Book 6 Chapter 36 - Deathsworn Soldier

Deep in the alley, this peasant appearance assassin released a miserable howl.

Amidst the miserable howling noise, the feeling of disbelief and shock far surpassed that of pain and suffering.

How could someone know that he was going to assassinate this woman here? Why would an arrow suddenly be shot in this direction?

The woman whose face was covered in faint bloody scars also released a cry of alarm.

The three-edged needle and the black oil cloth that suddenly appeared in the peasant’s hands, as well as the arrow that suddenly stabbed through his arm left her completely at a loss for what was happening at this instant.

On Black Cloth Alley’s building, Lin Xi stood up from where he was hiding. Even though the previous arrow was fired perfectly, he knew that this peasant assasin was still rather close to the woman, he still had the ability to stab her. That was why he didn’t stop at all, a second arrow already released from between his fingertips.


The peasant heard the second wisp of strange wind noise. However, before he had time to produce a reaction, the sound of flesh being pierced already sounded from his right leg.

A transparent arrow pierced through his thigh, the powerful force preventing him from standing still any longer. He knelt onto the ground with a pu sound. The arrow part that was sticking out from his thigh was touching the ground, giving one the feeling as if he was nailed to the ground.

Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi’s voices sounded from the alley behind this woman.

When the two heard this peasant’s miserable howl, they were startled and bewildered, using the fastest speed to rush over. When they saw this scene, the two’s figures suddenly froze, their eyes filled with inconceivable shock.

Bian Linghan’s first intuition was that this peasant was hurt by this woman, but when she saw this woman’s alarm and the arrows on this man’s body, as well as the black three-edged needle and black oil cloth in the peasant’s hands, she immediately reacted, using the fastest speed to open the wooden chest on her back.

Lin Xi already prepared a third arrow, but didn’t take action.

A fine silver collapsible bow unfolded in Bian Linghan’s hands, when it took aim at the peasant, a silvery-white arrow was already added to the bowstring.

The peasant’s screaming ended, now raising his head slightly.

This was a dark faced man with extremely ordinary appearances, not much different from the ordinary peasants of East Port Town. When he saw the silver bow in Bian Linghan’s hands, he swallowed his saliva bitterly, and then stuck out his tongue, forcefully biting down.

Bian Linghan’s steady hand immediately trembled.

Even though in the Windstalker special training, Tong Wei had already reminded her and Lin Xi who knew how many times that no matter what they saw, they couldn’t let it affect the stability of their hands, even though she had already witnessed blood when facing Thunder Academy, right now, when she saw this ordinary faced peasant bite down on his own tongue like a fat piece of fish meat, seeing the blood and crushed flesh surge from his mouth, she still couldn’t control her heart’s palpitations, making a mistake Windstalkers definitely couldn’t make.

The dark faced peasant’s half knelt body fell forward.

His body covered his own hands, the three-edged long needle already turned upright in his left hand. When he fell forward, this three-edged needle thus came out through his back.

Lin Xi jumped down from a roof.

He walked up to Bian Linghan and the others, standing in front of this peasant’s corpse.

“This person isn’t a cultivator.”

Bian Linghan’s eyes were raised from this dark faced peasant’s corpse. When she saw Lin Xi remove his conical bamboo hat, her face became a bit deathly pale, her arms and legs also shaking slightly.

“He shouldn’t be a cultivator.” Lin Xi nodded. “However, he is a deathsworn soldier.”

Lin Xi naturally wouldn’t make any corny jokes at this time.

Yunqin’s deathsworn soldiers naturally didn’t refer to dead people, but some followers who were nurtured precisely to die for their sake.

“What exactly happened?”

Jiang Xiaoyi saw Wang Simin who had blood splash onto her, her face lacking all traces of color. He turned around to look at Lin Xi, and then with a deep breath asked, “Weren’t you just chatting with someone about something?”

He really couldn’t understand how when Lin Xi was clearly chatting about things with others, he would suddenly put on a raincoat and a conical bamboo hat, appear in this alley, moreover just happened to stop this assassination.

“I also want to know what exactly is going on.”

Lin Xi couldn’t explain but he didn’t want to randomly find an excuse either. That is why he decided he might as well not explain, only looking at Wang Simin, and then turned the dark faced peasant over.

He examined the body of this dark faced peasant carefully, but he didn’t find anything on him.

“Have you met this person before?” Lin Xi who ended up empty-handed from the search stood up, looking at Wang Simin and asking with the gentlest voice.

Wang Simin shook her head, saying quietly, “I haven’t.”

Lin Xi nodded, but didn’t say too much. He turned around, quickly entering the room this dark faced peasant just walked out of.

This was a long and narrow single-story house that was crammed between two alleys. There were only two small patios between the three buildings there, so the three connected long and narrow buildings were all extremely dark.

Lin Xi walked into this dark building. The room closest to this alley was a short kitchen, in it was a large kitchen stove, nothing out of the ordinary.

When he continued further, he saw that the middle room was a bedroom. As soon as he walked into this bedroom, he already smelled a hint of bloodiness.

Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi were both waiting outside.

Right now, there were already civilians who saw that a homicide case happened in this small alley. Since some people recognized Jiang Xiaoyi, after their initial alarm, there were already people who contacted the others from the Enforcer Office.

“How is the situation?”

After completing his search, Lin Xi walked out. The two asked with a low voice.

“There is an elder who died inside, covered under blankets… it should be the house owner.” Lin Xi gave the dark faced peasant corpse on the ground a look. “This is definitely a veteran. His body is extremely clean, no useful clues left behind.””

“Where are you from? Why would this type of assassin suddenly come after you?” Bian Linghan took a deep breath, and then couldn’t help but turn around to look at the lowered head of Wang Simin.

Wang Simin’s entire body trembled slightly. She opened her mouth, but momentarily couldn’t say anything.

“I know where she is from. Let’s wait until we return to the Enforcer Office first.” When he saw more and more people appear in the surroundings, Lin Xi gave Jiang Xiaoyi a look, quietly saying this.

“You know where she is from?”

Bian Linghan stared blankly for a moment. When she saw Lin Xi’s certain expression, she didn’t ask any more.

Du Weiqing who had already been promoted to Substitute Enforcer and the others hurried over. After Lin Xi explained the events that took place here, he then had Du Weiqing and the others clean up this place. Meanwhile, he, Bian Linhan, Jiang Xiaoyi and Wang Simin returned to the Enforcer Office first.

“Many thanks to sir.”

Inside the Enforcer Office, when she saw Lin Xi bring over a cup of hot tea, saw Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan first withdraw to another room, Wang Simin bit her lips, and then gave Lin Xi a deep bow of respect.

“This is just a personal matter,” Lin Xi said, “There is no need for excessive formality.”

“In Silver Hook Lane, sir already saved my life once, that is why this time, I am thanking sir not because you saved my life, but rather because of the other things.” Wang Simin said with a gloomy tone. “Sir knows that the Silver Hook Lane matters are all deep scars that are difficult to heal for us girls, that is why you didn’t ask further out of consideration for my self-esteem in front of so many people, instead bringing me back to the Enforcer Office to question me in private.”

“Regardless of what others think, I don’t think you should treat the matters regarding Silver Hook Lane as stains. It is precisely because you were indomitably chaste that you were struck to this extent. Moreover, I know that the reason why you fainted the day I rescued all of you was because you absolutely refused to listen to them, and already resisted hunger for many days.” Lin Xi looked at Wang Simin, shaking his head and saying seriously, “This will only make me feel even more respect for you. If I am someone important to you, I definitely wouldn’t dislike you because of this matter, but instead treasure you even more.”

Wang Simin’s breathing stopped for a split second. She raised her head in disbelief, but she saw that Lin Xi’s expression was extremely sincere.

Lin Xi’s words, in the world he was familiar with, were extremely normal. In many soap operas, these words could be found everywhere, but this was Yunqin, an entirely different, extremely conservative world.

She never expected Lin Xi to actually speak these words. Her nature was extremely unyielding. Even if her family couldn’t take her back in anymore, feeling that for the sake of proving how much she valued her chastity, she couldn’t live in this world anymore, she still didn’t shed a single tear before others. She still relied on her own two hands to continue living in East Port Town. However, right now, her eyes became blurry.

“In reality, the reason why I am doing this today isn’t only out of consideration for you, but also because of my friend Jiang Xiaoyi.” What made her breathing stop again, her body shake fiercely, was that Lin Xi actually spoke these words at this time.

“I don’t know what happened between you two either.” Lin Xi smiled as he looked at her, doing his best to not talk about the case first to calm the atmosphere again first. “However, I am not blind, I can tell that he has some feelings for you, and I can also see the good intentions you have towards him. All because there was the Silver Hook Lane experience, that is why you might have some inward obstructions, unknowingly deciding to avoid him.”

“If it was me… I wouldn’t mind your situation much, but I cannot completely think for others… That is why I have to give him a bit of time as well, better to use some more moderate methods to slowly approach this.” When he saw Wang Simin whose trembling clearly became stronger, Lin Xi said seriously, “Towards the affection between men and women, like or dislike, the most important is one’s moral conduct. As for everything else, it comes secondary.”

“Sir Lin.”

Wang Simin raised her head, her tears like pearls as they slid down her fine white, red scar covered face. “Thank you so much sir… not for anything else, all because of sir’s words right now.”

“People live for the sake of people they appreciate, why bother with the opinions of those who can’t appreciate you?” Lin Xi said with a smile.

Wang Simin nodded again. When she thought about all of Lin Xi’s conducts and deeds, these words left her even more touched.

Lin Xi calmly waited for her to stop crying. Only when he saw that she calmed down, nodding towards him, did he start to open his scroll, saying, “Then let’s now take a look at what exactly happened today.”

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