a few people under him had a chance of leaking out weapons along this process.

“Xu Chengfeng not only knew about this matter, he also knows about the transaction site and time.”

While looking at Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi who understood the severity of this matter, Lin Xi silently said, “That is why what we need to decide on right now is whether or not we should get involved in this matter.”

After a slight pause, Lin Xi gave these two a look, saying, “It is because you two should also understand well that forget about this matter being reported up… even if a bit of news is leaked out, this transaction will be cancelled or the time and place changed, unable to reveal the castrate and true perpetrator behind all of this at all.”

“Of course we have to get involved.” Bian Linghan didn’t feel any hesitation, her delicate cheeks covered in coldness. “What time, where will the transaction be held?”

Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t say anything, only looking at Lin Xi and nodding.

Green Luan Academy, for students like them, always had a free reins attitude, just like their attitudes towards the world’s imperial court. Even though they knew that there should be Green Luan Academy people who were secretly observing and even protecting them, ever since they left the academy, the academy already clearly stated that they had to rely on themselves if they encountered something. Only when Green Luan Academy felt like there was a need to come into contact with them would Green Luan Academy’s people take the initiative to appear before them.

That was why right now, after finding out about this major event, moreover couldn’t publicly disclose it, they could only rely on the three of them.

As for whether or not Green Luan Academy will learn of this, whether or not they will interfere, that had nothing to do with them.

Lin Xi already knew a long time ago that because this matter was related to that castrate, the two definitely wouldn’t remain uninvolved. That was why he didn’t stop either, saying quietly, “Four days later at night, Dragon Snake’s North Grain Cave Town.”

“It’ll take two to three days even if we travel quickly by horse.” Bian Linghan frowned, saying, “We need to set out immediately.”

“We can leave tomorrow at noon.”

Lin Xi nodded. He looked at his two good friends and said, “I need to complete the supervision of the execution tomorrow. Those people who lost their loved ones because of the Silver Hook Lane Case are waiting to see Xu Chengfeng and the others’ execution.”

“Death cannot wipe out their crimes.”

Bian Linghan said angry, “However that castrate… deserves to die even more!”

Jiang Xiaoyi nodded. When he thought about that unyielding woman whose face was covered in faint bloody scars, his heart also suddenly felt pain.

“I will definitely kill him… for what you suffered.”

He took a deep breath, his arms and legs ice-cold. An unprecedented wave of killing intent rose from within him.

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