Book 6 Chapter 37 - That Castrate

A bowl of white rice covered in juicy pork was placed in front of Xu Chengfeng.

Apart from this bowl of rice with meat and vegetables that still released wisps of heat, there was also a plate of dried fish meat, a bowl of chinese cabbage, a plate of white tofu and a large bowl of white spirit.

After enduring many days of imprisonment, the current Xu Chengfeng already completely lacked his previous arrogance and bearing. His hair was tangled together, face and hands covered in filth, even more decrepit than a beggar. Right now, he was hiding in a corner, alarmed and panicking like a rat exposed on the street.

When the Warden Office caught on fire, he thought that someone came to save him, but even when the fire went out, no one brought him out, so all of his hopes led to disappointment and then slowly to despair.

He continuously cursed inwardly, cursing while feeling fear and bewilderment. He smelled the fragrance of the food. When the old guard Xiao Chuan who was in charge of the Warden Office turned around to leave this prison, he finally couldn’t hold himself back anymore, shouting at Xiao Chuan’s rear figure, “The outside is so noisy today… is something big happening?”

Xiao Chuan who was holding the heavy food case stopped, his face immediately filled with mockery. However, before he replied, footsteps sounded from the prison’s entrance. When he raised his head, he immediately bowed respectfully with pleasant surprise. “Sir Lin.”

When he heard this address from the old guard, Xu Chengfeng still hadn’t seen the one who walked in, but his body went completely taut out of conditioned reflex, his throat releasing noises like that of a wild beast.

Lin Xi returned Xiao Chuan’s greeting, indicating that Xiao Chuan could just act casually. Then, he headed towards the iron prison cell Xu Chengfeng was locked up in.

When he saw the one he cursed day and night appear and walk up to him, the breathing noises in Xu Chengfeng’s throat became even heavier.

“I just heard you ask why it’s so noisy outside today.”

Lin Xi instead calmly looked at Xu Chengfeng, looking at this previously insufferably arrogant son of an influential family, calmly saying, “That is because the decision for Silver Hook Lane’s case has come… Judicial Sector’s people also came today.”

After a slight pause, Lin Xi continued to add, “The civilians around East Port Town are all extremely simple people. Even though the case is unrelated to most of them, they feel like this is something that is worth feeling happy over, that is why they are all celebrating.”

Xu Chengfeng’s body suddenly went rigid. He raised his head to look at Lin Xi, his eyes filled with indescribable resentment, but there was more fear within them.

“Right now, you definitely want to know the final decision of this case, but because you hate me to the bone, even though you really want to know, you aren’t opening your mouth to ask me.” Lin Xi looked at Xu Chengfeng and said, “However, I can tell you that what awaits you is death by a thousand cuts, the execution is to be carried out tomorrow at noon.”

“Lin Xi… I won’t let you go even if I turn into a ghost!”

A miserable scream that would give one nightmares was released from Xu Chengfeng’s mouth.

Who would have thought that Xu Chengfeng’s slim figure could actually release such astonishing volume. His body fiercely sprung up from the ground like an animal, baring his fangs and brandishing his claws as if he wanted to tear Lin Xi to pieces. However, following the sounds of metal striking, his body was stopped by the manacles and leg-irons, falling heavily onto the ground, the fall making his entire body release an extremely ugly sounding roar.

Lin Xi calmly looked at the malicious spirit like Xu Chengfeng, shaking his head and saying, “I am not scared of ghosts, so you can give up on those thoughts… also, you should have already expected this result… it is because if someone above wished to save you, they wouldn’t let you be locked up in East Port Town’s small prison, they would have at least transferred you to another prison.”

“There was also Ma Hongjun’s fire.” Lin Xi looked at Xu Chengfeng, saying with a bit of mockery, “That fire had nothing to do with you… Could it be that I burned away even the last bit of hope within your heart?”

“Lin Xi! My dad won’t let you go!”

Xu Chengfeng released another wild beast-like roar. His face, apart from tears, was also covered in spit and mucus.

“It truly is a pity.” Lin Xi looked at Xu Chengfeng in sympathy, saying, “Xu Ningshen has also already been proven to be working with a Thousand Devil Nest cultivator, and he already fled while being afraid of being arrested for a crime, unknown where he escaped to. All of your Xu Family’s property has already been confiscated. That is why even your father can’t help you in any way.”

Xu Chengfeng’s voice came to a screeching halt, his body going rigid. In the end, he began to twitch, twitching uncontrollably.

“It seems like you also understand the true pain of death by a thousand cuts.”

Lin Xi looked at Xu Chengfeng, slowly saying, “The one who will help carry out your execution is a well-known Executioner from the Prefectural Manor. I’ve carefully asked him about the execution process, what he told me is that the blade has been sharpened greatly, so when the blade truly makes contact with your body, it might not be as painful as you imagine it. However, what most people cannot bear is the fear and pain of seeing their own bodies become wrapped within thin wire netting, and then having piece after piece exposed, afterwards watching piece after piece of flesh being cut off, their own bodies becoming…”

“Shut up! Don’t say any more!”

“I believe my willpower is a bit tougher than yours, because I fear death even more than you. However, I believe that if it was me in your place, I definitely couldn’t take it either.” Lin Xi instead didn’t care about Xu Chengfeng’s howling, continuing to say slowly, “That is why I will give you a chance, a chance that could pardon you from experiencing this type of suffering.”

Xu Chengfeng’s voice came to a halt again, only breathing heavily in front of Lin Xi.

“What… chance?” Lin Xi waited. Xu Chengfeng finally slowly spoke these four words. Even his throat already became completely hoarse, body twitching slightly as well. The clothes covering his body had already been soaked through by sweat, his entire body releasing a wave of foul smell.

Lin Xi looked at Xu Chengfeng, repeating himself, “I want to know who that person is… the one who watches others engage in degenerate pleasures while using a whip to lash Wang Simin.”

During his private discussion with Wang Simin, he already had the Enforcer Office’s people investigate the whereabouts of all the women saved during the Silver Hook Lane case, later informed that they were all safe.

No one tried to assassinate the other women, this meant that… Wang Simin came into contact with an extremely special individual, someone who had the ability to possess deathsworn soldiers.

All Yunqin officials understood it clearly, knowing that an absolutely loyal deathsworn soldier was much harder to obtain than even a cultivator.

Meanwhile, after reviewing Wang Simin’s previous oral confession and this conversation, he discovered that there was only one special individual Wang Simin came into contact with, which was precisely the one who left bloody scars all over her body.

The amount of time Wang Simin spent in Silver Hook Lane after being captured wasn’t long. Even though she suffered greatly, those people who tormented her were pretty much only Silver Hook Lane’s own people. There was only one man who wore a mask.

At that time, she was kidnapped and brought into a compartment room, able to see the larger room’s scene outside through this room.

Inside that larger room was a rich merchant who was defiling two women. Meanwhile, after the masked man walked into the room, he continuously watched the scene in this room while breathing heavily, speaking many crude obscene words, at the same time continuously whipping her.

That was why the one who sent out the deathsworn soldier after Wang Simin could only be this masked man, it was because Wang Simin had seen his build and knew his voice.

When Lin Xi’s words were spoken, he carefully observed Xu Chengfeng’s reaction. He saw Xu Chengfeng’s face twitch, but didn’t immediately speak, meaning that his deduction should be correct; it should be that masked man.

Because he came from a different world, Lin Xi’s knowledge and experiences far exceeded ordinary people’s. As such, he probingly said in a mocking tone, “Could it be that he doesn’t have those types of functions… and that is why he can only be this type of freak, use this way to satisfy his desires that can’t be released?”

The expression on Xu Chengfeng’s face became even more brilliant.

Lin Xi knew that towards someone whose will was already completely destroyed, he couldn’t give him any time to breath. Thus, he continued to say with a sneer, “Then… in that case, if you want to taste the feeling of death by a thousand cuts, then forget it. Either way, I have already been promoted to Swallow Descent Substitute Town Supervisor, this case is already concluded as well, having nothing to do with me. Moreover, I don’t really want to provoke another opponent with a terrifying background.”

After saying this, he turned around to leave.

“Can you… let me live?” Xu Chengfeng immediately cried out with a hoarse voice.

“No one can save you.” Lin Xi shook his head. He looked at Xu Chengfeng and said seriously, “However, I can at least try to let you go as painlessly as possible.”

Xu Chengfeng began to cry out. “I can tell you everything… but I haven’t seen that person’s face before either, nor do I know his true identity! Only my father knows his true identity. He came to Silver Hook Lane several times, each time through the river, always wearing a mask when he enters Silver Hook Lane… I only know that his identity is extremely respected… Also, I only know that he is a castrate.”

“Castrate?” When he heard Xu Chengfeng’s previous words, Lin Xi’s brows already furrowed deeply. However, when he heard this word, he couldn’t help but speak out in alarm.

Regardless of whether it was Yunqin or Tangcang, there was no concept of eunuchs. In the palace, apart from imperial bodyguards, the rest were all palace maids.

Since this world didn’t have eunuchs… then why would there be castrates?

“Since I was also curious as to why he had this type of hobby… that is why I peeped at him when he was changing clothes. His lower parts were cut off by some sharp weapon.” Xu Chengfeng’s hoarse sobbing voices sounded again.

Lin Xi frowned. During these few breaths of time, he also thought things through. Even though this world didn’t have eunuchs, there was still a chance of being crippled like this through various reasons. Only, without any other clues, finding this person will definitely become extremely difficult. He didn’t know if he would be able to find anything through Martial Sector’s injury recordings, because this person was definitely a high level official not far from Deereast City, Wang Simin said she didn’t hear a faraway accent from his voice.

“I already told you everything I know, just let me go painlessly!” Xu Chengfeng continuously sobbed.

Lin Xi was deep in his thoughts, thus he said casually, “You didn’t even know anything, yet you want to go easily?”

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